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Day 200: Predictive Programming: Killing Machines

killing machines
The Problem:

I was watching a movie last night and there was this scene that flashed real quickly showing 2 men on fire and then suddenly both were shot in the head. Just this evening I’m sitting here talking with my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter and I hear extremely loud machine gun sounds coming from the bedroom where her father was playing a video game where the object is to kill people using high powered and loud automatic simulated machine guns. All I could think of in both instances was: Predictive Programming.

The question is, how come we’re not asking ourselves why and how it is that we’re OK with occupying our senses and our imagination with the sounds and moving pictures where we become killing machines? How come we’re not taking self-responsibility for the violence that we accept and allow to be put into movies and video games and for the fact that our children are being taught how to become it?  How come we’re not concerned with our own lack of parenting and communication skills?

What is the intent of this kind of predictive programming? Definitely profit, and the means to Desensitize us, to convince us that war is OK and that the Nature of the human cannot change…

“Desensitization also refers to reduced responsiveness to actual violence caused by exposure to violence in the media.[8] Desensitization may arise from different sources of media including TV, video games and movies. Violence can prime thoughts of hostility with the possibility of affecting the way we perceive others and interpret their actions.[9] Research shows that initial exposure to violence in the media produces a number of aversive responses such as increased heart rate, fear, discomfort, perspiration and disgust. However, studies conducted show that prolonged and repeated exposure to violence in the media reduces or habituates the initial psychological impact until violent images do not elicit these negative responses. Eventually the observer becomes emotionally and cognitively desensitized to media violence. In an experiment to determine the effects on violent video games causing physiological desensitization to real-life violence, participants played either a violent or non-violent video game for 20 minutes. After that, they watched a 10 minute video containing real-life violence while their heart rate and galvanic skin responses were being monitored. The participants who played violent video games previously to watching the video showed lower heart rate and galvanic skin response readings compared to those who had not played violent video games displaying a physiological desensitization to violence.” Wikipedia


Is it possible we’ve already forgotten about the Sandy Hook massacre?

Is it possible that human nature can change? Yes.

The Solution:

We change our predictive programming. The entertainment industry is one of the most massive money makers that exist within our world today. Thus we already have the infrastructure in place for us as a humanity to change the nature of entertainment to one with a program that is best for all always. And, why would every parent accept their child to be taught anything less than to become the best human possible? We all know that we’re programmed in numerous ways where the outcome for the human is set to the tune of profit and greed and as a result, we’re literally creating our own extinction. It’s time to get real with a practical solution and one that Equal Money Capitalism will offer in a world where everyone’s basic living needs will always be taken care of.

The Reward:

We stop benefiting from the death of Life. We stop war and we stop killing. We become the best we can be because we are no longer putting a price tag on expressing and living and giving and receiving. We begin to for the first time hear and communicate effectively with our children where they know without a doubt that we see them, we hear them and we protect them. We become a living example of how the human Can Stop thoughts – which fuel emotions and feelings, which up till now have manifested and created the worst possible consequences – to one that supports life according to what’s best for All.


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Day 72: Vanishing act

Art by: Anna Brix Thomsen

Today my partner had to work all day which is something he sometime’s has to do on Saturday’s. However the pattern I’ve often walked because of him having to work a day on the weekend, was always a negative energetic pattern, where I would feel sorry for myself for having to ‘sit at home alone’ – lol, to write that just now was odd in that it never did make any sense why I always pouted and basically threw a tantrum for such a thing.

However, it was a pattern that I can also remember my mom existing as as well when my dad had to work overtime at his job. So, today it was very cool when my partner got home and it was only then that I realized I had not had one moment all day of any occurring thought patterns or feelings of ‘poor me’.

When we first moved to the country over 4 years ago, a day alone on the week-end would send me as my mind as consciousness into a fit, and I have applied much self-forgiveness to assist myself to stop it. So, I’m very grateful for Self-forgiveness and Desteni I Process and the cool opportunity to stop and redesign myself free from living life as such draining patterns, and to be able to just enjoy the presence of myself walking the Journey to Life. My partner certainly appreciated the vanishing act of that particular character of me as well.

I know one thing that I never really understood before. Which is that human beings can change themselves if they apply themselves through self-forgiveness and self-honesty. And within that we give ourselves the ability to be able to direct ourselves to change our world according to what’s best for All. Which is as it should have been all along.

