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Day 154: The Hand of God is made of Money

“Sometimes the very things that we fight against are actually the hand of God trying to push us into a new season.” Joel Osteen

With regards to the above quote by Joel Osteen.  Have a look at how he avoids the facts when he refers to ‘the very things we fight against’ within our world, yet, see how he manipulates a rise in our feelings through using the words ‘fight against’, then as always, using the hand he’s been given that he claims is from God – which is made of/from money – he stops short, and offers no solution for all  that is tangible for assisting our world.

Maybe, Mr. Osteen actually believes what he’s selling, yet, what he’s selling offers no support for the tremendous amount of suffering, poverty, war and starvation which is happening within every corner of our world. In fact, he’s known for saying how he likes to focus on the positive within our world, and thus, chooses not to mention the poor and suffering.  Maybe he’s taking advantage of our willingness to accept him as having some sort of special powers because after all, his net worth is an estimated $40 million.

So, when he writes a quote that implies there is a God somewhere fighting our battles for us – maybe he wants to be sure that we’ll continue to support the plight of the rich and famous, or, maybe he really does believe that he’s special and that there really is a God somewhere willing to bless his need for greed while millions suffer in poverty and starve to death.

However,the fact remains, WE support him.  He earns his Money from US.   NOT a God.

The only season upon us in the one where the rich are seizing the opportunity to sell hope to the slaves (us), and thus far, we’ve been willing to buy it.  I choose to stop…

Please don’t misunderstand. I am not placing blame on Mr. Osteen.  The Fact is, We’re All responsible for how our current world/money system exists.

It’s time to realize that the battle going on here on earth,  is between the haves and the have-nots.

Throughout our entire history, nothing has ever changed. It’s the same story over and over, where only the picture and the players change, and, it’s Always, Always, about making and having the most MONEY/Power.

No God will ever come save us, because what is real is what is here which is US.

Thus, we’re going to have to save ourselves. No one can do that for us.

Investigate how: Equal Money

“I Forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how what I accept and allow here in the small, in my own life – I will accept and allow in my relationship to humanity/this world. Where, whenever I face a point of responsibility, like for example each of us human beings, individually standing within self-responsibility to ourselves and to all, we instead each individually abdicate that practical reality responsibility of sorting out THIS REAL WORLD, creating a NEGATIVE towards it within ourselves in all of our opinions, judgments, fears, insecurities, knowledge and information and INSTEAD create a POSITIVE in our Minds through/within Religions/Spiritualities/Movements/Entertainment etc. – following only the GOOD FEELINGS in our own self-interest, when: How would this World change if we stop, individually, looking at everything as a Negative in our Minds, but PRACTICALLY approach the problems/consequences in this world and come up with PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS that would be best for all, in equality and oneness, Here. But, interestingly enough, we are so caught up in the spinning webs of our Minds in ENERGY that human beings, individually, would fight/defend/protect their POSITIVE FEELINGS and regard this more than All Life on Earth. That they cannot see beyond the POSITIVE ENERGY, how Life on Earth would change for ALL within, for example the proposed Equal Money System. But, it’s fascinating here, that: individuals cannot have the ‘Positive Feelings/Energies’ in the Mind, if the Negative/Bad in their lives/this world do not exist as it does, cause for the Positive to Exist, the Negative must exist. And so, we as human beings will keep this world/humanity the way it is, just to have/maintain/possess the Positive-Energy Experiences we have defined ourselves as in the MIND…” Sunette Spies – Heaven’s Journey to Life

Day 91: Do Gooders Hell

Today, I reacted with ‘good intentions‘ while I was defending my grandchildren. I saw how, in my attempt to make a difference in how parents react to their children – I failed, because my starting point was that of the limitation/religious system, consisting of ‘I’m not powerful enough to make a difference in this world’. Fortunately, the pain between my shoulder blades assisted me to see how stiff I was becoming as I testified within the programmed sentencing I was accepting and allowing myself as. Thus, I quickly stopped myself, breathed, forgave myself and corrected myself in the moment. Sharing here further self-forgiveness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist in/as ‘good intentions’ – where I saw myself as I testified within starting point of ‘not being powerful enough to make a difference in this world’, and within that, I forgive myself for how I used my physical body as the point I was enforcing in how I pushed my chest out slightly in a false sense of CONfidence all the while my shoulders asked for my awareness as them as I sought to exist on the outside in polarity to how I was existing on the inside.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become, ‘Testified = see stif die = zombiefied, wherein I knew that me as my physical body felt uncomfortable, yet there was an automated resistance because I ‘wanted’ to make a difference even though I already realize that it’s not about making a difference in this word – it is to Stop EVERYTHING, so that nothing of this world and what humanity has accepted and allowed will remain.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be enslaved to ‘wanting to do good‘ and/or ‘doing something with good intentions’, because within that as the ‘wanting to make a difference in this world’, is the point where nothing happens, because nothing changes and no difference is made, thus we fail – because our starting point is not as who we are as life as oneness and equality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to avoid looking at my intentions – which I now see, realize and understand how from my starting point of being good they served only a point of self preservation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ‘perceive’ how others expect me to be, where within those expectations, I’m aware of how my responsibility towards various people constitutes my social relationships/interactions/behaviours whereas I become various characters/personalities in order to fulfill how I perceive within my mind that others are expecting me to be.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to ignore my shoulders when I knew they were asking for me to be aware of and assist them through and as breath.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from myself as my physical body to such a degree that I manifest stiffness and pain in and as it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand how ‘Good intentions’ actually pave the road to hell – thus, I commit myself to live by example and focus on myself first, standing one and equal and assisting and supporting others the same as I assist and support myself through self-forgiveness and self-honesty.

