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Day 101: The Character: ‘I said No’

Today I watched from a distance as a mother was telling her 11 month old child, ‘I said No’, over and over in a very stern tone. I saw within myself how I had a reaction to her which is not surprising because when I was raising my children, I acted as the same. A character as a mother who automatically repeats, ‘No’, and/or ‘I said No’. I am now comprehending how ignorant the whole point of telling our young children ‘No’, really is. That’s not to imply that children don’t require direction so that they don’t get in harms way, however, yelling ‘No’ at children and/or spanking them, I now see is Not the solution. Thus, sharing here the following self-forgiveness.

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I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to as a mother become the character who ‘automatically’ says ‘No’ to my children without even considering and/or questioning my automated response in the act of saying no.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not stop and look within myself when I hear myself tell my child No, because if I were to look within myself then I will see that to just automatically say No is to abdicate responsibility to/for/as my child – where I completely miss-take an opportunity to assist them to touch, investigate, question and enjoy who they/we are so as to determine for themselves who they will be within and as a part of this physical world/reality/existence.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand how I am a living mirror of my mother as she was hers and as my child will be mine – in how for generation after generation we’ve existed where each child is/has been conditioned through/as their parents mind into and as one’s own mind – thus we are continuing to exist within and as the same memories/characters/personalities/thoughts and physical behaviors/habits and language as those before us to such a degree that we are/have become automated in our raising of our children and, thus have/are forfeiting the very nature of life itself because in doing so, we are voluntarily admitting defeat as a parent – instead of walking as a living example of what it is to be responsible, self-honest, stable and consistent as support for/as the child.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give in to the power of saying No because as a child, in/as my secret mind, exist a memory of how it looked and felt to see the face of my parent when they experienced the power and control of saying no, and thus, I now have an automated program running within me as my secret mind to also experience what I perceive that I must now experience as power and control in/as saying No.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Not see, realize and understand how I have come be automated to say No to my children within a positive energy experience where I accumulate and manifest myself from the starting point of/as friction/conflict as a negative energy experience and thus within and through the nature and action of me as blame, and within and as spite, I will excuse and justify my actions as I deliberately manipulate my child in order to gain, possess and empower my love onto my child within and as a controlling positive energy experience.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that when I say No to my child I am in fact fueling the child’s mind within a negative energetic charge as an experience of the mind in/as curiosity, thus the child will activate their secret mind where they will look for the opportunity to reach for that which they were told Not to, and within that will experience guilt to/toward themselves because they remember they were told Not to touch it, thus, to tell the child no instead of assisting the child in touching and investigating their world, only further enslaves the child to becoming a character within their mind where they then isolate themselves from their physical world/reality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed a world/money system where education is bought and paid for through memories/characters/personalities according to our past and history in/as money/survival, whereas we continue repeating cycles of abuse and neglect in which children of every generation continue to pay the pain forward – instead of standing up and stating what we know as true in that we require to Stop All systems within our world and begin again with a system which functions according to what’s best for All.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be so involved in/as my own mind of seeking, wanting and desiring experiences for myself that I didn’t allow each and every moment of breath with my child to count in assisting them to see for themselves what is acceptable and what is not within and as our physical world/reality/existence.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to support a world/money system where parents struggle to put food on the table and within that fail to educate and prepare children to become responsible adults who are willing and able to stand up for and as All living beings as equals.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand how the role of money and struggling to survive within this world plays a major role in the life of being a parent, because I see how I was always running to get somewhere but in the process I lost my breath and myself where I barely even remember my life with my children when they were small.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to put money first above everything including my children, all the while lying to myself that money wasn’t important because I didn’t want to face my responsibility within how our current world/money system exists – I didn’t want to face how I have accepted and allowed myself and all life to live in hell enslaved to a money system where only the few who are rich are free from the constant fear of living paycheck to paycheck where we fear for the future of our children and our own survival.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to within existing in/as memories/characters and personalities of/as acts of automation to/towards children, and my world – have abdicated myself as my physical body and this physical reality – meaning – I have given up my right of/as life because in such automated acts of/as self, I am proving that I don’t care enough to slow myself down and breathe myself here, to actually support myself as all as life – to investigate myself and our current world/money system and therefore support a system where No one suffers, No one starves to death, No one goes to war for the right of land over those who are already living on the land, and No one goes without a home and clean water, thus, I see, realize and understand the common sense in supporting an Equal Money System where I will know for sure that All living beings and our Earth, will be genuinely provided and cared for.

I commit myself to Stop myself as ignorant acts of saying No to children within automated acts of/as memories/characters and personalities, because I see, realize and understand how through breathing, writing and self-forgiveness one is able to correct, realign and redesign themselves, thus is able to assist and support a world/money/education system according to what’s best for All.