Day 10: Ways and Means of Money

Everyone has a story. When you hear or read someone’s story, it’s usually very easy to see yourself within it. The most common point within everyone’s story is each one’s ‘ways and means’ of making money in order to survive. My story and your story are individually different, yet, they’re the same. We’re both trying to survive and in order to survive, we have to do what? Have a way and the means to earn Money.

It’s the very core and nature of who and what we’ve become. Everyone’s doing it – trying to survive. You have your way and I have mine, but at the end of the day, we’re all the same. Existing in and as a never ending rat race toward an invisible finish line ending only in death. The odd thing is, we more often will blame anything and everything for the ways and means we go about trying to survive – except for the Inequality within and as our Current Capitalistic Money System.

Consider we don’t have to exist this Way – Commit yourself to investigating an actual Solution: Equal Money.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to constantly think about how I gotta change my way of living cause the blues is all I see as I struggle to give meaning to how and why I’m here.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to believe that I can’t change the ways and means in how I exist day in and day out searching/seeking to find a piece of myself in all that I have to finish before I can punch the time clock and go home.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to become possessed and obsessed with myself for the things I’ve not done today and for the ways I behave just to make it through the day to earn the means to survive the ways of barely surviving.

I forgive myself for the things I’ve done as a means of supporting myself within a system that weighs one against the other in comparing who has what, who’s done the most and who is winning.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to always search for the way and meaning of myself through my God as Money.

I forgive myself for seeing the struggle of my neighbor and instead of assisting and supporting them I judged and gossiped about the fact that they didn’t have enough money to feed their children and I ridiculed them for not having a better paying job – instead of realizing that the pain and suffering of another reflects us Every-Body as who we are through and as the very blood/life running through our veins in all that we’ve denied and abdicated ourselves from as life as the means and the way to bring an end to pain and suffering and to act accordingly in producing the results for and as a life where all living being exist in dignity in respect to/as and of life itself of which we are all equally responsible for.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to become so caught up in the illusion of life and of living through money that I didn’t see the how human beings are suffering and starving even if they’re right in front of me.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to become so accustomed to working and paying bills that I didn’t stop to consider that life is Not supposed to be this way.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to ‘not have the time’ as I passed by another instead of seeing/realizing and understanding that in my ‘lack of time state of mind’ as I passed another by, I am actually passing by the reflections/parts of me.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist within a parasitic nature where I’ve become dependent upon relationships according to how the relationship assists me in surviving within this GODFORSAKEN world.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see/realize and understand that in allowing Money to Manipulate me, I will manipulate myself and others within my world.

I forgive myself for existing every day in the hopes of finding a better job instead of realizing that life is an expression – Not a JOB.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see/realize and understand that in being a slave to money, then money will become the slavery of the world.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define who I am and how others will act toward me according to the amount of money I have.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be trapped and enslaved and controlled in an abusive relationship with Money.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to see the world and not see me, therefore I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to be directed as consciousness – instead of me directing me within and as self-honesty in seeing/realizing and understanding that there is No other choice but to Stand In The Way of consciousness and Stopping the Means through which consciousness moves as the mind and manipulates through and as our Current Money System as the Deadliest Act Allowed and Followed of All Time as the Ways and Means of Ego, Corruption and Greed.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to in my fight for survival constantly compete in conflict with others and in doing so only considering what’s best for me instead of considering What’s Best for All. I Stop. I Breathe.

I forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand the extent of which competition and conflict exist within our world in and as our current money system wherein the distribution of inequality is based upon profit and gain in the Ways we are stripping our Earth of it’s Life Giving Means.

Art By Anna Brix Thomsen

I commit myself to stop worrying about what I’ve perceived as my problems, my money, my life, and my relationships and instead I commit myself to directing myself to considering and educating myself to see/realize and understand what is really going on within this entire world and humanity as a whole.

I commit myself to daily writing, self-forgiveness, walking and accumulating myself in an effective manner, supporting others as a living example in and as creating a world that’s best for all.

I commit myself to walking solutions that consider everyone and everything and to focus on that which will make a difference to the Life of Humanity.

I commit myself to stopping fear and standing in support of nature, earth, water and plants through and as gratefulness.

