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Day 287: Stuttering: LifeStyle Experiment Report

This is to share the results of an intervention of sorts that involved my daughter and I assisting and supporting her son / my 11 year old grandson with stuttering and how it affected his lifestyle, his life.  At the time he was struggling terribly with the fear of having to stand in front of his entire class and speak as part of a graded assignment because he was afraid he’d start stuttering in front of everyone.

stutteringMy daughter and I spoke frequently about solutions that might assist him, like speech therapy for instance – which he did get.  Speech therapy is designed to teach specific skills or behaviors that will lead to improved oral communication.

But, there was still a problem because when he experienced what he perceived within his mind to be a stressful situation, he didn’t have the tools to handle himself and so instead of saying what he wanted to say, stuttering would overcome him and disable him from being able to continue.  And, when that happened, he would kind of shut down inside himself,  and so practicing his communication skills was greatly limited.

So it was a little over a year ago when my oldest daughter and I were looking together for a solution for when such moments would overcome him when I realized that with what I’m learning through the Desteni I Process Pro Course  or even in DIP Lite – that if he applied even just one of the many tools that the courses offer, that maybe he’d be able to assist himself when the stress or anxiety and fear come up and stop stuttering all together.

And so my daughter assisted him daily to apply himself,  and it’s important to understand that we kept it simple in how we suggested to him that when he see himself become anxious, or when the stutter begins, that he take that moment to first breathe, and pay close attention to what his thoughts are when the anxiety / ot stuttering begins.  In the beginning the process was like taking baby steps, but then we saw how over time and as he got better at looking at and identifying his thoughts, that’s when we began to hear him peak without stress or stuttering and within that he began to develop self-trust.

It’s fascinating how becoming aware of one’s thoughts and stopping them, that one can control and even Change who they are, and in this case, bring an end to stuttering, because here it is a year later, and I haven’t heard him stutter in months.   And when and if he finds himself in a moment of stress and / or stuttering begins, it’s nice to know that he has a tool that he recognizes will assist him to be able to stop and then speak clearly.

Can you imagine what it would have been like or would be like if as a child you’re given these wonderful tools that help you to understand all the thoughts and the feelings and All the emotional stresses that exist within and as our mind?

It would of made quite a difference for me because if I could have understood how and why I was having all kinds of emotional turmoil within and as my mind,  I would of been more receptive with regards to my education process for one thing and more considerate of others,  because if we’re spending less time participating in our fears within and as our mind then we’re able to make time to nurture our relationships with others, our reality and what’s going on within and as our world.

So we’ve got to make it a priority to blog, to write out what’s going on within us,  and to get to a point where we are able to assist our children in stopping who and what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be as our mind,  and doing so will make all the difference in the world for All of US.

And, let’s be honest, most of us have no clue what to do with all the chatter / backchat and fears that exist within us as our mind.  Until one day we realize how stuck we are in our very own secret mind world, and within that comes all sorts of unwanted patterns / behaviors.

So there is no doubt about it, if we can understand why and how thoughts and feelings and emotions come up within us that cause all sorts of reactions and conflict, then we can forgive them, release / stop them, and re-design who we are free from fear and self-limitation. And I mean, as we change our relationship with ourself to one where we take responsibility for who we are as our mind and begin to direct ourself in self-honesty, then we can begin to change our relationships with others and then maybe we can change Life on Earth to a place where living is about giving – instead of life being the struggle that it is to survive.

FYI: Please understand that the results shared here will vary from person to person, and that there are many tools that are offered through Desteni I Process courses that will further assist one in the process of stopping a habit / pattern / construct that exists within and as our mind – like for example, stuttering.

Also understand that there is much to consider with regards to understanding what goes on within and as the mind consciousness system and stuttering.  Please direct your questions about stuttering to the Desteni Forum. Thanks!

Oh and my grandson is now applying a similar process to help himself to stop biting his nails. I will share the results as they’re available.


“When you’re setting out to change something about yourself it’s not going to happen magically on it’s own – you have to be the driving force behind it. Changing a pattern of behaviour or a thought pattern requires that you actually do the new behaviour that you want to live and stop the old behaviour. This concept of fake it till you become it is exactly it – you have to practice and push yourself to do things and behave in ways that are outside your comfort zone and that may seem scary.
The first important thing you must make sure of is that that fear of “what if (I do it badly, it ends up being the wrong choice, I can’t do it…)” doesn’t stop you. Obviously changing yourself is going to need practice, so you won’t get it perfect the first (or second, or third, or even hundredth) time – but you have to keep practicing until you become the new pattern that you feel will benefit, the pattern that you actually want to live in your life.” Cerise Poolman


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Day 110: Regretfully Yours

A couple of times today I experienced nausea and as I looked within myself, I saw how I was revolving around a certain point. That point being regret. I was regretting my participating in/as thoughts and emotions/reaction – where a few days ago, (yes, a few days ago), I disagreed with, and questioned some comments made by my fellow destonians. Essentially, I had become the ‘how can I make it better’ memory/character of/as my mind, and as such, I had also become the ‘putting off facing the point’ character. As the point is and has always been, only me that I’m facing. Because, I see, realize and understand how the point was Not really about what ‘she said’ and/or ‘they said’, it is the point of facing me as my Ego. Thus, the following self-forgiveness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to keep thoughts that generated reactions within a specific moment revolving around within me, all the while reasoning within myself of ways / means to, make it better – where I project / fantasize about how I’m going to ‘make it better in the future’ – instead of realizing that this is not solving, directing and/or stopping my initial reaction point – but actually only suppressing it to the point of allowing it (me as Ego), to take the stage in unexpected moments for me to face.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to manifest nausea within and as me as my physical body as I accepted and allowed myself to revolve around this point in time as me avoiding facing me as who I am as Ego and thus regret – whereas I see, realize and understand that if I had slowed myself down and breathed – I would have seen within the moment how/what I was accepting and allowing myself to exist as in/as Ego.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to walk around in the experience of shame and sorrow because I was ashamed of myself for what I have said which has resulted in me experiencing myself within thoughts and emotions of regret.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience regret because I found myself having a difficult time communicating my point with another because I was afraid of their response because I feared rejection and/or judgment.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the experience of myself as regret to be how I exist as and not allowing myself to move beyond regret.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand how regret is the foundation of depression.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Not honour another as me within the actual moment where I experienced the thought/energy reaction – to stand equal and one in respect and consideration – where I regard the process of another and thus, stop the reaction within myself and confront it directly as myself.

