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Day 292: Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Born in Middle Class America, my story isn’t special. Meaning, how I experienced myself growing up could be your story, or anyone’s story for that matter. Let me explain.

I was in second grade, around 7 or 8 when I first become aware of the variety of masks that people wear as their making some sort of a connection when they’re beginning a relationship with each other. I recall having strong emotional fears with regards to deciding which mask or character / personality to become even though I understood that it all depended upon the situation and the people and how I wanted to experience and express myself when being around them.

Bottom line, I was scared. Scared to get too close to anyone, because already by the time I was 7, I understood that people don’t stay, they leave. They go their own way for whatever reason and from the very beginning, I didn’t like subjecting myself to the emotional pain that inevitably happened when a relationship stopped / ended. It’s no surprise then that I can relate so much to the following quote:

“I find people around me are all making some kind of connection, like friendship or romance. But human bonds always lead to messy complications. Commitment. Sharing. Driving people to the airport. Besides, if I let someone get that close, they’d see who I really am and I can’t let that happen. So, time to put on my mask.” Dexter Morgan (Character) from the Showtime series: Dexter

I accepted early on in my life that what was going on within my mind with regards to my thoughts and my feelings and emotions within a fear of loss at the prospect of being rejected wasn’t worth giving my whole self to.  Because being rejected felt like losing a part of myself.  And so as I participated within and as ALL that,,, I withdrew into my own little world within and as my mind where I believed the lies that I told myself – which was that I didn’t want or need anyone to be happy, yet I was anything but happy.

So during my first couple of years in elementary school I remember spending a lot of time watching and observing other kids in my class. I envied the kids who would become the teachers favorite, and every day during recess I remember watching as the kids in my class ran around having fun together playing.   I remember wondering why I felt so alone and lonely inside myself and as I watched them go about their business, I experienced quite a bit of negative emotions and insecurity within and towards myself.  Inside my head, I was having thoughts / backchat,  asking myself what is wrong with me that I can’t seem to make the kind of connections with others that I see them making amongst themselves…

Almost in-spite of myself, by the time I reached middle school, I had established a few close friendships / relationships, both male and female. But even then, something within me in how I experienced myself within my relationships was off in that I felt like I never completely fit in with the relationship.  It was like I watched myself put on a mask, and depending upon who I was with, I would become some sort of character / personality, and in doing so, within my mind I began to blame and spite and resent others for how I was experiencing myself and I felt emotionally defeated.

I realize now that how I experienced myself back then and how I experience myself now with regards to my relationships with others, both individual or within a group, whether personal or business – had / has nothing to do with anyone else but me. Meaning, I am responsible for what goes on within me at all times and the same goes for what’s going on within and as my outer world / reality, because our outer world is a reflection of what we’re accepting and allowing to exist within us.

Therefore,  it’s important that I Stand Committed and walk this point through, breathing through the resistance in order to become stable and supportive within and as the Desteni Group , which is and has always been quite a pilar of support for me.  This I am currently walking the corrective application for,  but clearly,  my early experience into society as a child has influenced every relationship I’ve had…


Investigating the point now, I see how when I was a kid,  one of the things that would have assisted me greatly, would have been if someone – like my parents, or a teacher – would have been able to offer me support and guidance for what was going on within and as my mind, as thoughts and pictures, and the feelings and emotions and the fear!  That would have made a world of difference for me when I was growing up.


And I mean, it’s only been through walking the lessons in Desteni I Process Pro and applying the tools that the course provides that I’ve been able to understand for myself the goings on within and as my mind.  And more than ever, I see how important it is that we walk this life together supporting each other with a partner as well as walking within and as a Group.

changing the world together with dipThe Group should be supportive of ALL Life, because let’s be serious, there is NO WAY that one person will ever be able to bring about the kind of change that this world and everyone in it so desperately seek.

The kind of change that is required to our monetary system as well as All the world systems.

