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Day 86: Opportunity of Innocence

Self-Correction & Self-Commitment Statements for the following blog: Day 85: WithHolding – –

When and as I see myself existing in/as a character of holding a grudge of blame to/towards another, I stop. I breathe. I realize that in doing so I am actually projecting unto them separation of how and what I am experiencing inward to/towards myself.

When and as I see myself deliberately inferiorizing myself – where I make myself less than, in order to please another so I’ll receive an experience of myself as being appreciated, I stop. I breathe. I see/realize and understand how such behaviour enforces hope in establishing an illusionary position of power within my mind of/as me as resonant patterns of/as characters/personalities/thoughts/feelings and/or emotions of/as my parents and as such are MANipulative and deceptive and serve no purpose except to continue to enslave me, as my physical body in/as my mind, to consciousness.

I commit myself to see/realize and understand how Everything that I participate in, as memories/charActers/personalities/thoughts/feelings/emotions/words/energy and experiences – have life changing effects upon life here for everything and everyone as who we are within and as our physical body within our physical reality – thus it is imperative that I / We Decide – I Decide who I am Willing to be and become, therefore I make the Decision as me as my Physical body to Stand in Agreement to move myself to support a system that will support our World and Everything/Everyone here, according to what’s Best for All.

I commit myself to walk in/as me as my physical body into and as a physical comprehension of who I am as my physical body – to Stop separating me from me as my physical body, and to show how innocence has never actually existed as who we are as consciousness – how for us to have an Opportunity of Innocence as a Living Expression of who we are, we as Human beings – must walkas the Living example of Self-forgiveness in/as the Nature of Equality – to Give unconditionally unto others, thus, receive unconditionally as an expression of/as self in/as a living expression of Innocence as Principle of/as Life.

I commit myself to let go of the charActer of holding a grudge – where I suppress myself in how I become righteous anger, blame, self-judgment and self-victimization – instead, I support myself to HOLD myself Standing and Walking as me as my Physical body as a Living example of Self-Accountability and Self-Responsibility – wherein I realize and understand that my mind as ME as the MEmories/charActers and personalities of those who’ve gone before me, is who and what I have given permission for, yet, I am Capable of Forgiving/Correcting and Directing myself to be and become change, beginning from the inside of me as my physical body-out, and to as such provide any and all support required to manifest and Create a World according to what’s Best for All – thus, it is, I Who Decides to Stop myself from the trap of the moving motion picture show of me as my mind as Consciousness MEmories/charActers and personalities/thoughts – to Stand up for and as All Living beings, in seeing/realizing/understanding how through what we accept and allow to exist within and as our mind as consciousness systems – we kill that which is Real as who we are as our physical body in/as our internal organs, cells, tissue and muscular/skeleton – where as our mind-physical we through/as memories/charActers and personalities/thoughts/feelings and emotions entangle and strangle our physical body from the inside out and therefore manifest and create our physical world/reality as that which exists in/as us within all the pain and suppression – where we then watch the madness play out daily within our world as we avoid seeing what it is, as who we are, that we are manifesting and creating our World as – how we are in this Moment of Breath the One Who Decides to Stop and Support ourselves and/as others, through supporting an Equal Money System – thus All life receives proper life support which will allow us to come together and assist each other in facing and releasing ourselves through writing, self-forgiveness, self-honesty, self-correction and self-direction – to release, realign and redesign that which is preventing us from experiencing Life for Real as Heaven on Earth.

(Please read Heaven’s Blog for further clarity)

“I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now – seen, realised and understood the extent to which ‘who I am’ is in fact existent from and of Memory. With my Mind an automated, manifested Memory-database that I use to create/manifest me into and as characters from Memories. And so all my characters of me in my Mind: is in fact Memory – me in my relationship to the physical-body and so this physical-existence, being/becoming a ‘Living/Functioning’ Memory.” ~ Sunette Spies, Heaven’s Journey to Life Blog – – Who’s the Boss but Memory?: DAY 83