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Forgiving myself the victim through Desteni I Process


I shared most of my day yesterday with my 10 month old granddaughter who is just beginning to take her first steps toward walking.  I then completed my 4th mind construct in the Self-development and Leadership course that I’m taking through Desteni I Process/SRA 2.  This particular assignment was in regards to my ‘lack of relationship with my son’.

To combine these two specific moments of my day was significant because to share with a 10 month old, her first steps in walking and standing on her own two feet – her beginning moment where her physical body, her toes and feet, her legs, her arms, her torso, everything about her physical self is teaching herself to walk.  She knows nothing more than to be here within and as her physical body as she balances and moves herself.  There are no existing thoughts yet of falling and/or hurting herself, or thoughts and emotions as to whether or not she’ll be able to afford for herself a stylish pair of shoes one day, nor is their yet the fear of not having money to provide food, shelter and clothes for herself. 

I see how as a child, I began similar as her.  I walked. I began as most of us to grow up where I learned, copied, accepted, worshipped a God, and feared for my survival because of lack of money and replaced myself as my physical body with thoughts and emotional feelings according to accepted beliefs about God, love, sex, money, power, greed and/or ego. I was directed according to and as my mind as a system of consciousness where I manipulated and justified myself through blaming others according to the direction of my mind. As such I sought to validate myself in deception. 
As I began to learn to talk, think, associate definitions with and as pictures within my mind, I became carbon copies and personalities through patterns and impulses as well as with the assistance from my DNA.  I created belief after belief according to the direction of and as my mind through knowledge and information that I had never even lived.

Only when I felt physical pain did I acknowledge my physical body because I feared the pain instead of asking myself what my physical body was expressing for me to become aware of.  I can only ever remember me as a pattern of self-victimization – where I walked the same mind construct that I began as a child and I have walked it unto here, as who I have become.

Within my relationship with my son, I continued the same pattern that I began towards my father as well as my ex-husbands.  And, similar to every male and/or female relationship that I’ve ever experienced and there are plenty more for me to forgive and release. 

I didn’t question the manipulation of my mind that I was accepting and allowing like the prompts to uploading a new program to our computer. I trusted my mind – instead of me walking as myself in self-honesty unto an understanding according to and as my physical body breathing, walking and, trusting me as my physical body – just as a child who’s beginning to walk.  

Desteni I Process assists me to release and redesign the patterns and through self-corrective application – how to bring everything here, back to self.  To Stand up within and as self-trust, self-responsibility and self-support, for and as all as one as Equal. 


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Where you’ll discover your self in support of and as all Life Equally – it’s simple


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as a mind system where I believed myself to be a mind system wherein I allowed myself to be programmed as a mind system  -  I stop, I breathe.  Instead I walk as the  expression of life as who I am as the living word within the expression of and as all as one as equal.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realize that exerting anger onto someone or something separate from me is a statement of blame -  instead I direct me within and as self-honesty as I stand according to and as the Principle of Equality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as the ego/mind within defining the word hypocrisy according to what I believed it to be through knowledge and/or information where I then projected myself onto others and manipulated myself into believing that they were existing as such, when in fact it was me acting and being directed according to and as a mind consciousness system of and as ego/mind and spite.  I stop, I breathe.  When and as I see myself defining and/or participating as a victim through manipulation and/or through blaming – I Stop – I Breath, I direct me here in self-honesty in becoming self-responsible for myself and I stand within and as the principle of equality.   

When and as I see myself existing in self-victimization and self-manipulation through justifications and projections of blame/betrayal towards others as myself – I Stop. I Breathe. I no longer accept or allow myself to participate. I remain stable here in self-honesty as I stand in support of an Equal Money System. so that all may live their life in dignity as all as one as Equal.

Why do we want people we don’t like to like us?