I forgive myself that I hadn’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize, and understand how when I accept and allow internal conflict within me as my physical body through participating within it as though it is me, as who I really am, that I am accepting and allowing it to exist within and as my physical world/reality/existence.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define my relationship towards another within the starting point of me as Ego – I Stop. I Breathe.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that in accepting and allowing myself to react in a moment within thought and energy, instead of taking self-responsibility in the moment – I am implying that the thought and energy is more important / powerful than my physical reality – than my relationship with myself as my physical body/reality – in how I stand within who I am and my relationship with others and within my world – thus I stop. I Breathe. I commit myself to make a decision within who I am to live as who I am in self-responsibility in and as every breath and create/manifest a world where together with others – equal to and one as life we express and exist according to what’s best for All.

I commit myself to slow myself down and breathe and to Stop myself from existing within and as Ego.

I commit myself to stop allowing conflict within and as me as my physical body and/or my world of and as me, because I see, realize and understand how within such self acceptance and allowance, is how our world becomes a life of conflict, internally and externally due to our accepting and allowing the existence, participation and so the definition of ourselves as conflict.

I commit myself to show how no one is ever able to reject and/or judge me except me.

I commit myself to walking with another here in physical agreement in/as honouring ourselves and each other to assist and support each other in humbleness and unconditionality to thus expand together as a group in establishing/creating better selves, thus a better world according to what’s best for All.

I commit myself to take responsibility for me in the moment of reaction as thought and energy as me, because I see, realize and understand how in accepting such a reaction of thought and energy allows manifested consequences created within and as this world/reality/existence, thus, I commit myself to see, realize and understand how everything from the greater to the smaller defines who we are internally and externally.

I commit myself to be and become me in awareness of me as who I am as my physical body and as our physical reality, to thus as a group walk here as breath in support of a world/money system according to what’s best for All.

Assistance from Falcor the Australian Water Dragon


Two weeks ago, I watched a video named, ‘My Australian Water Dragon – Falcor‘, William Cuff is sharing and holding Falcor – who is roughly 12 years old. Recently I stumbled upon the video again and I noticed immediately how gorgeous Falcor is and, I pondered how had I not actually noticed Falcor before. William says clearly how he’s had Falcor for over 10 years.  Now that is pretty cool and yet, I didn’t hear him say that the first time I watched, so where the hell was I?  Assistance for self is always here.

I was in ‘acceptance’, according to ‘knowledge and information’. The sight of Falcor triggered the memory of my ex-husband who had reptiles when we were married.  I was also walking a mind construct through Desteni I Process in which I had been investigating a similar memory.  I accepted myself to participate in the thoughts and in that moment, I became that memory. The memory itself is just the information/distraction point but, therein lies entrapment, if I allow it.

It’s a memory pattern I’ve walked before where there’s no real meaning except to prevent me from facing myself within everything that I’ve accepted and allowed within this physical reality and, to provide the necessary compounded suppression which manifests outflows of me as a resonance pattern of self fear  -  which manifests as thoughts and/or emotions where I ‘fear rejection’ from others within my world.

The interesting point here to see for self is how ‘rejection of self’ is born in such an acceptance because, as we reject our world we are rejecting ourselves and standing in separation from all here in time. Our participation and our willingness to participate is the acceptance of self that is of ‘self interest’ so we’re trapped in the damn line of doin time = fear of rejection from others = rejection of self = fear of self = suppression = depression, self-manipulation, self-justification, self-judgment, etc., etc. Compounding and suppressing self…Is it any wonder we can’t remember what we had for dinner 2 weeks ago? 

When ‘self-interest’ is stopped, it’s amazing because ‘fear of rejection’, it just stops. You begin to see how ‘fear of rejection’ is the outflow of consequences for self to realize and self-correct.

‘Self Acceptance’ is when we accept nothing less than what is best for all and what is best for all is when we stop ‘self-interest’ and become aware of our breathing.  When we stop all participation in thoughts, feelings and/or emotions – we begin to live according to what’s best for all and, in doing so we’re living according to what’s best for self, which is here, one and equal to what’s best for all.  Thus, we hear and accept each other as ourselves.

Self-honest self-expression will then begin.  It’s a process. Stop means stop participating. Breathe and blog, become aware of what triggers thoughts/feelings/emotions and apply self forgiveness.  Discover the power of self-honesty as self-expression, where our oneness comes forth as we live our words as who we are as all as one as equal.

"Desteni I Process" is how I’ve been able to become better equipped and effective in my awareness of self through acquiring and applying the tools to be able to release what has been dishonest acceptance of myself.  It’s very cool to see for yourself how in the process of stopping ‘self-interest’, we stop our ‘fear of rejection’ and, instead stand in support of all living beings within the ‘Principle of Equality’.
Special thanks to
Desteni I Process, William and Falcor

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