I commit myself to investigate and forgive the memories/characters of/as my parents mind as consciousness as the memories/characters which are me as my mind and to assist and support myself to show how our world requires an education system where children are able to receive the support required in order to experience life of/as Heaven on Earth.

I commit myself to show how our world requires an education system that will prepare each one of us to become a self-aware, responsible part of the human race that lives a fulfilled and productive life of happiness and fun and, how Equal Money will ensure that everybody will be effectively educated to live in harmony with everything here including, plants, animals and our environment.

I commit myself to assist parents to see for themselves that the word No is actually not even necessary within a world where one is aware of themselves as breath.

I commit myself to show how the only real solution in assisting ourselves is one that will assist All living beings, thus a living solution is that of an Equal Money System which will guarantee life support for All life forms of Life on/as Earth.

I commit myself to support me as my physical body, to comprehend how life here on earth is a living representation of how, who and what exists within the mind physical body of/as the human.

I commit myself to show how who we are as our physical bodies within our physical reality, is all that we can actually trust, thus, in supporting an Equal Money system, we’re supporting life in trusting that which is real, our physical body and our physical reality.

I commit myself to show how we can change the very fabric of our being and thus change our world by simply placing ourself in the shoes of others.

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Day 100: For Giving Way

Art by Kelly Posey

This is blog 100 for me in my walking the Journey to Life, and I’m going to begin by sharing the following quote by Sunette Spies – which is a good start for me in sharing how this process of daily writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective/commitment statements have assisted me.

“This is important to see, cause I mean – this is what humanity is doing – apparently giving up on humanity/this world, but that’s not the real story – there’s OTHER THINGS they want to do with their lives than commit themselves to standing with/for all, fascinating that we got to the point where, we’d live in HELL in the HOPE for desires; instead of living the certainty of who self is and what self is walking for self as for all.” ~ Sunette Spies

That’s where I was before beginning the process of walking self-forgiveness. I had given up on myself and certainly on humanity and this world. And, Yes, there were ‘other things’ I ‘thought’ I wanted to do with my life and, I never actually considered committing myself to standing with/for all.

I had become a living example of someone living in their own created Hell in the Hope for and the Desires of having and getting, and getting, and getting, but, never ever satisfied. I had no clue what it really is to be self-responsible and self-accountable and I certainly didn’t have a clue what it meant, “To walk for self as for All.”

Walking this process, is something that I take very seriously and, I am gradually forgiving my way to walking responsibly and accountable and, beginning to comprehend what it really means to Stand as Self, Walking for Self, as for All. Within that, I see how in self-honesty, I am able to support and trust myself for the first time in my life and thus, I am becoming able to stand Equal As and for All.

We as a humanity, have a very long road, however, when we come together as one, and put self-interest and greed aside and support an Equal Money system – in that, we’ll be doing ouselves a huge favor because we’ll be for the first time ever, supporting who we are as our Physical Bodies and our Physical Reality – that which we’ve always abused and neglected, will thus be supported in every way.

Consider the fact that we’re all neighbors here on earth and we’re all we’ve got, so, we’ve got to support ourself through supporting others – to Stop what we’ve accepted and allowed as our current world/money system and come together as one Huge Group to peacefully support a system which operates according to what’s best for All.

In Common sense, we can see how self-responsibility and self-accountability is in the willingness to give to all as one wishes to receive, because in the giving is where the quality of living self as life exists.

It’s the Ultimate Solution. Join us, Writing, Forgiving, Walking and Supporting in/as the Journey to Life. You’ll see for yourself.

Day 96: I Commit Myself

Self-Commitment Statements for the following blogs:
Day 94: Establishing a Relationship – –
Day 95: Flesh – –

I commit myself to stop fearing pain within and as my physical body as I see, realize and understand that pain is here as me to assist me.

I commit myself to breathe through the resistance I’ve accepted and allowed to/towards the very existence of myself as my physical body.

I commit myself to breathe through the resistance I have to acknowledging the realness of myself as the flesh of me as my physical body.

I commit myself to embracing me as my physical body in/as self-intimacy.

I commit myself to stop the separation of me as my physical body as that which has been missing through how and what I’ve accepted and allowed of/as our world system of money through and as the mind of/as consciousness.

I commit myself to comprehending how pain in and as my physical body is here to support me in forgiving and releasing me from/as the memories/characters/personalities I’ve played from the inside out as who I’ve been, thus, to take self-responsibility for the creation of me from within myself to my outside self as our world/reality/existence.

I commit myself to investigating and communicating with me as my physical body where I am able to, in one moment of breath, see, realize and understand the exact assistance I require in order to support the physicality of who I am within and as my physical body and our physical reality.

