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Peace that Passeth All Understanding

Peace that Passeth All Understanding? Where is peace? The inhabitants of earth, us, we are ‘in pieces’ of ash scattered amongst us all and, we’re quite capable of understanding what the hell is really going on here. Everybody want to be a ‘piece of something’, though, what is the something? We’re for sure, ‘a piece of ass’ and, we say things like, ‘he/she stole a piece of my heart’ – when what we’re really saying is, hell is here, no one can be trusted, and life’s challenges, specifically, ‘money challenges’ in our current money system, is not ‘a piece of cake’, and/or a cake walk.

Yet – we continue to consume our lives through and as our mind of thoughts in wanting ‘a piece of the action’ and that ‘action’ is money.

Emotional and feeling experiences lead us on in our wanting to be part of something magical (that will make us money) and our want/longing to be desired and craving for the special love creates lonliness so immense that it feels like one is being swallowed up and sold like a ‘piece of meat’.

Thanks to the current money system, which we all continue to support – life here remains in a state of deterioration, just as we’ve accepted and allowed it to be . We allow corporations to gobble us up and is proof that it’s past time for us ‘pick up the pieces’, and stand up.

Crying time is over – stop seeking ‘pieces of advice’ according to opinions and ideas of who you think you want and/or should be and/or threatening others with , ‘you want a piece of me’. No we don’t.

Our physical reality which we take for granted have ‘broken into more than a thousand little pieces’ and, the ‘bits and pieces’ of what is left of self, is going to require self- trust. We as humanity lack trust in ourselves and each other and one will never truely trust another til one can in self-honesty, trust oneself. The missing ‘puzzle pieces’ of Us, requires ‘a piece of us all’, group support in equality.

Self-trust brings ‘all the pieces together’, Equal as Life. The mind cannot explain nor comprehend such a substance – which cannot be bought, sold and/or stolen.

So lets begin in supporting ourselves by proving to ourself – how stopping thoughts and accumulating ourself breathing through any and all feeling and/or emotional energy experience will stop self-abusive behaviors/patterns of consciousness and, releases the’ pieces of the shit’, we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to become. Through self-forgiveness in self-honesty, one proves to/for and as self walking that that which is best for self is according to that which is ‘best for all’. And is in-fact the way – the path to self as life.

The surprise is inside living-self as all life matter. Where inside outside one exists here within and as, ‘Peace that Passeth All Understanding’, Equality

Making the Ant Story Practical

Ant colonies are a good example of how the simple parts of organizations interact to create the behavior of the whole organization. So, it’s assisting to look at how all living beings coexist and how we can learn from them.

There are about 10,000 species of ants. They live in colonies and all ant colonies have in common that no ant directs the behavior of any other ant. All behavior is directed according to the Principle of Equality.

if you watch ants, they never seem to be doing anything exactly the way that you think that they ought to be doing it. However, Ants have been around for several hundred million years. They have covered the earth everywhere, except for in Antarctica. Something they’re doing is clearly successful and serves for us an example of how life support given to all living beings, will bring forth an expression of self as we’ve never known.

What’s the relationship between the ants and how is an Equal Money similar in that the Queen represents an Equal Money System and then there are workers and there are warriors. What’s the relationship between the ants doing the different tasks? Does it matter to the foragers what the nest maintenance workers are doing? Does it matter to the midden workers what the patrollers or the warriors are doing? Does it matter to any of them what the Queen ant is doing.

No – ants are dedicated to its task from birth which is that of supporting each other and in doing so every ant supports All ants. An Equal Money System is essential as a beginning solution for all of us as humanity. What’s best for one ant, is best for all ants. Listen to the video and hear the perspective of Bernard Poolman:

‘Making the Ant Story Practical’

A perspective with Bernard Poolman and brief commentary by Cathy Krafft – Take your position. Worker? Warrior? . The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide, once we start participating in democratic elections. You’re invited to Join Us.

