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Day 170: Postponement is a Bitch

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I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to within and as the postponement character – which I began when I was a child – to accept and allow one thought/image which I followed and accepted as a sort of alternate reality within me, where I so much feared that I was missing out on something – because I wasn’t able to ‘do what I wanted to do’ which was play with my friends because of the chores my mom gave me to do – that within myself I accepted and allowed a pattern where I hurried through and did a half ass job just so I could get to doing ‘what I wanted to do’, and how within that self-accepted pattern I quickly became comfortable with myself as the postponement character, thus throughout my life I have hurried through specific tasks so that I could just ‘get done’ so I could go do what ‘I wanted to do’ and as that, I wasn’t aware of how I followed a thought/image further into and as my mind and imagined how long it would take for me to complete whatever task was ‘supposedly’ keeping me from doing ‘what I wanted to do’, and how I would imagine how the task and/or the ‘negative’ experience was going to play out and then within my mind, I would change up the whole scenario and imagine myself has having the complete opposite experience of myself, one that would create a positive energy feeling within me, and all the while I would be hurrying up to complete the task so that I could have a feel good experience which I had already played out within my mind, and within all that, I never realized that I was actually postponing who I am within every aspect of who I am and who I have become because not once did I take self-responsibility for myself and for who and how I exist as within abd as our current world/money system.

When and as I see myself becoming the postponement character where within my mind I am busy in thoughts and in my imagination seeing and comparing different ways and scenarios of how I may or may not experience myself as either positive or negative, I stop, I breathe.

I commit myself see, realize and understand that accepting and allowing myself to participate in thoughts/images and imagination where I create a positive and/or negative experience, is nothing more than me entertaining me as my mind with energy and thus, never actually existing here in awareness of me in/as breath practically, physically walking and contributing in any way within and as what is real here as my physical body and physical reality/world/existence.

I commit myself to stop who I have existed as as the postponement character because I see, realize and understand that I will remain exactly who I am as my mind until I make the decision to face myself and take self-responsibility for who and what I have become, as what i have existed as within, and thus have manifested as our outer world/reality/existence, thus, in order to change the abuse within and as our/my world/reality/existence, requires that I first change me within in and as self-honesty.

When and as I see myself becoming the postponement character where within my mind I’m reliving the memory where I’ve defined myself according to the words; ‘girls just wanna have fun’, I stop, I breathe – I see realize and understand that I have taken the idea of life as being and having fun to a level that is not only unrealistic but is actually the edge of insanity, insanity that can be witnessed throughout our world, where while we’re demanding to have our fun and existing in our self-absorbed mind/physical world, we completely ignore the massive amount of abuse and turmoil that thousands upon thousands of children/animals/people are living with daily – which puts a whole new perspective on how far we will go just so we can entertain ourselves as our mind no matter the extent of suffering all around us within and as our world/reality/existence.   I commit myself to stop.