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Day 123: God’s Will Is A LIE

After an evening with my partner, watching a movie, the following Self-forgiveness was inspired while hearing the numerous ‘praise & worship’songs scattered throughout the movie.

I forgive myself for not realizing how what I was looking for – when I submitted to the character of and as my mind as the ‘take me just as I am mindset’ – was that of hope in something greater than the perception I had of myself, thus, I pretended to not see the bloodshed of thousands upon thousands who suffer and die daily as I justified death as “The Will of God“, because the fact is blood is shed in our acceptance of our world/money system which glorifies profit over that which is real as our Physical Body and our Earth as this Physical “Reality, therefore, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe the love of God made me ‘special’, ‘just as I am’, not realizing that when Man speaks, God speaks, because “The Will of God” is “The Will of Man”, as the creator of our reality, as the choices we accept and allow.

I forgive myself for not realizing that the lamb of God was like a guilt offering that I sought for to relieve me of my own guilt for abdicating myself from life within the beLIEf that “The Will of God” would redeem me from that which I feared the most which was me as my mind as consciousness, thus, I forgive myself for not realizing that “The Will of God” is actually the will of the mind as consciousness and another word for ownership and possession wherein our secret mind we allow ourselves to manipulate relationships to gain more money as possessions within feelings and emotions and experiences where we boost our ego and then refer to what we accomplish as “The Will of God.”

I forgive myself for not realizing that when I praised “The Will of God”, I was actually praising the illusions of and as my Mind and desensitizing myself to the reality of how life exists within an abusive world/money system and as long as I accepted “The Will of God” as real, then I could momentarily avoid facing myself and my responsibility, and for awhile I was able to avoid myself and ignore the suffering and pain of others, until one day I could not, thus I see, realize and understand that eventually we can no longer run from that which we are, and inevitably we will have to face who we’ve become as our mind as ego, self-interest and greed, thus to see little by little how everything we’ve ever believed in, has been a LIE, and we let go and we Stop and we breathe. We forgive ourself and we realize that we can no longer live the Lie, thus, I commit myself to stop fighting for Life and to instead Support Life in Supporting Equal Money.

I commit myself to have the courage to live self-honesty and to show that if I’m able to stop and face myself and support a world according to what’s best for All, then anyone can.

I commit myself to Stop “The Will of God“, which is Man as Greed, Self-interest and Ego, and to show how the only valid purpose for being here is to establish a world that is best for All Life in All ways.

I commit myself to show how the lies we’ve taught our children – including those with regards to “The Will of God” – throughout our history enforces reactions to fear and survival and how in an Equal Money System children will be taught common sense life skills according to what’s best for All.

I commit myself to show how when profit is taken out of the equation and we produce goods and services within the starting point of what’s best for All life, including nature, animals and our physical reality of/as planet earth, we’ll see how with Equal Money – there will never be a reason for anybody to suffer at the hands of profit and/or self-interest and greed.

I commit myself to show how Equal Money will for the first time in the History of Man provide effective support for our Physical bodies and our Physical Reality.

I commit myself to show how the “Will of Self as Life” wherein All Life exists according to that which is Best for All is the Desteni of MANKIND.

“I commit myself to show that Jesus understood the Word as Life as Living flesh, but also understood that the Human was Not Ready to Realize until all is Lost, and the End of Life is Certain. We have Reached that Time – and Each will Face a Final choice which will be proven as the Living Flesh and Only those as the Living Flesh that Live what is Best for All Life as Neighbours, will enter Life.” ~ Bernard Poolman

