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Day 245: House of Cards

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me physically as I’ve been continuing my alternative treatment plan for cancer. With not feeling very well I’m hesitant to admit that I’ve been watching a little bit of television, and after having researched the topic, have become somewhat educated about how our political/money system operates.

So, it’s interesting, how the facts about how our world exists are everywhere to be understood if only we’ll use what is here and educate ourselves further and then, change it to serve us with a solution that will be Best for All – instead of accepting and allowing the rules of the Elite to Enslave us.
house of cards
The particular television show that I’ll be referring to is called ‘House of Cards‘. The show centers around Francis Underwood who is basically a Majority Whip who has his hands in/on every secret in politics, and, is willing to betray anyone and everyone in his attempt to become President.  Now obviously this is a television series however, research for yourself to see how accurate the moves within it are.

Alright so, if you don’t know, here’s the definition of a Majority Whip:

“an official in a political party whose primary purpose is to ensure party discipline in a legislature. Whips are a party’s “enforcers”, who typically offer inducements and threaten punishments for party members to ensure that they vote according to the official party policy. A whip’s role is also to ensure that the elected representatives of their party are in attendance when important votes are taken. The usage comes from the hunting term “whipping in”, i.e. preventing hounds from wandering away from the pack.” ~ Wikipedia

‘Party discipline’ is also important to understand

“Party discipline is the ability of a parliamentary group of a political party to get its members to support the policies of their party leadership. In liberal democracies, it usually refers to the control that party leaders have over their caucus members in the legislature. Party discipline is important for all systems of government that allow parties to hold political power because it determines the degree to which the governmental infrastructure will be affected by legitimate political processes.” ~Wikipedia

So, how does one get it’s members to support certain policies and how is ‘party discipline’ enforced? With Money.  Money is what gives one the Power. Now, the Lobbyist plays a key role in how the Power roles shift and are Inflated with Money and are backed by Major Corporations/ Elite who are the only ones who have the money it takes to enforce such ‘party discipline’.

What industries spend the most Money on Lobbying?

The following data was recorded by the Senate Office of Public Records. The top 10 industries for 2009 were:

Pharmaceuticals/Health Products – $199,323,702

Insurance – $122,065,251

Oil & Gas – $120,669,855

Electric Utilities – $108,163,536

Business Associations – $92,696,817

Computers/Internet – $88,847,937

Misc Manufacturing & Distributing – $84,363,782

TV/Movies/Music – $77,861,927

Hospitals/Nursing Homes – $77,465,842

Education – $73,913,389

“If you’re good at this game, you’ve provided your congressional quarterback with everything under the sun—including fundraisers, golf outings, travel, meals, and premium event tickets. Now you’re on your way. The American people may not know the details of what you just did, but they kind of suspect it’s happening and they hate it. And they should hate it, since it’s killing our country. Unfortunately, until we can change this system, that’s how the sausage is made.” ~Former Lobbyist Jack Abramoff

Yes, that’s how the sausage is made, it’s made of Money, a lot of Money and Deceit. It’s what keeps things as they are, where the majority continue to support the rich to become richer and most of us, we aren’t even educated enough to BEGIN to understand the basics of how this current money/political system operates. The fact is there will be no real Education reform because there is no profit to be made in that.

In fact, look again at the above numbers for proof that less and less is spent on Education reform and how what’s important and profitable is the Pharmaceutical/Drug Industry. All the while more than half of the federal prisoners incarcerated in 2010 were for drug crimes according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Who of us has the Money to get a Bill to pass Congress anyway?  Only the Rich.

“I’m talking about giving a gift to somebody who makes a decision on behalf of the public. At the end of the day, that’s really what bribery is. But it is done everyday and it is still being done. The truth is there were very few members who I could even name or could think of who didn’t at some level participate in that.” ~ Former Lobbyist Jack Abramoff

That’s what it comes down to. This is how Countries are Governed. This is how Poverty exists and this is how the Systems that Govern our World operate and strangely enough, we’re OK with that.

I won’t pretend to know or understand every detail because I’m still Educating myself about how and why our current World/Money/Systems exists as they do.  However, what I do understand is that at some level,  we All realize that everything is Not OK.  How most of us are so busy trying to survive that we’ve failed to see that we’re not even aware of what we’re accepting and allowing.

There’s no time for blame and if we’re not even willing to see the facts – even as they’re presented to us even through the television shows we watch daily- if we’re not willing to change that which is enslaving us by our own hands, then folks, we’re in serious trouble. So much so that one can see how we bicker, compete and fight with each other, instead of coming together to bring about a Real Solution,  to bring an End to our own enslavement.

Our current world systems are run and operated by crooks who have all the money and it’s us,  the slaves who give them their power.   It’s Enough.

It’s simple. Educate yourself about the Living Income Guaranteed proposal.

If we’ve got the time to sit in front of the television,  then we better make time to study that which will set us free for real.

