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Day 102: Playing the Somebody Done Me Wrong Song

When I find myself reacting as I did this evening, where I experience backchat/thoughts within the perception that someone isn’t ‘acting’ right and/or they aren’t ‘communicating’ effectively with me (which is what I tend to project onto my partner), I see how I ‘automatically’ throw my hands in the air and say out loud, ‘I’m Done‘, and/or I will remain quiet, but within my mind, I will play out the act of throwing my hands in the air and saying ‘I’m Done’!

This character is how I sabotage myself into believing that I am the victim and then it’s as if I can here the song playing – ‘somebody done me wrong’ – within that I will give myself permission to withdraw into myself and pout.

What is really going on within me when I accept and allow myself to act/behave/become this character, is that I’m actually giving up on my relationship with myself. I let me as my mind as consciousness direct me instead of me facing myself in self-honesty and stopping how and what I’m accepting and allowing and participating within and as. Thus, I project the outflow of emotions from my participation onto whoever is in the path of my self-sabotage, which is usually my partner. This cause to withdraw is one of many lines of dance which I use to separate me from who I am as my physical body within and as this physical reality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to sabotage myself within the belief that when I don’t get my way that I am the victim to somebody doing me wrong, therefore, I will withdraw into myself and hide, pout, shut down and blame another (my partner) as being the reason for why I have the ‘right’ to sit and stew in and as my mind and stop participating within what’s real as our physical reality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to keep score within polarity emotion/feeling energies of negative and positive – where when I’m having a negative experience of myself I will look to my partner to fix me by giving me attention and/or communicating with me in a way that will assist me to have a positive experience of myself and, if my partner doesn’t assist me in changing my experience of myself, I will blame him as not communicating and/or acting right and, if he doesn’t respond again, I will play my song of somebody done me wrong and will withdraw within myself in silence, as if to punish my partner when what I’m actually doing is accepting and allowing me as my mind as consciousness as memories/characters/personalities/thoughts and emotions and feelings to rule who I am, and within that, I am suppressing and manifesting pain, illness and disease within and as me as my physical body.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand how it is only me that I am ever actually having a relationship with in and as my mind and, until and when I forgive, correct and become a living example of self-responsibility in/as self-honesty to/as all life here, I will be unable to have an effective relationship/agreement within anyone.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to seek validation and love from others when I’ve never been willing to slow down, breathe, validate and love myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within a mind set that effective communication within a relationship requires a proper/predetermined beginning and an end, just like a pre-scheduled program.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to forsake me as my physical body when I go off on energetic binges within and as my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be angry at myself and within that anger, not realize that the reason for my anger is because within me I am screaming out for me to hear myself in self-honesty, and to thus stop accepting and allowing myself to support our current world/money system of/as war, poverty and starvation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that how our world exists can only change when change begins first within myself.

I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing the ‘somebody done me wrong song’ and, to stop demanding another to take responsibility for who I am within what I accept and allow and exist as within our world/reality/existence.

I commit myself to stop the character of self-sabotage.

I commit myself to stop myself playing polarity games of negative/positive and neutrality.

I commit myself to stop self-interest in/as memories/characters/personalities/thoughts and emotions and feelings

I commit myself to prove to myself what is means to be truly supportive for and as me as my physical body.

I commit myself to never give up on life, to slow myself down, breathe, validate and love myself within and as self-honesty in total commitment to support a world according to what’s best for All.

Day 72: Vanishing act

Art by: Anna Brix Thomsen

Today my partner had to work all day which is something he sometime’s has to do on Saturday’s. However the pattern I’ve often walked because of him having to work a day on the weekend, was always a negative energetic pattern, where I would feel sorry for myself for having to ‘sit at home alone’ – lol, to write that just now was odd in that it never did make any sense why I always pouted and basically threw a tantrum for such a thing.

However, it was a pattern that I can also remember my mom existing as as well when my dad had to work overtime at his job. So, today it was very cool when my partner got home and it was only then that I realized I had not had one moment all day of any occurring thought patterns or feelings of ‘poor me’.

When we first moved to the country over 4 years ago, a day alone on the week-end would send me as my mind as consciousness into a fit, and I have applied much self-forgiveness to assist myself to stop it. So, I’m very grateful for Self-forgiveness and Desteni I Process and the cool opportunity to stop and redesign myself free from living life as such draining patterns, and to be able to just enjoy the presence of myself walking the Journey to Life. My partner certainly appreciated the vanishing act of that particular character of me as well.

I know one thing that I never really understood before. Which is that human beings can change themselves if they apply themselves through self-forgiveness and self-honesty. And within that we give ourselves the ability to be able to direct ourselves to change our world according to what’s best for All. Which is as it should have been all along.

Workingman’s Death Ends with Equal Money

    Workingman’s Death, (subtitled “Five Portraits of Work in the 21st Century”), is a revolting example of the working conditions set amongst the numerous cultures/societies and belief systems in and as our world.

Seeing the workers and hearing them talk about their jobs — the Ukrainian coal miners, the Indonesian sulfur haulers/porters, Pakistani ship breakers, Chinese steel millers, and the brutal reality of the Nigerian slaughterhouse workers – one can’t help but see how, in their attempts to survive in this world, they have within themselves reached a point of submission and self-acceptance to a system that clearly uses and abuses life. Individually, what is there to do, because one person alone having no money is unable to change the Workingman’s Death? That’s a fact, and one to self-realize, because it’s going to require coming together as a group to support a solution that is best for all.