I’m seeing how our survival instinct is triggered in various cycles and patterns through our senses.  Sight, touch, hearing and smell through words and symbols.  Every single cell in our physical body is aware.  When we participate through and as impulse patterns of thoughts, and/or emotions and feelings, we then act as such accordingly.  One specific pattern with regards to our fear of survival that I’m going to refer to here, is where, we want people we don’t like, to like us and, we’ll easily become agreeable and give a big smile to remain liked and/or to avoid conflict within a group. We’re programmed to live within social bubbles where we’re impulsed within a certain survival code so to speak. Where we exist and maintain our survival skills and our perceived ideas and beliefs that we are existing within free will.

Like-ability is an immensely powerful asset in civil society.  Salesmen, politicians and, wall street traders, trade on their like-ability all the time and, in return it provides for them an income, a means to survive within our current abusive money system.  The problem is,  this keeps us locked into and as a specific mind construct, giving us a false sense of self.  Where we continue to be manipulated as we self-justify our continued support of a corrupt and bogus money system.  Where seeing the practical common sense of an Equal Money System is difficult to comprehend.  Thus, self-trust, self-responsibility, self-accountability and self-honesty to self cannot exist.  A practical sense of direction of and as self as all as one as equal, is unheard of according to the direction of and as our minds in which we’ve existed as – as consciousness systems.  In self-honesty and common sense, we’re able to see how we want people we don’t like, to like us because ultimately – how and what we perceive of ourself as not liking in them, is actually our own reflection and/or our dislike of self – projecting the part of us we’ve simply not taken responsibility for. Notice how people who will not challenge you in your dishonesty are the ones you like. But, if your dishonesty and/or your opinion is challenged, you won’t like them. Challenges for the mind as a consciousness system goes against our very programming. It’s quite fascinating to see this for yourself.

Join Desteni I Process – where through walking the lessons, you become your own self-investigator, your own psychiatrist and, where you give yourself something quite unexpected.  Self-trust as you’ve never known and/or lived begins, as you breathing life in the physical, is born.

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Who profits from WAR?

The Global Media Giants promote war by using selective stories, partial facts, demonizing the “enemy”, and even making up stories to strengthen emotional reactions. They are merely a system within a system that works to advance the cause of the global market.  The global market includes big money profits made during war and one only have to follow the money trail to see how it all connects.  In my research, I discovered the extent of ‘war for profit’ and, I use to think that I knew a little about the world that I live in.  I now realize that I have had no clue how cruel and corrupt our current money system is.  I understand more now, how and why it is that for the profit and gain of a few, we have to continue war/murder because,  it’s Big,  BIG Money.  Investigate and see for yourself how war is for profit – if you support war,  you should at least understand who and what you’re truly supporting.

Here are some examples; today, the 25th of May, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., Stratford, Conn., was awarded by the US Dept. of Defense (DOD), just over $207 million to provide for the procurement of 15 UH-60M aircraft for Sweden’s armed forces with government furnished equipment. .  The day before, the 24th of May, Northrop Grumman Corp,  was issued a $427 million U.S. Air Force deal for work toward modifying a previously planned National Polar Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System to establish a ‘Defense Weather Satellite System Baseline’. .
Interesting that a few days after defense contracting, and just before the official check was drafted, Northrop Grumman terminated 60 positions at its Sperry Marine manufacturing and engineering headquarters in Albemarle, North Carolina.  Who is questioning who is benefitting from the terminations? 

On the 23rd of May, just days ago, Harris Corp., Rochester, N.Y., is being awarded over $59 million to produce the Tactical Key Loader (TKL) KIK-11, which is a ruggedized key management device that supports the receipt, storage and issue/fill of electronic keys to Department of Defense and other government agency End Cryptographic Units or tactical radios.
The amount of money issued almost every day this month alone, is staggering, and can be seen in complete detail @ .  How can we afford to pay out this kind of money? 

war crimes

Who died today in war for someone else to profit the money?  Was it your son and/or daughter? Will it soon be? These are questions that must be answered and accountability for and as All life must begin. 

I was unable to find out who the major investors are of these major defense contract corporations, as they have gone to great lengths to make sure that we don’t know their names.  How come the public is not allowed to know who is reaping the profit in this collision course we call war, which is actually carefully and strategically planned murder.  

