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Day 284: Redefining and Commitment to Living ‘Grace’

When I looked within myself at how I’ve lived the word ‘grace’, I could see that although I completely comprehend how we as a society have defined it, such as in ‘merriam-webster’:

: a way of moving that is smooth and attractive and that is not stiff or awkward
: a controlled, polite, and pleasant way of behaving
graces : skills that are needed for behaving in a polite way in social situations

I hadn’t really ever considered what living the word ‘grace’ may look like or mean.  In fact, when I looked at how I felt inside myself when I looked at the word ‘grace’, what I saw was a feeling of awkwardness and an almost stumbling within myself, like a ‘not knowing’ so to speak.

So I realized that I’ve never really considered that I’ve not only the ability to redefine who I am as ‘grace’, but I’ve also the responsibility to do so.  In doing so, one like’s to think it would be easy to redefine who one is as ‘grace’, however, asking oneself important questions like ‘what does it mean to live the word ‘grace’ and, ‘what would that mean being for oneself, one’s body, and way of living‘?

It’s not an easy question to answer or live as because who we are as our mind depends upon things from our outside world to stimulate and entertain us, so it requires a slowing down within oneself in order to assist oneself effectively.
When I first began to focus on and redefine myself as ‘grace’, it was cool, but kind of surprising when I realized just how much I reLIEd upon the energy I would get when I’d participate in any way in the bizarre little personal attacks on myself that I was accepting as backchat within my mind.

It’s cool when you commit to investigating these things that are going on within your mind, you begin to see just how ridiculous it all is – like the small sentences of backchat where in your head your hearing things like, ‘you can’t do this’, ‘I’m tired‘, ‘your getting to old for that’, etc, all of which add up to some serious self-judgments and suppression.

So as I’ve been walking this point in real-time – forgiving myself for the self-loathing and self-critical way of thinking, and forgiving myself for allowing myself to be controlled to such a degree where I’ve been motivated to move myself by and as my mind – which is in itself physically exhausting and proof how damaging our thought processes are on our physical body.

Instead of allowing that, I directed myself to stop and forgive myself, so when a self-judgment thought would come up or re-occur, I would stop, breathe and focus on giving myself ‘grace’, remaining aware of what that means and feels like to give myself ‘grace’ as self support.

After a few days, the backchat attack began to raise doubts because my mind as consciousness was losing controls so it used fear through the words, ‘your body can’t handle this’.  That’s when within me, it was like my physical body as me Stood Up, and I saw how when those thoughts came up my entire physical body became tense and uncomfortable and I became aware of how my bottom lip sought to hold down my upper lip real tight like, so I used that as an awareness, a flag if you will to provide assistance for myself to know it’s time to stop and breathe!  Within that I began to recognize who I am as my physical body within and as ‘Grace’,  and how when I allow myself ‘Grace’ my entire inside relaxes in clarity.

So, it’s been a few weeks now since I began investigating this point and I’m realizing who I am as ‘grace’ is becoming of me more and more – where ‘grace’ is a soft place within where I flow comfortably through and as my entire physical body, and within that a great gift emerged in that within and as ‘Grace’, self-judgments towards myself and others cannot and does not exist.

And so I see an opportunity that’s opened up here for me to see, realize and understand what it means to Life the word ‘Grace’ into and as myself and our entire World System within and as All of Existence.

Therefore, I commit myself to direct myself to move myself with an awareness to change what I’ve been accepting and allowing within my world – through self-forgiveness I let go the paranoia that has been placed as control and created around religion and how living the word ‘grace’ throughout our lives became identified with the idea of a “God watching over us” or a “God who knows best” attitude as another way to justify spirituality and the paranoia around it to the extreme – I further commit myself to take actions that prevent harm to All Living beings, to get to the point of having the ‘Grace’ to consider the common good for All Life through a Living Income Proposal, to ensure All the opportunity of Living Life in accordance to what’s Best for All to become part of the way Life exist on Earth.