    The problems in Ukraine’s Coal Industry run deep and more than 4,000 coal miners have died in accidents in Ukraine since 1991.

The timber used to construct mine shafts is in short supply and is often reused until it rots which creates dangerous work conditions. Mine fatalities in Ukraine are also related to methane gas explosions and most of these accidents take place in mines that produce coking coal used in the steel industry which are the most profitable mines in the industry. The mines can be so narrow that the workers can only crawl on their stomachs. And yet, the average monthly wage of the Ukrainian coal miner in January 2005 was 1,400 hryvnyas ($255).

Wages increased slightly, but not nearly enough compared to the amount of danger involved just so one can eat and care for themself. In 2005 most legally operated coal mines closed down following the break-up of the Soviet Union. Yet many families still dig for coal in illegal mines and children are expected to work in the dangerous conditions as well. About half of the electricity in the United States comes from burning coal. The next time you flip your light switch on, consider investigating a system that will stop slavery and atrocity – an Equal Money System.

    The Indonesian sulfur haulers/porters make up to 80,000 rupiah (US$8.70) a day for two trips into a fuming crater where liquid sulfur spews out of hot iron pipes set in fissures in an active volcano.

Once in the open air it cools, crystallizes and turns bright yellow. The sulfur is then broken off with metal rods and loaded into wicker baskets at either end of bamboo yokes, then carried back over the lip of the crater and down the side of the volcano, a treacherous journey of 4km, or 2 1/2 miles. Can you imagine that? And, the plumes of sulfur gas take an unspoken poisonous toll on the haulers/porters. Sulfur is used in the production of gun powder, explosives, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers and some medicines. For every shot fired and every single match we strike, as well as our continuous celebrating with fireworks for an ‘idea’ of our freedom, we are basically supporting slavery in a capitalistic money system.

This is how life really is – and one we each support, as we continue to support our current money system. It’s rather disgusting isn’t it? We are quite capable of having and enjoying whatever we require with Equal Money. And, not one, living being has to suffer.

    The Pakistani ship breakers disassemble ships and, have made the international shipping business possible and profitable.

Over the years disassembling ships has gravitated toward countries with low labor costs, weak regulations on occupational safety, and limited environmental enforcement. The global shift in the industry to countries with comparatively weaker regulatory systems is of particular concern. Ships contain many hazards that can have significant detrimental effects on everybody within the environment if not dealt with properly. Dangerous vapors and fumes from burning materials are inhaled and dusty asbestos laden areas are commonplace. The industry creates hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs for some of the poorest and most marginalized segments of our populated world. Ship-breaking is a minimum wage job; it barely pays Rs6000-7000 or, 70 to 80 US dollars per month.

You have to see for yourself the kind of physical labor involved to fully grasp the conditioning and religious brainwashing of the men who are featured. It’s odd that one will pray to a God, while slaving for the real God – Money. One man said how his God knows what’s best and went on to say,’this job is death itself’and,‘we are born to die’. What is he really saying? He’s saying he’s already in hell and he’s abdicated himself as life. What, when, is enough, enough?

    Daily, Chinese steel millers gather around fiery furnaces laboring in an environment that compares to hell.

And, just this past June (2011), it was reported that; ‘the structural steel for the $7.2 billion dollar San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, is being made by a Chinese firm that pays its workers $12 for a 16-hour workday’, claiming it will save at least $400 million (about 18 percent). So, yeah, when you drive across the Oakland Bay Bridge, or any bridge for that matter, consider the steel worker, working 16 hour days for $12. For a society to accept this, it’s accepting hell on earth, this is proof.

Look how we abuse our physical body and our physical world, where a few live a life of luxury while the majority work their asses off and yet, are barely able to feed and clothe themselves.

    The Nigerian slaughterhouse workers – what they do to survive in this world, is unimaginable simply because most of us have no real clue of what it takes to survive.

We ‘think’ we do, but, the majority who read this blog has not a clue because, if it’s not entertaining for our ‘mind’, we don’t like it. We don’t require ‘liking’ something – to see the common sense. The means for survival for the Nigerian slaughterhouse workers is raw brutality. Even worse, it breeds the nature of ourselves as unforgiving.

If most of us were forced to trade places with even one of the individuals in this documentary, it is doubtful we would survive. When one look at the facts surrounding these working/living conditions – it’s appalling how we’ve accepted and allowed money to shape and form the very nature of who, what and how we’ve come to live and be as a humanity.

How is it, that we as humans – who have access to water, sunlight, trees, plants, and the finest of technology – refuse to stop our competition, greed and ego. Everything is here for each of us to experience life in dignity. Let’s allow it for everyone.

    Some may say that they are grateful for their jobs after seeing this documentary – but the question to ask is; what specifically are we grateful for?

If being grateful means accepting our easy peasy jobs and the world as it is, then watch the documentary again and see the living examples of what we’ve become. See what we’re supporting, accepting and allowing as our current money system: Slavery, poverty, starvation, war and death – all supported because there is ‘profit’ to be had, in spite of the thousands of daily casualties.

Stop agreeing to a Capitalistic money system murdering machine.

Support an Equal Money System – stop slavery, war, suffering and starvation

Will we forgive ourselves and stand together, ‘Equal as a Group’ – supporting one another according to what’s best for all? Yes, We Will.

There is much to investigate and much to change to bring about a world where dignity is granted for every single life. The Solution is Here: EqualMoney.org

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