It is estimated that some 35 million people died as a result of WW II, a war directly blamed on Hitler – who most refer to as a madman.  However, when one does the research,  the facts become clear, we’re all mind controlled into believing we’re free but, facts are facts.  In the name of money, we allow the killing of others while central banks, governments, investors and major corporations prosper from the deaths of human life.  The money wars for profit, when calculated, actually kill more people than Hitler himself ever could have.  

The facts can no longer be overlooked and/or denied because this is the world we are shoving in the face of our children.  You, me, we are all responsible for those who die during war, as well as those struggling in poverty and dying of starvation because, we’ve accepted this of our world.  We allow ourselves to remain dumbed down and oblivious to our world, controlled slaves, supporting a money system abusive to life while we pretend we don’t see.

We have the nerve to claim we’re free –   we’re free to be accessory to murder while the rich become richer and human life is murdered for profit.  We’re accepting and allowing murder in our name. It is time for the madness to stop.  Stop supporting our current money system which supports war/murder, poverty, homelessness, starvation.
Support an Equal Money System, a Real Solution that supports All life.  Give the world life support.

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Additional research Link:

151 Congressmen Derive Financial Profit From War

Deleting fear of authority and/or God

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe in an existence of a God wherein I project myself as inferior and helpless and have held myself captive within my mind in hopelessness in fear of taking self-responsibility where I hid behind a belief in a God so as to not take self-responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as because I believed that Jesus died for my sins – I Stop. I Breathe, and I direct myself here as I stand in support of and as all life here according to and as all as one as equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from myself and others within a polarity point of inferiority/superiority according to the illusion of a God where I manifested a polarity equation within my mind as inferiority in believing in a superior source, that being a God, wherein I have played the game of inferiority and superiority in relationships through and as hope, trust and faith – I Stop. I Breathe. I direct myself equal and one to and as all life here according to the Principle of Equality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be influenced by my mind’s protection mechanism where I experienced myself as getting my feelings hurt through a pattern of resisting authority – instead I see how the mind will time loop within a pattern when accepted and allowed, and I know where this pattern leads which is an endless cycle of self-interest and/or self-abuse of which I Stop.  I breathe and I direct myself here focusing only on my process and according to what’s best for all as I proceed in self-corrective application so as to assist others in bringing forth a world which is built on equality where all life may live in dignity.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to blame others for my sorrows and/or experiences of myself within a pattern of self-interest and self-defeat hiding behind a belief that I am incapable of taking care of myself instead of seeing in self-honesty that I am that which I fear. I stop. I breathe as I direct myself here as my mind as I stand capable and stable within and as and in support of all life here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to deny myself in self-honesty according to what I perceive through my mind as seeing another as being wrong and/or unfair – instead I stop, I realize that what I perceive to see in another is in fact what is existing within me and is me existing in separation from myself and all life here. I Breathe as I focus and direct myself through and as self-corrective application according to and as all as one as Equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think and believe that I am inferior and helpless where I have placed all that I am and have accepted and allowed myself to be and become in the hands of another separate from me as I existed in hope, trust and faith in a God in believing that I will be taken care of -  Instead I stop. I breathe within and as an understanding that I am quite capable of directing myself as my mind in self-honesty according to and as all as one as Equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to forget the very nature of consciousness which I’ve existed as within denial, fear, self-interest and self-abuse in how I have accepted and allowed myself to be directed according to and as a mind consciousness system of enslavement – I stop. I breathe as I stand as unconditional stable support within and as all life as all as one as Equal.


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Hippocratic Oath Reinstated by an Equal-Money-System

Altruism currently surrounds ‘The Hippocratic Oath’  as merely a belief demonstrated through our current education system and exists for profit according to our current money system.  The selfless concern for the welfare of others defined as altruism in our current system only stands as a symbolic way of obtaining self-satisfaction and does not uphold what is really best for all. 

The Hippocratic Oath must be reinstated to constitute trust between patient and physician and obligate the physician to keep patient information confidential, to avoid mischief and sexual misconduct, and to give no harmful and/or lethal agents.  Within our current system, managed care has forced physicians to balance the interests of their individual patients with the interests of other patients in the system (rationing of care and constraining cost) and often place the physician in a position where the needs of his patients are in conflict with his own financial interests.

