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Occupy Wall Street Meets BIG

Capitalism is a very harsh system when one actually look closely. At this point, it actively promotes the reality that there will be have and have nots. It can be used to provide jobs, goods, and services for many people. Or, it can be as it is, misused to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of a few. Occupy requires direction with a solution. The Basic Income Grant (BIG), offers such direction as a government ensured guarantee that no one’s income will fall below the level necessary to meet their most basic needs for any reason. On this basis we may build further. The Basic Income Grant differs from existing income maintenance programs and has no specific work requirements. It is therefore, very simple and easy to administer. It helps the working poor, single parents, and the homeless. Thus, with BIG no one is destitute, and is effective solution to poverty that will begin to promote individual freedom. Because at this point money is priced as freedom. Investigate real solutions.

How will the basic income grant be capitalized – Equal Money FAQ – Click Here to watch a short video By Bernard Poolman with brief commentary by Cathy Krafft: Occupy Wall Street Meets BIG.

In an equal money system you will not capitalize it because the capital will be life or have intrinsic value and as a person is born that value is automatically available as life. You do not have to create it.

The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections. Join the Desteni Forum for discussions.

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Life Got More Interesting with Self-Forgiveness

I’ve almost completed my first Self-forgiveness Blog Book: Here is a peek inside.

“I then wrote self-forgiveness and was surprised how applying such a simple application assisted me to become aware of repetitive thought patterns. Thoughts that would have before caused me great anxiety – I was able to stop and decide in the moment not to participate. It became interesting to see how my thoughts were an actual tool for me to see who I had become as I moved myself according to them. It’s very cool when one begins to realize that we do not have to fear, nor participate in our thoughts – instead through self-forgiveness we are able to release, self correct, realign and direct self according to what’s best for all. That’s when life here begins to get more interesting.”

“…Desteni and all who participate here are realizing, you can’t ‘save’ anyone. We can only continue to stand and walk in self honesty, breath by breath and to walk this with each other not accepting anything less than self honesty accumulating self according to what’s best for all.

“This might sound cliche’, but when I was younger I always wondered why people didn’t like each other. Why were we so mean to each other and always talking about each other behind their backs. I remember thinking something isn’t right, that there must be a way to, oh you know, ‘save the world’. I used to think if I knew what would do it, I would run tell my mom first, then everyone else! Never in a million years did I ever think that ‘no one would listen’.”

Application Self-Forgiveness – Life Got More Interesting with Self-Forgiveness: Blog Book 1
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The Bitch in Pride

Ever notice how pride will eat you up inside? People used to refer to me in one of two specific ways – that of a prideful bitch and/or the sweetest little thing they’d ever known. Plenty of times, people who I once referred to as friends, looked me straight in the eye and told me so. I’m quite sure I never believed them. However, I am now here to face me.

Recently, I completed a mind construct assignment in a leadership development course through Desteni I Process. The construct was that of my past employment/work history and, I’ll just say, that I came face to face with me as an angry bitch in pride. Ever notice how the sound of a word will just pull you into an energetic charge? That’s the person I met, as myself, as I walked the line of myself backwards in time.

As I applied the tools of self-forgiveness for the guilt I felt toward myself for popping an extra adderall, so I could make it through another long drawn out day working a job that meant absolutely nothing to me, except that it was a paycheck – to pay the bills. I looked at me in that memory, that’s when I saw the truth of me in self-honesty. I saw how who I had been, and how I had acted, simply wasn’t who I really am.

In realizing that I have the ability to direct myself, as who I am accepting myself as, according to the principle of equality, and that I am aware of, as myself, to trust me to accumulate myself accordingly, was like letting air bubbles out of water. And self- interest as pride began to release. I saw how my definition of pride was sticking to me like glue, because I had no idea how to trust myself. My whole life, I’ve existed according to how I perceived I was supposed to act and become, according to where and who I was in the company of, and according to a job requirement. I accepted myself wholeheartedly within my fear of surviving and I submitted myself, until even I didn’t recognize who I’d allowed myself to become.

As self denial, we suppress points of anger and resentment – just to name a few. As such, I existed as a bitch with an inordinate opinion of my own dignity, my own indulgence and importance. I had dignified myself and allowed myself to be cherished according to my mind. The definition of pride as consciousness.

And, there was more to the definition of myself as pride, because ‘the sweetest little thing’ was deriving pleasure and/or satisfaction in taking pride in having done something nice for another, and then believe it to reflect credit upon self. It is quite an opportunity that one gives their self, when one can sit alone in the humbleness of self, through self-forgiveness.

With Desteni I Process – one is able to stop the bitch in pride. You see your truth, as you, in self-honesty

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How will the family system change in an Equal Money System? – Equal Money FAQ

With Equal Money parents will no longer be forced to teach their children how to compete and win in order to survive. The generational depression of parents which have been passed on to children through the fear of the children making the same mistakes as them will cease to exist.

The moment a child enters this world they will be provided for with basic income providing them their individual requirements in order to surivive and will begin living a life of self expression. No longer will girls be taught to marry for money and boys will stop their search for power as a moral duty of respect and/or faith so as to guarantee a point of rescue in times of parental need.