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When is Silence Real

So on the ‘Nature of Silence’ and the How it has been Misunderstood-
When you are Experiencing Silence within you, like in Meditation or you Experience a point of Stability, where you Extremely Focused on a Particular point, Observe the Following:
In your ‘Silence’, if only your Inner-World Exist, or the point that you are Focusing on –
That’s Not Real Silence –
That is a Resonance Silence, that means for a moment, the Resonance is giving you the Idea that what you are Experiencing is Silence.
In Fact, it’s simply Trapping you so that you Miss the Point that the Whole World around you is Gone away and you’re in a ‘Special place’ of Silence.
This is specially practiced in Meditation.
if you go into this state of Silence in Meditation and the ‘Noise’ of the World Disappears – You are somewhere in an Alternate Reality of your Own Making,
you are not even Actually Making the whole thing, you’re just Stepping ‘into it’, a ‘Room’ that’s been Prepared for you, so that you can feel ‘Godly’ and ‘Divine’ in your Silence and you Miss Reality Completely.
Silence is: where you are Flowing with Reality in All the Sounds of it that is Existing Here, and You are Not Interfering with that with your Mind – so your Thoughts, Your Being and Your Interaction with it, is in ‘Harmony’ and there is No Contradiction, Conflict, Judgment, Fear and all the various Emotions, you are Flowing as One with it.
That is Silence.
Because you’re Not Interfering with Reality, you are Moving As Reality.
But if You are in Any Projected ‘Place’, ‘Room’, ‘Space’ that Isolate you from Reality Here, that is Not Silence- that’s Isolation.

Copyright 2009 Desteni Universe This may be shared in the original form only, to prevent any tampering and only as a complete document.
Interviews from the farm 66: When is Silence Real
By: Bernard Poolman
21 January 2010

DeBunK the JunK

“Material substance does not exist, all reality is mind”
This is a perfect example as something a human Mind as Consciousness would say because the Mind of Consciousness, which we as humans exist as – have always taken our Physical Reality, our Earth, for granted. The Earth, that which we walk on, where we move our physical bodies.

Consider that anything that is Not of the substance of Earth – that’s what is illusionary, imaginary and fantasy, the Mind directing Us as Consciousness. Where we participate in thoughts as if we can touch them. The consequences of such is that, we project and manifest the thoughts through and as we participate – into and as our physical reality by way of us physically acting as them – feelings and emotional thought patterns Walking as Us, our ‘Physical Body’.

The shit we call ‘experiences’, like when we make out in the backseat with the cutest boy in class at a drive-in movie. We don’t care to notice that our experience began as a thought, that’s now passed from ourself to another person through energetic outflows of matching mind construct patterns – then, we ‘think’ our ‘experience’, is real. We’ve just given our mind the ability to control us further because we just created it through and as the direction of the Mind of Consciousness, via, a thought pattern constructed in our mind.

Which is NOT from the substance of our Earth. So to say: ‘Material substance does not exist, all reality is mind’, is to be existing as exactly that – the Mind as Consciousness. Which is in separation from and an abdication to and towards life itself. In other words, you’ve just relinquished your right to be here.

Our ‘Physical Reality’, Our ‘Earth’, is ‘Real’ and, is how we are All able to be Here. Simple Common Sense that anyone can test for themselves.

Stop participating = Support Yourself = Support Earth

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My week and my perspective in less than a minute

It’s kind of odd, yet very cool, when one realizes that there was suppose to be a ‘reaction’ coming forth from self. Like the expectancy of seeing the sun rise in the morning, yet, instead one is able to stop and breathe. So instead of rising to the occasion and accepting self as the reaction based on a past experienced memory of self – this one in particular being that of the death of my sister in how I’ve been aware of automated pre-programmed reactions coming forth for me to either accept and allow according to fear of loss and/or fear of death – or to stop and breathe through in self-forgiveness. So when one is able to stop and realize that the reaction coming forth within self is merely self facing self according to what self has accepted and so allowed of self in the past, it’s very cool to assist self to be able to have a self honest look within self wherein both within and without one is able to forgive and release self in the moment. One is then able to see how the emotions and feelings of such events simply are not real and can be stopped.