I commit myself to stop myself as my mind from participating in and as emotions and feelings as internal reactions, to thus then stop manifesting and creating damage unto me as my physical body and our physical world/reality/existence.

I commit myself to walking this Journey to Life process in realizing that changing one thought and/or one personality of/as me as my mind as a consciousness system will not change me as my entire mind consciousness system, because, I see, realize and understand that in order to have effective real physical change requires self-commitment of consistent daily walking of writing, self-forgiveness, self-honesty and self-corrective application in order to change the entirety of my mind as a consciousness system in relation to my physical body within this physical world/reality/existence.

I commit myself to stop generating energy from within myself fueling the relationship between the mind and the physical – such as through believing in and participating in love/hate in/as feelings and emotions – thus, compromising my relationship to/as me as my physical body and our physical existence as a whole.

I commit myself to see, realize, understand and therefore show how the only way we’re going to actually change this earth, ourselves, our relationships and stop the direction of/as consciousness is through consistency within self-application as a substantial directive movement in manifesting individual standing within our mind-physical relationship every single day.

I commit myself to prepare myself to physically and mentally have the patience, the will, the courage and directive principle and absolute trust to stand as whatever point and decision is necessary to walk as the change required within and as our world/money system into alignment with the physical existence and humanity as a whole in coming together as a group to manifest a World according to what’s best for All.

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Day 95: Flesh

Continuation from Day 94: Establishing a Relationship – –

With still having a fever my flesh feels very warm and causes me to ask myself ‘what is it like to be the flesh of me as my physical body’ and, I realize, it’s not been easy, because I’ve been quite the abuser of and as it…

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have never considered what it’s like to be the flesh of me as my physical body because I’ve always existed through and as my mind where for my entire life I’ve existed looking down on myself within my mind with my head hanging in shame because of how and what I was accepting and allowing myself to participate in within the secrets of me as my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to rarily use the word flesh because I’ve held an idea/definition of the word flesh within me in separation where I’ve associated the word flesh with cannibalism.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold an idea/definition of the word flesh as that of eating itself which is exactly how and what happens the more we become constructs as systems of/as our mind as consciousness, which integrates into and as our physical body/flesh/bone and completely takes over until eventually the physical body starts decaying as it eats away at itself in order to survive and thus how we age and die.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use my mind as a weapon against me as my physical body/flesh and bone through participating in/as energetic charges of/as emotions and feelings from the starting point of self-interest, competition and desire of how I wanted to experience myself.

I forgive myself that have accepted and allowed me as my physical body to be directed from/as my mind as consciousness within the starting point of self-interest which has been purely result driven and not for the benefit of creating a world according to what’s best for All.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to always look for what is best for me as my mind without looking for what is best for me as my physical body and/or for what is best for Our Physical Reality according to what’s best for All.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to indulge in sadness and sorrow of and as my mind as memories/characters while never considering the effects upon my physical body as I would cloke myself in/as suits as sorrowful memories/characters within a dragging, sinking experience which accumulates, manifests and shapes me as my physical body accordingly.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed me as my internal organs to exist in sorrow whereas pain as indigestion results from suppressing myself in/as the defense of anger in self isolation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to never question and investigate how who I’ve been as my mind as memories/characters/personalities have manifested as pressure, pain and manifested consequences within and as my physical body,flesh and bone.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Not see, realize and understand the extent of how, what I physically experience within my physical body has actually manifested me into certain character/personality constructs of/as my mind which I alone have kept myself within through my participation in and as them.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to develop certain memories/characters/personalities of/as my mind in relation to my relationships and in relation to my world where me as my physical body has shaped accordingly to said memory/character and personality relationships within myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to never actually realize the relationship between who I am within myself with regards to me as memories/characters/personalities and how I have utilized my physical body in relationship between my mind and my physical body to the extent of manifesting and creating ailments, illness, disease, discomfort and pain and in how they are produced according to who I am as my mind as consciousness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Not see, realize and understand how the role of our current world/money system is to keep us enslaved to it through the struggle and pain of survival of which we support willingly through what we accept and allow in/as our participation and direction of our mind as consciousness as memories/characters/personalities which manifest and create physical consequences within and as our physical bodies and thus our physical reality/existence.

to be continued

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What were you thinking?

Written by Bernard Poolman

Date : 19/06/2007

We all had the experience, especially as children, where we did something or acted in a way where we made a mistake. Some adult, normally a parent, in the process of scolding us, would say: “what were you thinking?” Strange, we would not consider that whatever we did was actually created in our thoughts and that we then acted it out.

Interesting is that when you make the statement in Afrikaans, it goes “wat het jou besiel”. Directly translated it says “what have you souled?’ This is truly strange – the soul and thinking linked together.

