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Blog update: It’s been a week since my husband and I began adding 1 heaping tablespoon daily to water and drinking Diatomaceous Earth. In less than a week from beginning to drink DE in the morning, already I have scars from bug bites that are slowly disappearing.

Millions of years ago, in all the waters of the earth, microscopic one-celled plants called diatoms took the minerals from the waters and created protective shells for themselves.
Food grade diatomaceous earth has many uses and excellent health benefits for humans, plants, and animals. Diatomaceous Earth appears as a fine powder and is mined all around the globe, making it a naturally occurring material. It is formed from the remains of microscopic organisms that lived in the water and had hard outer silica shells like glass. Over the eons these shells built up into the layers that are mined today. The form, Diatomite has a silica structure like sharp glass shards.

Diatomaceous Earth can be safely used around all types of animals and is only deadly for pests like insects. It is not harmful to earthworms. Among the list of pests that it kills and repels are: ants, termites, slugs, snails, fleas, fly maggots, aphids. bed bugs, mites, ticks, roaches, earwigs, scorpions, cutworms, ear worms, lawn grubs, grass hoppers, and many more. It does not kill due to a chemical action like most toxic poisons but rather kills by the structure of its sharp microscopic edges. The hard bodies of the pests are sliced open by the material and it literally drys them out and they die. You can also prinkle it in the hen’s nest boxes and on their roosts. Be aware though it will also kill beneficial insects, so don’t use it on blooming flowers to keep from killing pollinators such as bees.

Another use for Diatomaceous Earth is for the control of internal parasites such as round worms, tape worms, cecal worms and flukes. It is considered safe for the digestive system and many people even use it as a dietary supplement because of other minerals it contains such as iron. For dogs and cats, you simply add it to their food at the rate of 1 teaspoon daily for large dogs and 1/2 teaspoon daily for small dogs and cats.

There is no life without Silica and, In 1939, Nobel Prize Doctor Butenant proved that “Life can not exist without Silica”. And, in the 2003 book “Water & Salt” Dr. Barbara Hendel states that “Silica is the most important trace element in human health”. Silica plays an important role in many body functions and has a direct relationship to mineral absorption and health. The average human body holds approximately seven grams of silica, a quantity far exceeding the figures for other important minerals such as iron.

Diatomaceous Earth Will detox your body and assist in natural weight loss as well as the following: Aging Disorders, Alzheimer’s Disease, Atherosclerosis, Back Pain, Bone Health, Bone Mending, Lowers Cholesterol,Lowers Blood Pressure,Brittle Hair, Broken Bones, Bursitis, Capillary Strength, Dental Health, Fetal Development, Fractures, Fragile Nails, Hair Health, Immune System Health, Internal Cosmetic, Lower Back Pain, Mineral Deficiency, Osteomalacia Prevention, Osteoporosis, Rickets Prevention, Skin Disorders such as, itching, rashes, abscesses, boils, acne, callouses, warts, eczema, burns, frostbite, benign skin sores, insect bites, bed sores, Sprains, Tendinitis, Torn Ligaments, Vascular Disorder, Cough decreasing agent, Wound Healing, Wrinkles, and more…

Investigate Diatomaceous Earth for yourself to assist us until and when we release the system manifestations and consequences of consciousness design through self honesty and self forgiveness.

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH should be Free for us All – Investigate How:
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One Year old, Choking, Assists Herself to Breathe

Ms Beanie

Today Emmeline (1 year old granddaughter), became choked on less than a half of a piece of strawberry. I stood in amazement because before I could reach her to assist her, I watched as she used her three middle fingers to cause herself to gag the piece of strawberry back up, thus assisting herself to breathe. Sharing with Emmeline’s mom how I saw her assist herself, she told me how this past weekend, they were visiting friends who have children as well.

Emmeline was playing in the bedroom with the other children while the parents were in another room. Suddenly Emmeline came running out of the bedroom towards her mom and was choking and couldn’t breathe. Before Emmeline’s mom could get to her, Emmeline stopped and used her three middle fingers to gag herself, causing herself to throw up and in doing so she un-lodged a cap from a lotion bottle she had swallowed, which was choking her. As her momma stood there in amazement – Emmeline was back to playing. 

From the first time Emmeline began to eat solid foods and showed signs of choking, her mom and/or her dad would use their fingers in the same manner as Emmeline now does to assist herself – as long as there was no danger in pushing and/or lodging something further down her throat.  Unknowingly they were teaching Emmeline a life saving technique, because now, she is able to assist herself, if need be.  Children are incredible little beings.

