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Day 150: Inter the Suicide Net

Suicide Nets

Suicide by Worker

Inside Apple’s Foxconn Factories everything remains the same, however, outside the building of the factory giant – which employs 1.2 million people and supplies many of the biggest names in consumer internet gadgets and iPhones – the ‘net’ is taking on more and more meaning.

Employee dormitories are now equipped with protective and/or suicide nets which can be seen in the picture below.

When I saw the picture – which has been making it’s rounds on face book – something about it just didn’t sit well with me.  One doesn’t have to be the smartest kid in class to know by now that people within our world don’t really give a shit about each other no matter how much we pretend to.

The proof of how little we care is everywhere. We don’t care about the thirty-thousand + number of children around the world who starve to death daily, or the thousands upon thousands of people who don’t have clean water to drink, or even a toilet to shit in.  We only care about me, me, me and what can I get, get, get so I can FEEL better.  Ever notice the FEE in feeling?

So what’s the purpose of providing nets to the 1.2 million employees in China who are slaves to 76-hour work weeks?  That’s working 11 days in a row earning as little as £150 a month so that the rest of us – who don’t really give a shit about their overworked and underpaid lifestyle – can get some internet gadgets and iphones.

The way I see it, the nets that have been placed outside the factory dormitories, they’re like ‘hush money’, and prove how we exist in absolute denial of the Real Problem that exists within our current world/money systems.

It’s like saying: ” you know what, we really don’t care whether or not you want to kill yourself on our time but by God at least the nets will make sure you aren’t able to do it where the world can see it because the world doesn’t want to witness your suffering because we fear seeing the truth of what we accept and allow, so if we don’t see your pain we’ll never have to face ourself in realizing how equality is all that will make us stop caring only about making money.

When is enough enough?

Sharing is Caring – Investigate: Equal Money

Stop Pimpin Life as a Ride

stop pimpin life as a ride4

I read an article a couple of weeks ago about female college students joining a website in order to meet men.  Rich older men,  in which they would then ultimately exchange sex for money in order to pay their college debt and/or any outstanding bills they couldn’t afford.  The news article was titled ‘Seeking Arrangement: College Students Using ‘Sugar Daddies’ To Pay Off Loan Debt’. I was finishing a lesson through my Desteni I Process class, so, I placed a note for myself to come back to and investigate myself with regards to the point of judgment that I saw in how I was existing as toward the women in the article.

However, coming back to the point,  I sensed hesitation and a general lack of interest, so I decided to make a video with the same name as the article: ‘Seeking Arrangement: College Students Using ‘Sugar Daddies’ To Pay Off Loan Debt’. 

As I made the video, I allowed myself to see what came forth as a visual representation according to how my mind was processing the article and information.

I saw how I was superimposing (projecting) judgment onto the persons involved in the article and, how I was lessoning their experience through judging their situation as that of being ‘nothing’ compared to those who are starving to death and/or are living in poverty and homelessness around the world. The video provided me with excellent support so I could see as an example, how I had been existing through definitions, pictures and music through the eyes and direction of my mind according to how I was impulsed, patterned, controlled and constructed to become, which was,,, it was as though I was pimping and exploiting their experience within a point of suspense and a perverse glamour – similar to something I’ve seen in movies.

What was coming forth from within me was what I’ve accepted and allowed according to interpretations/definitions and stimulated me to believe that what the women were having to do, was somehow, striking and noble, spirited and/or heroic, and as such I judged them as less than those who are struggling with lesser means to survive.

I saw how I was existing in separation and selling myself to a limited self-definition where I hid in guilt and self judgment which I  then projected onto them – according to how I’ve accepted and allowed ‘myself’ to be controlled and/or pimped out through the media and/or movies to glorify acts imposed upon our physical body and our physical reality – according to how our current money system is designed.  To such a degree that I’ve disregarded others experiences of themselves as being real, that of being actually lived as, through acts of physical abuse and condemnation which often leads to physical disease and death.

I saw how I must forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realize, that in accepting and allowing me to accept and allow emotions and feelings to exist in me and to be experienced by me, in how I’ve participated and acted out/within and as such emotions and feelings – which indicate that I am accepting and allowing me to sell myself short within the accepted and allowed existence/definition of me, as the emotions and feelings and judgments that I project onto others.  Which determines, controls, influences and directs who I am here in this moment, as well as determines, controls, influences and directs how all life experiences themselves in this reality.

Thus accepting and allowing me to prostitute me to/towards the limited expression of emotions and feelings, thoughts and memories – as such I’ve accepted and allowed limitation of selling myself short in the accepted and allowed existence of me as ‘self prostituting’ myself as well as all life.

The judgment I was projecting onto the women living the manifested physical consequences of our current money system, by selling their physical body through acts of sex in order to receive money to survive in this reality, was merely me judging me of the accepted and allowed act of prostituting myself to/towards fear of survival, living without money, obviously, fear of facing me.

And, because of the acceptance and allowance of fear having power over and of me, I’ve sold myself short within accepting and allowing memories of the past to have control and power over me.  Where I change and alter who I am, which indicates that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself according to them, limiting me to the existence of me as the memories I have prostituted myself as – as well limiting all life to a continued existence of prostituting itself in order to survive according to our current money system.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to prostitute myself into, as, and through thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories, wherein I projected judgment onto others according to how I was judging myself in how I was existing through the means of an accepted survival mode through and as our current money system by accepting and allowing definitions and fear to/towards money, as well as accepting the control placed by glamour and understating the crime against our physical bodies as portrayed through the media and movies, wherein’ reality’ is portrayed through fictional characters and then lessoned by the mind of consciousness and then accepted, allowed and ignored in order to further enslave us as humanity into continuing to accept and allow our current money system.

When and as I see myself existing in such a pattern, I realize that the mind has patterns and components that are impulsed through pictures, thoughts, memories, words, movement, sound, symbols, knowledge and/or information and are specifically placed and intended to alter and/or reduce our ability to see the realness and depth of the atrocities that we accept and allow to exist within our current reality.  I Stop.  I Breathe and I direct myself to be aware of what I am accepting and allowing myself to be in this moment here so as to direct myself according to and as a Principle of Equality as I stand in support of an Equal Money System, so that all life will be supported in order to experience themselves within our physical reality in dignity, as all as one as equal.