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Day 263: It’s about Water, the Lack of it, and Complacency…

I see myself as one of the so-called ‘lucky ones’ in that we have our own well here on our land which keeps us supplied with clean, chemical free drinking water, every single day. But not today. The temperature outside got so cold last night that our water pipes froze and so we woke up to no running water this morning. The high outside today is supposed to only reach 15 degrees Fahrenheit or -9.4 Celsius, which means unthawing them will be a challenge depending on how much of our pipes are frozen.

When something like this happens to our normally well-established and quite addictive routines around here, that’s when our mind kind of,,, goes into overdrive… Our mind as consciousness is dependent upon routine and when that gets disrupted it threatens the hold our mind as consciousness has on us,  so that is why it goes into,  like a built in automated survival search, looking for something that will support an already established and much needed daily routine/program/plan.

inconvenient lack of water

So because my daily routine was interrupted – what with having no water , and water being the single most important part of my routine – it’s like, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I realized almost immediately that I needed to slow myself down, to breathe, and as I did so,  I began to ask myself some questions,  like: what if every single day I woke up to knowing that I would have no access to water, much less indoor/running water…

What would I do without clean running water? I wouldn’t be able to follow my daily alternative treatment plan that I’ve been applying every single day for 9 months, to detox and assist my physical body to rid itself of cancer. A routine that I’ve established through a self-corrective application of pushing myself every single day to walk the steps necessary to ease into a full physical recover and it requires water to be successful.

I was also aware of how the backchat in my head was quick to self-judgment and attempting to take me back to last night – to see what I could have done to avoid the pipes freezing… My backchat even had examples: I could have made sure all of our sinks had a small stream of water flowing from all the faucets – which is supposed to aid in the prevention of frozen pipes. It would have also been best if certain areas of pipe had been wrapped with heating tape for protection. These particular thoughts, they were repeating over and over in my head and I could feel myself teeter back and forth from a negative to a positive energy and it took absolute focus on my breathing to stop myself from reeling.

I had to look at the ‘bigger picture‘’, meaning: how significant really is ‘my’ so-called ‘problem’ when compared to the life-threatening situation that millions experience daily around the world.  It’s about Water and the lack of it…

There are many reasons or excuses used as to why we accept and allow more than 2.8 billion people to not have access to clean water or access to a flushing toilet. If you don’t know the facts surrounding water scarcity, then it’s time you did some research because no one should be allowed to suffer from lack of clean and safe drinking water as well as a warm home to live in and to protect oneself from any harsh temperatures.

complacencySo instead of me accepting and allowing my mind as consciousness to go on and on about me and how I’m currently experiencing myself, I Stop myself… I Breathe and accept Responsibility for the more than 2.8 billion people who have no clean water. And, if I’m to be  honest with myself, I realize that we have turned our lives over to the power of those who have all the money and quite frankly, their not sharing, so we’ve got to make sure that sharing of Earths resources are fairly distributed instead of being profited from.

So it’s time to face it, we have a Money System that functions and thrives off the suffering of others – simply because we’ve given value to money, and how having Money gives our Ego a big fat boost.   And that is something that we can no longer afford as an accepted behaviour.

When you really look at what we’re accepting, in that ‘Money is God’, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, that We, the Majority of/as Society – that we’re ok with any one of us – ‘us’ being those of us that ARE NOT filthy rich – that we would allow any one of us to live in such an unassisted way of life,  with no means of having clean water – that we’re ok with that? No way. I no longer accept living like that as the way Life on Earth is to be experienced because of Ego and our willing Complacency.

