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Day 283: Suburban Decay

For Context Read: How Ferguson Went From Middle Class to Poor in a Generation

“In 1990, Ferguson, Mo. was a middle class suburban enclave north of St. Louis with a population about three-quarters white. In 2000, the town’s population was roughly split between black and white with an unemployment rate of 5%. By 2010, the population was two-thirds black, unemployment had exceeded 13%, and the number of residents living in poverty had doubled in a decade.

The situation there is “really not so different than the rest of St. Louis County,” said Dr. Norm White, a criminologist with the Saint Louis University School of Social Work. “The problems we saw in the urban core have become the problems of the suburban umbrella.”

“The same decay that sparked unrest in one Missouri town is taking place across the country.”

On the surface it looks like what’s going on in Ferguson is all about racism, but it’s important that we have a look at the fact that Ferguson’s poverty and unemployment rate is worse than the national average.

stop killing us

“Ferguson is just the place that the scab got pulled off,” White, the criminologist, tells TIME. “The reason why this is so intense is that there are a lot of these little communities that have been left almost to rot. Physically the buildings are falling down. There are no social service programs.”

What can we really expect from people who are struggling in unimaginable ways such as living in poverty and homelessness? How come it’s so difficult for us to talk about the fact that having little to no money, with no end to the struggling in sight, how come this is not seen as a motivating factor embedded within the anger and the fears of the people of Ferguson?

I think mostly people are desperate and scared because they don’t know what to do or where to turn for help with their day to day struggles to survive. So when someone is killed like in a case like this, all hell brakes lose and still, we have the nerve to overlook the facts as their thrown in our face of how Poverty leads to War

“The greater the racial income gap, the deeper are the divisions between black and white workers, and the weaker are the unions and class solidarity.” Michael Reich; Study of The Journal of Human Resources

Truth is, what’s happening in Ferguson looks like war because it is war and it’s important to see the facts. And the fact is, our current Money System has failed us and we have to realize that what’s happening in Ferguson is happening in one way or another all around our world. The poor are getting poorer while the rich are getting richer and it’s important that we get clear on the fact that War is Not, never has been and never will be the solution.

The solution will no doubt require us to come together as a Group, to Support each other in bringing about a Money System that acts according to what’s best for all.

Investigate ‘The Living Income Guaranteed Proposal’


“There is nothing more dangerous than to build a society with a large segment of people in that society who feel that they have no stake in it; who feel that that have nothing to lose. People who have stake in their society, protect that society, but when they don’t have it, they unconsciously want to destroy it.” MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR


“I was very much clearly convinced; in spite of what I saw in the police which was murders and violence and all kinds of things. I saw that more than just an outflow, more just an outflow from the social condition and the lack of resources, the lack of money that caused most of the conditions that I have witnessed in the police. People simply did many of the things out of desperation.” Bernard Poolman


More reading about Ferguson: It’s Now Guns Vs. Cameras in Ferguson



Before I went to sleep last night I listened to an interview from Eqafe called, ‘Life Review – Superman of the Streets’. It’s about a being who never had a home, never went to school and, I’ll not share anymore as it’s an interview that must be heard for self to fully comprehend what the being experienced here on earth.

Hearing the interview, I recalled how my whole life I’ve not really had a clue to what extent crimes are committed daily against humanity. I’ve not really had a clue what it is to really suffer day in and day out without food or a warm place to sleep or a home to live in, or clean water to drink. I’ve only existed in my own self-interested mode within reckless attempts at pleasing others as I presented a happy face, and honestly, it was all bullshit and the self dishonesty in living that way, is exhausting.

After hearing the interview I fell asleep and woke up later in the middle of the night with an awareness of the word ‘pleasing’, which sounded more like, ‘pa-leas-ing’. And what I saw clearly was how the word ‘pleasing’ when slowed down, sounds like ‘policing’.

I saw how in my life I’ve had the ‘pleasing’ personality, but really within myself, I lived the definition of ‘policing’. Where I would regulate and control myself in an attempt at pleasing others, and in my attempt at pleasing others I’ve really only been policing myself in order to maintain my own accepted and allowed mind control. So much so that I had not been able to see the magnitude of what I was accepting and allowing.

We humans, we’re like a virus unleashed within this world. It’s time to stop and breathe and slow down and see who we really are. Because who we are exists as the homeless, the abused, the starving and the dying. The regulation and control of our communities and the people of our land are under siege in policing with the only point being to maintain and continue in pleasing those few at the top who have all the money.

It’s interesting how pleasing we are as we pretend to live the words of Jesus. To love your neighbor as yourself and give as you’d like to receive. When in fact the equality of his words have never come to pass here on earth. If they had of, heaven on earth would be here for all life – not just for some. Somewhere within us each one, we know the truth of who we are. Let’s let ourselves as who we really are be known.