Mmm Simple


Emmeline is a little over a year old and she’s been walking for almost 2 months and, is beginning slowly to explore her running abilities. Together we explore our world 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and have since she was 2 1/2  months. A child this age has so much to remind us of what we’ve forgotten, in how they touch, taste and smell their way within their physical world. They don’t yet become lost in the mind of thoughts – and instead are extremely aware of their ability to touch, and touch, lol, and touch. We were having some lunch of chicken noodle O’s, and she was curiously touching and examining the spoon, and gently tapping it on the side of the bowl. 

She really wanted to stick her hands in the middle of the bowl and scoop a handful but, that wasn’t being allowed. She was persistent in her attempts as she remained quietly patient and even mimicked the chuckles she heard of this adult person who was avoiding her efforts by moving the bowl away at just the right moment. Our eyes would meet as the bowl was moved and finally, there was a slight frown growing on her forehead right between her eyes.

It was upon seeing the distorted physical expression showing itself upon her face – in that precise moment, the bowl stopped moving away from her and she didn’t miss a breath as she scooped up a huge handful of noodle O’s, looked at them ever so dearly – even offered to share a bite, and then, slowly crammed them into her mouth as her tongue assisted her fingers to complete her pleasure. She closed her eyes briefly, then opened them, and as our eyes met she put her finger up to show one noodle O left on it, so as to share, as she muttered in complete joy, Mmm…

Together, we scooped some more, with both our hands… 

And God created Earthquakes


How is it that God created Earthquakes?  An earthquake is what happens when two blocks of the earth suddenly ‘slip past’ one another.  The surface where they slip is called the ‘fault’ or fault plane.  So to look at the 2,934 quakes on the map right now, causes one to ask self:  Is it Mother Earth making a statement?

What is the point that is being shown to us with regards to earthquakes? We arise from our beds in the morning and as our feet touch the ground, are we lost in our mind of thought, or are we here, breathing?  Are we accepting and allowing our fear and emotions to fuss towards others and/or, are we angry about what we must complete before the day is over in order to only barely survive?

As we ‘slip past’ one another with a callous attitude toward the sufferings of others – where we endlessly find ‘fault’, imperfection and blame and/ or censor others of the right to speak through justifying our own acceptances in allowing our current money system to continue to cause all living beings to have to squalor and prostitute themselves in order to survive.  It’s something worth investigating.

We allow our earth to be drilled and probed in the name of profit.  We have stripped and raped the land of earth for centuries with no consideration of it’s affects.  Mother Nature, the Earth,  both living organisms have been here long before humans. Is it possibly that the message being sent is one of discontent in order to show humanity our own designs of restless desires and/or cravings we exist as through greed, ego and selfishness in order to have and be more than another.  Maybe Earth is just intensifying the already accepted and allowed application humanity applies to/toward it and each other daily in our apparent quest to survive.

We’ve taken for granted what is here as we destroy the land, animals, our trees, air and water with no perception that each is more aware of us than we are of ourselves.  Have we ever considered that a tree feels the wrath of the axe or that water and air is aware of the pollutants we constantly fill their space with? 

Maybe we are just to dumb to consider that all life here is in fact a representation of ourselves. So let’s consider the message being sent, one that will become louder and louder until we each one stop the manipulation existent as who we’ve become and, let’s stand up in support of all Living Beings.

What would you do if you were the Earth, if you knew for sure that you were in fact one and equal as the earth and nature, as all here, what would you do to get the attention of all to stop the abuse accepted and allowed here towards all life? 

My perspective is, we don’t have the right to continue to allow our planet, the animal kingdom as well as each other to continue to suffer and to continue to destroy each other in our fear of ‘our own’ survival – instead of realizing that each one’s survival depends upon the survival of all. 

In common sense, we can see that we must first begin with an Equal Money System, so that everyone can begin to properly care for themselves so to begin to put this world back together within the only principle that will stand the test of time:  The Principle of Oneness and Equality.