And unless we stand together as a Group and support the kind of freedom where the Foundation of Life on Earth begins with making All worldly decisions based upon and according to what’s best for all. That’s the only way that we can ensure that money is no longer God and thus no longer the thorn in everyone’s side and then, when we stop stressing out over NOT having food, or water and a home and clothes and an education – when All that mess and stress ends we’re going to be shocked at how just that point alone will completely change the relationships we have with each other and the relationship we have with others within our world.

If one look at the history of man and how our relationships with one another are by way of our thoughts and feelings and our emotions – we can then see how participating in them keeps us from being able to be objective. And when we’re not being objective then we fall into the realm of subjectivity – which means our decision making is personal, and subject to the influence of opinions by way of beliefs and thoughts and feelings and even subject to how we’re experiencing ourself at any given moment. And come on, at this point the decisions made in this world is also made based upon ego and greed, profit and the fear of survival!

I mean, there’s a lot going on within our mind that we cannot accept and allow when making life and death decisions with regards to how our current monetary / world systems operate / function.

And, until we can understand our own minds – like how and why we think and react like we do – because what I’ve learned through walking the Desteni I Process course is that I can direct who I am as my mind and in doing so I am able to take responsibility for myself and for what and how I’ve accepted and allowed Life on Earth to be lived as.

It’s Time to Question Our Reality, and come together as a Group to agree on a money system that will support Everyone… If we can’t do that, then we’ll have to continue to suffer because Hell on Earth is just getting started.

Time to forgive ourselves and each other, and make the most important decision we’ll ever make, not in the name of ouself but in the name of and for the future of how Life itself will be experienced as dignified here on Earth.


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Day 212: The Law that Direct Equality

Artwork By: Marlen Vargas Del Razo
equal money ends slavery


Excerpt From: Day 341: “I am an Entrepreneur”

“With Equality, The Law that Direct Equality – is an Individual Interaction with Each One, Individually Protecting Each One and with Equal Money – Individually Provide for Each One Sufficiently. With Equality, You Do Not have to Compete to ‘Get to the Top’, which means that: ‘Only the Winner Gets All and the Rest Are Losers’ as it now exists within the Current System. So, Most People are Losers, but Nobody wants to Hear it, because apparently: ‘You’re not a Loser if you have a ‘Positive Attitude’. ‘If You can ‘Think Positively’ then, apparently: ‘you’re Not a Loser’’. But, if You Look at the System, Predictably, as it Exist now: What is Certain? It is 99% Certain that You Will be a Loser, that you will Always be one and that You will Never Get to the 1%.
So, instead of having a ‘100% System’ which is Best For All – you want to Live in a 1% System, where it’s 99% Certain that You will Be and Will Remain a Slave, so will Your Children. ‘The Few’ that Live in Protected little Suburbs with Lots of Money, Big Cars and Beautiful Holiday Packages (and there are Few that Live like that): Those Few are What You Have to Respect and Try and ‘Emulate’…Isn’t there something ‘Mistaken’ with such Reasoning?

Is the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ Really such a ‘Big Thing’? Isn’t the Entrepreneurial Spirit those that come up with Solutions that is Best for All Life?  

The Real Entrepreneurs of this World are Those of the Equal Money System, those of Destonian Integrity – that is a Level of Integrity. The word ‘Destonian’ is simply Describing People that Work for a Destiny that is Best for All Life and therefore, They Have the Integrity that Consider All Other Life Equally to their Own Life. Not being called a Destonian would be a Problem isn’t it? Because, a Destonian is a Word to be Proud of, a Destonian is a Person with Integrity, Somebody that Actually Care with Compassion and Empathy, someone that Understand the Living Word of Love, of Decency.Bernard Poolman @Creation’s Journey to Life