“Politics is the Fascinating Interesting thing that is In Fact Legitimate and Legal as a way to Change the World, simply by Voting or Getting Involved in Creating Political Parties that Actually Present a Constitutional Bill of Rights, Ensuring that All Laws that exist are Aligned to that, Ensuring that All Necessary Preventions that Ensures a Life that is Best for All Happens on Earth – those kind of stuff all Happen through Politics, through Government. And Government is Not ‘Evil,’ Government is the Product of The People. If Governments are ‘Evil’ as so many Paranoids Claim, then They’re Evil because They are the Ones that Created the Government in the first place, they don’t have an Alternative = that’s quite a Problem. One Shouldn’t Judge: You Should Look for Solutions and Alternatives.

As long as You Have No solutions and Alternatives = You are Judging.

If You Have a Solution and Alternative = it’s No Longer a Judgment, it is Then Common Sense Reasoning.” Bernard Poolman



The Living Income Proposal


“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that it was Critical for the Successful Design of Consumerism as Resource Control by the few to get Personal Effort to be SUBJECT to the GRACE of an INVISIBLE GOD to which ALL SUCCESS was ATTRIBUTED, to make sure the Human will ACCEPT Personal Self-Interest as a RIGHT as SINNER to be able to Indulge and Feed Consumerism without feeling Guilty, as a Saviour or Messiah will come or has died for the SINNER that CANNOT Help but being SINFUL by Consuming. In this an INVISIBLE PACT was created between Consumerism and Religion with Consumers FUNDING Religion as a way of Passing for Penance as the 7th Day of Confession and Forgiveness – Creating a Human that Accepts as the Core of the Human: EVIL, that Cannot be Conquered by Self, but only through a Divine force.


I commit myself to show that the Human’s acceptance of themselves as inherently Evil can in fact be conquered by Self and does NOT require a Divine Force or Forgiveness from an Imaginary God, but requires the courage to be Self Honest, to dare oneself to care, and to give oneself the gift of Self-Forgiveness.” Bernard Poolman

Day 281: What Kind of Power did This?

The Unforgotten

“…the families of immigrants who go missing along the border — likely victims of exposure or dehydration — are largely shut out of this system. Because no one really knows precisely where they disappeared, there is no straightforward way for family members to file an official missing person report or to deposit a DNA profile in the FBI’s national database to match to the bodies found along the border.

Police often refuse to take missing person reports. Border Patrol and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said they do not investigate such cases.
And many families of the missing have no idea where to file reports anyway, or they fear getting deported if they contact police.

As a result, hundreds of unknown bodies — including children — have been buried in Arizona and Texas, where the largest numbers of deaths are recorded.”

undocumented immigrants
I won’t pretend to understand exactly how or why there have been thousands of immigrants who have gone missing, presumed dead while crossing the southern border of Texas.

Recently the deaths have soared in what’s referred to as the worst place for immigrants to die: Brooks County, Texas.

Brooks County, Texas, is approximately an eleven and a half hour drive from where I live, and, that’s where a group of forensic teams of college students are literally digging up the bodies of undocumented-immigrants from unmarked graves.

It’s said that Brooks County is attractive to smugglers because it’s poor, it’s littered with abandoned warehouses, and with 7,000 or so residents living in an area about the size of Rhode Island – where besides the Border Patrol, only one sheriff deputy patrols a 900 or more mile area.

The stories in the news are ongoing, numerous and disturbing accounts of immigrant children being ‘turned away at the borders’. It’s like a never-ending story complete with up-close pictures that show us clearly what a ‘Total Systems Failurelooks like… Yet, we turn a blind eye to what’s going on.

As I read the daily headlines, with all the chaos of war,  as well as countless other indignities that we impose upon one another, I’m reminded of a quote I recently read:

“When something beyond reason happens, it turns skeptics into believers – believer’s in a higher power. But what kind of power did this?” Dexter Morgan, the main character of the Showtime drama series ‘Dexter’

So yeah, it’s an important question. What kind of power did this?