I commit myself to earth myself that I may be rebirthed to life and live my life as the extension of the earth as the hand of my maker that see that all life is given equally from the storehouse of life which is the earth. – Bernard Poolman

I commit myself to standing one and equal as these words.

From Brain science, new questions about free will – Solution: ‘The Desteni I Process’

Science is beginning to prove how we are controlled by our thoughts, feelings and emotions as shared in a July 2010 article of ‘World Science’.  Where their research validates concerns and casts doubts on common human feelings, and questions our perception in believing that we have any, if no free will.  The article goes on to say that, "our subconscious thoughts can manipulate our goals and motivations much more than scientists ever imagined -  also proving that the human brain is often steps ahead of its owner".  Because the brain prepares actions/reactions well before any self awareness of the thought patterns instruct us to act according to and as them.

They show how our motivation to­ward a goal arise just from seeing words and their patterns with­out us being aware of our participation:  “S­tu­dents were seated at a ta­ble to work on two seem­ingly un­re­lat­ed lan­guage puz­zles.  For some stu­dents, the first puz­zle in­clud­ed words re­lat­ed to achieve­ment (such as win or achieve), and for oth­ers it did not. Stu­dents who were ex­posed to achieve­ment words were found to out­per­form the oth­ers on the sec­ond puz­zle.”They further present a theory based on the idea that the hu­man brain is de­signed for ac­tion, con­tin­u­ously and subconsciously processing information relevant to our accepted and allowed behaviors, so that it is con­stantly ready to ‘in­struct’ its own­er how to deal with oppor­tun­i­ties and chal­lenges posed by our environment.  The theory re­veals just how thoroughly our un­con­scious, subconscious and conscious mind as thought patterns, permeate and control us within our ev­eryday lives in which we are not even aware of. 

Personally, I don’t require proof from science.  I’ve been studying and applying the material within ‘The Desteni I Process’.  They were the first in recognizing the abusiveness of our thought constructs and our word predetermination patterns as well as how we suppress ourselves within and as feelings and emotions, and the tools they offer assist one to realize the facts for themselves. They provide assistance to stop the designs of which we are controlled, so that we are able to redesign ourself step by step.  It has been a simple investment in myself whereby applying the tools -  I am able to assist myself as well as others to do the same.  In the process, I am able to earn a stable and profitable income providing for me and my family – free from the daily grind of the matrix.  Prove it for yourself!

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From brain science, new questions about free will

Forgiving past CON-Cyst-in-Sees as me – With ‘Desteni I Process’

Aldous Huxley is quoted saying:  "Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely consistent people are dead."  This sums up the nature of humanity quite well. The word CON-Cyst-in-See, is a fascinating word that I have lived as according to and as the ‘Cons’ of life in which I have agreed upon, allowed and acted as.  ‘Cyst’, is representative of a cell or cavity enclosing  and/or encapsulating as reproductive bodies and the most physically destructive ones are the ones we are not able to ‘See’.  They develop within our physical body as capsule like substances which can form a resistant covering.  I use to transcribe for a group of pathologists, and in the beginning it was required that I watch as they carefully dissected specimens taken both from within and out of the human physical body. First I was surprised because the most frequent dissections were those of cysts.  The statistics then were 60% of the daily patient load – that has since increased to 75%!

I am grateful to be walking ‘The Desteni I Process’, which is assisting me to understand how deeply ingrained the ‘cystems’ are that we exist as in this world according to how we hold into us so much suppression as we participate within our mind to such a degree that we manifest obstruction against our physical body.  The resistance we’ve created is constricting us as we have existed as patterns of constructs within our mind – when, if not forgiven and released our physical body begins to manifest as cysts.  How awesome it would have been to have had the material when I was transcribing the pathology reports because as you apply yourself in the material,  you begin to realize how you’ve CONstructured patterns of Con-cyst-in-see’s against your physical body.  The material assists you to forgive yourself from the Cystematic patterns from within  – releasing the way of consistent self-conformity of previous attitudes, behaviors, practices, identities and beliefs according to and as Mind Consciousness Systems.  It is has been a fascinating discovery to walk, and one in which I recommend embracing. I almost forgot to mention – as your walking the Desteni I Process, there is an added Bonus, because you will also be providing yourself and your family a stable and reliable Income as well!  Contact me and I will explain all the cool details!


