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Will subsidies end for the ‘Rich and Famous’ in an Equal Money System?

Let’s look at an example of where millionaires in the United States receive about $30billion annually in government subsidies according to a report recently released. The 37-page report named,’Subsidies of the Rich and Famous” details government payments provided to individuals with an annual gross income of at least $1million.

“According to Wikipedia: A subsidy is assistance paid to a business or economic sector. Most subsidies are made by the government to producers or distributors in an industry to prevent the decline of that industry (e.g., as a result of continuous unprofitable operations) or an increase in the prices of its products or simply to encourage it to hire more labor (as in the case of a wage subsidy). Examples are subsidies to encourage the sale of exports; subsidies on some foods to keep down the cost of living, especially in urban areas; and subsidies to encourage the expansion of farm production and achieve self-reliance in food production.”

There are numerous fraudulent subsidies unevenly distributed that reach into the billions. However, looking at the example given in the recent report of how rock star Jon Bon Jovi, who’s net worth is estimated to be $75 Million, (who’s songs are about someone having a hard time, but rising above it), only paid $100 worth of property taxes in the last fiscal year because he uses his land to raise bees – because of this, he receives government subsidies.

Having that kind of money certainly rises one ‘above it’ – the ‘it’, is extremely relevant when referring to the millions of people who are in deep shit, struggling and suffering and many not surviving – while the rich stroke each other’s ego’s with much help from us – who accept and allow it.

Bruce Springsteen, who’s net worth is estimated at $200 million got money back for leasing land to an organic farmer. The report goes on and on and all of the subsidies come through unemployment checks, Social Security payments, and numerous tax credits. The report notes that in tax year 2009, nearly 1,500 millionaires paid no federal income tax. There are also tax write-offs for gambling losses, vacation homes, and luxury yachts to subsidies for their ranches and estates.

Simply put, the government is subsidizing the lifestyles of the rich and famous! What’s insane is how we observe the lifestyles of the rich and famous – all the millionaires and billionaires for that matter, and yet, we continue to support them. There is a real solution that will bring an end to the insanity. The solution is Equal Money and one that must be thoroughly investigated by everyone of us.

In an Equal Money System – all subsidies will end for the ‘Rich and Famous’ and all of the hypocrisy surrounding the distribution of subsidies will end. Equal distribution with Equal Money will assure that the basic needs of everybody is secured and distributed according to what’s best for all. People will begin to redefine themselves and their life outside the framework of enslavement to one that is self-responsible and supportive of all life.

Every living being will have their basic needs met including education and healthcare to support themselves to have a dignified life. And, one they are able to manage responsibly according to what’s best for all.

We will no longer be servants of the few who hold a title according to how much money they have. Instead we will each become a guardian of life – one that protects and preserves life providing the resources and management required to support a system/network of Equality for and as all LIfe into eternity.

Investigate and Support Equal Money

Complete article: ‘Subsidies of the Rich and Famous”

Special Feelings


“This ‘Feeling’ you become aware of quite early on in Life,

and once it starts to ‘show’ it tends-to ‘overpower’ everything you do in your ‘Search’,

your ‘Seeking’ for ‘Reason and Purpose’, your seeking for the place ‘where you belong’ in this Reality – once you have or you are within that point obviously it’s going-to ‘fuck with you’ in quite a various number of ways.

If you dare to be Self-Honest within the Observation of the ‘Levels of Comparison’ that you ‘move-through’ as you are searching for this ‘Feeling’ that you ‘believe’ is ‘you’,

you’ll notice a peculiar thing that the tendency of this ‘Feeling’ is: to ‘Isolate’-you or ‘Pin-point’-you, or ‘Direct’-you more and more to a singularity, a ‘singular-position’ where you feel your ‘Position’ in this Reality as ‘fully-defensible’ – you can ‘defend yourself’ in all-ways and you are satisfied with your ‘position’ and ‘nobody can move you’ and you’ll ‘stick’ with-that ‘Until Death do you part’ from this Reality.

This is also even embedded within the Contract of Marriage in terms of ‘Death do you part’ within that Construct – so how does it ‘Operate’?”

Read Complete Article —-> Interviews from the Farm

                                                        By Bernard Poolman


Copyright 2009 Desteni Universe


Crisis Extinction – 11:11:11

It appears that the news that we are killing ourselves and the world with our ego, greed and garbage hasn’t sunk in. And on this day 11-11-11, otherwise known as the 11th hour – there is a most important issue facing all of humanity.

The issue is Capitalism, our current money system, the means through which money is profited is literally causing the extinction of more than one quarter of our world’s mammals through deforestation, mining, and depletion of the oceans’ habitats by oil drilling, fishing nets, ship strikes and/or pollution, as well as waste management, just to name a few. Deforestation, mining, hunting and the human lust for more are the prime causes of the rapid decline in land mammals.

Let’s look specifically at one human activitiy for the moment, and how the use of natural resources have a direct impact on the Australian environment for instance, where there’s not enough room and/or nothing left for a species to go back to.

Are we aware who the richest Australian is? Her name is Gina Rinehart and her net worth is 10.3 Billion. She owns all the shares of her father’s mining company, Hancock Mining. Hancock’s discovery of iron ore in Pilbara, Australia, is legendary in mining circles. Australia’s iron ore industry was pretty small scale when ore was discovered in Pilbara.

The question to ask is, why does a select individual/corporation, regardless of who made the discovery hold such an entitlement to what is rightfully the property of planet Earth? Hancock himself is quoted saying, ‘Nowhere have we been educated to understand that everything comes from the earth — you must either mine it, or grow it in the first instance’.