What kind of power accepts and allows a World, OUR World, to come to this?

The power of Money, the power of Greed?

Because truthfully, if these people, that we have defined as immigrants, if they were all rich instead of poor, well then, that would change everything.

Alas, Fear is a powerful motivator. And the truth is, the kind of power that did this, that manifests wars and all the suffering that comes with being poor – like going without the simple basics needed to live life, like clean water, food, healthcare, a home and a proper education.  The kind of power that keeps those things from others, manifests when we want our freedom from the constant demands that comes as life within a system that has failed to first and foremost support the citizens of the country.

Interesting, how with all our running around trying to survive, what’s happening is,  we’re creating death and destruction and we’re the only ones who can stop it. I wonder when that’ll be?  Because it’s inevitable, in order for humanity to survive itself without destroying earth in the process,  is going to require a money system structured according to what’s best for all.

So,,, this story is just one of the many consequences manifesting within our world.  A world that turns a blind eye to a child in crisis.  A world where money is the only power simply because we haven’t yet realized it is this way because WE accept and allow a broken money system to determine how life itself is to be experienced.  And, we ‘think’ there’s nothing we can do. But,  there is.

Time to take Responsibility.

Read how we can design a change that is at the Service of Life…

Investigate ‘The Living Income Guaranteed Proposal’

Day 129: Money System Shows No Mercy

Walking the Self-forgiveness here for how I experienced myself today within our current world/money system.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed a world/money system which supports us in finding new ways to hurt each other which is what we’re good at.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel ‘less than’ the woman sitting behind a desk at the dental office where I was making an appointment when I /she realized that I didn’t have the’ exact’ amount of money to pay as a deposit for the major dental work that I am needing.

I forgive myself for not realizing how I belittle myself in/as fear when I don’t have enough money for that which my physical body requires in order for it to function properly.

I forgive myself for not realizing how it only takes seconds for me to play out different scenarios within my mind with regards to how and what to say in order to manipulate/persuade someone into seeing things my way.

I forgive myself for not realizing how I react and interact within my physical reality with other human beings, where within my mind, I immediately scan, assess, compare, compete and contemplate how can I win over the person I’m communicating with in order to acheive the end result I’m seeking for, and within that, I forgive myself for not realizing the point where I stop having a physical reality relationship with another and instead begin having only a mind relationship with as/them.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to change the tone of my voice when talking to another to one that will create an illusion of myself as being helpless and hopeless in order to prove my point of need.

I forgive myself for not realizing how we manifest and create a world/money system that we constantly support within the context of how we exist within our relationships with each other through our mind as consciousness – instead of who we are in total support of and as each other through and as our physical body and our physical world/reality/existence.

I forgive myself for not realizing that within our current world/money system we see each other as numbers and our number is dependent upon the amount of money we have in our pocket/bank account.

I forgive myself for the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach in realizing the seriousness of our world/money system where people are paying monthly premiums for health and dental insurance yet can’t afford to pay the deductible and/or the pre-payment to cover what their insurance won’t pay.

I forgive mysef that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience anger towards our world/money system that labels people as argumentative and insensitive when one questions the policies, procedures and rules of a system that shows No Mercy except for the minority who have All the money, while the Majority of Us, have settled for remaining slaves to the very Money System that CANNOT exist without OUR CONTINUED SUPPORT.

I forgive myself for not realizing how we are completely at the Mercy of our word/money system where we are locked into a reality of money within a mind-reality supported in/as energy and as that, we have No consideration or regard for each other and/or for our existence as a whole.

I commit myself to stop separating myself from our current world/money system in realizing that I am equal to and one with how and what exists here, thus, it is my responsibility to show how the Solution of Equal Money will be that which will end who we are as slaves and thus stop that which what we have resisted in separation of as Life itself.