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We can in every moment of breath clearly ask ourselves, how are we standing in agreement and accordance to and as the facts in which we see and understand in self-honesty – how our current physical reality as this world exists within our Current Money CYSTem is manifesting abuse to and towards all life.

This I ask myself:   Am I  practicing self-honesty within and as compassion, self-responsibility, reliability, compatibility and consistency in redesigning and directing myself within and as a quality of design which will uphold all living beings here forever into eternity according to and as ‘The Principle of Equality’?  Am I ‘consistently’ considering in every moment of breath what is best for all and acting accordingly within and as my physical body and our physical reality?
Will you Forgive Yourself and Stand with me as me as All as One as Equal in Support of All Living Beings?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to live the consistency of and as a mind consciousness system as I existed in fear where I became weak in front of crowds and/or speaking up for another in fear of loss and/or disapproval which is nothing more than the calculation of and as a mind construct according to an idea of myself that I accepted and allowed as a destructive nature to direct me. I stop. I breathe.  I direct me here according to and as The Principle of Equality where I am willing to risk everything as who I am in order for all living beings to live a life in dignity as All as One as Equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as a destructive obstacle  and/or hindrance of consistency as I existed in polarity to and towards my physical body and all living beings here within and as this physical reality as I repeatedly sought for attention and approval from others in an attempt to pacify myself within my own justifications and blame according to the fear of facing myself within how and what I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as.  Instead I stand to uphold and direct myself according to what is best for all in all ways according to the Equality Equation within and as a consistency of self which is Supportive of all Living beings.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take life for granted of and as the physical body reality of others to include all life here as I sought to achieve more money than others where I didn’t consider the polarity point in that in order for me to eat another will not eat because in order for one to have another has to do without. I stop. I breathe.  I face myself in self-honesty and I stand in support of an Equal Money System so that all living beings may exist here in dignity as all as one as Equal.

Support an Equal Money System – Stop the inconsistencies of exclusiveness within our current money system – which is consistently non-supportive of all life here.

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Stopping Monetary Baggage–With ‘The Desteni I Process’

James Arthur Baldwin is quoted saying: "Money, it turned out, was exactly like sex, you thought of nothing else if you didn’t have it and thought of other things if you did."   What are we really thinking about when we’re thinking about money?  Perhaps we think about what we can buy as well as what we can’t buy because we don’t have enough and then we think about what we’re planning to buy when we have more money.  We then discuss the careers with others that bring us money and the expenses that take it away. We also think and then talk about our favorite shops and restaurants, the places we’ve been and seen.  All this and more while we exist in our mind thinking about money – and then we continue to talk and talk about ways in which we can make it all real for us. 

However, if you’ve noticed when we’re talking with another about money – we talk about everything except ‘money itself’.  In daily life, money is still a major conversational taboo. People will talk and talk about ‘things’ they want to have and places they want to see – but they don’t really talk directly about ‘money’.  I have personally had many people tell me that money is not that important to them and they won’t even consider who they would be if they had enough money to provide for themselves.  If you have money, people will listen to you, because at least you can buy their attention, if only for a moment.  Ask a woman who is married to a rich man but is constantly complaining about not being happy, why she doesn’t just leave, she’ll tell you that she loves him and wants to work on the relationship. She’ll swear to you that it’s not about the money.

I use to volunteer for a shelter for abused women. It’s interesting because people who are abused do not have a problem telling you that they stayed because they couldn’t afford to leave.  The saying ‘money can’t buy happiness’, is like a double edged sword covered in polarity because it sure enough buys you food, clothes and shelter and will cause you to stay where you wouldn’t, if it were ‘your money’. 

My story is really very simple – The Desteni I Process is assisting me to Stop the Monetary Baggage I’ve existed as.  I never realized just how much baggage I was carrying around with regards to how I existed within my mind according to my beliefs and ideas regarding money.  I can see how applying ‘The Desteni I Process’ has and will continue to be the perfect investment that I have given to myself.  Investigate and see how you will be providing an awesome gift for yourself as well as you can begin to provide a stable and reliable income for yourself and your family while you’re assisting others to do the same. I am enjoying myself and you will to.

Desteni I process

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Leave a comment and/or Contact me, and I will share further how ‘The Desteni I Process’ as well as SRA is assisting and providing for me a future where I will become financially stable within a world that isn’t providing for all.

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