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Day 142: Healing the Rite of Passage

Dental appointments, pain, pain medication, and worrying about money has taught me quite a bit about myself these past couple of weeks. Another week and I’ll be through with dental appointments for awhile. One thing for sure that I’ve missed is daily blogging and, I’ve realized just how assisting the daily Journey to Life blogging is. I’ve become more aware of how when I don’t blog daily, I want to wander around in my mind participating in and as my thoughts – which are actually self-interest driven desires and fear… Through self-forgiveness I realize I’ve had enough and I stop and breathe and realize something amazing. I become aware of how beautifully supportive my physical body is in that even while I’m sucking the life out of myself through participating in and as my mind, me as my physical body is busy healing me for me to see who I am as it and to stop abusing myself to death, and I am grateful.  Walking here self-forgiveness for my most recent mind/thought and fear patterns…

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how when I participate in and as thoughts I begin to experience myself as ‘feeling’ overwhelmed and disappointed with emotional wind gusts where inside my mind I fear myself as I fall victim to energetic outflows and separate myself from myself, and I forgive myself that I lose all touch with my senses as who I am as me as my physical body and I begin to believe that I’m ‘depressed’ when in fact I’m only reacting in separation to/of the very thoughts, feelings and/or emotions/reactions that I’ve given power to through the very act of participating in and as them in allowing my mind as consciousness to direct who I am as I try and make myself believe that I am having an ‘experience’ of myself as living as life, when in fact the energetic experience/outflow is an act of allowing death to me as my phsical body, instead of directing myself as who I really am as life equal to and one with absolutely Everything and All Living beings here.

I commit myself to stop participating in and as thoughts, feelings and emotions/reactions creating fear in and as me as my physical body and to instead commit myself to breathe and realize that here within and as me as my physical body within this physical earth reality I have the will in self-honesty to direct who I am as life in supporting myself to support a world/money system supportive of all living beings according to what’s best for All.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how within thoughts of/as my secret mind I become a stranger in possession of/as who I am as my physical body because when I participate in/as thoughts, feelings and emotions/reactions I don’t see, realize and understand the consequences of how as such I am literally sucking the life out of me as my physical body.

I commit myself to support me as my physical body within the healing process of and as self-honesty, because I see, realize and understand that my physical body is constantly showing me how healing begins within every breath, thus, I commit myself to walking the healing process of myself by stopping me as my mind as consciousness, and directing me as life from and as my physical body to thus support a World according to what’s best for All.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear missing out on an experience of myself as/on energy, where it’s like I’m in a rerun of myself, whereas in my mind as consciousness, I’m still trying to run a race for/to have something and/or to be something that was and is never real, yet, one in which I believed myself as needing in order to face myself as my mind within and as a belief/fear of which I succumbed to/as of growing old and aging.

I commit myself to stop the fear of growing old and aging, to breathe, and realize myself in walking the seemingly small steps in supporting myself to see who I am in self-honesty in order to stop who I’ve been through the eyes of my mind, to thus begin to realize myself in equality and oneness within and as me as my physical body and our physical world/reality/existence.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as a has been, as someone who is to old to be something more within a perception of myself as being less than who I am as my physical body based upon how I think, feel and fear and within that, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize who I am as my physical body free from the limitation of thoughts, feelings and emotions/reactions and fears of growing old/aging.

I commit myself to realize how the fear of aging is an acceptance of myself within and as a belief of and as consciousness and in separation of who I am as my physical body thus, I commit myself to focus on breathing and to stop racing within myself to reach a point of consolation as a belief within my mind and to instead direct myself to communicate with me as my physical body in realizing that my physical body is here supporting, giving and allowing me the opportunity of and as life itself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define who I am according to ritualized forms of recognition referred to as ‘the right of passage’,  because I see, realize and understand how the only ‘rite of passage’ that will mark the process and/or progress for and of me in any way that matters is one where, I thus commit myself to redefine my ‘rite of passage’ to one where in self-honesty I direct myself to birth myself as life from the physical, walking in support for and of a world where suffering ends and where through an Equal Monetary System every living being is Guaranteed a Life lived in Dignity according to and as All as One as Equal.

