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How will the family system change in an Equal Money System? – Equal Money FAQ

With Equal Money parents will no longer be forced to teach their children how to compete and win in order to survive. The generational depression of parents which have been passed on to children through the fear of the children making the same mistakes as them will cease to exist.

The moment a child enters this world they will be provided for with basic income providing them their individual requirements in order to surivive and will begin living a life of self expression. No longer will girls be taught to marry for money and boys will stop their search for power as a moral duty of respect and/or faith so as to guarantee a point of rescue in times of parental need.

When we change the rules that define the way money moves and works to one which values all life – the complete structuring of the family system will change to a world where the child’s first impressions will be that of support and nurturing thus self-reflection will be that of equality and will have an affect that will automatically reduce and stop dysfunctional behavioral patterns within our reality as a whole.

Can you imagine a world where love is not based upon earning a living to survive – is instead one of living an earnest purposeful life. Expressing self from the starting point of support in that everything self requires to exist within this world is provided. That’s self-freedom. Where time will slow down as we’ll have time to explore who we are. Our quality of self trust will grow and we’ll begin to enjoy the presence of others as we discover our world together as one.

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If it had not been for the goodness of God, where would you be?

If it had not been for the goodness of God, where would you be? Some wouldn’t be alive today. Some would still be addicted. If it had not been for God’s favor some would still be struggling, barely making it.

What is goodness anyway? Goodness is the oppsite meaning of something we’ve given meaning to as being bad. Both are dependendent upon cultural/social differences and/or opinions and are the consequence and the result of our current money system of inequality to begin with.

Stop directing self according to a meaning of self as the mind of consciousness. Speak in self honesty and say it as it is – people are struggling because they can’t afford to feed and provide for themselves or their family. We give meaning to that as being bad and instead of directing self – we fear the meaning of the bad and avoid facing our own fear of survival. We look to feel good somewhere out there and overlook the fact that millions are starving to death simply because of a money system we’ve allowed – when there is a solution.

Behold the meaning within what self is accepting and allowing and direct self according to a practical living example/application which results in a solution of Equality for All of existence. Then we’ll see for ourself how in an Equal Money System – good/bad is irrelevant.

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