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Day 31: Abandoned Animals

Today on our way into town, we drove past a dog who looked lost and confused, and more than likely, he’d been dumped and left without food or a home. We live out in the country about 15 miles from the nearest town – and unfortunately, it’s common for people to drive down a country road, dump their unwanted pet and then leave them. As I asked myself how in the world can people do such a thing, I remembered a time years ago, when I did the same…

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to drive down a country road and leave a dog by a nearby house in hopes that he would find his home with them because I was no longer able to take care of him.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give myself the reason of money as the why and how come that I’ve not taken self-responsibility and self-accountability for my actions and for all life here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that I am responsible for the living environment in how other livings beings experience themselves within our current money/world system, including those who abuse for the sake of profit and/or abuse because of self-interest/ignorance and a lack of accountability.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to make the decision to adopt and/or purchase an animal just to make myself feel happy and/or as a way of entertaining myself and then not taking self-responsibility for it.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to seek to please myself first and thus because of my negligence my animal paid the price as the manifested consequence of my lack of self-responsibility.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not take the proper care in seeing to it that my dog didn’t have more puppies and thus putting the mother dog and her puppies in jeopardy and myself in the position of not being able to afford to feed them and thus I forgive myself for being irresponsible and taking life for granted within a world that values profit over life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to support a money/world system which seeks to comfort the nature of the human no matter the cost to the animal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to put the human on a pedestal and see the animal as less than human.

Art By Garbrielle Goodrow

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing anger to be me as I see myself within a world where living beings are used, abused, mishandled, misguided and left to die all in the name of money.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to refer to life as ‘free’, when in fact life is struggle, life is pain, life is money, and without it/money, life is left to starve to death.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not consider that every living being have their own purpose and/or part within existence thus, to support every living being is to support all of existence.

I commit myself to creating a system where all living beings are no longer dependent upon money to express themselves as life.

I commit myself to bringing an end to life here on earth lived by the human mind as consciousness and instead support heaven on earth as the expression as life.

I commit myself to being aware of and supporting a system that sees/realizes and understands the uniqueness and individuality of all living beings within this existence in self-honesty.

I commit myself to considering and walking in/as the shoes of another, including those who walk life furry footed, footless and/or those who walk with wings and therefore, I commit myself to supporting an Equal Money System which recognizes that none are free til all are free.

I commit myself to supporting an Equal Money System to bring forth Heaven on Earth which will accept, allow, regard and respect each and every single living being in/as their full physical expression.

“I commit myself to call on all activists to reinvestigate their true support, so that those that realize that change is necessary can align themselves with practical solutions if they can get past their ego of self-interest and acceptance of the current system.” Bernard Poolman – Creation’s Journey to Life: Day 30: The Decision


Before I went to sleep last night I listened to an interview from Eqafe called, ‘Life Review – Superman of the Streets’. It’s about a being who never had a home, never went to school and, I’ll not share anymore as it’s an interview that must be heard for self to fully comprehend what the being experienced here on earth.

Hearing the interview, I recalled how my whole life I’ve not really had a clue to what extent crimes are committed daily against humanity. I’ve not really had a clue what it is to really suffer day in and day out without food or a warm place to sleep or a home to live in, or clean water to drink. I’ve only existed in my own self-interested mode within reckless attempts at pleasing others as I presented a happy face, and honestly, it was all bullshit and the self dishonesty in living that way, is exhausting.

After hearing the interview I fell asleep and woke up later in the middle of the night with an awareness of the word ‘pleasing’, which sounded more like, ‘pa-leas-ing’. And what I saw clearly was how the word ‘pleasing’ when slowed down, sounds like ‘policing’.

I saw how in my life I’ve had the ‘pleasing’ personality, but really within myself, I lived the definition of ‘policing’. Where I would regulate and control myself in an attempt at pleasing others, and in my attempt at pleasing others I’ve really only been policing myself in order to maintain my own accepted and allowed mind control. So much so that I had not been able to see the magnitude of what I was accepting and allowing.

We humans, we’re like a virus unleashed within this world. It’s time to stop and breathe and slow down and see who we really are. Because who we are exists as the homeless, the abused, the starving and the dying. The regulation and control of our communities and the people of our land are under siege in policing with the only point being to maintain and continue in pleasing those few at the top who have all the money.

It’s interesting how pleasing we are as we pretend to live the words of Jesus. To love your neighbor as yourself and give as you’d like to receive. When in fact the equality of his words have never come to pass here on earth. If they had of, heaven on earth would be here for all life – not just for some. Somewhere within us each one, we know the truth of who we are. Let’s let ourselves as who we really are be known.

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FAQ: Equal Money is home of the 4 year career

Our current labor system is a system of survival – yet it is not a system that actually support life.

In an Equal Money System all living beings will be properly cared for. This includes food, water, a home, clothes, healthcare and an education. Another cool point with an Equal Money System is that it recognizes that life should be, and will be, more fun with Equal Money. Once all our basic needs are taken care of, we’ll be able to find something that we actually enjoy doing then actually be able to do it.

The jobs which are an important part of human survival, those that actually support life, will be placed within a 4 year conscription. What this means is that once one is through with their primary education then each will participate for no more than 4 years within a labor system to assist with those jobs that must be done to meet the basic requirements of keeping society moving and functioning practically, according to what’s best for all.

Each will learn and participate in becoming aware of what is involved in maintaining and preserving life within our physical reality on earth, where all will be able to experience dignity in living. We’ll begin to express ourselves in ways we’ve never known.

The fact that Equal Money is home of the 4 year career plan will be a welcomed change. A change that will stop rising prices and static incomes which are hitting people hard in all areas of our world. Capitalism within our current money system is forcing further cutbacks in what is already frugal to nothing lifestyles – which has meant years of work with only the ‘possibility of retiring‘, so that ‘maybe’, then, one can enjoy life.

Equal Money will bring about a World where All living beings are able to enjoy life because, Equal Money is home of the 4 year career. It’s a FAQ!

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Why Do Atheists Seldom Become World Leaders?

It’s an interesting question because, those who call themselves Atheists, claim to have all the answers – yet, where are there leadership abilities?  How come they won’t enter the political arena in order to assist in bringing about a real solution for our world?  Obviously there is to much talk, too many followers, and more than likely just plain hiding in and as fear.   It doesn’t matter how many answers we ‘think’ we have because, if we’re not willing to become a leader walking the practical application to bring about a real solution, then all talk is useless.  As a woman, I’m tired of all the talk – I’m standing in support of a solution which assures that all babies being born will be able to eat and one in which all living beings are able to live their life in dignity.

In Australia, there is the first female prime minister, Julia Gillard.  As it turns out she’s broken a couple of barriers, in addition to her gender, she doesn’t believe in God, when asked, she simply said, "No, I don’t".  She went on to say that she shared the values of her fellow Australians but, not their religious beliefs.  That seems to be working for her because,  an online poll at ‘The Australian’  newspaper showed that two-thirds of the nearly 15,000 readers who responded to a question about her beliefs, said they didn’t care about her "lack of a religious faith." However, is she supporting a money system where all life are provided for equally? That is the real solution.  

Women are the most likely candidates to bring about the solution for all Life.  And more and more women are seeing the common sense and the practical solutions that an Equal Money System will bring. Whatever one wants to call themselves, the fact remains -  If we’re not willing to walk as the solution that will benefit all Equally, then we should shut the hell up. 


If you’re willing, join us.


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