Day 76: The Worrisome Character

It becomes clearer and clearer to me daily, that the only real terror that exists within this world exists within the mind of the human being. Thus I’ve created through thought participation; The Worrisome Character.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as a worrisome character.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to worry about how come I see myself as a ‘worrisome’ character instead of a character of worry.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to compare myself as the worrisome character to that of a worm slithering on the floor, lying there quietly watching as life is mauled to death by our world/money system which teaches children to be soldiers and allows other children to starve to death.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to familiarize myself in/as a worrisome character grieving over whether we as a humanity can ever change that which we fear the most, which is ourself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be the worrisome character within the realization that we may never stop, that we’ll keep on replacing our integrity as life within the ‘belief’ that there is more that we must have, thus not stopping until we get what we want, not realizing that what we ‘want’ can never be gotten from somewhere out there, because what we are seeking isn’t out there, it is here, within us each one in seeing that we’re All Equal in Life in every way.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself in and as the worrisome character to fear how, we with our own hands will put our own creations to death because we require food for our physical body, yet we never consider asking permission first from the one being sacrificed for the sins of our own death wish of eating to live.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself in/as the worrisome character to not realize that when I worry I fear, thus I split myself into two separate worlds, within the context of doubt and uncertainty.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that it is my fear that moves me to the survival mode of my mind in/as the worrisome character.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself in/as a worrisome character to abandon life itself through competing with others in order to make the most money.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience and project heartbreak in/as a worrisome character unto my 2 year old granddaughter in fear of what will I say to her when she asks me what happened to our world when she can’t afford to feed and clothe herself – because the reality of this moment is, $100 worth of groceries doesn’t even buy one week supply of food.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be the worrisome character in asking myself how and what do I tell my grandchildren as to why we as humans fear and compete as we do with each other within an explanation that others won’t mock as being that of a lie.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself as a worrisome character to anguish in how much hate exists within us as humanity – will we become one massive possession within our minds as consciousness so much so that we’ll bring ourselves to the very brink of our own extinction in order to stop what we are accepting and allowing within and as our current world/money system of/as enslavement.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself in/as the worrisome character to feel as if I’m carrying the weight of the world in the pit of my stomach, and I see how I’ve been carrying me in the pit of sPITe to/towards others in fear of myself for Not taking self-responsibility and facing me within all of the pain and suffering of existence in/as living life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as a worrisome character instead of seeing/realizing and understanding that to exist as such is participating within and as the mind as consciousness which is exactly how and why we are in this mess to begin with.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize and understand how important it is to stop the mind as consciousness, thus we stop the consequences self creates within and without and unto existence.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize and understand that existing in/as the worrisome character is just another name for being afraid.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize and understand that existing in/as the worrisome character is just another self-manipulation technique to keep me forever enslaved in/as our world/money system as a mind consciousness system organic robot.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use myself as a worrisome character as an excuse to justify why I am to afraid to actually stand up and take self-responsibility for the absolute madness existent in and as our world.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to realize that in allowing myself in/as the worrisome character, I’m actually allowing me as my mind to manipulate, thus, I will manipulate myself and others within my world.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to deem myself as a worrisome character to be superior over me – instead of standing up one and equal to/as myself through facing myself in self-honesty, thus supporting a world according to what’s best for All.

I commit myself to stop myself in moments where I become aware that I am participating in/as the worrisome character and direct myself to investigate the source and origin of who I am within the simplicity of this moment of breath.

I commit myself to stop reactions within myself towards how our world exists and to instead in self-honesty face who I am within it all.

2012 – Women – Kickin the belief in God

I had some interesting perspectives shared with me today at two different doctor’s offices where I had to return to for follow up visits. One of the nurses, who I’ve known for a few years, began to talk about how strange bacterias and illnesses have become and how difficult it’s been for many to get well after having had a virus and, how many have not recovered and/or have lost loved ones to death, suddenly and unexpectedly.

She said how strangely enough, this has caused her to question her beliefs. Specifically, her belief in God and religion. She said it seemed to her that the only reason people have needed religion/God in the first place, is because of their fear of death, and that really, all death does is, is a way promote fear and that fear seems to promote self interest.

Wow, that was cool to hear and I sat quietly and continued to listen as I’d never heard her speak that way. She went on to say that she wasn’t exactly sure how, but she was sure that religion and the whole idea of a God all began as a means of us wanting to control each other.