In no way am I implying that I will not miss the being who was my sister, however, my perspective is, we will all continue to die to our physical bodies because we accept and allow abuse to ourselves and to others here within our physical reality. The being in which my sister really is, I’m sure would agree. So until and when we All determine and agree as one that who we really are is Life, as All as One as Equal and allow our physical bodies and our physical reality the dignity and support as such – we’re going to continue to suffer and die, until we stop. Maybe ‘death’, and our acceptance of it, is the ‘original sin’ that we’ve All ‘bought’ into…After all, we accept and allow plenty to die needlessly daily due to our abusive money system…Because the fact is, ‘Money’ is God. Let’s All agree to Stop…

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What were you thinking?

Written by Bernard Poolman

Date : 19/06/2007

We all had the experience, especially as children, where we did something or acted in a way where we made a mistake. Some adult, normally a parent, in the process of scolding us, would say: “what were you thinking?” Strange, we would not consider that whatever we did was actually created in our thoughts and that we then acted it out.

Interesting is that when you make the statement in Afrikaans, it goes “wat het jou besiel”. Directly translated it says “what have you souled?’ This is truly strange – the soul and thinking linked together.

What is thinking? It seems to be a place where we have our own council. We consider words, experiences, pictures, feelings and discussions. We make our mind up about this and then either speak the words we have come to as a conclusion or act out our conclusion. The actual creation process though happens in the mind as thought. When we have used these thoughts enough, and it becomes automatic, it ends up as part of our identity. Our identity is our unique characteristic we will call eventually our personality. Our Personality is the part of ourselves we normally accept and state that cannot be changed. That is strange. If we can understand how we created something, we are able to change this.

What is the point? It seems that the words indicate that the soul is thought. The nature of thought then is the Nature of Soul and the Nature of Personality. That does not indicate much worth while for the hereafter when we return to the soul apparently.

What we have found through the interdimensional portal was that the soul construct was preprogrammed. That means that the Nature of our thoughts, our personality and experience in this world, was pre-programmed before birth. This would mean that whether you will be good or bad, rich or poor, religious or not, raped or not, when or how you will be killed is preprogrammed. No choice. This we found strange, because we experience ourselves as having choice. Not really when we consider the nature or our inner experience, which are various ways of thinking, and it determines what we will predictably do in different situations. Very few beings have ever overcome this. In fact, we found that virtually all human beings believe that thinking is an indication that they are alive. Strange. No-one considers the obvious choice. Stop thinking for a day, a week and find out if you die. Find out what is thinking. You will find that it is fear of loss and fear of death that prevents us from entering a state of no thinking. Thus we have equated thinking as life and defined our lives as thinking. This has irrationally become a part of the nature of thinking and our definition of life. It is as if our thoughts confirm that we are alive in some way.

But consider your thoughts for a day, then a week and then a month. Honestly write them down. All your observations and thoughts about every-one in your life, your fears and denials – that means the thoughts that appear but you refuse to have them and suppress them. Look at all your thoughts. You will be surprised. No thought is really ever beneficial for all of mankind. You are always the centre of your thoughts and always right. One of the few cases where you become the ultimate victim is when you fall in love and shift this centre of importance in your thoughts to another being. Automatically you must eventually return to yourself and evict the thoughts of another from your mind which happens when relationship ends. The best way normally used is justification by falling in love with another, replace the one centre of attention with another and use that as an excuse. “I no longer love you or I love another”. Never self in the true sense. Love of success, money, possessions – All things that will not last this life. Fascinating, this nature of thinking.

Imagine – all existence, all thinking revolves around survival and we have equated survival with money – we have made survival equal to having money. Thus our primary thought is about survival or in a more positive sense – security. Money is the Root of the MIND – The Root of consciousness. How did we come to accept that money is the centre of our world, of our existence? A piece of paper we give value to. The piece of paper has no value but the value we have all agreed to give it. We are in fact enslaved to a value we gave a piece of paper. We let people starve because they don’t have a piece of paper that we have valued. What have become of man’s values: All values placed in survival. This survival based on a piece of paper called money.

What if we all stop for a moment and make a new agreement. Look at it. We all have agreed to place value on a piece of paper, called money. We all have agreed on the rules that make this money move. We all have agreed that this money holds the power of life and death as seen in starvation. What if we agree to value life and equate this life of a new born baby to money – true value. What if we then give each being born, enough money to be able to live without fear of loss and in free choice of self expression? What will change if none of us need money for survival? The reason for war will stop. The reason for control will stop. The reason for ‘What were you thinking’ will stop. The central attention of all thoughts based on thoughts, based on survival and money will stop. Thoughts as Money will no longer be our Gods.