What is thinking? It seems to be a place where we have our own council. We consider words, experiences, pictures, feelings and discussions. We make our mind up about this and then either speak the words we have come to as a conclusion or act out our conclusion. The actual creation process though happens in the mind as thought. When we have used these thoughts enough, and it becomes automatic, it ends up as part of our identity. Our identity is our unique characteristic we will call eventually our personality. Our Personality is the part of ourselves we normally accept and state that cannot be changed. That is strange. If we can understand how we created something, we are able to change this.

What is the point? It seems that the words indicate that the soul is thought. The nature of thought then is the Nature of Soul and the Nature of Personality. That does not indicate much worth while for the hereafter when we return to the soul apparently.

What we have found through the interdimensional portal was that the soul construct was preprogrammed. That means that the Nature of our thoughts, our personality and experience in this world, was pre-programmed before birth. This would mean that whether you will be good or bad, rich or poor, religious or not, raped or not, when or how you will be killed is preprogrammed. No choice. This we found strange, because we experience ourselves as having choice. Not really when we consider the nature or our inner experience, which are various ways of thinking, and it determines what we will predictably do in different situations. Very few beings have ever overcome this. In fact, we found that virtually all human beings believe that thinking is an indication that they are alive. Strange. No-one considers the obvious choice. Stop thinking for a day, a week and find out if you die. Find out what is thinking. You will find that it is fear of loss and fear of death that prevents us from entering a state of no thinking. Thus we have equated thinking as life and defined our lives as thinking. This has irrationally become a part of the nature of thinking and our definition of life. It is as if our thoughts confirm that we are alive in some way.

But consider your thoughts for a day, then a week and then a month. Honestly write them down. All your observations and thoughts about every-one in your life, your fears and denials – that means the thoughts that appear but you refuse to have them and suppress them. Look at all your thoughts. You will be surprised. No thought is really ever beneficial for all of mankind. You are always the centre of your thoughts and always right. One of the few cases where you become the ultimate victim is when you fall in love and shift this centre of importance in your thoughts to another being. Automatically you must eventually return to yourself and evict the thoughts of another from your mind which happens when relationship ends. The best way normally used is justification by falling in love with another, replace the one centre of attention with another and use that as an excuse. “I no longer love you or I love another”. Never self in the true sense. Love of success, money, possessions – All things that will not last this life. Fascinating, this nature of thinking.

Imagine – all existence, all thinking revolves around survival and we have equated survival with money – we have made survival equal to having money. Thus our primary thought is about survival or in a more positive sense – security. Money is the Root of the MIND – The Root of consciousness. How did we come to accept that money is the centre of our world, of our existence? A piece of paper we give value to. The piece of paper has no value but the value we have all agreed to give it. We are in fact enslaved to a value we gave a piece of paper. We let people starve because they don’t have a piece of paper that we have valued. What have become of man’s values: All values placed in survival. This survival based on a piece of paper called money.

What if we all stop for a moment and make a new agreement. Look at it. We all have agreed to place value on a piece of paper, called money. We all have agreed on the rules that make this money move. We all have agreed that this money holds the power of life and death as seen in starvation. What if we agree to value life and equate this life of a new born baby to money – true value. What if we then give each being born, enough money to be able to live without fear of loss and in free choice of self expression? What will change if none of us need money for survival? The reason for war will stop. The reason for control will stop. The reason for ‘What were you thinking’ will stop. The central attention of all thoughts based on thoughts, based on survival and money will stop. Thoughts as Money will no longer be our Gods.

Now we will have to consider self expression where the search for money or survival is no longer the centre of our attention. The world will change. The creation of goods to sell just to make profit will change. Greed will stop. The way of our profit now gives the prophet an easy prediction of the future of the world. The world is the result of our will. The world is the result of the value we place in the words through our thoughts. Our thoughts are our inner reality that shows our real truth – Our real fears and desires. Look, it is all based in some way on money.

We have the power to change this. We have the power to change the value of money. We have the power to value life and creation. We will have to. Any prophet can see that profit is destroying existence. How long before it will have an effect on every household? The same pattern as in nature with extinction will immerge as man extinct man self through the value placed on thoughts and money.

Soon, we will be forced to reconsider existence, choice and value.

Will we be ready to give up what and where we have placed value in?

Copyright 2009 Desteni Universe This may be shared in the original form only, to prevent any tampering and only as a complete document. Original found here: http://desteni.co.za/a/bernard-poolman-what-were-you-thinking

Clear the temple

Written by Bernard Poolman
Date : 22/06/2007

I am in the temple of thought – who Nose the truth? What chains us to the eye but the money we need to satisfy the Eye. These are the money changers we must clear from our temple. Strange again. In Afrikaans the temple next to the Eye is called “Slaap” – Directly translated it means sleeping or to sleep. In our thoughts we sleep and we are sheep looking for a shepard . When the hurt gets enough we may hear and see how we sleep here in our reality. Our reality is in the Eye of the Beholder centre of our temple, in a line behind our eyes. This is where and from where we project our holographic mind reality using our mind in relation to our physicality. When we die all that changes is that we start from a different frequential form – still creating in the same way.