‘The Hippocratic Oath’  as it has been, hasn’t been effective to make anyone act in the best interest of the patient simply because it exists because, people act in the best interest of a themselves when they believe there is a benefit to them to do so, instead of according to what’s best for all.  To benefit all, an Equal Money System will allow all to receive Equal Money in order to care for themselves properly as well as provide all an Education and receive adequate health care.

It’s simple, in our world one in not able to receive adequate health care unless one has money.  No money to pay for services, no services are rendered. In an Equal Money System ‘The Hippocratic Oath’ will be reinstated and redefined according to the Principle of Equality, where ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’, is lived one and equal.

Please visit the Equal Money System Forum @*Cathy#p4470  to assist as we continue taking on this point.  Thanks


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‘The Book’, Coming Sept. 11, 2011

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Judgment Day, 21, May, 2011 – What if the sky’s are clear, will God reschedule?

Less than 24 hours till Judgment day, so let’s read again the following quote from the bible which says:  "For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words." 1 Thessalonians 4:1

To sum up the words:
   1.   Judgment day will be signaled by a shout and trumpet as Christ will     descend
   2. The dead will arise first and those alive will join them and Christ in the air
   3. We must be comforted with these words

Wow, we must have been dead already to see these words as comforting.
There is NO common sense to this whole fear ridden story.  Seriously, it causes one to ask, what the hell was Really going on in this world when these words were written and,  how did we come to allow such bullshit that we have accepted for a very, very, very, long time?  Because if someone you didn’t know, wrote a book as such today, you wouldn’t even hear them.  Yet, here we are continuing to pay people to basically keep telling us that we don’t have to take responsibility for our world because some guy we’ve never met, who allows suffering and starvation of children, will someday be carrying a loud trumpet and, will come and pull our dead decaying bodies out of a grave and after that, we’ll meet him up on some cloud somewhere…

What if the sky’s are clear?  Will God reschedule? 

I admit, I use to believe the same until I stopped myself – I breathed, and began applying ‘self-forgiveness’ and, I still am because systems runs deep. In self-honesty common sense can begin to step forth.  So Stop mind enslavement within and as fear because that’s what believing this sort of stuff is.  Read something supportive, visit Desteni Universe

Support a real Solution to free your own self-made enslavement as well as others.  Support an Equal Money System. Let’s bring an end to the corruption of our current money system.  The single act of supporting Equal Money will immediately begin to bring forth ‘Heaven on Earth’. And aren’t you just about tired of waiting?

wheres god1


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Why Do Atheists Seldom Become World Leaders?

It’s an interesting question because, those who call themselves Atheists, claim to have all the answers – yet, where are there leadership abilities?  How come they won’t enter the political arena in order to assist in bringing about a real solution for our world?  Obviously there is to much talk, too many followers, and more than likely just plain hiding in and as fear.   It doesn’t matter how many answers we ‘think’ we have because, if we’re not willing to become a leader walking the practical application to bring about a real solution, then all talk is useless.  As a woman, I’m tired of all the talk – I’m standing in support of a solution which assures that all babies being born will be able to eat and one in which all living beings are able to live their life in dignity.

In Australia, there is the first female prime minister, Julia Gillard.  As it turns out she’s broken a couple of barriers, in addition to her gender, she doesn’t believe in God, when asked, she simply said, "No, I don’t".  She went on to say that she shared the values of her fellow Australians but, not their religious beliefs.  That seems to be working for her because,  an online poll at ‘The Australian’  newspaper showed that two-thirds of the nearly 15,000 readers who responded to a question about her beliefs, said they didn’t care about her "lack of a religious faith." However, is she supporting a money system where all life are provided for equally? That is the real solution.  

Women are the most likely candidates to bring about the solution for all Life.  And more and more women are seeing the common sense and the practical solutions that an Equal Money System will bring. Whatever one wants to call themselves, the fact remains -  If we’re not willing to walk as the solution that will benefit all Equally, then we should shut the hell up. 


If you’re willing, join us.


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‘The Book’, Coming Sept. 11, 2011

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