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Day 194: Ask and Ye Shall Receive Meant Give to Take

ask and ye shall receive
When I used to refer to myself as a ‘Christian’, my idea of ‘ask and ye shall receive’ was actually one of ‘give to take’. So basically, I’ve never given of myself in any way that I wasn’t first taking from, because I’ve always been looking to replace a negative energy experience of myself within my mind with a positive one, and this, I’ve played out within every aspect of my life. And in doing so, I’ve wrecked havoc upon, within and as my physical body.

I also see that I’ve always reaped what I have sown. Meaning, there have always been a consequence for my actions because my actions have always been on the take – even when I convinced myself within my mind that I was existing within a giving nature, I wasn’t, I was only ever taking because I never gave anything without expecting something in return.

When I gave, whether it was from an emotional need or a feeling I called ‘Love’, it has always been similar to making a cash deposit and expecting to receive interest in return for it. Self has been my only interest and it’s an interest of conditions.

I’ve no real idea what it is to actually give unconditionally much less live unconditionally. My entire life has been preprogrammed energetic conditioning. I’ve loved with conditions. I’ve given with conditions. I’ve learned with conditions. I’ve cried with conditions and I’ve hated with conditions. Therefore, I’ve never known who I am as an expression of ‘giving as one would like to receive’ because I’ve never known what it is to be free from some sort of conditioning, thus, I’ve never known what it is to actually be free.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to belief myself to be a ‘Christian’, where I beLIEved and lived the meaning of ‘Ask and ye shall receive’ as one of ‘give to take’ – where I always tried to replace a negative energy experience of myself with a positive one because within my mind I’ve constantly feared facing what I’ve accepted and allowed myself to be and become, thus instead of facing myself,  I’ chose to preoccupy, distract and/or entertain myself as my mind and in doing so have wrecked havoc upon, within and as my physical body.

I re-commit myself to investigate and educate myself as to how, why and who I am as my Mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions, to thus, forgive that which I’ve accepted and allowed and begin to walk and support who I am as my Physical Body to be able to support our Physical Reality according to what’s best for All.

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Day 100: For Giving Way

Art by Kelly Posey

This is blog 100 for me in my walking the Journey to Life, and I’m going to begin by sharing the following quote by Sunette Spies – which is a good start for me in sharing how this process of daily writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective/commitment statements have assisted me.

“This is important to see, cause I mean – this is what humanity is doing – apparently giving up on humanity/this world, but that’s not the real story – there’s OTHER THINGS they want to do with their lives than commit themselves to standing with/for all, fascinating that we got to the point where, we’d live in HELL in the HOPE for desires; instead of living the certainty of who self is and what self is walking for self as for all.” ~ Sunette Spies

That’s where I was before beginning the process of walking self-forgiveness. I had given up on myself and certainly on humanity and this world. And, Yes, there were ‘other things’ I ‘thought’ I wanted to do with my life and, I never actually considered committing myself to standing with/for all.

I had become a living example of someone living in their own created Hell in the Hope for and the Desires of having and getting, and getting, and getting, but, never ever satisfied. I had no clue what it really is to be self-responsible and self-accountable and I certainly didn’t have a clue what it meant, “To walk for self as for All.”

Walking this process, is something that I take very seriously and, I am gradually forgiving my way to walking responsibly and accountable and, beginning to comprehend what it really means to Stand as Self, Walking for Self, as for All. Within that, I see how in self-honesty, I am able to support and trust myself for the first time in my life and thus, I am becoming able to stand Equal As and for All.

We as a humanity, have a very long road, however, when we come together as one, and put self-interest and greed aside and support an Equal Money system – in that, we’ll be doing ouselves a huge favor because we’ll be for the first time ever, supporting who we are as our Physical Bodies and our Physical Reality – that which we’ve always abused and neglected, will thus be supported in every way.

Consider the fact that we’re all neighbors here on earth and we’re all we’ve got, so, we’ve got to support ourself through supporting others – to Stop what we’ve accepted and allowed as our current world/money system and come together as one Huge Group to peacefully support a system which operates according to what’s best for All.

In Common sense, we can see how self-responsibility and self-accountability is in the willingness to give to all as one wishes to receive, because in the giving is where the quality of living self as life exists.

It’s the Ultimate Solution. Join us, Writing, Forgiving, Walking and Supporting in/as the Journey to Life. You’ll see for yourself.