Strange, we equate everything in this reality of 3D to time. But look – see it is the flow of our perception. We measure it in time to give us power and control. Yet time does not exist – a moment ago is gone – the moment to come is not here – Only present is present. In the present, as the present, is the flow of ourselves. In essence the present is as timeless as we allow ourselves to be. When we attempt to tie present to time we only enslave ourselves.

Then we enslaved ourselves to the ultimate systems– How? Time is money – Time and Money–Both illusionary systems we allow to control our self expression. We also use it to control each other. When are we setting ourselves free? What are we enslaving our children in? What did Jesus demonstrate when he chased the money diggers from the temple? Did he show we must banish thought from our minds?

When Jesus said: “Judge not” – Did he realise that only thoughts can judge? Stop thinking – no judgement . He must have understood it! Looking at his self-expression – No thought made his journey possible.

Clear the temple – Clear the mind – set yourself free. Remember knowledge is the tree of good and evil whose fruit is judgement . Or equated thinking is the polarity of good and bad which mess with true self value and remove the Image and Likeness of God from your self perception.

Wake up from the sleep. Wake up from thinking. Clear the temple. Be present as the presence.

Copyright 2009 Desteni Universe This may be shared in the original form only, to prevent any tampering and only as a complete document. Original found here: Clear the temple

The Process of Self-Willed Equals


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

10 Dec 09

Okay – so, is on ‘Direction’ and…What is ‘Happening’ In the ‘Bigger’-Picture, ‘Universal-Scale’ – So, ‘Hear’ what I’m ‘Saying’ ‘Specifically’; Whether You ‘Hear’-me or ‘Resist’ what I’m ‘Saying’ – will Not-make a ‘Difference’ to the ‘Outcome’ Of your-‘Existence’ –it’ll ‘Only’ ‘Make a Difference’ to How you ‘Experience’-it and How you will ‘Come to the ‘Realization’ Of ‘Equality’ of ‘All –Life’ as an ‘Actualized’-‘Expression’ of-Yourself’ – ‘Obviously’, to Not-Be in a ‘Position’ where You Are ‘Expressing’ ‘Life’ ‘Equally’ As ‘Equals’ Within your-‘Life’ at this stage = is a ‘Reflection’ ‘Only’ Upon-Yourself And ‘Who You Are’, and therefore some ‘Corrective’-‘Action’ is being-‘Taken’ at a ‘Universal-Scale’ – to ‘Sort-Out’ the ‘Greed’ that ‘Developed’ through ‘Self-Interest’ and the ‘Ideas’ that was ‘Formed’ Around Millions of Years of ‘Havoc’, that was ‘Sawn’ by Those that ‘Form’-‘Judgments’ About-‘Others’.So ‘Clearly’: ‘Judge Not Lest Ye be Judged’ – And ‘Clearly’: ‘Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself’ = Is in-Fact a ‘Living-Equality’.The ‘Problem’ that is ‘obviously’ ‘Faced’ is that This will-be a ‘Process’ of ‘Equalizing’ – because ‘Everyone’ is Finding -Themselves on a ‘Timeline’ of ‘Multidimensional’-‘Consciousness’ – in Various-‘Points’ – In ‘‘Unequal’ ‘Positionings’ of ‘Form’’ that is ‘Designed and Programmed’ ‘Geometrically’, ‘Mathematically’ and ‘Symbolically’, Causing a ‘Perceptual’-‘Reality’ of ‘Differences’ and ‘Individuality’ and ‘Uniqueness’ – which is Not How ‘Everything-Exist’ ‘In-Fact’. You’ve ‘Created’-it ‘This-Way’, and because you’ve ‘Created’-it and ‘Allowed’-it – you’re Going to have-to ‘Walk’ Through-it and ‘Sort-it Out’ Yourself – ‘Alone’. The ‘Only’-‘Assistance’ one can ever ‘Get’, Is ‘Assistance’ through… call-it ‘Motivation’, ‘Sharing’ – But – ‘even’ when ‘Shared’: The ‘‘Seeing’ for-Oneself’ Is ‘The Only-Way’ Each-One will-‘Move’ – And then: your-‘Movement’ will-be ‘Self-Willed’ ‘Alone’ – there will-be ‘No-Support’ from ‘Anything’ in the ‘Universe’ – because you Cannot-be ‘Equal’, Unless You Are ‘Equal’ ‘In-Fact’ In ‘Self-Will’.