She started to say something else, but was then paged to take a phone call and as she was leaving the room, she paused and thanked me, saying that she could tell that I was actually hearing her…

As I entered the office where my second doctor’s appointment was, there were two nurses who were having a similar conversation about religion and God. They were talking about how human limitation is linked to the examples we had as children and how mostly, those examples consisted of God/Religion and/or fear, and that, basically, it’s all the same. They said as far as they were concerned, God/Religion was nothing more than a way to control people and that they were seeing how God/Religion is slowly losing it’s hold on people.

They then began to talk about death and one of them looked at the other one and at me and asked: Can you remember how old you were and where you were when you first realized that life dies? It was at that moment, that I was summoned back to see the Doctor and man, I hated leaving the interesting conversation.

I do remember the day though – the day that I overheard my parents talking with the next door neighbors about death: I was 5 1/2 years old. I remember that it took me awhile to think about their meaning of death, being that when we die, we will no longer exist here on earth. At five years old, I was just beginning to notice myself, so death didn’t really make much sense to me because, within me, it was as if I was always going to be here. I just didn’t get how it is that life is something that can just go away.

With all of the culture of silence that surrounds death and dying, I learned very quickly not to ask many questions about death because my questions simply went unanswered. People were scared to death about dying and absolutely no one wanted to talk about it.

The first time I began to have an awareness of my fear of death was when I was 9. I was sitting in a church, and the pastor of the church began to speak of heaven and hell – how the only way to Not go to hell was to ask for God’s forgiveness for our sins. At nine years old I wasn’t clear what horrible sins I had committed and even though the whole story of death and God and heaven and hell didn’t make any sense to me – I became willing to believe in a God and a heaven, simply because of the fear in the idea of going to some fiery hell.

As I got into my teenage years, I began to find it odd that people I’d known my whole life – who had only ever prayed before holiday dinners – were now getting older and they feared death so, suddenly, God had become important to them. I began to wonder if it would change how accepting people were of war and violence if they were to become able to embrace the reality of their own fear of death.
All I really knew was that no one on earth is in control of their lives and no one questioned how come life dies…

Consider that all of the fears and doubts and judgments, and all the goddamn competitions and hate we secretly hold within ourself against each other, whether quietly or not so quietly, which only appears to remain unseen – that maybe, just maybe it’s all that shit within us – that’s what is manifesting within and as how our world currently exists. Such as in the money wars, where we don’t or won’t question how come we’re ok with people starving to death and living on the streets without a home.

Many people have never challenged the belief systems they were taught as children so when an answer comes, they attack it, instead of stopping and considering to – for a moment – give up all the knowledge we’ve given value to, and prove our-self as life.

Now, as I’ve been walking the Desteni process of self-forgiveness and facing myself in self-honesty, I’m slowly beginning to understand that maybe death is only as real as the abuse we allow to exist within us which has an accumulative affect upon our physical body and, ultimately, manifests within and as our physical reality.

Maybe people really are beginning to challenge and stop their belief systems – for sure we at Desteni are and, we’re realizing that the best way to do that is to stop the systems altogether and forgiving self for accepting them in the first place without even investigating who self is within them.

One thing I know for sure is that the women of this world have it within them to stand up and “Stop” the abuse that’s being accepted and allowed and to change themselves and thus assist in changing this world.

For further perspective on death and the afterlife, suggest the following:

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Investigate how Equal Money will assist us in bringing about a world where all life may exist in dignity. EqualMoney.org

2012 – Blogging: Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few


When I saw and read the above picture – at first, I kind of chuckled, and then I became aware of how I didn’t really see it as funny.  I was aware of a reaction inside myself and I knew I was existing in polarity – with  inner conflict and my physical body became tense as if my inside was reaching out to me,  saying: hello,  breathe!  And I did…

The picture and the words on it, didn’t seem like such a big deal so how come it was?! 

Blogging is an extremely effective tool and anyone who blogs is aware of how assisting it is.  I began ‘writing myself to freedom’ and applying the tools suggested through Desteni Universe about 4 years ago.  I began with applying self forgiveness and then found a blog site and began blogging. 

