How have my decisions affected me?


Once again I’ve been accused of being in a cult, and how I’ve ‘given up’ friends and family because of the decisions I’ve made in the past, almost four years now.  I have to laugh at this because, let’s have a look at what I’ve ‘given up’:  Almost, if not all of the friendships and relationships I’ve supposedly ‘given up’ were abusive and self defeating to say the least.  I speak only about my part in these relationships and, I now stand self responsible for who I was and what I have accepted and allowed myself to be and become.

How have my decisions affected me?  Well, I have stopped addictions to smoking and all drug addictions, including that of smoking pot, and addictions to at least 8 different prescription medications.  I’ve stopped the highly addictive behavior of gambling as well as shoplifting to support my habit of gambling and, I’ve stopped lying to myself and others, which goes along with all addictions.  And, I have not only stopped, but I have NO desires to participate in them and, I don’t have to keep going to meetings in order to ‘feel good’ about my decision.  I also no longer ‘feel’ the need to gossip, judge and/or blame others for how I experience myself in my life and instead I take full responsibility for who I am and my actions thereof.  I am far from perfect but, I support myself daily through the tools I’ve realized work amazingly when applied.

I no longer accept that almost a billion people should continue to be allowed to starve to death daily and instead I comprehend that there is no sense to the madness and the atrocity of it being allowed while some in this world have more than they can possibly ever need and/or require in one lifetime while others have absolutely nothing.  Daily as I walk a process of self-honesty and self-forgiveness I am continually and genuinely shocked and amazed at the amount of mind control that is existent in us as humans, yet, mind control is working well because most humans will flat deny they are existing as such.  We as humanity have existed in competition and greed as we’re lead by the seat of our ego’s and, we have never given a shit about anyone except ourself and we’re scared to death to admit it.

 Through Desteni I Process, I have stopped feelings and emotions of severe depression as well as all of the above addictions and behaviors mentioned.  I am beginning to breathe for the first time ever and stopping the bullshit I had always accepted myself to become.  So whoever wants to accuse me of being in a cult can basically, kiss my ass.  Because for once in my life I get that we are all equal and one to how our world exists and it’s flat out pathetic what we refuse to see in how we are all existing as.

I have absolutely NO regrets in my decisions to join Desteni except one, and that is that I didn’t begin sooner. This world cannot continue the way it is and it’s high time each and every one of us shut the hell up, breathe and see what it is we’re accepting and allowing.  Or, I suppose you can go have another sip of alcohol while you pretend that everything is going to be alright and, pretending is all it is because, eventually the eruption that is taking place all over the world will erupt in the face of what we’re accepting and allowing.  So remember, there is one place you can look to for assistance, where Equality will always be.   That is Desteni.  When you decide to stop – Join Us.  We are standing up for and as all life, as all as one as Equal.  We will NOT Stop until Equality exists here for All.

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