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Day 200: Predictive Programming: Killing Machines

killing machines
The Problem:

I was watching a movie last night and there was this scene that flashed real quickly showing 2 men on fire and then suddenly both were shot in the head. Just this evening I’m sitting here talking with my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter and I hear extremely loud machine gun sounds coming from the bedroom where her father was playing a video game where the object is to kill people using high powered and loud automatic simulated machine guns. All I could think of in both instances was: Predictive Programming.

The question is, how come we’re not asking ourselves why and how it is that we’re OK with occupying our senses and our imagination with the sounds and moving pictures where we become killing machines? How come we’re not taking self-responsibility for the violence that we accept and allow to be put into movies and video games and for the fact that our children are being taught how to become it?  How come we’re not concerned with our own lack of parenting and communication skills?

What is the intent of this kind of predictive programming? Definitely profit, and the means to Desensitize us, to convince us that war is OK and that the Nature of the human cannot change…

“Desensitization also refers to reduced responsiveness to actual violence caused by exposure to violence in the media.[8] Desensitization may arise from different sources of media including TV, video games and movies. Violence can prime thoughts of hostility with the possibility of affecting the way we perceive others and interpret their actions.[9] Research shows that initial exposure to violence in the media produces a number of aversive responses such as increased heart rate, fear, discomfort, perspiration and disgust. However, studies conducted show that prolonged and repeated exposure to violence in the media reduces or habituates the initial psychological impact until violent images do not elicit these negative responses. Eventually the observer becomes emotionally and cognitively desensitized to media violence. In an experiment to determine the effects on violent video games causing physiological desensitization to real-life violence, participants played either a violent or non-violent video game for 20 minutes. After that, they watched a 10 minute video containing real-life violence while their heart rate and galvanic skin responses were being monitored. The participants who played violent video games previously to watching the video showed lower heart rate and galvanic skin response readings compared to those who had not played violent video games displaying a physiological desensitization to violence.” Wikipedia


Is it possible we’ve already forgotten about the Sandy Hook massacre?

Is it possible that human nature can change? Yes.

The Solution:

We change our predictive programming. The entertainment industry is one of the most massive money makers that exist within our world today. Thus we already have the infrastructure in place for us as a humanity to change the nature of entertainment to one with a program that is best for all always. And, why would every parent accept their child to be taught anything less than to become the best human possible? We all know that we’re programmed in numerous ways where the outcome for the human is set to the tune of profit and greed and as a result, we’re literally creating our own extinction. It’s time to get real with a practical solution and one that Equal Money Capitalism will offer in a world where everyone’s basic living needs will always be taken care of.

The Reward:

We stop benefiting from the death of Life. We stop war and we stop killing. We become the best we can be because we are no longer putting a price tag on expressing and living and giving and receiving. We begin to for the first time hear and communicate effectively with our children where they know without a doubt that we see them, we hear them and we protect them. We become a living example of how the human Can Stop thoughts – which fuel emotions and feelings, which up till now have manifested and created the worst possible consequences – to one that supports life according to what’s best for All.


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Day 197: Guns: Problem, Solution and Reward

Art by Rozelle de Lange
EqualChange for Real
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“Obama’s gun control speech this week in which he urged lawmakers to agree to a ban on military-style assault weapons, limits on high-capacity magazines and universal background checks, appears to have only fuelled the upsurge.”

That’s how it is. Scare the hell out of em and they’ll react with feelings and emotions and then they’ll buy, buy, buy!

Fear is the motivator used to boost the economy. The proof is in the skyrocketing sales as people rushed to buy guns in their fear of an imminent gun ban in the wake of the Sandy Hook Massacre where 26 people were shot dead.  How insane is it that the most sought after weapon, according to sellers, is the AR-15-style assault rifle, the same as the one used in the shootings.

The highest rate of gun ownership in the world is in United States, where there are almost as many guns as there are people: around 300 million guns for 311 million people – with the average American gun-owner having four to five firearms.


The problem with guns is the human because the human has yet to take self-responsibility for the action they take when they pull the trigger and/or give permission for the trigger to be pulled. We act on impulse and fear and, more than not people fire guns without first considering how their action of doing so cannot be undone. When one is making a decision based on feelings and emotions they are unable to consider the consequences. Even when something like Sandy Hook happens, it only sparks more fear and ultimately more people with guns, and we’re not even considering the damage that is ongoing every single day in war torn countries where a multitude of weapons are used.

The problem is that guns are designed for death and destruction and thus All decisions and actions must take place within that realization. Another obvious problem is that we live by the ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ principle in which we destroy people and their countries in our quest to conquer, to have it all.  All the while we avoid seeing our own greedy nature as we give permission for and/or pull the trigger and kill even as we’re insisting on stricter weapon laws/gun control.


The Solution is actually very simple. Instead of living by the ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ principle – where we have lived by means of force using guns/weapons to achieve control/profit and gain over others – we begin by investigating and educating ourselves about the human mind with regards to why and how it is that we ‘think’ and feel and behave the way that we do.  In addition, we will through Equal Money Capitalism take all life into consideration and thus the manufacturing process itself will become one that is benefiting of all life – instead of destructing to life.  Suggest one read: Equal Money Capitalism Wiki for further clarity


We’ll become a living example of the message of Jesus, “Give as you would like to Receive” and, “Do unto Another as you would Like to be Done Unto you”. As a result we will eventually reach a point where war and suffering will cease, and Life will become a Living Experience of Fulfillment and Happiness within a Quality of Living according to what’s Best for All.

We have a responsibility to all living beings, one that we’ve yet to see, realize, understand and be accountable for, thus, until we each become a living example of what it is to walk as life according to what’s best for all, until then, the solution is to do away with All guns/weapons and war.
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