Before 4 years ago – I wasn’t someone who wrote very often, though when I was a teenager I wrote poems that were mostly about parents who don’t understand their children and/or poems of heartaches of young love.   So, blogging and/or ‘writing myself to freedom’ wasn’t something that came easy for me. 

I began to push myself and realized how cool it is to write out my day and see what my thoughts are and why and how I was ‘feeling’ the way I was according to my participation as them…  It assists me to find out how and where I create myself into and as possessive and possessed mind personalities so to stop my participation.

It’s like becoming involved with, exposing, and assisting the direction of me as my inner world -  – to express me in self-honesty within and as my outer world.

Through self-forgiveness I’ve been able to release fear and in self-trust I’ve  seen myself clear to stop addictions; such as to nicotine/cigarettes, prescription drugs, weed, and gambling.  And,  I write because when I write it assists me to see where I’m accepting self-interest, ego and greed and being able to recognize myself in self-honesty. 

With the tools of writing/blogging, self-forgiveness and self-honesty, I’ve become self-accountable and self-responsible and within that I’m accumulating myself within a point of self-trust and self-respect in standing up according to what’s best for all.  So – writing/blogging is a self-movement for self to investigate and share self – not about how many people may or may not read what’s been written.

What I see is that when I read the words on the picture,  I found them to be patronizing or offensive and I allowed myself to became defensive.  The little chuckle was my physical body assisting me to see how and what I was accepting and allowing. 

It’s like, when one assumes one is being judged and it’s taken personally as if one is being attacked, but really it’s actually ‘self-judgment’.  Because the one who’s reading has to see oneself as being judged in order to be seeing the words as such.  Whether or not they were judgmental – it’s still a point to bring back to self because self  has to have perceived themself as being judged in order to take it personally.  In my secret mind, I took the words personally and so in writing this out, I’ve already seen how what seemed like an insignificant point was in fact a point of self-judgment.

I see how I was judging myself according to my past thoughts and memories and my participation in and as them.  Specifically for when I first began writing and how I wanted someone to read what I had written. I sought approval and validation – and there are still moments I breathe through in corrective application and forgive myself when I become aware of thoughts like: ‘I wonder if anyone read my blog’.  

The difference in how I was then and in how I’ve changed is that I’ve proven for myself how blogging has assisted me to release dishonesties through self-forgiveness and self-corrective application.  Writing is about who self is within every single word we are living and breathing life as  – such as the words that we think and speak as well as write, and to see what we are standing equal to and one as. 

Everyone of us, as we walk through our day to day routines, we wear many masks as we seek to earn, please, compete and manipulate in order to arrive at some sense of surviving.  So writing assists us to see how and why we’re accepting and allowing ourselves to become that which we’ve been taught and believed and have accepted ourselves to be – and to stop it.  Thus we can begin to stop accepting and allowing greed and corruption and downright lies to exist within our world in the name of money.

It’s certainly true, that there are more people blogging and placing it on the internet than ever before and,  it provides everyone the opportunity to stop self-interest and stand up according to what’s best for all to bring about real change within our world.

Here are some interesting statistics with regards to internet usage: 


  • 2.1 billion – Internet users worldwide
    800+ million – Number of users on Facebook by the end of 2011
    100 billion – Estimated number of photos on Facebook by mid-2011
    1 trillion – The number of video playbacks on YouTube
    225 million – Number of Twitter accounts
    250 million – Number of tweets per day (October 2011)
    39 million – The number of Tumblr blogs by the end of 2011
    70 million – Total number of WordPress blogs by the end of 2011
    2.4 billion – Social networking accounts worldwide

There is also a website called:  ‘Worldometeres’,  where they show real time statistics and the number of daily blog posts are constant and the numbers are phenomenal. 

On Worldometers, one can also see how many people were born or died today as well as our current population and you can see how many people have died of hunger today which currently with half of the day over the number is currently: 17,800.