When we change the rules that define the way money moves and works to one which values all life – the complete structuring of the family system will change to a world where the child’s first impressions will be that of support and nurturing thus self-reflection will be that of equality and will have an affect that will automatically reduce and stop dysfunctional behavioral patterns within our reality as a whole.

Can you imagine a world where love is not based upon earning a living to survive – is instead one of living an earnest purposeful life. Expressing self from the starting point of support in that everything self requires to exist within this world is provided. That’s self-freedom. Where time will slow down as we’ll have time to explore who we are. Our quality of self trust will grow and we’ll begin to enjoy the presence of others as we discover our world together as one.

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If it had not been for the goodness of God, where would you be?

If it had not been for the goodness of God, where would you be? Some wouldn’t be alive today. Some would still be addicted. If it had not been for God’s favor some would still be struggling, barely making it.

What is goodness anyway? Goodness is the oppsite meaning of something we’ve given meaning to as being bad. Both are dependendent upon cultural/social differences and/or opinions and are the consequence and the result of our current money system of inequality to begin with.

Stop directing self according to a meaning of self as the mind of consciousness. Speak in self honesty and say it as it is – people are struggling because they can’t afford to feed and provide for themselves or their family. We give meaning to that as being bad and instead of directing self – we fear the meaning of the bad and avoid facing our own fear of survival. We look to feel good somewhere out there and overlook the fact that millions are starving to death simply because of a money system we’ve allowed – when there is a solution.

Behold the meaning within what self is accepting and allowing and direct self according to a practical living example/application which results in a solution of Equality for All of existence. Then we’ll see for ourself how in an Equal Money System – good/bad is irrelevant.


I hate this world – The choice to stop and breathe

Every memory of myself involves fear of loss, and whether it was a fear of losing a parent, a relationship, a job or money, or fear of losing my mind, and the fear of losing my life – the starting point has always been that of fear, fear of facing myself. My whole childhood was that of reactions and fears and there was no way of knowing how to disable the charging up that was coming from within myself. It wasn’t long before I had suppressed and become the fears in which I participated in within my mind of repetitive thought patterns and emotions and feelings until there was nothing of me except memories. The strangest thing is how I began to justify and validate my fears as I manipulated myself into accepting and allowing the fear within my mind to continue to direct and control me.

So the tools of Desteni I Process has assisted me to release myself of numerous points of fear and self manipulation through applying self forgiveness and breathing. It’s an education for self that all can benefit from and it would have been amazing to have been taught the tools of Desteni as a child. Every moment of self is a process, so today, upon hearing of Gadhafi’s death, I became aware of fear that was coming up from inside me. I saw how my physical body stiffened in my shoulder and chest area and honestly, I wanted to attack. The energy seemed to swell within me and suddenly I realized that this was it, a moment of fear where I decide what I’m going to accept and allow myself to be. Was I going to give in to fear, anger and anxiety, (which was a point of fearing the future), or am I going to breathe through the energetic reaction. Because there’s always a choice for self to stop and breathe.

At that point, I wanted to cry and then I saw disappointment and judgment and I began to look at how the emotion and anger was building itself according to four words: ‘I hate this world’.

I chose to stop and breathe and stand within and as the fear and see for myself what it is that I haven‘t dealt with because fear only hides what I’m accepting and allowing myself to be.

In that moment of breathing it’s as if everything stopped and I saw how within those words I was existing in polarity to the point of feeling sick, sick at what I was seeing done to another human being – the physical sick feeling reminded me of the power of the mind of consciousness and was nothing more than a coping mechanism – it is not who I really am. It’s truly amazing how in that moment the fear, anger and anxiety was gone.

My physical body assists me and when I stop and breathe I am able to direct me as my mind as my physical body. Our process on earth is not an easy one, however through self forgiveness and self honesty we have the power and the responsibility to stand and direct ourselves to stop. Moment by moment let’s get this done and be a living example of equality so that all may exist here in dignity.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that there is ever a valid reason to allow the experience of fear to manipulate and control me. I stop. I breathe and direct me here as living according to that which is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear that I am not able to
change. I stop. I breathe and accept and allow myself to be the change required to stop fear and suffering as atrocity and stand in support of and as all as one as equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use fear as a coping mechanism to not face me and my responsibility in how our world exist. I stop. I breathe and direct me here according to a principle of equality that I may assist and support all life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear my own fear. I stop and breathe. I accept and allow myself to forgive myself and stand responsible and accountable for and as all as one as equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create from a starting point of fear of loss instead of realizing that my creation is equal and one as me and thus I cannot lose my creation because my creation is me. I accept and support myself to stand according to ‘what’s best for self is best for all’.

Shoot to kill: Ohio cops hunt escaped animals


In spite of the numerous warning signs, the consequences of human spite lingers on and the accumulative affect brings death to the lives of others long after the spiteful are dead.  Terry Thompson, 62, was found dead from a self-inflicted wound when authorities went to his farm on Tuesday in Zanesville, Ohio after reports of animals being sighted by nearby neighbors.  They found gates and animal pens open – dooming the very animals the owner claimed to love so much. 

