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Polish troops cleared of war crimes after NATO atrocity kills women, kids – Humans kill as if they’re playing a video game

Murder in the name of Money–War for Profit


"The [U.S.] drone-hits in Afghanistan and Iraq don’t see children; they don’t see anybody. They kill women, they kill children. They kill everybody."  The remote-controlled drones that are being guided, mostly by computers located at the far-away headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Va., are said to be the weapons of the future, say military analyst. 

Humans kill as if they’re playing a video game.  If we’re going to kill innocent women and children, shouldn’t we at least have to look them in the eye?   This is murder, and we’re accepting and allowing it so we’re murders to…

“Thus – the mind is the very ‘thing’ within each human being of thought, feeling and emotion – that has / is manifesting and designing the unified consciousness field – look at the world at what it has become as human beings of mind as thought, feeling and emotion: Innocent children being raped, molested and abused, starvation, poverty, war, murder, violence – the barbaric nature of man as mind currently manifesting as an actual experience – humanity reflecting the very nature of the mind they have accepted and allowed themselves to become.” Bernard Poolman


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