Now we will have to consider self expression where the search for money or survival is no longer the centre of our attention. The world will change. The creation of goods to sell just to make profit will change. Greed will stop. The way of our profit now gives the prophet an easy prediction of the future of the world. The world is the result of our will. The world is the result of the value we place in the words through our thoughts. Our thoughts are our inner reality that shows our real truth – Our real fears and desires. Look, it is all based in some way on money.

We have the power to change this. We have the power to change the value of money. We have the power to value life and creation. We will have to. Any prophet can see that profit is destroying existence. How long before it will have an effect on every household? The same pattern as in nature with extinction will immerge as man extinct man self through the value placed on thoughts and money.

Soon, we will be forced to reconsider existence, choice and value.

Will we be ready to give up what and where we have placed value in?

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Stop praying for peoples ‘soul’ – that’s ignorant


It’s been a strange day today as I breathed through the news of my sister’s death.  She was found dead in her apartment, she had just turned 47.  Initially, I sensed a nervousness when hearing she had died but as I breathed, I realized once again, how we take our physical body and our physical reality for granted.  Then, when death arrives,  we fear it, question it and finally allowing no other choice,  we ultimately, accept it.  My phone has rang off the wall and my email is full of ‘condolences’ and,  all I can really say is, what the fuck!   Are people really serious when they say, ‘well she’s in heaven now with God and with her mom’, and saying how they are, ‘praying for her soul’.  What soul?  Where is the soul? Have anyone ever seen or touched the soul?   The ‘soul’, as well as the ‘idea’ of a ‘God’,  as far as I can see, has fucked us all up big time.

How is it that after all these millions upon millions of years of us as humans walking this earth, that we still hang onto and believe such nonsense.   We say things as if that’s suppose to make everything alright and it does nothing to assist anyone who is actually here walking on this earth.  It’s just another way of hiding our head in the sand so we don’t have to take responsibility for how and what exists within our world.  I don’t need, nor do I require anyone’s ‘condolences’.  And, I’m quite sure that my sister, the Being that she really is, does not require anyone to ‘pray for her soul’.  Stop praying for peoples ‘soul’ – that’s ignorant.  In fact, stop praying.  Get up off your knees – face yourself and the mess here on earth in self-honesty, so we can stop all the suffering.

Maybe, for a split second after her death, my sister was able to see the truth of our existence, which is more than we who are here are willing to see.  I don’t believe for one minute she met with a ‘God’, or the Being who was our ‘mom’ while here on earth.  I’m sure she is walking her process as we all are and, more than likely doesn’t remember who she was when she was here.  Most of the time, we can’t even remember who we are in our dreams when we sleep, so what makes us think we’ll remember ourself in death… We are nothing more than systems existing through and as our mind as consciousness. 

How can anyone in common sense not realize that there is no God and, if you believe there is one, then how is it that your not questioning the fact that thousands of children die from starvation daily because of our fucked up money system.   Few people will even ask that question.   I am no longer willing to accept this thing we call ‘life’ because, ‘life’ here on earth, is nothing but ‘hell’, and then we die.  I for one, have had enough.  As I breathe, I am stopping myself through Self-Forgiveness and I am standing in support of an Equal Money System. Stop waiting to die to receive a ‘heaven’- when we can all agree as one, to create ‘Heaven on Earth’ through the ‘Principle of Equality’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to miss and cry for the person I believed my sister to be and the person I wanted her to become instead of realizing that in doing so I validate the mind of consciousness, the enslavement of humanity through thoughts, feelings and emotions, that which we have become, that which is not real, that which accepts and allows atrocity as our abusive money system. I stop. I breathe, I direct me here in self-honesty standing according to and as the Principle of Equality in support of an Equal Money System to allow dignity for and as all life to experience.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear the death of those who I’ve known all my life for in that fear what I’m really fearing is who and what I’ve become according to what I’ve accepted and allowed when I didn’t stand up for and as all life because I see, understand and realize that within us each one we have the ability to stand up for and as all life so that all life will no longer suffer as mind consciousness systems.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become angry against life for giving up on itself and allowing atrocity to exist, instead of realizing that it is me who gives up on me and in doing so I separate myself from life itself. I stop. I breathe, I release the anger and I stand in support of and as all life so that all suffering to and of life may and will stop as all stand together hand in hand in support of all life to experience dignity through breath accepting each other as self as all as one as equal.

