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Day 130: The Evil That Men Do

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“The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.” ~ Joseph Conrad

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize the depth of fear I have to/toward that which I’ve only begun to understand, which is the acts of man as the Mind of Consciousness, where most disturbingly, our abuse to animals in how we have reduced them to becoming a commodity.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how money is the motivating factor within 99.9 % of all abuse, war, torture and death and how the single act of supporting an Equal Money system can and Will bring 99.9% of all abuse, war, torture and death to an end.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the belief in finding cures for disease and illness through abuse and/or the death of another will Never result in the Solution for and as Life.

I forgive myself for not realizing how deadly the animal relationship to human is in the servant master relationship as that which we have accepted and allowed within our world.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize the depth of my dishonesty, in how I have schemed and looked for others to fail so that I could earn more Money than them.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how in my desire to look and ‘feel good about myself’, I never considered at what cost to the animal were my so-called dreams of looking younger and pretty, all the while clueless as to who had to suffer and/or die in order to produce the products I desired.

I forgive myself for not realizing how in-denial I’ve been throughout my life in that I have been so consumed in the race to get and buy, that I never saw the extent of torture, pain and death that I accepted and allowed others to experience because I was too absorbed in/as self-interest and greed and never considered the life of another.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that when I react to the evil within this world through anger, spite and hate, that I am in-fact existing as the same as that which I perceive myself as being different from, therefore, I commit myself to forgive myself for who I am within the senseless torture, mutilation and death to/of animals for profit and gain and, I commit myself to change myself from within and to in self-honesty walk as a living example of change supportive of and as life, to thus bring about Heaven on Earth through Equal Money.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how I have existed as the evil that lives and walks upon this earth, and how I see, realize and understand that evil can only exist because I have given permission for it to, thus, I commit myself to stop who I am as consciousness, and to support a world where All living beings are suppported with the utmost dignity.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that I cannot undo that which I’m guilty of, however, I can through self-forgiveness begin to change that which I’ve accepted and allowed, thus, breath by breath, I commit myself to educate myself and investigate the inner workings of myself as my mind in order to stop the evil within so as to stop manifesting the evil that men do as our world, to take responsibility for and to redesign Our World according to what’s best for All.

I forgive myself for not comprehending and realizing the physical expression of nature and animals, and for not realizing what it is I am to learn from/as them in order to realize who I am as life, thus, I commit myself to apply myself within and as compassion and patience so as to bring forth from within myself an understanding of what it really is to stand up for and as All living beings Equally.

I forgive myself for not realizing that I have lived my life as a Character of Expectation of/as my mind and as that, I’ve not been willing to give that which I have expected to receive, therefore, I commit myself to give unto others as I would like to receive, which is the ability to provide for my physical body with a home, food, clean water, an education and healthcare and, the ability to share one’s self-expression free from fear within a World System that supports All Life according to what’s best for All.

I commit myself to show how the world will only change when real change begins first within, thus I commit myself to let go of expectations, competition, greed and the desire to have and be more, and, through self-forgiveness I commit myself to breathe as I walk self-change together as a group, neighbor for neighbor.

“I commit myself to when I see that I am criticising others and blaming others in relation to my expectations not being met to accept and allow myself to slow down as I now see, realise and understand that I had created my experience of disappointment within and as myself where my expectations were not met, not seeing realising and understanding that I was the one that created the ideas / beliefs within and as myself and now that they are not manifesting I am blaming others, when it is in fact I that should investigate the ideas and beliefs that I had created within and as myself as I held onto the ideas and beliefs in hope and in dictating that they should become manifest and through this I commit myself to see, realise and understand that if I have ideas and beliefs how I would like others to behave to instead creating expectations within and as myself of others / self to manifest these ideas / beliefs to instead walk the physical timeline, look at the physical consequences and determine whether these ideas / beliefs are standing what is best for all in all ways.” ~Esteni De Wet