I commit myself to support a solution that will end all suffering and abuse and thus create relationships that are supportive of who we are as our physical bodies and our physical reality.

I commit myself to communicate with me as my physical body, to thus support our physical reality in assuring that life on earth become that which supports the physicality of every living being with the utmost support possible.

I commit myself to show how humanity is a slave to and as consciousness where we’ve accepted and allowed our mind to direct us and have thus not yet realized that we have manifested Hell on Earth and how with Equal Money we are able to support All living beings to live life in dignity.

I commit myself to show how our current world/money system does not have to continue as it is where the majority are slaves to the few who have everything, to thus show how through the Peaceful Solution of Equal Money we Can/Will manifest Heaven on Earth.

Day 121: Paybacks

Read the following for context: More than 20,000 spared jail reoffend: Alarming figures ‘prove community service isn’t working’

I forgive myself for not realizing how we as a humanity have been suffering from our acceptance and allowance of environmental impulses as the result of an unequal system wherein we live out our lives in/as paybacks, thus, I forgive myself for not realizing that the rules of law within our unequal world/money system is/has always been that of slavery, no matter the sentencing spared – because for the already down and out – where ‘doing time’, is in fact all any of us have ever known – to be spared jail in place of having to work, is just another sentencing to/as a slave within our world/money system, which doesn’t honor one another as being substantial parts of the community.

I forgive myself for not realizing how paying the consequences for how one has to survive – such as overworked and under paid – when one is uneducated and underskilled proves just how corrupt our world/system is – in how the enslaved/poor often have no real clue of what they’re being charged to payback and how many have lived out their lives in defense mode, dumbed down, where we/they have believed we/they can’t assist ourself to establish a point of self-trust because of constantly blaming and/or our constant competing against each other to survive.

I forgive myself for not realizing that when the only motivation for living is one of constant struggle for money within an unequal system, then the natural order of the enslaved society will be one of desperation within feelings of betrayal – where people feel that they don’t matter anyway so why consider taking self-responsibility for a system that remains unequal.

I forgive myself for not realizing how what I think, feel and fear is how and what I am accepting and allowing as an energetic representation of/as me which has always been within the starting point of self-interest and greed.

I forgive myself for not realizing that punishment and fines has not and never will be the solution for a world/money system as the one we exist in, where there is suffering, overworked and misplaced people who are running on stress in every direction just trying to survive their enslavement. Thus, I commit myself to show how people are only acting in/as the product of their enslavement and that it is going to take coming together peacefully as a GROUP to Support a Solution for Life according to what’s best for All, and how the Only Solution is that of Equal Money.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe I am a victim to/of our current world/money system and for living in fear and self-doubt.

I commit myself to show how through self-forgiveness, I am able to overcome victimization and stand in/as a group in support of an Equal Money System to once and for all bring an end to enslavement.

I commit myself to comprehend and thus assist others to understand how/what it is we’ve created, to bring an end to our manifested consequences of/as suffering and pain, to thus Stop who we are as the uneducated and dumbed down and to see that We are the ONE who Decides who we are, that we Are capable of manifesting Heaven on Earth through Equal Money.

I commit myself to support a system where every Human Being is given adequate Education and the proper skills to be able to enjoy all the amenities of living a life in/as dignity.

I commit myself to a world economic system wherein the definition of ‘Community Paybacks’ becomes Living expressions of “Love thy Neighbor as Thyself”.

I commit myself to a world economic system where people are not just working to live but instead are living in support of each other, equal to and one with their neighbors.

I commit myself to Forgive myself daily for that which I think, feel and fear and have accepted and allowed, to thus stop the representation of/as me within the starting point of self-interest and greed.

I commit myself to direct myself daily in self-honesty in order to stop and see what the hell I’ve become within and as the roles of/as characters and personalities which I am responsible for according to how our world/money system exists.