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Compassion in Action

The Compassion of the Light (Compassion in Action) By Bernard Poolman – 4 October 2009
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What is an `Act of Compassion´ – given Everything you know about Reality… Would you say, if I may, `it is to love-them in Spite-of Everything´ –
-Why not? Would that be `spiteful´ – to ‘love-them’?
-“It would be deceptive – It would be an acceptance…”
-Who would be `spited´ by-it?
-Would you say – it would be `to carry their burden – and find a Way for-them´-
-“ No – `to carry their burden…´”
– = their Pain – where they carry/care? get anymore – you carry-it – because you `understand´ –
-“ Okay… Who are we talking-about though?”
-Oh Everything – Compassion!
-“ Are we talking about those that have no-Voice in this world, are we talking about those that cannot Stand-up for-themselves – or are we talking about those who deliberately…”
– How can those that is pre-programmed `stand-up for-themselves´?
Can they? Can they Hear-you?
-“ No…”
-They can´t Hear-you.
So would it be compassionate to `accept the Fact that they can´t Hear-you´?
-“ Yea.”
-Would it?
Or would it be Compassion to go out-of `your way´ to `shake-them´ and `break-them´ until they Hear?
-“ But within that you accept that they are `not-Hearing´- that´s why you´re doing-that.”
– Yes – but are you going to `accept-them´ for `what they are´ without Action?
-“ No.”
– So what Action would you Take – `compassionately-speaking´ –
-“ Whatever Action it-takes to `shake-them´.”
– Okay – and if you `feel-like´ "Oh I can´t really write a comment because they might `feel that I´m attacking-them´ – or they might `feel´ that I´m going a little-bit `over-board´ and then I´m gonna be in an `argument´…" – I mean – "I can´t really tell-it to-them `as it is´… -I rather just shut-up"… What are you doing then?
-“ That´s `compassion´ with your-own Fear”
– That´s `compassion with Fear´-
Then what…What is Compassion? I mean – at the moment, a Minimum of a Million-Beings -a Minimum!- of a Million-Beings are Dying – right-Now! What is Compassion within That-Context?
If it was You – would you´ve felt Alone, Rejected, Desolated, Isolated, Lost, Angry?
-“ Yea, I guess-so.”
– Would-have that made-it Possible for-you to become the next Demon in Existence?
-“ Yea.”
– Now if you don´t – and you try and ‘understand-it all’, just to ‘do-it again’ – would that be an ‘Act of Compassion’? Or would it be an ‘Act of Compassion’ to become the fiercest-Demon in Existence?
-“ To become the fiercest-Demon in Existence.”
– `In the flesh´ or Not-`in the flesh´ – no-matter where you are – to never give-up, to never-stop – `till Everyone Realize and See ‘each-other´s Plight’ – this ‘eternal-Fight’ with apparent `goodness´ & `badness´ – `good´ & `evil´ = See what is really going-on!
How-far will you Go? What…When is-it `Compassion´?
When – when – when is it `Compassion´? When is your-Act `compassionate´? When does `love´ exist? `Love´ is: an `Act of Compassion´ – an Act of `Understanding the Experience of the Being´ and finding a Solution that it (the suffering) is not needed or required to be Repeated-endlessly, needlessly, pointlessly, purposelessly –
Could there be `Purpose and Reason´ while this is all going-on? – Or is `Purpose and Reason´ a Deception? Is there any other Purpose in Existence – but: To absolutely-Embrace the Suffering of others until there is No-more Suffering – would that-be an Act of Compassion?
-“ Yea.”
– No-matter what `happens´ to your `good-Name´, your `good-Standing´, your `good-ness´ in Existence – until there is No-more Suffering! Can you Do-that? Can you Give-up Everything `till All is Equally Free – Would that be Compassion –
Would that be a Passion for Life?
Are you willing to Give-up your own-Existence in every-way – until there is: Equal Life – Equal Freedom – Equal Existence for All sentient-Beings – Would that be Compassion? Then one must Ask-yourself – if you are `compassionate´… Would that be `Benevolence´? Then you must Ask-yourself – if you are `benevolent´.
How-far will you Go, if you See – and you-Can if you are Self-Honest: See in this World how-far is things taken to promulgate and promote Suffering of Many – while Few live-in ‘Luxury’, apparent Freedom, apparently `protected by `God´´ – apparently this `God´ is `compassionate´ and this `God´ is `benevolent´ –
but do You see an End in-sight – of the Suffering? Can you see the End of Suffering – Self-Honestly speaking?
Are you doing-Enough = to End this Suffering – Self-Honestly speaking?
First of-all – I would go and -as-far as one go- Correct the Misconceptions about the Veils that is placed over Words: What is `Compassion´ Really? What is `Love´ Really? And call-out the ‘Deceivers in-Existence’ – those that Dare to ‘color-in’ Words ‘beautifully’ so that they may Hide behind-them their ‘True-Malevolence’ – their ‘True Self-Interest’, while Many-Suffer.
If you cannot Feel the Pain and Carry the Pain, Stand as the Pain and Take the Pain and bear-it within your own-Being – Every-Breath – ´till this is Done = you have-not Embraced `Compassion´ –
If you Walk `with-Ease´ – without-Pain = you have-Not Embraced `Compassion´ –
If you can Sleep without Pain – if you can Breathe without Pain = you are Not Embracing Compassion – you are Not Carrying it…the Pain of others that is unable to carry-it, that don´t know `what else to-do´,
that are relentlessly-`Driven´ to Absolute-powerl…to Absolute-levels of `Emotional-Disturbance´ that will take-them to an `demonic-existence of Anger and Resentment´ –
If you do-not carry-it to the Brink-of your very-own Death = there is No-Compassion.
And – Existence is going to Need a lot-of Compassionate-Beings: to solve This-Dilemma that is existent, that has been `veiled´ by Many-Veils.
Every-Word carries many-Veils.
Ask-yourself: What is True-Compassion? Stand there, where the Animal is being Slaughtered: and Ask-yourself what is true-Compassion. Stand there, where the Child is being Raped: and Ask-yourself. Stand there, where War Wages – Stand there, where there is Abuse: and Ask-yourself what is true-Compassion. Stand there, where many `drink and party´, oblivious to what´s going-on: and Ask-yourself what is true-Compassion.