So blogging assist this world through our words as who we are through investigating and educating ourself to see what’s really going on within our world in self-honesty, and sharing it for anyone who may find it to be of assistance.  I’m grateful that I began blogging,  and I’m  grateful for the Desteni material and all those involved with Desteni – for the tools and suggestions and in how they’ve assisted me to push myself to see what I’m capable of. 

Which is how I came to be a blogger and how I’ve become more educated about myself and my world  with regards to how our current money system exists for example. 

With the number of people blogging and online,  it’s clear that the Internet is a critical component in almost everything we do. 

So – Let’s bring about real change within our world in 2012, beginning first with self in self-honesty and direct ourselves according to what’s best for all. 

Have a look at how we’ve created our world – the outer me reflecting the inner me which we deny through shame of what we ‘ve accepted and allowed to manifest in this world and thus the reason why we have not actually stood up and taken responsibility for ourselves.

Investigating and Educating oneself in self-honesty is an important act of self that one can do for self and every living being on this Earth.

Join us at Desteni As a Group we will bring forth a Solution to bring about real change where all living beings experience Life in Dignity.  The Solution is that of ‘Equal Money’ -  which will immediately stop the thousands who die daily from hunger as well as bring about an end to all of the atrocities that we’ve accepted and allowed according to a money system that values money over life

Self-forgiveness and Self-honesty is Key in assisting self to Walk this Life in Honor of/for and as All as one as Equal.  Let’s Stand Up as One Vote for Equal Money and Blog the hell out of this World. 


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am inferior and less than others because of my past thoughts and memories of who and how I existed as through self-judgment and self-interest. I stop, I breathe. I see and I understand how the patterns that I accumulated myself through the direction of my mind as consciousness requires self-corrective application and direction according to what’s best for all.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to fear my own truth where I then in self pity judge myself and within that wanting to be saved and/or validated by another instead of taking self-responsibility and realizing there’s no one able to judge and/or save or validate me except for myself in self-honesty.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe thoughts of something as not being important or relevant with regards to walking my process as I’ve proven to myself that everything is relevant where self must bring it back to self to face and forgive in self-honesty.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as the mind instead of me being here with me in and as breath.
I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to take things personally as a way of justifying and manipulating myself through distraction techniques as a way of avoiding facing myself and taking self-responsibility for how our world currently exists.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realize that others can only gain control over me if I believe/perceive myself to be less than/inferior to them, thus existing within and as separation with and as them. I stop, I breathe.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience myself as inferior towards others because I see they’re confident and I experience myself as unconfident – instead of realizing what I’ve already proved to myself which is that self-confidence is established through self-trust and self trust is established through self-honesty in every moment where I don’t accept and/or allow anything less that who I really am as life as all as one as equal.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realize who I am as joy as me here as who I am in every moment of breath in standing up for me as me and not accepting and allowing anything less than who I am according to a principle of equality.

Interesting,  just this moment finishing self-forgiveness and the tension in my physical body released.

2012 – Destonian Journey as the Desteni of the Universe

Timeline of Self-change in Self-Forgiveness

—>Timeline of Self-change in Self-Forgiveness <— Within these videos is the timeline of my process of self-forgiveness beginning in 2007 when I began applying the tools provided by Desteni Universe and Desteni I Process through to 2011.

Join me in 2012, as I continue walking a process of facing and stopping self of mind constructs and patterns through self-forgiveness, as well as standing in support of an Equal Money System – to bring an end to all atrocity.

*Favorite Tools to Assist Self

Network Marketing and the Law of Attraction

Video Link:”Network Marketing and the Law of Attraction, and Positive Thinking. If you do training, like ‘Dale Carnegie’ training courses and positive thinking. One of the facets of the training is based on network marketing. It uses the following premise: that for your business to be successful, that means to make money – you have to be part of a group and they normally propose the following groups: the church and sports clubs. Now both at churches and at sports clubs you are required to pay a form of a fee. At the church it’s a very clever one because it’s contributing to keep the group going by paying for the building and the pastor through donating money in a little bowl every time you’re there. And obviously the point that is emphasized is that it should be ten percent of your income. And through being at the church you’ll meet people and through meeting people because you are at the same church, you’ll be obliged to be neighborly and support each other by buying stuff from each other. And so the survival game continues.