Day 24: Waiting on the World to Change

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe myself as being misunderstood wherein I’ve walked the path of the middle road claiming myself to be waiting on the world to change when actually I was hiding in fear of who I am within how the world exists and in my own self-denial remained quietly waiting for someone to somehow come and save me and/or show me ‘the way’, instead of realizing who I am in self-honesty and taking self-responsibility within all that is here.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to stand with those I called my friends in their waiting for the world to change simply because I as them wanted/needed someone to agree with what was actually a disapproval of self and thus we validated one to/from the other the same as we existed as, in and as dishonesty to/towards self in the denial of self and an abdication of/to and/as life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed in my conformity to/as and within our money/world system to stand for nothing and believed myself as having no ability to ever be able to stand and become accountable and self-responsible for what is being accepted and allowed within our money/world system.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to gather in a work place environment and settle into the rules as I walked the line in agreement with others and silently resented my place in the matrix as I stood in separation of/as it, instead of seeing/realizing and understanding that it’s not about ‘fighting’ the system, it’s about facing who I am within and as the system and changing who I am in self-honesty and directing myself equal and one to/towards an actual physical self-corrective change in order to support and ensure a quality of life in Equality for and as All living beings.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to claim to see everything that is going ‘wrong’ within this world and those who lead it when in fact I didn’t have a real clue how everything that is existing within this world as the crime, abuse, starvation, war and murder begins with money/profit and greed.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to take pride in saying that I see how fucked up the world is, yet I accepted myself to be the feelings of fear I experienced, which I used as an excuse to say that I didn’t have the means to rise above and beat how our current money/world systems exist, when in fact there is nothing to ‘beat’, there is only common sense in seeing that how the world exists is accepting and allowing a minority to live in luxury while the majority support, accept and allow them to do so while millions suffer and/or starve to death.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to keep on waiting and waiting for the world to change because I couldn’t/wouldn’t face the fact that the world will never change until I first forgive myself and begin to face me in self-honesty, wherein I make the decision to stand up and change me from within and as such I stop the direction of my mind and I direct myself as my mind in the decision to only accept and allow a world/money system which supports that which is best for all.

Quote From Creation’s Journey to Life Blog

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge the poor instead of realizing that the poor represent the part of us that wants and seeks to have more than our neighbor.

I forgive myself for the times that I said if I had the power I’d bring my neighbor home from the battle ground so that they would have never missed a moment living the death in/as/of war, instead I see/realize and understand that war exists within our outside world because of the war raging within us in our not hearing our self-honesty for us to stop and forgive ourselves and thus forgive and support each other to create a world which is best for all.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to trust the television and commercials bending the mind as consciousness in ways to enslave, wherein humanity walks about as dumbed down energy seekers looking for a ‘good time’ all the while time is running out and information is all we’ve ever got, instead of actually living a life of self-realization through and as an honesty within self where self-trust begins wherein self sees/realizes and understands that for one to live fully and actually free, all life must first be supported according to what’s best for All.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to profess I care and that the fight isn’t fair and so I just sat around waiting and waiting, instead of realizing that we must first care to see who we are within what we say isn’t fair, and in seeing we forgive what we’ve avoided seeing in fear and we see in self-honesty that to really care is to give to another that which self would like to receive and thus we stand as one man, one vote in support of an Equal Money System because in our giving what’s best for all to all living beings we will never be found lacking.

Art By: Ann Van Den Broeck

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to get drunk and/or high and blame others for the guilt and helplessness I felt within myself for how our world punishes those who are barely surviving our mone/world system – instead of realizing that through self-forgiveness I am able to see in self-honesty who I’m able to be standing in self-trust and supporting a system of equality which supports that which is best for all.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to believe that it’s hard to beat the system and as such stood at/as a distance/separate, waiting for the world to change, when in fact, in wanting to ‘beat’ the system we’re actually only wanting to ‘beat’ ourselves, because we are the system and we’re only actually waiting on ourselves to stand up and stop what we’re accepting and allowing to/from as our world/money systems, and waiting on ourself to face who we are within our current money/world system, thus we forgive ourselves and we see/realize and understand that when we forgive ourselves, we see/realize and understand that there is no one else to forgive, there is only life here to support and as such we stand up as one man, one vote in support of an Equal Money System, which will be the beginning in creating Heaven on Earth.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to believe we’re actually free within this world when all the while I pretended daily to be a multiple of personalities, a personality for work/survival, a personality when I had money, and a different one when I was broke just to name a few thus realizing that when money is given to all equally only then will everyone actually be free to be who we are within every moment of breath, the same yesterday and today, equal and one as all here.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to believe that one day some generation is going to rule the population so we just keep waiting and waiting and thus we’ve not seen that we are who we’re waiting on and thus there is no more time for waiting for the world to change when the change we’re waiting on rests within our own self-honest self-direction according to what’s best for all.

I commit myself to no longer waiting on the world to change when in fact change begins first within myself in forgiving myself and in self-honesty directing myself in self-corrective application so that I may bring awareness that life has been abdicated to self-interest and greed and that to stop abdication to life is to stop the direction of and as the conscious mind and to direct self according to what’s best for all.