Copyright 2009 Desteni Universe This may be shared in the original form only, to prevent any tampering and only as a complete document.

Addiction is Mind Control – You want to Stop – The Solution is Here

Tonight I read at least ten different current news articles stating how addiction is on the rise.  Then I read the following article which I’ll briefly quote from:  ScienceDaily (Aug. 15, 2011) — "The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) has released a new definition of addiction highlighting that addiction is a chronic brain disorder and not simply a behavioral problem involving too much alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex. This is the first time ASAM has taken an official position that addiction is not solely related to problematic substance use…(  )these outward behaviors are actually manifestations of an underlying disease that involves various areas of the brain."

Ok so, common sense can tell us more than what this group of physician’s are reporting.   Addiction is rapidly on the rise that is for sure and,  many are losing everything they have because of the manifested consequences of continuing their self-abusive patterns. 

Addiction, is just one of the plagues of consciousness and is a gateway which leads to most all of the problems we exist as.  Where we participate in our thoughts, feelings and emotions and where we exist in memories within our mind as we’re directed into and as lala land manifesting and projecting onto others and our world as we’re absorbed in greed, ego and self-interest.  We don’t require a group of physician’s to tell us so and more than likely we don’t require they prescribe us medication either -  if, we’ll just stop and become aware of ourself breathing firstly – as well as stop accepting and allowing ourselves to daydream ourselves right out of our physical reality.

The only dis-ease amongst us as humanity, is our mind and the direction we walk as it – where instead of facing our fears in self-honesty and stopping and forgiving ourselves for the atrocity we exist as according to what we allow of our current monetary system. Where within our ‘fear of survival mode’, we rely on our thoughts and energetic experiences as a tale tell sign of who we are.  Which by the way, we are not, we only ‘think’ ourself to be as such.  We are pre-programmed and impulsed through mind control every day in every waking minute.  We can stop our participation – if we will ourselves to.

The mess we subject ourself to is easy to be seen when one finally have had enough and have a look.   See how the mind doses out repetitive patterns over and over that can and will drive one insane and to the point of demonic acts of possession.  Look around in your world, there are plenty examples for one to clearly see.

If you don’t and/or won’t see this, then ask yourself how come because,  most will eventually seek advice and/or assistance outside of themself on a regular basis because people don’t know how to assist themself and simply can’t handle who and what they’ve become. 

It’s not a pretty picture I can promise you, however, thanks to the material through Desteni I Process and with the tools and Life coaching they offer,  I’ve been able to stop numerous addictions as well as mind possessions and depression, which one can read about in many of my blogs.  The assistance provided through the Desteni material is priceless because it enables one to assist themself, and to begin to enjoy life within a whole new awareness in seeing what the hell is really being allowed in this world.

Then, one is able to make a clear choice because, it becomes clear that there is no choice, there is only the decision to bring an end to our current money system.  Which is nothing more than an accessory to insanity, desperation and murder, where over a billion are starving to death daily and millions more and counting are homeless and struggling daily to survive. 

Just hearing the daily news can send one into depression and acts of addiction, and yet in a world where anything is possible, we can’t and/or won’t agree on a solution that will benefit all life equally.  Even when there is a solution that is not only possible, it is inevitable.

Stop waiting on your mind to decide for you to make a real change because, that’s not going to happen.  Equality is not part of your pre-programming and is certainly not impulsed in our society, so the decision, to finally be self-responsible for yourself as well as the world and, to actually walk yourself as the change that is required – you’re going to have to move yourself.

