Why do we need an Equal Money System?


When we are very young children, the idea of love and money doesn’t really matter to us . What does matter is that we are able to play and, that we are being cared for ‘physically’, with food, water, clothes and shelter, as well as the ability to have an Education and Healthcare.  It’s not until we are taught how to ‘think’, ‘believe’, ‘talk’, and then ‘act’, that we begin to perceive the importance of love and money.  Then we begin to suppress our fears through feelings and emotions with regards to love and money, where we begin the search to find someone to ‘love’ us and it becomes all that is important as we begin to cover up what we’re truly experiencing within ourselves with regards to our fear of surviving and/or our fear of having no money in order to survive.

As mind consciousness systems, preprogrammed according to how we are taught, we’ve never actually experienced love because love has never been free from risk.  If what we risk reveals what we value, it makes sense that we’ve always valued money over life because we’ve always been willing to risk having more than others just as long as we are able to survive.   I never  wanted to face this point of self because no one wants to admit they are willing to risk the lives of others in order to have more than another – yet in the race to have more we have put the lives of others at risk.

The same principle of risk applies to love and relationships as well because, we are willing to risk being the one who is loved and appreciated the most above others – it’s the same with all energetic experiences we participate in,  including eating as well as playing because according to our programming, there have always been competition amongst us.  We feed off of love and money through various emotion and feeling experiences generated through the act of thinking.  Energies which are created by the mind which confine and direct us and, once the energies run out we then begin repeating the cycle.

There’s energetic excitement in the game of surviving, so I suppose it’s no wonder that some have difficulty supporting Equal Money because, who will we be when we don’t have the power of money in which to define us as better than another.  Sexual favors are also bought by those who have the money to pay for it and money as such is given to those who have no other means but to offer their body to sex in order to survive.

Look at the number of people who reach the end of their life, who are often reported saying they wish they would have taken more risks however, the risk they never took was to challenge life outside of the direction of their current mind set  – the risk of seeing ourselves in self-honesty where we are then able to recognize our oneness with everything and all here.

We risk the lives of others daily when we avoid recognizing and considering the struggles of others through war, starvation and homelessness.  With an ‘Equal Money System’ – All Life will be considered and provided for.  Where real freedom exists – there will be no more silencing the voice of those speaking out against atrocity and thus the atrocities of life will stop.  To silence one, is to silence us all because our current money system plays us against each other.  An Equal Money System will eventually bring an end to our bickering and fighting with each other and all crimes against life will end because all life will be supported Equally.

Risk who you are in self-honesty  according to what’s best for all, and in-fact you’ll be risking nothing but, will achieve everything for yourself as well as for all.  ‘Make Peace, Be Friends with Your Enemy’, is statement in separation that can be seen through self-forgiveness where we then manifest the ability to see that forgiveness of others was never necessary because we see that there was never anyone else to forgive, or ‘make peace with’, except for ourself. 

We have to risk facing who we’ve become in order to see who we are because who we are is Equal and One to and as All Life here according to what we accept and allow. Where you see and understand that every single being has the same right to a life in dignity as we in-fact require for ourself in order for our physical body to breathe and function here on earth properly.  When we all as one equally begin to walk as such we will together manifest heaven on earth and then who knows what we are capable of,  but it’s going to be quite a party – An Equal Life Party.  Join Us!

Equal Money – The Only Solution that makes sense!

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