I commit myself to show how every single being within our existence matters Equally, and that what we have accepted and allowed can and WILL change with Equal Money – through a Democratic system of One Man, One Vote, where the method of Voting Will matter, and Life on Earth will flourish, according to what’s best for All.

I commit myself to let All be Dignified within this World through Equal Money.

Day 33: The Poor Bail Out The Rich

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to support a government that publicly declares its fidelity to one set of rules while covertly following another.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to continue to support a government whose rights are above the written laws and thus avoid taking self-responsibility for and/or cover up acts which are in violation to the written laws and yet are Not subject to the same prosecution for breaking the law as a citizen of the land is in being held accountable for their actions.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize and understand the consequences when the only likely remedy is the judgment of history.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing a rule of laws based on a moral consensus expressed daily in the habits of the human, where people obey the law not only because they fear punishment but because they form a belief in their ‘thinking’ that laws are fair which becomes ‘The Habit’ which forms a point of self-restraint, self-denial and self-suppression within acts of tradition/terrorism.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed outrageous inequalities against life because of political and/or the social status of the rich, where immunity from criminal punishment is given where there is No consideration for what’s best for All.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed governance by conditionality according to the inequality based upon a principle of capitalism as ‘those who have all the money’ vs ‘those who have no money’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed a world/money system whose principals are based upon ego, self-interest and greed – instead of the welfare and support of what’s best for All life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go about my day to day living pretending that this world/money system is not the living nightmare that it is for those who have little to no money.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed and depended upon other’s to create our current world/money system while I worked all week, partied my ass off on week-ends, and called that living the life of freedom, Not realizing that life here on earth isn’t even child worthy.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be the slave to my own accepted and allowed created hell on earth where only a few are king and many are the loyal servants who support their own slavery.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Not realize how ill-fated it is to support one human being over another by reacting and treating them like a movie star, rock star, and/or any celebrity and/or government official, which is based upon my own secret mind according to what I have secretly desired and wanted for myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe within my mind as consciousness that it’s ok to create a world/money system where children starve to death daily while government officials and the rich and famous live a life in luxury and ‘above the law’ in that the only law that exist is one of inequality.

The Future of Money

I commit myself to taking self-responsibility for the inequality that exists within this world and to support a system of equality where the future of life on earth is protected and secured according to what’s best for all.

I commit myself to supporting a system of democracy according to a one man, one vote system where an equal money system is recognized and valued as the only system worthy to support life, where there is no one life profiting over the life of another.

I commit myself to walking in the shoes of another where every living being will be heard, valued and respected for their individuality and will be supported according to what’s best for all.

I commit myself to changing our current world/money system beginning first with myself in self-honesty in realizing that earth provides us all with enough to provide all life equal rights to all that is here.

I commit myself to supporting a system where acts of tradition are based upon acts of kindness to/towards our neighbor within the principle act of equality

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“Equal Money & Equal Labor System”

The following was posted in the Open Forum http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=292&t=17775

Abstract – “Equal Money and Equal Labor System”

I. Why Equal Money System?

Equal Money System (EMS) is base on the Fact that all Beings are born “Equal and One”, including animal and plant kingdom that manifests in this reality as a whole, are one “Inseparable Unity”. Animals and plants come out of Earth and fed on Earth; they’re sustained by Earth’s natural resources unconditionally. Whereas, Human, is the only species that needs to “Fight” for survival, like sever their own umbilical cord from Mother Earth. Mankind, as equal as they are to the rest of manifested beings, with the intelligence that exceeds all creations in this reality, millions of human beings, in every part of continent, living at the brink of starvation, and find themselves in no better position than animals in the forest.
The problem lies on current money system, a “Capital accumulation Machine”. Under this system, Human equals Labor, Labor equals Money, and, at the other side of equation, Money equals Human. It’s this Money system that governs the Human beings as God, the enslavement of such system cause millions of human living in an abject poverty with no hope of future.
The Equal Money System (EMS) is thus designed to mend the root cause of these problems.