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Stop Pimpin Life as a Ride

stop pimpin life as a ride4

I read an article a couple of weeks ago about female college students joining a website in order to meet men.  Rich older men,  in which they would then ultimately exchange sex for money in order to pay their college debt and/or any outstanding bills they couldn’t afford.  The news article was titled ‘Seeking Arrangement: College Students Using ‘Sugar Daddies’ To Pay Off Loan Debt’. I was finishing a lesson through my Desteni I Process class, so, I placed a note for myself to come back to and investigate myself with regards to the point of judgment that I saw in how I was existing as toward the women in the article.

However, coming back to the point,  I sensed hesitation and a general lack of interest, so I decided to make a video with the same name as the article: ‘Seeking Arrangement: College Students Using ‘Sugar Daddies’ To Pay Off Loan Debt’. 

As I made the video, I allowed myself to see what came forth as a visual representation according to how my mind was processing the article and information.

I saw how I was superimposing (projecting) judgment onto the persons involved in the article and, how I was lessoning their experience through judging their situation as that of being ‘nothing’ compared to those who are starving to death and/or are living in poverty and homelessness around the world. The video provided me with excellent support so I could see as an example, how I had been existing through definitions, pictures and music through the eyes and direction of my mind according to how I was impulsed, patterned, controlled and constructed to become, which was,,, it was as though I was pimping and exploiting their experience within a point of suspense and a perverse glamour – similar to something I’ve seen in movies.

What was coming forth from within me was what I’ve accepted and allowed according to interpretations/definitions and stimulated me to believe that what the women were having to do, was somehow, striking and noble, spirited and/or heroic, and as such I judged them as less than those who are struggling with lesser means to survive.

I saw how I was existing in separation and selling myself to a limited self-definition where I hid in guilt and self judgment which I  then projected onto them – according to how I’ve accepted and allowed ‘myself’ to be controlled and/or pimped out through the media and/or movies to glorify acts imposed upon our physical body and our physical reality – according to how our current money system is designed.  To such a degree that I’ve disregarded others experiences of themselves as being real, that of being actually lived as, through acts of physical abuse and condemnation which often leads to physical disease and death.

I saw how I must forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realize, that in accepting and allowing me to accept and allow emotions and feelings to exist in me and to be experienced by me, in how I’ve participated and acted out/within and as such emotions and feelings – which indicate that I am accepting and allowing me to sell myself short within the accepted and allowed existence/definition of me, as the emotions and feelings and judgments that I project onto others.  Which determines, controls, influences and directs who I am here in this moment, as well as determines, controls, influences and directs how all life experiences themselves in this reality.

Thus accepting and allowing me to prostitute me to/towards the limited expression of emotions and feelings, thoughts and memories – as such I’ve accepted and allowed limitation of selling myself short in the accepted and allowed existence of me as ‘self prostituting’ myself as well as all life.

The judgment I was projecting onto the women living the manifested physical consequences of our current money system, by selling their physical body through acts of sex in order to receive money to survive in this reality, was merely me judging me of the accepted and allowed act of prostituting myself to/towards fear of survival, living without money, obviously, fear of facing me.

And, because of the acceptance and allowance of fear having power over and of me, I’ve sold myself short within accepting and allowing memories of the past to have control and power over me.  Where I change and alter who I am, which indicates that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself according to them, limiting me to the existence of me as the memories I have prostituted myself as – as well limiting all life to a continued existence of prostituting itself in order to survive according to our current money system.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to prostitute myself into, as, and through thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories, wherein I projected judgment onto others according to how I was judging myself in how I was existing through the means of an accepted survival mode through and as our current money system by accepting and allowing definitions and fear to/towards money, as well as accepting the control placed by glamour and understating the crime against our physical bodies as portrayed through the media and movies, wherein’ reality’ is portrayed through fictional characters and then lessoned by the mind of consciousness and then accepted, allowed and ignored in order to further enslave us as humanity into continuing to accept and allow our current money system.

When and as I see myself existing in such a pattern, I realize that the mind has patterns and components that are impulsed through pictures, thoughts, memories, words, movement, sound, symbols, knowledge and/or information and are specifically placed and intended to alter and/or reduce our ability to see the realness and depth of the atrocities that we accept and allow to exist within our current reality.  I Stop.  I Breathe and I direct myself to be aware of what I am accepting and allowing myself to be in this moment here so as to direct myself according to and as a Principle of Equality as I stand in support of an Equal Money System, so that all life will be supported in order to experience themselves within our physical reality in dignity, as all as one as equal.