Silence the Mind through Self-Forgiveness

There is a way to silence the mind where one accumulates oneself in Trust and Self-Awareness through Self-Forgiveness in Self-Honesty. Join Us Here. Assistance to Stop Addictions and Symptomatic Behaviors indicative of Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions, otherwise known as, Mental Disorder.

“If Hitler cannot be forgiven, the world can never change. At Desteni we say that even the Devil can forgive himself, that is the power of forgiveness. Those that oppose forgiveness are the Abusers of life that live in fear and will become the next devil or Hitler” – Bernard Poolman

The Equal Money System, will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide, once we start participating in democratic elections. You’re invited to Join Us.

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I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from life itself through my participating in emotions of depression and sadness toward myself and my world – Instead I Stop. I Breathe and I direct me here as All as One as Equal in supporting an Equal Money System so as to begin to create Heaven on Earth

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to doubt that I am able to stand and face what I’ve accepted and allowed to exist here as me. I Stop. I breathe, I face me in self-honesty in seeing who I really am as Life as All as One as Equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be a dreamer of the mind in accepting the direction of ego, self-interest and greed to be who I am. I stop. I breathe, I direct myself as all life in seeing the Equality existent in everything here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to breathe, speak and act in fear of who I’ve become and what I’ve allowed to exist within this world. I stop. I breathe, I direct me here accumulating myself according to and as the Principle of Equality so that All Life may exist in dignity.

Clear the temple

Written by Bernard Poolman
Date : 22/06/2007

I am in the temple of thought – who Nose the truth? What chains us to the eye but the money we need to satisfy the Eye. These are the money changers we must clear from our temple. Strange again. In Afrikaans the temple next to the Eye is called “Slaap” – Directly translated it means sleeping or to sleep. In our thoughts we sleep and we are sheep looking for a shepard . When the hurt gets enough we may hear and see how we sleep here in our reality. Our reality is in the Eye of the Beholder centre of our temple, in a line behind our eyes. This is where and from where we project our holographic mind reality using our mind in relation to our physicality. When we die all that changes is that we start from a different frequential form – still creating in the same way.

Strange, we equate everything in this reality of 3D to time. But look – see it is the flow of our perception. We measure it in time to give us power and control. Yet time does not exist – a moment ago is gone – the moment to come is not here – Only present is present. In the present, as the present, is the flow of ourselves. In essence the present is as timeless as we allow ourselves to be. When we attempt to tie present to time we only enslave ourselves.

Then we enslaved ourselves to the ultimate systems– How? Time is money – Time and Money–Both illusionary systems we allow to control our self expression. We also use it to control each other. When are we setting ourselves free? What are we enslaving our children in? What did Jesus demonstrate when he chased the money diggers from the temple? Did he show we must banish thought from our minds?

When Jesus said: “Judge not” – Did he realise that only thoughts can judge? Stop thinking – no judgement . He must have understood it! Looking at his self-expression – No thought made his journey possible.

Clear the temple – Clear the mind – set yourself free. Remember knowledge is the tree of good and evil whose fruit is judgement . Or equated thinking is the polarity of good and bad which mess with true self value and remove the Image and Likeness of God from your self perception.

Wake up from the sleep. Wake up from thinking. Clear the temple. Be present as the presence.

Copyright 2009 Desteni Universe This may be shared in the original form only, to prevent any tampering and only as a complete document. Original found here: Clear the temple

Equalated – In The Beginning…

I am not your best friend. I will not pretend that everything here is fine. I will not tell you I Love you, as I will not pretend to know what love is, as I’ve not yet experienced love as an expression of who I really am. I am your Equal. Visit the Forum Here

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The Book – Equal Money System will Release September and onwards 2011 — More than 40 books will be released – Subscribe to the book newsletter to receive a notification when it’s available.
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