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Day 292: Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Born in Middle Class America, my story isn’t special. Meaning, how I experienced myself growing up could be your story, or anyone’s story for that matter. Let me explain.

I was in second grade, around 7 or 8 when I first become aware of the variety of masks that people wear as their making some sort of a connection when they’re beginning a relationship with each other. I recall having strong emotional fears with regards to deciding which mask or character / personality to become even though I understood that it all depended upon the situation and the people and how I wanted to experience and express myself when being around them.

Bottom line, I was scared. Scared to get too close to anyone, because already by the time I was 7, I understood that people don’t stay, they leave. They go their own way for whatever reason and from the very beginning, I didn’t like subjecting myself to the emotional pain that inevitably happened when a relationship stopped / ended. It’s no surprise then that I can relate so much to the following quote:

“I find people around me are all making some kind of connection, like friendship or romance. But human bonds always lead to messy complications. Commitment. Sharing. Driving people to the airport. Besides, if I let someone get that close, they’d see who I really am and I can’t let that happen. So, time to put on my mask.” Dexter Morgan (Character) from the Showtime series: Dexter

I accepted early on in my life that what was going on within my mind with regards to my thoughts and my feelings and emotions within a fear of loss at the prospect of being rejected wasn’t worth giving my whole self to.  Because being rejected felt like losing a part of myself.  And so as I participated within and as ALL that,,, I withdrew into my own little world within and as my mind where I believed the lies that I told myself – which was that I didn’t want or need anyone to be happy, yet I was anything but happy.

So during my first couple of years in elementary school I remember spending a lot of time watching and observing other kids in my class. I envied the kids who would become the teachers favorite, and every day during recess I remember watching as the kids in my class ran around having fun together playing.   I remember wondering why I felt so alone and lonely inside myself and as I watched them go about their business, I experienced quite a bit of negative emotions and insecurity within and towards myself.  Inside my head, I was having thoughts / backchat,  asking myself what is wrong with me that I can’t seem to make the kind of connections with others that I see them making amongst themselves…

Almost in-spite of myself, by the time I reached middle school, I had established a few close friendships / relationships, both male and female. But even then, something within me in how I experienced myself within my relationships was off in that I felt like I never completely fit in with the relationship.  It was like I watched myself put on a mask, and depending upon who I was with, I would become some sort of character / personality, and in doing so, within my mind I began to blame and spite and resent others for how I was experiencing myself and I felt emotionally defeated.

I realize now that how I experienced myself back then and how I experience myself now with regards to my relationships with others, both individual or within a group, whether personal or business – had / has nothing to do with anyone else but me. Meaning, I am responsible for what goes on within me at all times and the same goes for what’s going on within and as my outer world / reality, because our outer world is a reflection of what we’re accepting and allowing to exist within us.

Therefore,  it’s important that I Stand Committed and walk this point through, breathing through the resistance in order to become stable and supportive within and as the Desteni Group , which is and has always been quite a pilar of support for me.  This I am currently walking the corrective application for,  but clearly,  my early experience into society as a child has influenced every relationship I’ve had…


Investigating the point now, I see how when I was a kid,  one of the things that would have assisted me greatly, would have been if someone – like my parents, or a teacher – would have been able to offer me support and guidance for what was going on within and as my mind, as thoughts and pictures, and the feelings and emotions and the fear!  That would have made a world of difference for me when I was growing up.


And I mean, it’s only been through walking the lessons in Desteni I Process Pro and applying the tools that the course provides that I’ve been able to understand for myself the goings on within and as my mind.  And more than ever, I see how important it is that we walk this life together supporting each other with a partner as well as walking within and as a Group.

changing the world together with dipThe Group should be supportive of ALL Life, because let’s be serious, there is NO WAY that one person will ever be able to bring about the kind of change that this world and everyone in it so desperately seek.

The kind of change that is required to our monetary system as well as All the world systems.

And unless we stand together as a Group and support the kind of freedom where the Foundation of Life on Earth begins with making All worldly decisions based upon and according to what’s best for all. That’s the only way that we can ensure that money is no longer God and thus no longer the thorn in everyone’s side and then, when we stop stressing out over NOT having food, or water and a home and clothes and an education – when All that mess and stress ends we’re going to be shocked at how just that point alone will completely change the relationships we have with each other and the relationship we have with others within our world.

If one look at the history of man and how our relationships with one another are by way of our thoughts and feelings and our emotions – we can then see how participating in them keeps us from being able to be objective. And when we’re not being objective then we fall into the realm of subjectivity – which means our decision making is personal, and subject to the influence of opinions by way of beliefs and thoughts and feelings and even subject to how we’re experiencing ourself at any given moment. And come on, at this point the decisions made in this world is also made based upon ego and greed, profit and the fear of survival!

I mean, there’s a lot going on within our mind that we cannot accept and allow when making life and death decisions with regards to how our current monetary / world systems operate / function.

And, until we can understand our own minds – like how and why we think and react like we do – because what I’ve learned through walking the Desteni I Process course is that I can direct who I am as my mind and in doing so I am able to take responsibility for myself and for what and how I’ve accepted and allowed Life on Earth to be lived as.