So, this slight inconvenience that I perceived myself of having – that of having to go a few hours without running water – the experience gave way for the opportunity for me to become aware of who I am in/as complacency. In fact, Not having water opened an awareness within me wherein with greater clarity I see how and why complacency does not ‘become me’, I become it, and in that understanding comes a greater ease of forgiving myself, thus gifting myself a smoother transition as I continue to walk self-corrective application…

Update: We were without Water for no more than 8 hours…


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to overlook who I am as complacency in how I go from a negative energetic emotion of anxiety and smugness to a positive energetic feeling of satisfaction, to the point where I am ok with and will accept that the human cannot change how life is experienced on Earth when in fact, I have proven to myself that self-change can and does occur when one first align their  daily routines in commitment accordingly to a Guarantee, that Everyone be given the opportunity to make a real living through designing a Living Income to ensure that no one ever again go without.

I commit myself to no longer take for granted and/or become smug/complacent in my belief that somehow I deserve to have more than another and to instead support a Living Income that will secure a guaranteed way of living that supports our physical bodies and our physical reality according to what’s best for all.

I commit myself to never forget that in order for Life to be All that it Can and Will be, requires consistency in walking with a Group and walking a self-corrective application, one that is structured according to creating a World that is Best for All, and that in doing so, we will eventually Create Heaven on Earth when/as we come together – where one by one, we take Self- Responsibility for Life itself, and Design a Money System that will Guarantee Everyone a Living Income, a Living Wage.

I commit myself to Stop who I am as how I’ve defined myself within and as the word complacency and to realize the possibilities of redefining living without deScriptions, and I commit myself to consider that ‘We’, Are that in which we’re here to be aware of regarding how and what we’re accepting and allowing with regards to how Life exists as Suffering here on Earth, and How it is ‘Us’, who Will Manifest Heaven on Earth.


“Was the creation of man, another manifestation of ourselves to be able to experience our own creation and creation (such as earth, plants and trees and animals) also being ourselves, manifestations of ourselves to support us in the experience of our own creation? Separated, look at the world today.

We have been creating on the outside, aeroplanes, jets, space crafts to travel in space, cell phones, television, electricity, computers, homes, clothes etc, yet, beings have completely forgotten about themselves. Each one on earth and heaven previously has forgotten who they are and why they’re here. Every single being in existence previously existed completely outside themselves, looking, yearning and seeking for something to fulfill them.

As computers, televisions and cell phones are being merely upgraded to even more intricate and extensive models, beings on earth as who they are is slowly but surely being destroyed. Trying to make life and their existence more bearable and livable, trying to survive, through establishing relationships and creating better technology to justify all beings’ on earth existence reason for being here. The existence of violence, molestation, abuse, killing, dishonour and disrespect towards others, beings defining themselves according to certain applications such as doctors, politicians, lawyers or businessman as being some form of attainment to success.

Beings defining themselves according to relationships, apparently the one singular desire of all beings, structuring themselves to attain some form of success for money, power and control, to make sure they have a relationship to be able to enjoy the pleasures of sex. If you honestly have to look at existence as it is existing right now, if you had one opportunity to create the world you’d like to experience as yourself, would this be all there is to it? Have a look at to what extent we have separated and limited ourselves within our own creation. Beings are only existing for the attainment of power, money, manipulation, relationships, sex etc. and why? I have an answer for that: To be able to survive in this reality. Our existence has become that of survival.

This is the point I am making. We have forgotten how to create as who we are, to express ourselves (expression being creation which goes hand in hand) as creators, and we have allowed ourselves to limit, suppress and degrade ourselves to the one simple action of survival. Not knowing or remembering who we are, where we come from, how we got here and the reason for us being here. To the extent where we won’t even consider it possible that we are actually the creators of all existence. Clearly through the application of all beings in existence we are clearly able to see that we are destroying not only ourselves, but also our creation. We are all so lost, lost in ideas, perceptions, multiple amounts of beliefs etc. We have swinged our applications around completely. Have a look at the world today.” ~ Alice A Bailey – From Consciousness to Awareness – Part 2



Living Income Guaranteed

2012 – Life and Debt

For anyone who is wondering why the third world is erupting in protest and violence, watch the documentary Life and Debt.

Educate yourself in what you don’t know and see for yourself the effects of globalization.