The ‘Process’ will Take-On Several-‘Facets’, I’ll ‘Describe’-them, and – You should be able to ‘Place’-Yourself and ‘Position’-Yourself ‘According’-to What you Already-‘Know’ About-Yourself Within-this; And – ‘Understand’ This is Not to ‘Place’-You in a particular-‘Category’ – ‘That’ You’ve Done ‘Already’-Yourself – This is ‘simply’ to ‘Explain’ the Various-‘Processes’ that is ‘Here’ and that Is now ‘conclusively’-‘Confirmed’ As ‘Effective’ And ‘Manifest’, and is ‘Now’ the ‘Final’-‘Phase’ of the ‘Equalizing’ of ‘All’ ‘Beings’ in-‘Existence’.

This ‘In-Fact’ Is the ‘Last’-‘Life’ of ‘Everyone’ on ‘Earth’ – from the perspective that: ‘Who You Are’ in your ‘Current’-‘Position’, You Will be ‘Facing’ your ‘Last-‘Life’.

There’s Various-‘Ways’ of ‘Facing’-This – The ‘one’ is a ‘Living-Process’ – ‘Living-Process’ is where you-Will ‘Deliberately’ ‘Focus’ On ‘Walking’ Out-of a ‘Current’-‘System’ that is ‘Unequal’ in this World, and you will ‘Act’ and ‘Focus’ and ‘Give’ ‘All of You’ To the ‘Resolving’ of an ‘Equalized’-‘System’ as a ‘Statement’ of ‘Understanding’ that if You Are in a ‘Position’ where You Have ‘More’, you are…and You Are in a ‘Position’ of a ‘Greater’-‘Intelligence’ – You should Also Be in a ‘Position’ of ‘Greater’-‘Responsibility’ to ‘Make’-‘Decisions’ and ‘Act ‘on-Behalf’ of ‘Those’ that were-Not ‘Equal’ to-You – ‘That’ Has-Not ‘Happened’ – ‘That’ will ‘now’ be ‘One’ of the ‘Ways’ that one can-‘Prove’ that you-‘Understand’ the ‘Condition’ that is ‘Existent’ in this ‘World’, and that you can-‘Show’ that you-‘Understand’ that the ‘so-called’ ‘Evolutionary-Process’ has-Not Caused a ‘Benevolent’-‘Human’ ‘in-Fact’ – it’s Caused a ‘Greedy’, ‘Consumerism’-‘Based’ ‘Human’, that is ‘Only’ ’Interested’ in Themselves and their-Own ‘Fears’.

So – the ‘Living-Process’ will Either be-‘Walked’ By Oneself-‘Alone’ – or, in a ‘Group’. In a ‘Group’, ‘simplistically’, you’ll, like, for-instance ’Understand’ that What is ‘Happening’ has got ‘Nothing’ to-do with ‘Desteni’ – ‘Desteni’ is ‘simply’ a ‘Group’ of People that Is ‘Together’ to ‘Support’, and that Will be ‘Offering’ ‘Ways that one can ‘Support’-Yourself. ‘Obviously’ for-‘That’, there will be a ‘Fee’ in-‘Support’ Of the People that Is ‘Involved’ in ‘Doing’-This. There is No-‘Magic’ in this ‘World’ of ‘Overcoming’ the ‘Current’-‘System’ that has been ‘Allowed’ – It’s gonna-Take ‘Commitment’ from ‘Those that Participate’.

Those that Do-Not, at this stage, ‘Fit’-Into that ‘Category’ of for-Instance ‘Doing’ the ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’-‘Process’ – you’re Not ‘Left-Behind’ – you’re ‘simply’ Not going to-be in a ‘Position’ where you can-be ‘Supported’. First ‘Find a Way’ to ‘Support’-Yourself in the ‘System’ – so you can ‘Find-Out’ ‘Exactly’ ‘What’s Going-On’. The ‘World’-‘System’ as it-is Slowly but Surely ‘Collapsing’: Is ‘Indicative’ of the Same-‘Process’ that you ‘Go-through’ at-‘Death’ – As your ‘Physical’-‘Body’ – which is like…the ‘Business’ of your-‘Life’ – And the ‘Money-System’ of your-‘Life’ Starts to ‘Shut-Down’; So – that Doesn’t-Mean that Anyone doesn’t have…won’t Have the ‘Opportunity’ to ‘Support’-Themselves to be able to-‘Do’ What is ‘Best for All’ – If you ‘Really’ ‘Go for That’ – You’ll be Able to ‘Do’-it. But there-Is, ‘Understand’, No-‘Obligation’ from ‘Desteni’ as the ‘Group’ to ‘Assist’-you – You will Have-to ‘Participate’ As an ‘Equal’ in the ‘Group’, and ‘Support’ as much as You will-be ‘Supported’; within That-‘Context’ – That’ll have-to be-‘Done’ ‘According’ to ‘What Is in this World’.