At sports clubs you normally pay an annual fee and you will contribute to the club by drinking together, by having games together. All kinds of things but what is the real objective? The real objective is to network. The real objective is to meet people – you buy from them, they buy from you. The real ‘good’ neighborly thing. You know this is how Capitalism and Consumerism and Survivalism has made ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself’. Join the group, make sure you do to your neighbor what they do to you – that’s means you buy from them and they buy from you. But there is never an actual solution or a way that brings about a change in this world. All that happens is everybody is playing this networking game.

Now the Corporation has taking networking to another level. They network through the financial institutions and the pension funds – shopping malls all over the world with some major brands that control the distribution of goods. All the distribution is networked and centralized through a warehousing logistic system and it forces all competition out of play and you end up with apparently free choice because you can go to one shop and buy many brands – that’s how it looks like. But in-fact, you’re entering a networking system where you are virtually forced to buy only from certain points and to contribute. What they then do is give yu all kinds of reward systems. They also sell the products at a price that you can’t produce it yourself, so you are completely disempowered and the networking game continues.

Obviously when one realize how networking work they also try and control what networking is allowed because it’s so simple if one understand what’s going on – to create a networking game and what they call airplanes and so on and you can actually make allot of money. But again, you have No Solution to the problem in the world. It is all just a form of ‘survivalism’, where one use the, ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself’ thing in a greedy, manipulative, dishonest way. Where you buy from the neighbor so that they can buy from you and thus you both survive and you both understand that you need to do that to survive.

The suggestion is that one should look at ways rather where you can actually bring about a real change. You don’t only survive but you also participate and contribute to ways where you can actually bring about a ‘Permanent’ change where we don’t have to play these deceptive games. Obviously it’s not going to change overnight. You’re not just going to have a solution – we have to introduce it, understand it and understand all the dishonesties that we have based our existence on. That requires Self-honesty. We’re gonna have to take Responsibility for what we have done. That requires Self-forgiveness. Where you through your Self-honesty place yourself in an empowered position where you realize to what extent you’ve contributed to the great deception of this world through Money and the fake ‘love thy neighbor’ networking games that exist.

And you’ll notice that the ‘law of attraction’ and ‘positive thinking’ forms the basis of these networking games and has misdirected the ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself’ point completely as well as the ‘Give and so you’ll Receive’ point as the message of Jesus into a complete deceptive way. And then you end up trapped in this game because once you get the group that support you effectively, then you share a form of wealth which is a form of Communism through Capitalism. It’s fascinating that all these things are actually just dimensions of the same coin.

Investigate ‘Equal Money’ so that you can see that it is possible to bring an end to this. Imagine this week in Europe the European Central Bank has introduced new printed money into the money supply by supplying to over 500 banks, 487 Billion Euros‘, at one percent interest. They created this money out of thin air and then they put it into the system where you through your labor will make the money real and it’ll end up in the pockets of ‘Banks and Corporations’. And once you’ve got some property they will reduce the money supply and they’ll take your houses and property and the ‘elite’ will get ‘richer’ and your slavery would have meant something to them but nothing to you.

But Imagine! Just as they create illusionary money we can create the same illusionary money through an ‘Equal Money System’ and give it the value of life and give to everyone Equally. One Gigantic Network, the ‘Network of Life on Earth’. And through this network we can create our own markets that support each other Equally and this fake game can get to an end. And at least ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ will include all neighbors equally. Investigate Equal Money. You owe it to yourself. But not so much yourself because you may not experience all the benefits in this lifetime but you owe it to your children because they’re going to need a change or we will destroy the world through our deceptive ways of networking without the consideration for what is here and where things really come from. Join us. Equal Money.”

Bernard Poolman
24 Dec 2011

How will the family system change in an Equal Money System? – Equal Money FAQ

With Equal Money parents will no longer be forced to teach their children how to compete and win in order to survive. The generational depression of parents which have been passed on to children through the fear of the children making the same mistakes as them will cease to exist.

