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Question Your Perception And Spiritual Survival Illusion

I have been reading many different types of peoples blogs lately. There is much discussion about how, ‘our perceptions are merely an illusion’.  Not disagreeing – that doesn’t change the fact that when you’re living in poverty and starving to death, your physical body here within this physical reality – is going to experience itself as anything but an illusion. 
We are living an illusion according to how and what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to participate in according to and as our mind. There are No spiritual survival ideas and/or excuses not to realize this for yourself. Since we are Consciousness, and we participate within and as our mind – common sense is, that we are then, ‘Mind Consciousness Systems’.  And every time we participate within and as all those thoughts we ‘think’ we are, as well as all those feeling and emotional energy charges we accept and allow ourselves to experience as who we are – which is an experience within an illusion according to our mind.  We then further fuel the mind, which creates more thought construct patterns, and so we continue cycles of death and destruction.

Seriously, have a look at the illusion we have all manifested for ourselves and others to experience. We have created ourselves one hell of a mess here on Earth.  We’re allowing wars and accepting the rape of children.  People are having to steal just to provide food for their family.  Since we are all designing our reality, the common sense here is, that it’s just a matter of ‘when’, that we will All experience the Wrath and the Equivalent of our own Designs. There will be no love, light, and/or spiritual survival skill to stop the inevitable. Stop. Breathe, and become self-responsible for what you’re designing! Stop participating in and as your mind! 

Begin in this moment to Support the Solution! Stop your greed, ego and spitefulness. Stop the suffering we’ve all accepted and allowed within and as this illusion!   Support an Equal Money System.  We’ll Stop our design of ‘Fear of Survival’ first – by providing for all living beings here.  Then together we’ll bring about the Design of ‘Heaven on Earth’ – for real here within this physical reality – freeing ourselves from the illusion of our mind.  We will become the Directive Principle of and as our mind, as All as One as Equal.  Support Equal Money, now…

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