So – the ‘Living-Process’ Also Is where ‘One’ will be able to ‘Walk’-it Based on the ‘Videos’ and the ‘Forum’ and the ‘Information’ ‘Available’ – ‘That’ will be ‘Free’ and it will-‘Remain’ ‘Free’; ‘Specifically’ so-that ‘Those’ that are ‘Not in a Position’ to be ‘Part of a Group’ and Have ‘That’ Kind of ‘Support’ at this stage, Can ‘Actually’ ‘Walk’ their-‘Process’ – with ‘Support’ from the ‘Material’. ‘Obviously’, Once an ‘Equal-Money’ ‘System’ Is ‘in-Place’, which is a ‘Inevitability’ within the ‘Equalization’ of ‘Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself’ – Then the ‘Support’-‘Base’ will-be ‘Expanded’ to ‘Include’ ‘Those’ that Are ‘Walking’ in ‘Self-Honesty’, Without ‘Whining’ and ‘Expecting’-‘Anything’ – but ‘Actually’ ‘Contributing’ and ‘Showing’ that They Are ‘in-Fact’ ‘Standing’, and they are Not ‘Attempting’ to Have-‘Benefit’ for What they are Not-‘Willing’ to ‘Actually’ ‘Act’-On Themselves As ‘Equals’.

That is the ‘Basis’ of a ‘Living-Process’ which will be…’basically’ Take as long as it-‘Takes’; ‘Minimum’ of ‘Seven-Years’, But in Most-‘Cases’ it will Take ‘virtually’ a ‘Life-Time’, because ‘Only’ the ‘inevitable’ ‘Fear of Death’ And the ‘Changes’ that Happen-‘Physically’ Will ‘Bring-Home’ the ‘Reality’ that the ‘Point’ must be-‘Faced’ of What has been ‘Allowed’ in this-‘Reality’.

‘Obviously’, In this all, ‘Nature’ will be ‘Playing’ a Major-‘Role’, there will be…you’ll be able to ‘Observe’ ‘Changes’, ‘Extensively’-so, in ‘All’ ‘Kingdoms’ of ‘Nature’, As it is going to ‘Support’-You in ‘Helping’-You ‘Realize’ the ‘Folly’ of ‘Energy’, the ‘Folly’ of ‘Beauty’ as ‘Nature’, the ‘Folly’ of ‘Evolution’; And that you’re…will ‘Only’ Be ‘Forever-Losing’ if You would’ve ‘Stayed’ in Such a ‘System’. After All, it’s ‘just’ a ‘System’.

You Are ‘Equal’ to this ‘System’ you ‘Subscribe’-to; So – I suggest You ‘Subscribe’ to an ‘Equality-System’, which will-be a ‘Statement’-of ‘Unconditional-‘Love’, where You Do Not-‘Accept’ Any Other-‘Being’ in-‘Existence’ as ‘Less’-than an ‘Absolute’-‘Equal’ ‘Creator’ Of ‘Existence’-Itself. The ‘Second’-‘Process’ is the ‘Death-Process’. The ‘Death-Process’ – we will be ‘Describing’-that more ‘in-Detail’ as-well for ‘Those’ that would ‘Dare’ to ‘Hear’ what ‘That’ would-‘Involve’ – but ‘That’ in-Essence would be the ‘Process’ where You Have not Had the ‘Opportunity’ to be ‘Exposed’ to ‘Anything’ in this ‘Reality’, ‘Regarding’-to the ‘Equality-Process’ – And where you will-be ‘Walking’ In ‘Awareness’ Towards your-‘Death’ while you ‘Walk’ Out-of the ‘Physical’, while ‘Being’-‘Phsyical’.

You’ll be ‘Unable’ to ‘Speak’, you’ll be ‘Unable’ to ‘Share’ your-‘Process’ and you’ll be ‘Totally-‘Alone’; And you will be in a ‘Battle’ with the ‘Mind’ that will ‘Suck-You Dry’ ‘till there is ‘Nothing’-Left.And you will ‘only’ be able to ‘Walk’ Out-of This through ‘Self-Will’, ‘Dedication’ – and: your-Own ‘Effort’, ‘internally’. This will Not be able to be ‘Confirmed’ by Any-‘Being’ – That is ‘simply’ the ‘Nature’ of the ‘Process’, and is ‘simply’ ‘Shared’ so that one can ‘Understand’ that there-Is ‘Provision’-‘Made’ for ‘All’-‘Beings’ in-‘Existence’. And Within this ‘Process’, of which we Already Had the first ‘Confirmations’ of a ‘Successful’-‘Death’, one will be able to ‘Transcend’ at-‘Death’, and you’ll ‘Transcend’ the ‘Mind’ in-Essence – And This will ‘Obviously’ ‘Take’ as long as it-‘Does’, And will-be ‘Part’ of a ‘Death-Process’ – You Will ‘Die’ in this ‘Process’.

