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HO HO HO – So This Is ChristMa$$

I can honestly say that the make-belief santa story along with millions of other beliefs we accept and allow has resulted as and is held tight within our ‘Current Monetary System’ which does not support all Life Equally. Where over 1 Billion people are starving to death.

While we who aren’t currently starving to death – speak and teach our children about imaginary beings, then we go out and spend money needlessly all the while supporting the very system that is destroying us all as humanity.
I have been the biggest participator and I’ve had enough to realize that I have to breathe and assist myself to Stop.
I support All life to be here faced together Equal and One within Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness to bring forth the ‘Real’ message of Jesus.  Which was one of Equality as All as One as Equal.  Cenk Kaptanoglu said it very well when he said:

…”This message of Jesus is not being lived, has never been lived – why was Jesus Christ crucified. Because his very message, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’, possessed threat for those who wanted to have more than another. That caused him his crucifixion – he got the nail on the head”…  Cenk Kaptanoglu

*That’s  the ‘Truth’ in ‘Self Honesty‘*

His very crucifixion renounces his entire message of Oneness and Equality, and became humanity’s formal declaration of/as  existence as ‘hell on earth‘.  Will we continue to forsake our own ‘heaven on earth’ as we continue accepting, allowing and participating within the Current Money System that does not Support All Life Equally – that allows life itself which is us all, to perish.   Will we instead Stand as support for ourself within our support of All Life Equally in All Ways…

Assume nothing.

In Self honesty, question everything and consider all Life here Equal within questioning  because, we are each here as is all life here breathing,  which proves we are all Equally breathing and requiring the same quality of and as Life. We cannot assist ourself until we first realize each one here as self within the common sense Equality Equation of Life within and as All Life Here.

Realize Consciousness and light is the con of the very system that enslaves  us all, as we support it and give it the right to do so as we continue to allow life on this earth to be abused and starve to death.

Our physical body gives us our very Life Support in which to breath and exist here.  There exists no where on our physical body anything called consciousness. Consciousness exists within mindsets that we have accepted and allowed – where we will never question ourself  because we don’t want to give up our make-belief mind parties, and realize the con we’re being directed as.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions are powerful tools used by and as the mind to keep us from realizing the entrapment’s that are killing us each one in every moment that we allow ourselves to participate as them, and then we die – because our physical body has had the life completely sucked out of it from the stress on our body while we our participation as them, as the mind.   Stop and Breathe

We’re all abusers existing within multiple system personality disorders as ‘mind consciousness systems’.

We must assist ourself first and begin to – ‘redesign our blueprint for ourself’.

Writing assists in giving us the ‘detailed outline’, so we can see for ourself all that we have accepted and allowed, which brings self to the place of self forgiveness.

We are then able to in self honesty, unravel, disentangle, disengage, and delete the multiple mind constructs we have created and compounded within ourself, so as to not recopy and repeat the abuse we’ve created.

Then we begin ‘redesigning’ ourself within the ‘Equality Equation’, and we accumulate ourself within the physical as who we are.

Self movement will begin as breath accumulative actions of self, designed within self honesty and equality within where we each one, individually, as all, begin the birthing process willing self as all as One as Equal.

Equality begins with an Equal Money System, this is a simple fact.

The Whole World is dying – who’s next? Who will fall Ill to the terror we have accepted and allowed to exist here within this world?

Common Sense Equally as All – or – Make Belief – We Decide

We each one individually are responsible to realize the moment is here to face ourself in self honesty and within doing so,  we begin supporting all life Equally.

Suffering must Stop –  Let’s stop ourself.  Begin Here Breathing

BernardPoolman wrote:
the question of mindfulnees is fascinating– I find self is beyond cultivation as self is– mind is a tool or a system
a tool where we direct– yet self– a movement in silence of self– yet no separation
a system when we are dircted or enslaved and thus separate from ourselves
The question is–would cultivation imply a participation sometimes in a gardening process or is mind as selfwithoutsystem an expression of self in the trust of already essentialised certainty?



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