The country of Jamaica’s long-term indebtedness to the IMF has contributed to the erosion of local agriculture and industry and the things we hear in the documentary from the farmers and factory workers, whose livelihoods have been undermined, is shocking to say the least.

The contract that the IMF imposed upon Jamaica is a chilling reminder of the level of greed and crookery in which our world systems and leaders thrive upon. For example, we see how to get a $50,000,000 loan, Jamaica had to agree to relinquish the right to control their imports in any way. So with imports coming in, there is no market for products from local farmers. American powdered milk is an example, subsidized at 137%, it undercuts fresh milk produced in Jamaica (even though powdered milk is more expensive to produce), and has destroyed the local dairy industry.

The restrictions on local subsidies and imports are so many in fact that it’s been quite the rape on the people and the land because the people in Jamaica, can’t even afford to eat locally-grown food because low-quality imports are so much cheaper to buy.

The cycle of debt within our current money system makes it increasingly difficult for any small island nation to achieve economic sovereignty, or even food sovereignty, all the while making it easier and cheaper for foreigners to enjoy the country and benefit from its resources. The truth is – we are all responsible for crimes such as this to continue in and as our current money system, and if we don’t understand how, then it’s time we sit down and educate ourselves to understand how, so we can stop it.

We’re going to have to dismantle the things that we’ve always thought as socially important and begin to understand how control continues through the mechanism of debt and begin to redesign a system that does not tolerate abuse to any living being.

I support the solution of a One Man One Vote Equal Money System – which will peacefully bring an end to the policies of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, our current Monetary System and other aid organizations – all of which are nothing more than cleverly disguised plans to benefit the rich in order to maintain control and power through money where profit over life and privatization depend upon the poor to even exist.

I encourage everyone to watch and share this film as it is beautiful on so many levels simply because it allows life to be seen as it really is, as opposed to what we want to believe life is.

The following is the transcription from part of the documentary. An interview with, Michael Manley, Prime Minister of Jamaica (1972–1980, 1989–1992)

“To understand the International Monetary Fund it is best to go back to history. We come to 1944, the war is coming near to an end. The allies were determined not to have the war finish and end up in the mess of the 1930’s. The key institution setup was the IMF (International Monetary Fund), and the purpose of the fund was to have a bank they could turn to for short term borrowing to serve the short term trading interests of the winners of the war. At the same time they set up the world bank to provide capital for the rebuilding of Europe. You have to remember what we now know as the third world didn’t exist. There were a few major powers each of which had a large empire. We had no voice, we had no presense, you were just part of somebody else’s power structure. You ask who’s interest, ask the question, ‘who set it up’.

Countries like Jamaica found that when they became free, they soon were in every kind of financial problem because they didn’t have the economic strength to, shall we say, make it on their own. They needed time to build economies that could then make it in the world. When you see what all the food from abroad costs, you realize that the food production to feed ourselves in Jamaica, is not only a matter of opportunity for you, is a matter of survival for the nation.

Comes 1973, there is a world convulsion caused by the oil price increases. All of a sudden we are having to find sums of money we never dreamed of before just to make ends meet. Now, what can you do. First of all you go to the private banking system and you say, well can I get a private banking loan because I’m strapped for cash, I need some support and I’m having trouble paying my overseas bills. Bare in mind, this is a country literally beginning to unravel, because it cannot finance what it needs. Because you can’t have no penicillin in the hospital, you can’t have no wheat to make bread.

What you really need is to set down with them (the IMF) and say look can I work out a five year program. And in the meantime I’m strapped for some cash so can you help me up front get out of the cash bind and then put it in the context of a long term development plan. And they say No. Long term development is your problem. We are here only to see who do you owe the money to, why you are in a bind and we lend you some money in a very short time frame at full interest rate to get you out of the bind. And they then impose upon you tremendous restrictions in what you can spend. And you say to them, but if I do it that way, when I finish repaying you, I’m going to be in the bind all over because this can’t solve my problem. They say, not our problem.” – Michael Manley, Prime Minister of Jamaica (1972–1980, 1989–1992)