The owner of the 73-acre preserve had been charged with animal cruelty 11 times since 2004, and had gotten out of federal prison last month after serving a year for possessing unregistered guns.

The sheriff’s office had received numerous complaints since 2004 about animals escaping onto neighbors’ property and the neighbors claimed that "nobody much cared for him."   Thus a shoot-to-kill hunt began in which 49 of the animals were tracked and killed, including 18 endangered Bengal tigers.

What is clear is, the mind as consciousness won.  Another human being gave into and became, defeated to death in spite, revenge and hate.  So much so that even though he had cared for the animals for several years, he would rather die with an idea of revenge on his neighbors, than assuring the safety of the animals. 

The ‘energy’ of such acceptances are visible in those who arrived to catch and kill the animals and the animals are the same as us all -  trying to survive in a world where atrocity is increasing.

Who is responsible for this?  We all are.  We see what we’re accepting and allowing to exist as atrocity within our world, and yet we won’t stop it.   We as humanity exist in fear.  We fear for our survival and as such we exist inspite of the dishonesties we recognize within ourselves. 

We require a solution – to stop our fear of survival – that solution is Equal Money.  With an Equal Money System, all Life will we provided for and protected.   Abuse will stop.




Video and Article: Sheriff defends order to shoot bears, tigers

The Solution for Occupy Wall Street is simple

The occupy wall street protests certainly represent the numerous people struggling and the thing is, they’re not really being heard and actually, they’re being herded straight to jail. For those who are protesting, if they’re truly serious about bringing about a solution for all, that will bring an end to our corrupt money system – then the solution for Occupy Wall street is to instead stand as one man, one vote for an Equal Money System.

Unfortunately, greed and ego steps in where people still want more than their fellow man and as such, chose protesting which enforces violence – instead of standing up for and as all life. Causes one to ask, how much more suffering does humanity require to see that there is one principle within us all and that is one of Equality – what’s best for self is best for all. So humanity continues the human race and until we’ve had enough and face ourself first so we can stand responsible for and as all, the race will continue as will suffering and death. The Principle of Equality and Oneness, as I’ve come to understand, is what we’re all here to realize ourself as.

Stop Protesting – Stand Up in Support

Whining about how ‘somebody done somebody wrong song’ ends – With Equal Money

‘The Design of the Whiner’ is effective assistance to hear for one to spot one’s fears. Before applying the Desteni Material, ‘whiner’ was how I existed, as I constantly emerged myself in conspiracy and drama. I could spot a whiner a mile away according to how they nagged on about current events through ‘Verbal Diarrhea’ , you know, how we look for excuses and reasons for not doing something. Even when the tools, the support, the assistance and the methods are there in order for us to do that something/action for self. It’s where one doesn’t want to take the action in doing because of ‘fear’.

So I had pretty much given up on this world and everyone in it but, in self-honesty I began to see how I had given up on myself. I bitched about how our world exists with anyone who pretended to listen and never questioned what the real solution for our world is in considering what is best for all.

Applying the tools of Desteni assists one to begin to become aware of and question the fears of self and one begins to see how fear has been the motivating mind patterns of the life of self. It becomes easier to correct one’s talk and begin accumulating the walk of self as life living according to ‘principle’ and to question what principles we are living according to.

According to Wiki: A principle is a law or rule that has to be, or usually is to be followed, or can be desirably followed, or is an inevitable consequence of something, such as the laws observed in nature or the way that a system is constructed. The principles of such a system are understood by its users as the essential characteristics of the system, or reflecting system’s designed purpose, and the effective operation or use of which would be impossible if any one of the principles was to be ignored.

Come on, nothing here is how it has to be. How are world exists according to profit and greed where corporations and money are God, is so because we are dumbed down and we accept and allow it.

There are shit loads of stuff that we refer to as principles, for example: The Principle of Learning, Principle of Causality, Principle of Identity, Principle of Contradiction, Principle of Teaching, Principle of Management, Principle of Organization and of course the Principle of Fear and Money

All of which have distinctive ruling opinions which are enforced through and as the Principle of Money. Money being the ‘scarce’ resource that influence the human ‘fear of survival’. We are controlled and consumed by our experiences which ultimately support the rich to get richer and the rest can remain in hell.

It’s a process of self-honesty we as Destonians are walking and one that requires us to stop, breath, forgive ourself and realize that what is best for self is best for all. The one and only Principle that makes perfect sense and will bring an end to individual ‘fear of survival is the Principle of Equality.

Whining about how,’somebody done somebody wrong song’ ends – With Equal Money… Can you imagine? You, Me, Us, All, Everyone – we will all be able to provide for ourselves a home, food, clean water, transportation, an Education, clean clothes and Healthcare. Hell on Earth will then be over.

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The definition of a moment is…

“What happened to the moment? Does anyone in this world understand the application of the moment, what a moment is – a moment is not able to be defined by anything here in this reality – a moment as who I am. I am the moment. The definition of a moment, is indicated by every breath” – – Osho through the interdimensio­nal portal

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