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A Tree Is Known by Its Fruit?

St. Luke 6:42-43: “For every tree is known by his own fruit, for a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit, and vice versa”

This scripture/quote, whatever one call it – is a perfect example of the human Not taking self responsibility. For instance, when one plant a garden, what then? Common sense is, in order for the garden to grow, it must receive adequate care such as water and food. Who’s responsible for the plants environment if it doesn’t receive what it requires to produce the most luscious of fruit? I am. How can one possibly say that the tree/plant is good or bad? When in fact it’s a product of the accepted and allowed environment it’s planted in.

The knowledge of good/evil gives way for excuses to not take self-responsibility for how our environment/world exist. We can’t plant a garden and hope it will produce to it’s potential without action and proper sustenance . A tree that bringeth forth corrupt fruit is the same as the child dying of starvation while trying to survive their environment. Look at starvation closely, it exists according to a money system where all life is not given the basic requirements to survive.

We are producing that which we exist as. WE are the trees and our actions as self are the fruit. Is our actions as self, producing fruit according to what’s best for all?

Stop participating in thoughts, opinions, judgments, and energetic feeling experiences – all of which entrap us within and as our own manifested prison of enslavement which is controlled and manipulated through our current money system. Let’s plant the tree of life inside ourself first in self honesty – experiencing the fruit of self-responsibility for and as all life.

Support an Equal Money System and we’ll clear a path to a smoother process for everybody. Be the fruit which supports all Life.