I commit myself to stop reacting within the starting point of the limitation/religious system consisting of ‘I’m not powerful enough to make a difference in this world’, because I see, realize and understand that it is Not about making a difference in this world – it is about stopping what is here as our current world/money systems and to support a world/money system according to what’s best for all.

I commit myself to see, realize and understand that there’s nothing I can do ‘out there’ – that it’s in here in every moment, where through self-forgiveness and in self-honesty that I stop me as my mind and apply self-corrective application and align myself in/as oneness and equality.

I commit myself to stop existing according to how I ‘perceive’ others expect me exist, where I constitute my social relationships and my interactions accordingly – instead I breathe and remain stable, directing me in self-honesty according to what’s best for All.

I commit myself to taking responsibility for me as my physical body.

I commit myself to taking responsibility for our physical/reality/world/existence.

I commit myself to stop living intentions because I see, realize and understand how an intention is not yet here as me and thus is only me trying, which is actually me failing because in that I separate myself from my words, thus I see, realize and understand that I am life and as life I am that which I participate within and as, thus, I commit myself to redefine and live the words I choose according to what’s best for All.

(Please read Heaven’s Blog with regards to:How the World will Never Change – Day 32)

Day 73: Queen of my Castle

The character of ‘self grandeur’ was one of the first character’s as a child that I participated in.  This particular character began when I first heard the story of Rapunzel.  I related to Rapunzel in how when she reached her twelfth birthday,  her mother shut her away in a tower in the middle of the woods, with neither stairs nor a door, only one room and one window.   My mother of course never shut me away in a room, No!   It was all my doing, as a child, I secluded myself from the reality that existed within the structure of my family, and instead,  I got lost in my imagination beLIEving that someday, someone was going to come and save me from what I realize now,  was my own self-absorbed story of self sabotage.

As I got older the story in my head evolved to one where within my mind, I secretly had thoughts that I was really a ‘ Queen’ from some far off place and I was being controlled by an unjust world/money system, and the unjust system failed to recognize me as being the Queen that I dreamed I was.

So like Rapunzel, I was trapped in my own castle waiting to be rescued/swept away by the ‘love’ of my life where we would then both ‘save the world’.

I quietly maintained this particular mind possession  for many years and so the illusion of it all within my head became carefully orchestrated.  Within my secret mind,  I was aware of the uselessness to my role playing,  but I still participated, and I eventually justified the illusion as being a deserved break from the reality I felt controlled by and stuck within.

I had thoughts of how life here on Earth must be some sort of sordid joke or at the very least a bad nightmare that would surely end.

The first time I remember questioning the illusion I played around in within myself, was when I was 36 and, had just started a job for a huge hotel chain. What intrigued me about working there was that the structure and decor of the inside of the hotel, fit perfectly with the image in my mind of how my castle if I had one would exist. There it was, my place of self grandeur.

 The problem was, I hated my actual job because I worked in customer service, listening to complaints all day long, sitting in a very small dark office area that was upstairs, far away from the extraordinary fancy hotel lobby. My pay was minimal, but at least I had my 30 minute lunch breaks. Every day, I would sit in the lobby looking at the beauty of the lighting and the sculptures, breathing in the new carpet and the new furniture smell as I escaped into my secret mind of thoughts about how someday, whoever ‘I really am’, will be found out.  All will be revealed and I will be whisked away with the love of my life to my castle awaiting me.

At some point sitting there I realized how I had been running from facing the reality of who I am and what I’ve accepted and allowed. What really changed things for me was when I began applying self-forgiveness.

More and more everyday I’m realizing how fucked up this world is in how we forsake our self-responsibility to our world while we hide in our beliefs of self-grandeur,  ‘hoping’ for a better world.  Thing is, life within this world is growing more and more difficult for the majority of humanity.

As consciousness mind systems, we give in to accepting and allowing our world to continue this path, which, for the few that have more than enough money, the world seems to be a great place.   Yet the reality is, we’ve created quite a mess within our world because death and despair is everywhere.

So, here we are, we are stuck in and as our own world of self acceptance, allowing consciousness to direct us in accepting and allowing hell on earth.

to be continued with self-forgiveness in Day 74

“I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand where and how I from the beginning internally and externally created this MORENESS – within the context of in and as that moment I as substance/existence manifested the question as Me: “there must be more than HERE, there must be more than ME, as HERE”, which in that moment manifested me into and as MORE me’s (“there must be more than ME, Here”) as the manifested-singularities and within and as the MORE me’s externally – manifested the MORE EXPERIENCE of me within and as myself as Energy (“there must be more than HERE). Not seeing/realising/understanding that for the MORE of ME to exist Structurally as the manifested-singularities I was in fact SEPARATING myself as substance/existence of and as equality and oneness into and as an ILLUSION of MORENESS as all the me’s of manifested-singularities came to manifest in existence. Because all of what I created is STILL ME, but in and as SEPARATION, innumerable amounts of SEPARATE PARTS manifested together in ONE EXISTENCE creating an ILLUSION of moreness; because it is/never has been MORE, it’s always still been me in separation from and of myself, HERE.” ~ Sunette Spies From: Looking for MORE of mySELF: DAY 78

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