The moment a child enters this world they will be provided for with basic income providing them their individual requirements in order to surivive and will begin living a life of self expression. No longer will girls be taught to marry for money and boys will stop their search for power as a moral duty of respect and/or faith so as to guarantee a point of rescue in times of parental need.

When we change the rules that define the way money moves and works to one which values all life – the complete structuring of the family system will change to a world where the child’s first impressions will be that of support and nurturing thus self-reflection will be that of equality and will have an affect that will automatically reduce and stop dysfunctional behavioral patterns within our reality as a whole.

Can you imagine a world where love is not based upon earning a living to survive – is instead one of living an earnest purposeful life. Expressing self from the starting point of support in that everything self requires to exist within this world is provided. That’s self-freedom. Where time will slow down as we’ll have time to explore who we are. Our quality of self trust will grow and we’ll begin to enjoy the presence of others as we discover our world together as one.

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The Solution for Occupy Wall Street is simple

The occupy wall street protests certainly represent the numerous people struggling and the thing is, they’re not really being heard and actually, they’re being herded straight to jail. For those who are protesting, if they’re truly serious about bringing about a solution for all, that will bring an end to our corrupt money system – then the solution for Occupy Wall street is to instead stand as one man, one vote for an Equal Money System.

Unfortunately, greed and ego steps in where people still want more than their fellow man and as such, chose protesting which enforces violence – instead of standing up for and as all life. Causes one to ask, how much more suffering does humanity require to see that there is one principle within us all and that is one of Equality – what’s best for self is best for all. So humanity continues the human race and until we’ve had enough and face ourself first so we can stand responsible for and as all, the race will continue as will suffering and death. The Principle of Equality and Oneness, as I’ve come to understand, is what we’re all here to realize ourself as.

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Stop the spin of Fear

Walking into the kitchen, one doesn’t really expect to see a tarantula pass by one’s feet but this was the beginning of my day. Instantly fear wanted me to be it so I stopped and breathed. The ridiculousness of the energetic feeling was avoided as I continued breathing and asked myself some questions aloud. The first one of course was, ‘where is the nearest glass jar to entrap the creepy crawler on my floor’. As I continued to breathe I saw how I have ‘avoided’ facing my responsibility in how our world exists because of fear of facing self. According to fear we don’t like seeing the atrocity that exists within our world so, we avoid seeing in self-honesty for ourself, how we create and manifest the current nature of our world.

I realized how strange it was to fear the little guy who was merely strolling across the floor, more than likely searching for food. As humans, we certainly stroll around our daily tasks in the search for a way to survive and in order to survive we require food.

What does the fear that we as humans have towards spiders represent? Most of us even fear walking through the web of spiders. Maybe it represents the spins of self we exist as, according to personality designs we spin ourselves in and as creating our own web of fears. All of which represent thought participation, story book pictures in our mind and feeling and emotional experiences – which we have believed ourselves to be. Fear of the spider on my floor seemed odd to me and in that moment I saw it wasn’t real. It’s how I had always accepted myself to become and really, we as human beings fear everything. Within all that we fear – what is the common denominator? Ourself. The Quantity of who we are have separated and divided us within and as our own fears.

Imagine, the spider is who we are through and as our own manifested form of fear. Consider it’s really simple for one to stop the spin of fear. When one applys the same principle to our current money system. Imagine, the current money system is who we are in our own manifested form of fear.

We’ve manifested a money system as one that doesn’t support all life and, Imagine we can Stop. We can actually stop our current money system and give to all life that which we ourselves require. An Equal Money System is such a solution.

What I know for sure is – we’ve not begun to understand the depths of ourselves accordoring to how and why we exist within this world alongside the assortment of living beings that exist here. It’s time to begin the journey of self through the tools offered through Desteni Universe – which continue to assist me and have for almost 4 years to stop and consider what and how I’ve accepted myself to become and to consider what is best for all. Assist self to stop the fears self has allowed.

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*The spider was released outside to continue on his journey

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