‘Obviously’, ‘Those’ that ‘Do’ a ‘Living-Process’ will ‘still’ ‘Face’-‘Death’, and ‘obviously’ will also ‘Face’ the ‘Transcendence’ of-‘Death’ – But it will-be ‘Different’ because you’ll be… ‘Actually’ be able to ‘Experience’ and ‘Share’ your-‘Experience’. The ‘Third’ –‘Process’ would be for ‘Those’ that ‘Die’ as the ‘Mind’ – you’ll ‘Die’ as the ‘Mind’ Within ‘Fairly’-‘Simple’ ‘Easy’-‘Death’ – and On the ‘Other-Side’ you will-‘Face’ your-‘Reality’, and you will ‘Re-Incarnate’ Into your ‘Last’-‘Life’, and ‘Face’-it ‘Accordingly’. So If you-‘Die’ as the ‘Mind’, ‘obviously’ you’ll ‘Die As a…’Minimized’, As a ‘Limited’-‘Version’ of-Yourself, because ‘Everything’ that you have-‘Abdicated’ to the ‘Mind’ – you will-‘Lose’; it will be ‘Taken-Away’ from-You. Why? You have ‘Given-it Away’ to the ‘Mind’ – you have ‘Given’ ‘Authority’ Over-‘That’ of-Yourself to the ‘Mind’ – and therefore it will-‘Die’ With the ‘Mind’ and the ‘Physical’ and ‘‘Return’ to ‘Substance’’ – And ‘What ‘Remains’ of-You’ will have-to ‘Start-Again’ – and ‘Walk’-Into a ‘New-‘Life’. These ‘Variations’ or Various-‘Ways’ Will-‘Ensure’ that Every-Single-‘Being’ in-‘Existence’ Will ‘Eventually’ be-‘Equal’, As You Will ‘Stand-Up’ Through ‘Trials’ and ‘Tribulations’ and your-‘Own’ ‘Will’ and ‘Effort’, to a ‘Point’ of ‘Equality’, where you will ‘Never-Again’ ‘Abuse’ ‘Life’ in Any-Way Whatsoever, and ‘Never-Again’ ‘Abuse’ Any-‘Being’ in-‘Existence’; And ‘All’ Will Be ‘Equal’, yet ‘Individual’.

In an ‘Infinite’ ‘Possible’ ‘Universe’ – We Are ‘All’ ‘In-Fact’, when ‘Realized’, ‘Equals’ in ‘Every-Way’. That does-Not ‘Take-Away’ from our-‘Individuality’.

And therefore, Each-One Will Be ‘Individual’ and, ‘strangely-enough’: ‘Unique’.

So – there is No ‘Sameness’ to ‘fear’; The ‘Sameness’ is in the ‘System’ that ‘Exist’ on-‘Earth’ ‘Now’ – the Same-‘System’ that ‘Control’ and that ‘Dictate’ the ‘Choices’ that is Being-‘Made’, where ‘No-‘Life’ can-be Found’; As ‘All’ is ‘Scurrying’ for ‘Position’ and ‘Power’ and ‘Self-Interest’ and ‘Greed’ and ‘Entertainment’, and ‘Do-Not Care’ About-‘Anything’ but their-‘Own’ ‘Life-Experience’; ‘That’ in-Itself is ‘Unacceptable’, and one will ‘Face’-That in ‘Appropriate’-‘Ways’. Do-Not ‘Underestimate’ What is ‘Really’ ‘Going-On’ – You Have-Been ‘Trapped’ in your-‘Mind’, in a ‘Multidimensional’ ‘Symbolic’-‘World’ of an ‘Interdimensional’-‘Machine’, which ‘Feeds’ Off-You like a ‘Parasite’.

You Want to ‘Stop’-This? YOU Must ‘Stop’-This. Without You ‘Stopping’-it, you will Not be able to be ‘Equal’. And, Yes – there Is One-More ‘Point’: ‘Those’ that Do-Not ‘Stand’ = will ‘simply’ ‘‘Return’ to ‘Substance’’ – there is ‘No-Point’ for Such-‘Individualization’ to ‘Take-Place’ where there is No ‘Equality’; and that will ‘Never-Again’ be ‘Allowed’ in the ‘Universe’.

Enjoy your-‘Process’!

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