It’s Time to Question Our Reality, and come together as a Group to agree on a money system that will support Everyone… If we can’t do that, then we’ll have to continue to suffer because Hell on Earth is just getting started.

Time to forgive ourselves and each other, and make the most important decision we’ll ever make, not in the name of ouself but in the name of and for the future of how Life itself will be experienced as dignified here on Earth.


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How have my decisions affected me?


Once again I’ve been accused of being in a cult, and how I’ve ‘given up’ friends and family because of the decisions I’ve made in the past, almost four years now.  I have to laugh at this because, let’s have a look at what I’ve ‘given up’:  Almost, if not all of the friendships and relationships I’ve supposedly ‘given up’ were abusive and self defeating to say the least.  I speak only about my part in these relationships and, I now stand self responsible for who I was and what I have accepted and allowed myself to be and become.

How have my decisions affected me?  Well, I have stopped addictions to smoking and all drug addictions, including that of smoking pot, and addictions to at least 8 different prescription medications.  I’ve stopped the highly addictive behavior of gambling as well as shoplifting to support my habit of gambling and, I’ve stopped lying to myself and others, which goes along with all addictions.  And, I have not only stopped, but I have NO desires to participate in them and, I don’t have to keep going to meetings in order to ‘feel good’ about my decision.  I also no longer ‘feel’ the need to gossip, judge and/or blame others for how I experience myself in my life and instead I take full responsibility for who I am and my actions thereof.  I am far from perfect but, I support myself daily through the tools I’ve realized work amazingly when applied.

I no longer accept that almost a billion people should continue to be allowed to starve to death daily and instead I comprehend that there is no sense to the madness and the atrocity of it being allowed while some in this world have more than they can possibly ever need and/or require in one lifetime while others have absolutely nothing.  Daily as I walk a process of self-honesty and self-forgiveness I am continually and genuinely shocked and amazed at the amount of mind control that is existent in us as humans, yet, mind control is working well because most humans will flat deny they are existing as such.  We as humanity have existed in competition and greed as we’re lead by the seat of our ego’s and, we have never given a shit about anyone except ourself and we’re scared to death to admit it.

 Through Desteni I Process, I have stopped feelings and emotions of severe depression as well as all of the above addictions and behaviors mentioned.  I am beginning to breathe for the first time ever and stopping the bullshit I had always accepted myself to become.  So whoever wants to accuse me of being in a cult can basically, kiss my ass.  Because for once in my life I get that we are all equal and one to how our world exists and it’s flat out pathetic what we refuse to see in how we are all existing as.

I have absolutely NO regrets in my decisions to join Desteni except one, and that is that I didn’t begin sooner. This world cannot continue the way it is and it’s high time each and every one of us shut the hell up, breathe and see what it is we’re accepting and allowing.  Or, I suppose you can go have another sip of alcohol while you pretend that everything is going to be alright and, pretending is all it is because, eventually the eruption that is taking place all over the world will erupt in the face of what we’re accepting and allowing.  So remember, there is one place you can look to for assistance, where Equality will always be.   That is Desteni.  When you decide to stop – Join Us.  We are standing up for and as all life, as all as one as Equal.  We will NOT Stop until Equality exists here for All.

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Self Acceptance through Self Forgiveness


I forgive myself for the child in me who feared and hated and for the adult I became who accepted and allowed anger and hate and spite towards myself and others wherein I felt sorry for myself and others and in doing so I separated myself from all life and accepted and allowed the world to exist as it is.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to experience anger at the idea of myself as feeling sorry for myself for being trapped in the design of me.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to experience anger at the design of control and censorship that humanity exists as and such for a moment I allowed the thought to exist within me where I wanted to tell the whole world to fuck off and/or die.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think there’s something wrong with me because I feel fed up with life to the point that I want to tell others to wake the hell up and/or fuck off.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to project myself onto others wherein I have held onto a point of victimization as how I existed and in doing so I have victimized all life here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to project anger and hate of self onto others and in doing so I have accepted and allowed anger and hate to manifest within this world.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing hate that caused me to go into depression and loneliness of self because I wanted to be more wherein nothing made me feel like more because in accepting and allowing such I am denying myself to myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing thoughts and ideas of self abuse, self pity and spite towards myself and others in frustration that others are unable to perceive the deception we all have existed as.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to want to give up on myself and humanity and for thinking and believing that I am not worthy of existing in this world within free expression without the fear of doing something wrong.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to grow up feeling sorry for myself so much so that I have felt sorry for others when in fact there is no one to feel sorry for – there is only life as us all to stand up for and as so as to bring about a world that is worthy and exists according to what’s best for all.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be caught in a time loop in which I experience myself as difficult and frustrating where it seems hard to be me because I see what I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be a slave to expectations within society in fear that I will be influenced into believing that this world cannot change and where I have accepted and allowed myself to want to please others to the point of not seeing how and what I was existing as which has been in separation from and as all life here.   I am not a slave to my past.  I am here directing myself to not allow myself to enter cycles of self pity and self abuse.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into judgment and regret of what might have been and/or due to fear of change wherein I then feel sorry for myself within a point of self victimization.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to abandon myself within a purpose of trying to make others happy wherein I selfishly and secretly sought attention, instead of realizing that in doing so I am avoiding facing fears that I have always avoided facing as who I’ve been and how and what I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist as, which is nothing more than the mind directing me instead of me standing in self-honesty and directing me as my mind according to and as the principle of equality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to never really understand what it means to be and to love myself and to nurture me because I have feared myself and others because I have wanted to please people or be liked.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed anger to be me wherein I have spited others who are against Desteni and Equality instead of realizing that in doing so I am actually spiting myself and all life for what I have accepted and allowed in not standing and directing myself according to and as all as one as equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am brave when in fact I have been fearful of a world that is hating and fighting each other, instead of realizing that I have been existing in hate and fighting against myself within how and what I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to reject me, Cathy, because I allowed thoughts and feelings of anger and self pity to exist which I had not yet directed as myself – one and equal.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see that weakness is a lie and is determined by the definition and power I believe it to be and of which is a lie and I no longer believe nor accept and allow myself to believe such a thing.  Instead I realize that I am here as this moment as breath as life as all as one as equal.