II. What can one expect from the System?

The EMS system is a guarantee that any Human Being on earth, starting from birth, regardless of its birth condition, a “Fund” is automatically allocated as part of his birth right that would sustain his entire existence on earth till his death.
This Fund is available to him at all time, and it’s imprescriptible under any circumstances, no government or regime has the power over for any reason whatsoever to abrogate or annul the rights to such Fund. It may not be transferred; used for any purposes other than sustaining such person’s basic survival needs which provides resources for him to participating in this world. And it cease to effect upon a person’s death.

III. What is the Equal Labor System?

The Equal Labor System (ELS) is not a servitude to EMS; it is a system that guarantees no Human being is allowed to “Enslave” another Human being under any circumstances. All man has an irrevocable right to choose: What to work, When to work, Whom to work and Where to work.
With EMS as a Birth right, mankind are not “Obligated” to provide labor for such entitlement, however, the System “Offer” and “Encourage” everyone to contribute their role, under the above choice in participating the system.

IV. How the System works?

This is implemented by a global organization formed by each Continental Union Councils, e.g. European Union, North American Union, Central Asian Union…etc…
The Equal Money System (EMS) is funded through a “Global Security System” (GSS), which is an unprecedented concept of combining Social Security and equitable transfer management into a new system. The “Global Security System” is a Universal Equality System; it does not collide with current Capitalism, Communism or Socialism …etc, it’s a system transcends all economic model, but coincide and embedded with the current system whichever the Country is presently in.
Although, the old money system has to go, to make room for the new System, we have considered the urgency of current Global situation and the coming challenges of the world economy, we, thus, proposed a Gradual and Parallel approach to expedite the process for the System to take effect. After the system is in place and fully functioned, the current money system will automatically become obsolete.

V. Why EMS is the “Only” solution?

The main Principle of EMS is based on the awareness of Equality and Oneness which is the essence of this Universe – “Balance”, anything divert from this principle is a form of separation, and will not be considered as a permanent, feasible solution for mankind.
There are other theories out there for the similar effort, e.g. “Resource-based Economy”.
We do not oppose, but not endorsing “resource-based” approach, because it is based on the false assumptions that Earth resource is always abundant, always replenish her self and will never depleted. And it relies heavily on New Technologies to achieve global “resource redistribution”, which is no different than, and will eventually lead to, a large Corporate Enterprise monopolized domination. But we recognize its good intention.
We must recognize that Earth is not a Perpetual Machine which gushing out resource infinitely – “In order to take, one must give.” This is the Law that even Creator himself must obey.
EMS is designed for mankind to coexist with nature, including animals and plants, the practical application also include Global Equality awareness Education, reduce animal slaughter as food source and forest abuse, etc… sub-programs to stop man made Ecocide. And we firmly believed that EMS is the only ultimate solution for mankind.

VI. Where are we going from here?

“Equality and One” is the main principle that Desteni abide to. We do not have Religious believes, anything you heard from us is simply logical conclusions from an objective observation – Common Sense. We stand for Equality, because it’s a Fact, and Fact doesn’t require belief for validation.
We are dedicating our effort in promoting/presenting “Equal Money System” to the world stage. We have perfect ideas of how this new money system works and we intend to back it up with live data and practical details to show the world these unprecedented possibilities.
We’ve been told that this is a utopian idea, an impossible dream of “Heaven on Earth” or simply call us Crazy. For years, we took all forms of abuse and ridicules that one can imagine. When facing the current situation we’re in, inaction is not an option. You may say, we aim it too high to the Sun, but if we end up at the Moon, we got somewhere…
In Desteni, we believe any person is representing the totality of Creation; all it takes is just “One” person to make the difference.
So, please join us – “one man, one vote” for the Equality of Mankind.

We’re a self-organized small team dedicated only to Desteni “Equality Money” world campaign.
A feasible Model is under research presently, we will present its prototype to Desteni for evaluation.