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Day 8: For the Love of Money/God/Religion of Self

Undo the Deception – – When I first came to Desteni and began to hear the message of Equality and Equal Money – the nature of me as the Mind of Consciousness within the World-System/Money, was barely able to hear and understand the magnitude of changes Equal Money will give to all life within our world. Here now, some 4 years later – after giving myself the opportunity to investigate and educate myself in how our world is currently existing within a multitude of levels and corruption in and as various world systems – I have come to comprehend, (and am still educating myself), and I commit myself to standing in full agreement with everything that Equal Money represents and offers as support so that All may live and breathe a dignified Life.

I forgive myself for how I’ve deceived myself into believing that money doesn’t matter to me when in fact the idea of not having money scares the hell out of me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use others who have money in pretense in order to escape my fear of not having any money to eat, sleep and survive.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to deceive myself into believing that money was Not on my Mind when in fact I thought all the time about how was I going to have enough money to pay my rent, my car payment and feed my children and buy them clothes for school so they won’t feel different compared to what other children have.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to through religious brainwashing/reasoning think that money and/or anything related to it are evil and must be purged from the earth

I forgive myself for when I was a Christian and believed that money was a very personal thing and that it was nobody else’s business what I’m doing with my money ( except God’s of course).

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify not wanting to Talk about how Money affected who I was and how I acted as in life to/towards others wherein I judged those who appeared to have less money than me and was jealous of those who had more money than me and thus didn’t want people to perceive me to be judging/ bragging and/or being immodest and/or rude and greedy.

I forgive myself for those moments when I lived, ate and breathed money to the point that it practically ripped my family apart while in my mind I hated money and the love of money because I believed money was the root of all evil – instead of realizing that money is not evil it is merely a tool used for/by and as the evils of men.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define my life according to how I existed from paycheck to paycheck so to hear someone talking about how well they were doing with how much money they are making and/or saving was like pouring salt on a wound wherein I felt threatened, was angry and full resentment which only served to fuel me further within and as ego and greed – instead I see, realize and understand that when all have equal money and the ability to care for themselves properly we will then care for each other properly within and as love and kindness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within the religion of self where I wanted my way no matter the consequences that having my way would manifest and create in and as the lives of others within my physical reality.

I commit myself to assisting and supporting myself to undo/release myself from the Illusion of who and what I’ve accepted myself to be within the love of Money/God/Religion/Self, all of which are energy experiences as Consciousness and the reality of what I’ve created and that which I commit myself to stopping through self-forgiveness and in self-honesty – to stand up and change myself to walking in equality and oneness of and as the substance of me as this physical substance according to and as all as one as equal.

I commit myself to forgiving myself for that which I believed I lacked in suppression as I stop self-limitation and instead I take responsibility for and as me facing myself as my creation as the mind and World system so as to live solutions to the mind/world system for myself and thus for all as me.

I commit myself to walk my process of/as clearing separation of mind/energy as me into one of equality and oneness through directing myself writing and applying self-forgiveness and self-corrective application so that I may begin to effectively support all living beings in finding solutions for our world where suffering and abuse will end and life will emerge as dignity through acts of kindness and gentleness between each other in seeing. realizing and understanding that the common ground we all share is one within our coming together in harmony within and as our physical reality.

I commit myself to be able to live so completely in every breath that I am able to die in any breath and in that moment I will be certain that no regret ever exist and I have lived as Life should live and I have given life as I have received life and in this I have created a world that is best for all life to which each life form will come to be born onto support and abundance and happiness to explore the multiple universe of the physical we have degenerated and degraded to only picture version of our delusions of imagination. I commit myself to get to know directly every part, every dimension that is here that I may see what life is really about in every way. – Bernard Poolman

I commit myself to the process of walking the above words til I have walked them equally as me as them.