I Stop.  I Breathe, I see within myself what I accepted and allowed myself to be which is afraid of changing myself because what I participated in still had value to me and thus I was not willing to confront the point.  I see the point and I forgive myself for existing within a self defined definition of myself within what I was participating in.

I see that within every moment there are various points that I am facing and what I’m willing to accept and allow within each moment. Self trust is realizing that I am able to assist and support me no matter what, who or how the moment presents itself when I am standing breathing in self-honesty according to what’s best for all.  I am grateful for me and I will not be defined through an expression or action and/or by how a situation presents itself to be nor by anyone except me, standing here as all as one as equal.

Why do we need an Equal Money System?


When we are very young children, the idea of love and money doesn’t really matter to us . What does matter is that we are able to play and, that we are being cared for ‘physically’, with food, water, clothes and shelter, as well as the ability to have an Education and Healthcare.  It’s not until we are taught how to ‘think’, ‘believe’, ‘talk’, and then ‘act’, that we begin to perceive the importance of love and money.  Then we begin to suppress our fears through feelings and emotions with regards to love and money, where we begin the search to find someone to ‘love’ us and it becomes all that is important as we begin to cover up what we’re truly experiencing within ourselves with regards to our fear of surviving and/or our fear of having no money in order to survive.

As mind consciousness systems, preprogrammed according to how we are taught, we’ve never actually experienced love because love has never been free from risk.  If what we risk reveals what we value, it makes sense that we’ve always valued money over life because we’ve always been willing to risk having more than others just as long as we are able to survive.   I never  wanted to face this point of self because no one wants to admit they are willing to risk the lives of others in order to have more than another – yet in the race to have more we have put the lives of others at risk.

The same principle of risk applies to love and relationships as well because, we are willing to risk being the one who is loved and appreciated the most above others – it’s the same with all energetic experiences we participate in,  including eating as well as playing because according to our programming, there have always been competition amongst us.  We feed off of love and money through various emotion and feeling experiences generated through the act of thinking.  Energies which are created by the mind which confine and direct us and, once the energies run out we then begin repeating the cycle.

There’s energetic excitement in the game of surviving, so I suppose it’s no wonder that some have difficulty supporting Equal Money because, who will we be when we don’t have the power of money in which to define us as better than another.  Sexual favors are also bought by those who have the money to pay for it and money as such is given to those who have no other means but to offer their body to sex in order to survive.

Look at the number of people who reach the end of their life, who are often reported saying they wish they would have taken more risks however, the risk they never took was to challenge life outside of the direction of their current mind set  – the risk of seeing ourselves in self-honesty where we are then able to recognize our oneness with everything and all here.

We risk the lives of others daily when we avoid recognizing and considering the struggles of others through war, starvation and homelessness.  With an ‘Equal Money System’ – All Life will be considered and provided for.  Where real freedom exists – there will be no more silencing the voice of those speaking out against atrocity and thus the atrocities of life will stop.  To silence one, is to silence us all because our current money system plays us against each other.  An Equal Money System will eventually bring an end to our bickering and fighting with each other and all crimes against life will end because all life will be supported Equally.

Risk who you are in self-honesty  according to what’s best for all, and in-fact you’ll be risking nothing but, will achieve everything for yourself as well as for all.  ‘Make Peace, Be Friends with Your Enemy’, is statement in separation that can be seen through self-forgiveness where we then manifest the ability to see that forgiveness of others was never necessary because we see that there was never anyone else to forgive, or ‘make peace with’, except for ourself. 

We have to risk facing who we’ve become in order to see who we are because who we are is Equal and One to and as All Life here according to what we accept and allow. Where you see and understand that every single being has the same right to a life in dignity as we in-fact require for ourself in order for our physical body to breathe and function here on earth properly.  When we all as one equally begin to walk as such we will together manifest heaven on earth and then who knows what we are capable of,  but it’s going to be quite a party – An Equal Life Party.  Join Us!

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