I commit myself to pushing myself to assure that everyone is allowed an education so that we can stop the grips of paid information which has dumbed us down as a humanity for the purpose of a few to live in luxury while the majority slave, support and/or suffer and die needlessly.

I commit myself to forgiving myself for what I’ve accepted and allowed in how I’ve been directed and fell into the trap of/as the mind as consciousness and furthermore, I take self-responsibility in stopping and beginning in this moment of breath in trusting myself to see and realize and direct myself in supporting and creating a world according to what’s best for all.

I commit myself to understanding in self-honesty who I am and how our world exists within every relationship I/We exist in and to thus support myself and each other to be be able to understand our past so that we can change the future in and as our relationships.

And God created Earthquakes


How is it that God created Earthquakes?  An earthquake is what happens when two blocks of the earth suddenly ‘slip past’ one another.  The surface where they slip is called the ‘fault’ or fault plane.  So to look at the 2,934 quakes on the map right now, causes one to ask self:  Is it Mother Earth making a statement?

What is the point that is being shown to us with regards to earthquakes? We arise from our beds in the morning and as our feet touch the ground, are we lost in our mind of thought, or are we here, breathing?  Are we accepting and allowing our fear and emotions to fuss towards others and/or, are we angry about what we must complete before the day is over in order to only barely survive?

As we ‘slip past’ one another with a callous attitude toward the sufferings of others – where we endlessly find ‘fault’, imperfection and blame and/ or censor others of the right to speak through justifying our own acceptances in allowing our current money system to continue to cause all living beings to have to squalor and prostitute themselves in order to survive.  It’s something worth investigating.

We allow our earth to be drilled and probed in the name of profit.  We have stripped and raped the land of earth for centuries with no consideration of it’s affects.  Mother Nature, the Earth,  both living organisms have been here long before humans. Is it possibly that the message being sent is one of discontent in order to show humanity our own designs of restless desires and/or cravings we exist as through greed, ego and selfishness in order to have and be more than another.  Maybe Earth is just intensifying the already accepted and allowed application humanity applies to/toward it and each other daily in our apparent quest to survive.

We’ve taken for granted what is here as we destroy the land, animals, our trees, air and water with no perception that each is more aware of us than we are of ourselves.  Have we ever considered that a tree feels the wrath of the axe or that water and air is aware of the pollutants we constantly fill their space with? 

Maybe we are just to dumb to consider that all life here is in fact a representation of ourselves. So let’s consider the message being sent, one that will become louder and louder until we each one stop the manipulation existent as who we’ve become and, let’s stand up in support of all Living Beings.

What would you do if you were the Earth, if you knew for sure that you were in fact one and equal as the earth and nature, as all here, what would you do to get the attention of all to stop the abuse accepted and allowed here towards all life? 

My perspective is, we don’t have the right to continue to allow our planet, the animal kingdom as well as each other to continue to suffer and to continue to destroy each other in our fear of ‘our own’ survival – instead of realizing that each one’s survival depends upon the survival of all. 

In common sense, we can see that we must first begin with an Equal Money System, so that everyone can begin to properly care for themselves so to begin to put this world back together within the only principle that will stand the test of time:  The Principle of Oneness and Equality.

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Why Do Atheists Seldom Become World Leaders?

It’s an interesting question because, those who call themselves Atheists, claim to have all the answers – yet, where are there leadership abilities?  How come they won’t enter the political arena in order to assist in bringing about a real solution for our world?  Obviously there is to much talk, too many followers, and more than likely just plain hiding in and as fear.   It doesn’t matter how many answers we ‘think’ we have because, if we’re not willing to become a leader walking the practical application to bring about a real solution, then all talk is useless.  As a woman, I’m tired of all the talk – I’m standing in support of a solution which assures that all babies being born will be able to eat and one in which all living beings are able to live their life in dignity.

In Australia, there is the first female prime minister, Julia Gillard.  As it turns out she’s broken a couple of barriers, in addition to her gender, she doesn’t believe in God, when asked, she simply said, "No, I don’t".  She went on to say that she shared the values of her fellow Australians but, not their religious beliefs.  That seems to be working for her because,  an online poll at ‘The Australian’  newspaper showed that two-thirds of the nearly 15,000 readers who responded to a question about her beliefs, said they didn’t care about her "lack of a religious faith." However, is she supporting a money system where all life are provided for equally? That is the real solution.  

Women are the most likely candidates to bring about the solution for all Life.  And more and more women are seeing the common sense and the practical solutions that an Equal Money System will bring. Whatever one wants to call themselves, the fact remains -  If we’re not willing to walk as the solution that will benefit all Equally, then we should shut the hell up. 


If you’re willing, join us.


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