Compassion in Action

The Compassion of the Light (Compassion in Action) By Bernard Poolman – 4 October 2009
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What is an `Act of Compassion´ – given Everything you know about Reality… Would you say, if I may, `it is to love-them in Spite-of Everything´ –
-Why not? Would that be `spiteful´ – to ‘love-them’?
-“It would be deceptive – It would be an acceptance…”
-Who would be `spited´ by-it?
-Would you say – it would be `to carry their burden – and find a Way for-them´-
-“ No – `to carry their burden…´”
– = their Pain – where they carry/care? get anymore – you carry-it – because you `understand´ –
-“ Okay… Who are we talking-about though?”
-Oh Everything – Compassion!
-“ Are we talking about those that have no-Voice in this world, are we talking about those that cannot Stand-up for-themselves – or are we talking about those who deliberately…”
– How can those that is pre-programmed `stand-up for-themselves´?
Can they? Can they Hear-you?
-“ No…”
-They can´t Hear-you.
So would it be compassionate to `accept the Fact that they can´t Hear-you´?
-“ Yea.”
-Would it?
Or would it be Compassion to go out-of `your way´ to `shake-them´ and `break-them´ until they Hear?
-“ But within that you accept that they are `not-Hearing´- that´s why you´re doing-that.”
– Yes – but are you going to `accept-them´ for `what they are´ without Action?
-“ No.”
– So what Action would you Take – `compassionately-speaking´ –
-“ Whatever Action it-takes to `shake-them´.”
– Okay – and if you `feel-like´ "Oh I can´t really write a comment because they might `feel that I´m attacking-them´ – or they might `feel´ that I´m going a little-bit `over-board´ and then I´m gonna be in an `argument´…" – I mean – "I can´t really tell-it to-them `as it is´… -I rather just shut-up"… What are you doing then?
-“ That´s `compassion´ with your-own Fear”
– That´s `compassion with Fear´-
Then what…What is Compassion? I mean – at the moment, a Minimum of a Million-Beings -a Minimum!- of a Million-Beings are Dying – right-Now! What is Compassion within That-Context?
If it was You – would you´ve felt Alone, Rejected, Desolated, Isolated, Lost, Angry?
-“ Yea, I guess-so.”
– Would-have that made-it Possible for-you to become the next Demon in Existence?
-“ Yea.”
– Now if you don´t – and you try and ‘understand-it all’, just to ‘do-it again’ – would that be an ‘Act of Compassion’? Or would it be an ‘Act of Compassion’ to become the fiercest-Demon in Existence?
-“ To become the fiercest-Demon in Existence.”
– `In the flesh´ or Not-`in the flesh´ – no-matter where you are – to never give-up, to never-stop – `till Everyone Realize and See ‘each-other´s Plight’ – this ‘eternal-Fight’ with apparent `goodness´ & `badness´ – `good´ & `evil´ = See what is really going-on!
How-far will you Go? What…When is-it `Compassion´?
When – when – when is it `Compassion´? When is your-Act `compassionate´? When does `love´ exist? `Love´ is: an `Act of Compassion´ – an Act of `Understanding the Experience of the Being´ and finding a Solution that it (the suffering) is not needed or required to be Repeated-endlessly, needlessly, pointlessly, purposelessly –
Could there be `Purpose and Reason´ while this is all going-on? – Or is `Purpose and Reason´ a Deception? Is there any other Purpose in Existence – but: To absolutely-Embrace the Suffering of others until there is No-more Suffering – would that-be an Act of Compassion?
-“ Yea.”
– No-matter what `happens´ to your `good-Name´, your `good-Standing´, your `good-ness´ in Existence – until there is No-more Suffering! Can you Do-that? Can you Give-up Everything `till All is Equally Free – Would that be Compassion –
Would that be a Passion for Life?
Are you willing to Give-up your own-Existence in every-way – until there is: Equal Life – Equal Freedom – Equal Existence for All sentient-Beings – Would that be Compassion? Then one must Ask-yourself – if you are `compassionate´… Would that be `Benevolence´? Then you must Ask-yourself – if you are `benevolent´.
How-far will you Go, if you See – and you-Can if you are Self-Honest: See in this World how-far is things taken to promulgate and promote Suffering of Many – while Few live-in ‘Luxury’, apparent Freedom, apparently `protected by `God´´ – apparently this `God´ is `compassionate´ and this `God´ is `benevolent´ –
but do You see an End in-sight – of the Suffering? Can you see the End of Suffering – Self-Honestly speaking?
Are you doing-Enough = to End this Suffering – Self-Honestly speaking?
First of-all – I would go and -as-far as one go- Correct the Misconceptions about the Veils that is placed over Words: What is `Compassion´ Really? What is `Love´ Really? And call-out the ‘Deceivers in-Existence’ – those that Dare to ‘color-in’ Words ‘beautifully’ so that they may Hide behind-them their ‘True-Malevolence’ – their ‘True Self-Interest’, while Many-Suffer.
If you cannot Feel the Pain and Carry the Pain, Stand as the Pain and Take the Pain and bear-it within your own-Being – Every-Breath – ´till this is Done = you have-not Embraced `Compassion´ –
If you Walk `with-Ease´ – without-Pain = you have-Not Embraced `Compassion´ –
If you can Sleep without Pain – if you can Breathe without Pain = you are Not Embracing Compassion – you are Not Carrying it…the Pain of others that is unable to carry-it, that don´t know `what else to-do´,
that are relentlessly-`Driven´ to Absolute-powerl…to Absolute-levels of `Emotional-Disturbance´ that will take-them to an `demonic-existence of Anger and Resentment´ –
If you do-not carry-it to the Brink-of your very-own Death = there is No-Compassion.
And – Existence is going to Need a lot-of Compassionate-Beings: to solve This-Dilemma that is existent, that has been `veiled´ by Many-Veils.
Every-Word carries many-Veils.
Ask-yourself: What is True-Compassion? Stand there, where the Animal is being Slaughtered: and Ask-yourself what is true-Compassion. Stand there, where the Child is being Raped: and Ask-yourself. Stand there, where War Wages – Stand there, where there is Abuse: and Ask-yourself what is true-Compassion. Stand there, where many `drink and party´, oblivious to what´s going-on: and Ask-yourself what is true-Compassion.

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