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Day 19: The Good Samaritan

I had a realization while standing in line at the grocery store today when I overheard a couple of women chatting it up with a man about what a ‘Good Samaritan‘ he was.

I was looking at how we as humans act – which is within the starting point of self-interest, and, that’s an alarming point to face within self. Yet, if we look in self-honesty, at how even when we refer to acting in the ‘best interest’ of – what are we really doing? We’re always only looking out for the interest of ourselves. The same applies in our reference to someone as being the ‘Good Samaritan’ and/or ‘heroic’ acts – it’s all self-interest driven. Everything we do, every move we make is ultimately for our own personal gain.

An example is how humans react when coming upon a car accident – how when one sees an individual lying on the pavement, bloody and barely moving, as we inch our way closer – what are we actually thinking about? Obviously most people will offer assistance, but have we considered why we’re acting in the way that we do? Is there a motive, and if so, what is it? It’s self-interest… Some will say they have no such motive, but many Psychologists will disagree and studies have proved that humans are self-interest motivated.

I’ve seen within myself, how it is – we see someone in distress – we experience emotions of distress, such as fear, shock and/or worry, which causes an unpleasant emotional arousal within us, which leads us to what? We have an urge, a want to increase our own well being which we know will decrease our distress level – and the way to do that is to reduce the other person’s distress. Meaning that to assist another in distress is in fact only a means to reducing our own distress. What does all this actually mean? That the motivated behavior is really only self-interest in disguise. And, are we showing ourselves an important point of ourself we’ve avoided in seeing?

Thomas Hobbes, a 17th Century English philosopher, wrote how human beings have always acted from ego and self-interest. Hobbes himself on one occasion was seen giving money to a beggar and when asked why, he said that he was trying to relieve his own discomfort at seeing the beggar in need.

In our self-interest driven, incessant need to please ourself – we’re missing a key point and one that we don’t like seeing. Which is – we’re very much conditioned to react according to the mind as consciousness and, as it turns out, our programming from childhood and within society is pre-programmed and flawed in it’s very nature. Maybe it’s just what we’ve accepted and yet, is Not who we really are?

We don’t really require good Samaritans, heroes and/or saviors. And, we don’t have to continue to exist within the polarity of good/bad, right/wrong and positive/negative. What we can do is – we can Stop our thoughts and our participation as them.

Stopping our thoughts is actually easy when we breathe and realize we can. We can write our thoughts down and have a look at how we’re existing as them and then, we forgive ourselves for accepting and allowing self-interest/ego and greed to control and manipulate us to the point where we’ve not considered walking in the shoes of another.

We can forgive who and what we’ve believed about ourselves because the truth is, we’re just waiting for ourselves to remember who we All are, which is Equal and One as Life here on Earth.

We can assist ourselves as a humanity, and in self-honesty, we can come together and bring about a world the way we realize it can be – heaven on earth. We decide and we move ourselves in agreement together til life here is how we create it to be where Life is breathed, lived and experienced according to what’s best for all.

Join us in our Journey to Life

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist in self-interest/ego and greed wherein my thoughts and desires were based on what I could be, get and have as more than others – instead of considering walking in the shoes of another and realizing how life will be when all life is free living according to what’s best for all.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to take life for granted because I wanted to be of special interest to everyone, instead of realizing that in my seeking validation from others I was forsaking myself and rising in debt – instead of standing up for and as all within and as living for real the words love thy neighbor as thyself.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to be debt ridden in fear and anguish to/towards our world that I all but gave up on – instead of realizing that to give up on the world is to give up on me because the world exists as it is because of me as a part of me as humanity that has sat by and watched as others have suffered and died needlessly – instead of realizing that I am equally responsible and I have the ability to stand together peacefully as a group and assist in bringing about a world that is best for all through one man, one vote with an Equal Money System.

I commit myself to standing within a clearer understanding of myself as who I am and what I’m accepting and allowing within this world and to face the fears of me that are not so pretty so that the babies born unto this world will know a world free from suffering/pain and starvation and within this I realize that I require nothing less than self-honesty and self-forgiveness and within that, I/We together as a Group can create Heaven on Earth.

I commit myself to asking myself daily who I am and how am I moving myself and is it in a way that will benefit all life in supporting a system where all life is valued equally in all ways.

I commit myself to begin my day breathing instead of judging and breathing instead of reacting and breathing instead of hating and breathing and stopping self-interest and breathing instead of acts of ego and greed and breathing instead of justifying why I can’t face me, instead I breathe so I am able to face me in self-honesty and self-forgiveness as I commit myself to moving myself walking as breath as life as all as one as equal creating heaven on earth.

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Beggars In The House Of Plenty

“Both begging and child labor are illegal, although like many laws in Lebanon, these are seldom enforced. It is not uncommon to see street children begging or selling items in full view of police officers who do nothing, largely because there are few official channels through which to handle the children if they are caught.” From: ‘The lost children of Lebanon’s streets’.

What do you see when you drive down any congested street in your country? Drive down any congested street in Beirut on any given day and no matter the weather you will see children running in between cars hoping to be given a way of living for the day. Imagine what that says: ‘Forgive me for requiring you to give in order that I may survive the day.’

Imagine that we as humanity must be asked such a thing, as it is actually a given, it’s common sense…

Most of the children barely reach the windows of the cars their hoping to earn money from. As they tap on the car window and one sees their dirty face and hands as well as their barefeet – how their dressed in mismatched and/or torn clothing. How is this allowed? This is not a made up story.

What hand-out would you give the children who run from car to car looking for money so maybe they can eat for the day. Be sure, your handout will not be enough. The small amount of money given only further exploits the current situation. A solution is required that will bring an end to daily struggles once and for all.

Have we asked ourselves what chance for a future does a child have when he starts his life as the beggar for the mother who may or may not be using him as a ploy to incite sympathy to receive money in order to survive. What role will this child play in our society because he’s become a role model/reflection according to what we accept and allow. What can be expected of a child, who, for his whole life has been taught to lie, manipulate, beg and steal in order to survive? It is estimated that there are over 100,000 child workers just in Lebanon alone, where approximately 20% are Lebanese and the rest are of foreign or mixed origin. In self-honesty, one is able to see that in our race to survive we’ve created hell here according to that which we accept and allow to exist within ourselves.

Imagine a world where desperate children no longer exist anywhere. If anyone amongst us has more than enough food to survive the day – then there is no purpose for beggars to exist in the house of plenty because our world, has more than plenty to provide here for everyone.

Stop exposing children to the abuse which manifests from how and who we are accepting and allowing ouselves to be through ‘fear of facing self’ and, through ‘fear of survival’. How can we continue to allow such atrocity to exist anywhere within our world? That is the question to ask. And, See how simple the solution is. It’s a Given – One Man, One Vote – that of Equal Money.

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