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Assistance from Falcor the Australian Water Dragon


Two weeks ago, I watched a video named, ‘My Australian Water Dragon – Falcor‘, William Cuff is sharing and holding Falcor – who is roughly 12 years old. Recently I stumbled upon the video again and I noticed immediately how gorgeous Falcor is and, I pondered how had I not actually noticed Falcor before. William says clearly how he’s had Falcor for over 10 years.  Now that is pretty cool and yet, I didn’t hear him say that the first time I watched, so where the hell was I?  Assistance for self is always here.

I was in ‘acceptance’, according to ‘knowledge and information’. The sight of Falcor triggered the memory of my ex-husband who had reptiles when we were married.  I was also walking a mind construct through Desteni I Process in which I had been investigating a similar memory.  I accepted myself to participate in the thoughts and in that moment, I became that memory. The memory itself is just the information/distraction point but, therein lies entrapment, if I allow it.

It’s a memory pattern I’ve walked before where there’s no real meaning except to prevent me from facing myself within everything that I’ve accepted and allowed within this physical reality and, to provide the necessary compounded suppression which manifests outflows of me as a resonance pattern of self fear  -  which manifests as thoughts and/or emotions where I ‘fear rejection’ from others within my world.

The interesting point here to see for self is how ‘rejection of self’ is born in such an acceptance because, as we reject our world we are rejecting ourselves and standing in separation from all here in time. Our participation and our willingness to participate is the acceptance of self that is of ‘self interest’ so we’re trapped in the damn line of doin time = fear of rejection from others = rejection of self = fear of self = suppression = depression, self-manipulation, self-justification, self-judgment, etc., etc. Compounding and suppressing self…Is it any wonder we can’t remember what we had for dinner 2 weeks ago? 

When ‘self-interest’ is stopped, it’s amazing because ‘fear of rejection’, it just stops. You begin to see how ‘fear of rejection’ is the outflow of consequences for self to realize and self-correct.

‘Self Acceptance’ is when we accept nothing less than what is best for all and what is best for all is when we stop ‘self-interest’ and become aware of our breathing.  When we stop all participation in thoughts, feelings and/or emotions – we begin to live according to what’s best for all and, in doing so we’re living according to what’s best for self, which is here, one and equal to what’s best for all.  Thus, we hear and accept each other as ourselves.

Self-honest self-expression will then begin.  It’s a process. Stop means stop participating. Breathe and blog, become aware of what triggers thoughts/feelings/emotions and apply self forgiveness.  Discover the power of self-honesty as self-expression, where our oneness comes forth as we live our words as who we are as all as one as equal.

"Desteni I Process" is how I’ve been able to become better equipped and effective in my awareness of self through acquiring and applying the tools to be able to release what has been dishonest acceptance of myself.  It’s very cool to see for yourself how in the process of stopping ‘self-interest’, we stop our ‘fear of rejection’ and, instead stand in support of all living beings within the ‘Principle of Equality’.
Special thanks to
Desteni I Process, William and Falcor

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