Iron is one of the most abundant minerals in the Earth’s crust and about 98% of iron ore is used to make steel. The problem of the issue is the impact of mining on the environment vs. the necessity of the minerals mined. Mining is very harsh on the environment.To justify just how bad some mining is, producing a single gold ring generates 20 tons of mine waste. And where does that waste go? Into the water, air, land, animals, and even into us.

Mining companies support the current methods of mining for an obvious reason, mining is how they turn a profit. They believe that the benefits of mining (money) far outweigh the disadvantages and are willing to destroy the environment at any cost even it means creating an environment on the brink of extinction – while allowing a select few to profit off of what is provided freely from our Earth for all of us to use as required.

What Earth provides is Not intended to support only a select few of which are profiting and living in abundance while poverty and starvation is increasing at an alarming rate. With Equal Money – this sort of madness will stop.

Do we really require science to reveal the facts to us that 1,139 mammals around the globe are threatened with extinction and the populations of 52 percent of all mammal species are declining. Common sense should be enough, but who cares? We better care because after all, humans are mammals to.

We must ask ourselves how and why we continue to support a corporate economy that is addicted to growth at any cost to life on Earth because the lives at risk is our own. Investigate what is being allowed in this world and consider a solution that will stop corporate greed and bring forth dignity and respect for all inhabitants on earth.

Support the Solution: EqualMoney.org

Life on Earth can change in a single Breath

We live in Oklahoma, and are having another interesting night of weather. This is the third night that we’ve had two earthquakes, combined with the rumbling of thunder and lightening. The rain is pouring, the lightening is frequent, there is hale, and all around is reports of 80 mile an hour winds and we’ve lost electricity more than once today.

It’s kind of different in the rumbling sound to distinguish if it’s coming from above, below or both. The rumbling of the earth below my feet and the rumbling of the sky above brings a certain awareness that life on earth can change in a single breath. Maybe that’s the point of it all. To demonstrate the power of responsibility. Yes, for us all to become aware of our self-responsibility to everything and everybody here.

Earth, wind, rain and the fire of lightening coming together equal and one for us to see the nature of what we’re accepting and allowing. To set the record straight, that life on earth will be an equal experience for everybody and, if we won’t get it, there’ll be a shake, rattle and roll until it’s done – an equalizing

It’s not so crazy a notion, when one consider how humans have believed in a heaven, a hell, ufo’s and demons – yet, we’ve not considered what is right in front of our eyes. How we’ve abused the earth, the rivers and oceans, the skys and each other and still we won’t see how we’re destroying ourselves through ego and greed. The things in this world that we accept and allow according to our current capitalistic money system is atrocious. We will watch other living beings die, rather than stand up for each other and allow each a dignified life. It’s worth considering that nature is simply assisting us to become self-honest and self-responsible to and as all life here.

Time to stand as the Solution – Support Equal Money

A Tree Is Known by Its Fruit?

St. Luke 6:42-43: “For every tree is known by his own fruit, for a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit, and vice versa”

This scripture/quote, whatever one call it – is a perfect example of the human Not taking self responsibility. For instance, when one plant a garden, what then? Common sense is, in order for the garden to grow, it must receive adequate care such as water and food. Who’s responsible for the plants environment if it doesn’t receive what it requires to produce the most luscious of fruit? I am. How can one possibly say that the tree/plant is good or bad? When in fact it’s a product of the accepted and allowed environment it’s planted in.

The knowledge of good/evil gives way for excuses to not take self-responsibility for how our environment/world exist. We can’t plant a garden and hope it will produce to it’s potential without action and proper sustenance . A tree that bringeth forth corrupt fruit is the same as the child dying of starvation while trying to survive their environment. Look at starvation closely, it exists according to a money system where all life is not given the basic requirements to survive.

We are producing that which we exist as. WE are the trees and our actions as self are the fruit. Is our actions as self, producing fruit according to what’s best for all?

Stop participating in thoughts, opinions, judgments, and energetic feeling experiences – all of which entrap us within and as our own manifested prison of enslavement which is controlled and manipulated through our current money system. Let’s plant the tree of life inside ourself first in self honesty – experiencing the fruit of self-responsibility for and as all life.

Support an Equal Money System and we’ll clear a path to a smoother process for everybody. Be the fruit which supports all Life.

Life Got More Interesting with Self-Forgiveness

I’ve almost completed my first Self-forgiveness Blog Book: Here is a peek inside.

“I then wrote self-forgiveness and was surprised how applying such a simple application assisted me to become aware of repetitive thought patterns. Thoughts that would have before caused me great anxiety – I was able to stop and decide in the moment not to participate. It became interesting to see how my thoughts were an actual tool for me to see who I had become as I moved myself according to them. It’s very cool when one begins to realize that we do not have to fear, nor participate in our thoughts – instead through self-forgiveness we are able to release, self correct, realign and direct self according to what’s best for all. That’s when life here begins to get more interesting.”

“…Desteni and all who participate here are realizing, you can’t ‘save’ anyone. We can only continue to stand and walk in self honesty, breath by breath and to walk this with each other not accepting anything less than self honesty accumulating self according to what’s best for all.

“This might sound cliche’, but when I was younger I always wondered why people didn’t like each other. Why were we so mean to each other and always talking about each other behind their backs. I remember thinking something isn’t right, that there must be a way to, oh you know, ‘save the world’. I used to think if I knew what would do it, I would run tell my mom first, then everyone else! Never in a million years did I ever think that ‘no one would listen’.”

Application Self-Forgiveness – Life Got More Interesting with Self-Forgiveness: Blog Book 1
Available Soon @ Eqafe