Day 32: Releasing the Cloud of Consciousness Personas

For almost a week now I’ve had a sore throat, a head cold, occasional chills within my physical body, and now a fever. It’s strange to describe what’s been moments of brain fog which is actually moments of me unaware of myself as breath. As I’ve been breathing and pushing myself through to finish my current SRA lesson – which is a ‘keeping score mind construct’, which is also assisting me to see how I’ve been suppressing myself within a fear of expressing myself, which I’m sure is how my physical symptoms have accumulated. Which brings up an interesting point – the only way that I’m able to exist in fear of expressing myself and thus suppressing myself – is when I’m existing in self-interest… With fever came assistance and clarity, the cloud/fog of consciousness is clearing within my awareness of me breathing in self-forgiveness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that when I exist within self-interest I am suppressing myself and existing in and as the polarities of negative and positive where I seek experiences of myself through deliberate friction/conflict as manipulation, thus, I fabricate who I am in an attempt to win the approval of others when actually I’m only seeking approval from myself as my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to impress and/or please others due to a fear of what others will think of me, thus, I deliberately uphold and maintain a particular persona of myself in an attempt to subdue fear within myself to/toward others and I secretly behave through the direction of my mind seeking approval.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to walk as specific personas in how I change internally through the mind consciousness system to please the fear inside myself to how/what I believe others may think/want of me and/or how they may see me, to such an extent that my mannerisms, my voice tonality, my complete actions and behaviors, decisions and choices are according to the persona I have created in relation to how/what I see/believe that others like, which I’ve accumulated myself as knowing, through association with others through time. Therefore, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to manipulate myself and others in an attempt to make my own fear of facing myself feel better.

I forgive myself for what I see is the same pattern of accepted and allowed emotions of ‘feeling sorry for myself’ and/or more appropriately a negative experience of myself that I’ve walked as before, where my mind as consciousness attempts to CONvince me that the process of life on earth is a race, a competition – when in fact I have proved to myself over and over that I am capable of stopping and facing and directing myself here in self-honesty and self-corrective application and to breathe and push through and release the brain fog of consciousness – to instead stand in support of an Equality System which will adequately support us in birthing ourselves here as life living in dignity here on earth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define who I am through polarity energy of positive and negative where when I experience myself as having a negative experience such as a feeling of depersonalization I will emerge myself in and as energetic actions on the inside giving the appearance of being something and/or someone I’m not on the outside, within the starting point of me as manipulation and abuse within friction/conflict whereas I generate a negative energy experience into a positive energy experience therefore the starting point of me as the authority of energy will equally create my existence as me within the starting point of me as energy, thus manifesting and creating harm/abuse and illness unto my physical body and this physical reality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed the energy of positive and negative friction in maintaining and upholding a persona of myself which causes damage to the tissue, cells, organs and skin of/as and within my physical body due to stress and strain that I’ve accumulated myself as throughout my life in my attempt to maintain different energies/personalities/personas.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear the diminishing/sinking of and/or the waning of myself where I have scored myself according to popularity and/or through comparing myself to and/or competing with others and where within that I pull myself into a corner within my mind and hide – instead of facing who I am and taking self-responsibility for myself as the energy I’ve consumed myself and this physical reality as.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within the fuzzy logic of the mind as consciousness in the fogginess of a head full of snot where I’m sNOT aware of myself existing in self-interest, where I forsake and/or abdicate myself from life itself and within that immerse myself in/as energy/self-interest/conflict/illness/suppression.

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to want to give up and/or throw in the towel so to speak, within the fear/belief that I’m not smart enough and/or good enough to assist and support change within this world, which is actually how I’ve always kept score within myself, according to how I ‘feel’ and how I am ‘thinking’ about myself and within a negative polarity wherein I eventually talk myself into reaching a point of positivity as a way of making myself ‘feel’ better about myself and thus continue to repeat the mind patterns of polarity in and as positive/negative energies of and as the illusion of the mind – I stop. I breathe. I continue my commitment to walk the Journey to Life and support this world as is required in order to stop the insanity we have accepted and allowed to exist here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to validate myself as consciousness through positive experiences of myself which are actually a point of getting my way in and as self-interest where self-suppression and the killing of the physical exists.

I commit myself to caring for and protecting/preserving the natural resource of/as my physical body and this physical reality through breathing whereas I trust myself to support all equally as life.

I commit myself to correcting myself as the nature of the human being as consciousness through self-forgiveness and to assist and support each and every part of myself in self-honesty to support life in a dignified manner and respect for all in equality and oneness.

I commit myself to allowing the expression of me in self-honesty according to what’s best for all to birth myself within and as an expression equal and one as life.

I commit myself to the purpose of comprehending, living and ensuring equality and oneness within our existence for and as all living beings.

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