Investigate Equal Money

Occupy Wall Street is like Double Jeopardy

“People all over the country are up in arms about this. Our members are livid, and they’re hitting the streets. A rally organized by the New York Central Labor Council took place this afternoon on Wall Street near the New York Stock Exchange. That was followed by a more informal protest that began to take shape on Wall Street shortly after the financial markets closed. ‘There is no agenda, no leaders, no organizing group, nothing to endorse other than we’re not going to pay! We have everything we need to create a large, peaceful, loud demonstration,’ the e-mail read. The posting urged protestors to ‘take it to the heart of the financial district,’ by gathering near the famous Wall Street bull statue at 4 p.m. ET.”
That was from the newspaper article: ‘Bailout foes hold day of protests‘, dated 25 Sept. 2008.

The above article is just one example of the many yearly protests. Selling fear and anger is emotionally appealing. All one have to do is polarize people into points of right and wrong where we then allow emotional reactions to set systems of policy – which we then use, abuse and blame in shame and get pissed off with until we ‘occupy wallstreet’ once again, and/or we get arrested, and on and on and on we continue, looping the same point over and over with no real solution and, it’s all about money.

Protesting is like ‘Double Jeopardy’, where once one is found innocent one cannot be charged again for the same crime. With the history of human error it’s rather an insidious plan because there is no one amongst us who is innocent. We are All guilty for how our current abusive money system exists.

We will not change our current money system according to our reactions through fear, blame and shame which result in suppressed anger as well as acts of anger. If one is serious about change, then we must first stop ourselves which will bring us to the most simple solution for all of humanity. One that does not require protests as a manifested result of emotional feeling energy which is proven ineffective in bringing about a solution that is best for all.

Let’s stop pretending like we don’t see our point of self-responsibility here to all Life. We’re simply living a lie and one in which we’ve accepted ourselves to be and become.

The evidence is before us in how our world exists and in how we continue to feed off of and charge a money system through protests and thought patterns resulting in behaviors that change absolutely nothing and the energy simply fades until the next time. We fail to acknowledge that all life is worthy of food in order to provide for ourselves within our physical reality. We fail to take self-responsibility and self-accountability for accepting ourselves to exist through self-interest and greed and as such we allow starvation, war, poverty, rape , murder and homelessness to exist. That’s a fact that cannot be denied.

We see our world and we know we have to stop. The solution is Equal Money. Equal Money is simple, one man, one vote – the Solution that is Best for All

Investigate the Solution Here

Who will assist as a county mourns: Bahrain

A country fell under martial law the 15th of March 2011, where a severe crackdown began which is putting civilians in military court because, under martial law, almost all civil liberties have been restricted – as well as any judicial recourse.  The streets were mostly empty after the bloody clampdown, but thousands defied authorities and, the result is that more than 600 people were treated for their injuries, and at least 60 people are missing.

The willingness to resort to violence against largely peaceful demonstrators is a sign of how deep the fears are within a government where there is a prolonged wave of protests.  Police firing teargas and buckshot into the peaceful crowd of protestors, including beatings of women and children, brings chills, as someone yells, "They are killing us".  There are reports of teenage girls being detained and abused.  Twenty-three doctors and twenty-four nurses will be tried in a military court, on charges of acting against the state, for treating injured anti-government protesters during the months of unrest.

What would you do?  Would you uphold ‘The Hippocratic Oath’ you took as a doctor or nurse and assist those who require it?  Or stand by and watch someone die.  This is honesty versus self-honesty because, to uphold the law of the state, and not assist, you would be considered honest.   In self-honesty, you see what is required and act accordingly for what is best for all, in upholding your responsibility and accountability to and as All Life.  This is what standing up for an Equal Money System and World Equality is about, assisting all Life Equally.

Suggest you not be mislead in believing that it will never happen in your country because, many are struggling and civil unrest befalls upon us all. Our current money system is in need of a solution because fear of survival will cause civil unrest where anyone is capable of resorting to what has to be done, in order for their families, and themselves, to survive. I am curious why the country I live in, which is the USA, has taken no action to stop the murders that are occurring to the people in Bahrain. It’s important to understand, this whole scenario where people are suffering and being murdered daily, where no other country is assisting, is because of the power of money.

Tiny Bahrain is an ally and pillar to Washington’s military framework in the region. It hosts the US Navy’s 5th Fleet, which is a critical counterbalance to Iran’s efforts to expand its clout in the region.  And,  the location is very strategic for oil movements along the Saudi borders.  An easy equation here to follow the money trail.  Any prolonged crisis opens the door for a potential flashpoint between Iran and its Arab rivals in the Gulf

I admit that I don’t understand the religious beliefs in their country. However, I do understand and see the suffering, and that a solution for all is required.  People are living daily in terror – something the mind of most of us can’t even begin to comprehend.  But, we need to consider what we are all accepting and allowing.  The Solution begins with an Equal Money System. Remove the power of money from the few that have it – and peace will gather amongst us all.

Understand the people of Bahrain began protesting because of police corruption and ill treatment.  Who can identify with that?  Everyone…


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