“People look at politicians and celebrities on the TV and the newspapers, glossy magazines – what do they see? “I’m just like them.” That’s what they say. “I’m special. I’m different. I could be any one of them.” Well guess what, you can’t. You know why? Cause in reality, mediocrity is where most people live. Mediocrity is the elephant in the room. It’s ubiquitous. Mediocrity in your schools. It’s in your dreams. It’s in your family. And those of us who know this – those of us who understand the disease of the dull – we do something about it. We do more because we have to. The deck was always stacked against us. You’re either a big leaguer, or you’re a slave clawing your way onto the “C” train.” ~ Former Lobbyist Jack Abramoff


“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Consciousness have ensured the Value of Life as Equal for All, was replaced with the Race for Survival based on the Principles of Debt, to ensure that no Slave realize the Truth until Death by promoting unique Individualism of Consciousness, to ensure that No Groups form that Challenge the Status Quo – Leaving Life in a State of Woe, from which No One has been able to Escape throughout All of Human History, because until All are Equal and Free as Life: No One is Equal and Free.” ~ Bernard Poolman

“I commit myself to SHOW that the Earth, as Nature Labor, Create the Environment within which Man Exist, But Man Learns Nothing from the Examples Given, and instead transform the Earth’s Labor into Money Consciousness with which to Enslave Each other.” ~ Bernard Poolman

“I commit myself to SHOW that Science and Mathematics based on the Foundation that All Life is Created Equal, will Produce a Society that is Best for All Life “~ Bernard Poolman


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My week and my perspective in less than a minute

It’s kind of odd, yet very cool, when one realizes that there was suppose to be a ‘reaction’ coming forth from self. Like the expectancy of seeing the sun rise in the morning, yet, instead one is able to stop and breathe. So instead of rising to the occasion and accepting self as the reaction based on a past experienced memory of self – this one in particular being that of the death of my sister in how I’ve been aware of automated pre-programmed reactions coming forth for me to either accept and allow according to fear of loss and/or fear of death – or to stop and breathe through in self-forgiveness. So when one is able to stop and realize that the reaction coming forth within self is merely self facing self according to what self has accepted and so allowed of self in the past, it’s very cool to assist self to be able to have a self honest look within self wherein both within and without one is able to forgive and release self in the moment. One is then able to see how the emotions and feelings of such events simply are not real and can be stopped.

In no way am I implying that I will not miss the being who was my sister, however, my perspective is, we will all continue to die to our physical bodies because we accept and allow abuse to ourselves and to others here within our physical reality. The being in which my sister really is, I’m sure would agree. So until and when we All determine and agree as one that who we really are is Life, as All as One as Equal and allow our physical bodies and our physical reality the dignity and support as such – we’re going to continue to suffer and die, until we stop. Maybe ‘death’, and our acceptance of it, is the ‘original sin’ that we’ve All ‘bought’ into…After all, we accept and allow plenty to die needlessly daily due to our abusive money system…Because the fact is, ‘Money’ is God. Let’s All agree to Stop…

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“Equal Money & Equal Labor System”

The following was posted in the Open Forum http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=292&t=17775

Abstract – “Equal Money and Equal Labor System”

I. Why Equal Money System?

Equal Money System (EMS) is base on the Fact that all Beings are born “Equal and One”, including animal and plant kingdom that manifests in this reality as a whole, are one “Inseparable Unity”. Animals and plants come out of Earth and fed on Earth; they’re sustained by Earth’s natural resources unconditionally. Whereas, Human, is the only species that needs to “Fight” for survival, like sever their own umbilical cord from Mother Earth. Mankind, as equal as they are to the rest of manifested beings, with the intelligence that exceeds all creations in this reality, millions of human beings, in every part of continent, living at the brink of starvation, and find themselves in no better position than animals in the forest.
The problem lies on current money system, a “Capital accumulation Machine”. Under this system, Human equals Labor, Labor equals Money, and, at the other side of equation, Money equals Human. It’s this Money system that governs the Human beings as God, the enslavement of such system cause millions of human living in an abject poverty with no hope of future.
The Equal Money System (EMS) is thus designed to mend the root cause of these problems.

II. What can one expect from the System?

The EMS system is a guarantee that any Human Being on earth, starting from birth, regardless of its birth condition, a “Fund” is automatically allocated as part of his birth right that would sustain his entire existence on earth till his death.
This Fund is available to him at all time, and it’s imprescriptible under any circumstances, no government or regime has the power over for any reason whatsoever to abrogate or annul the rights to such Fund. It may not be transferred; used for any purposes other than sustaining such person’s basic survival needs which provides resources for him to participating in this world. And it cease to effect upon a person’s death.

III. What is the Equal Labor System?

The Equal Labor System (ELS) is not a servitude to EMS; it is a system that guarantees no Human being is allowed to “Enslave” another Human being under any circumstances. All man has an irrevocable right to choose: What to work, When to work, Whom to work and Where to work.
With EMS as a Birth right, mankind are not “Obligated” to provide labor for such entitlement, however, the System “Offer” and “Encourage” everyone to contribute their role, under the above choice in participating the system.

IV. How the System works?

This is implemented by a global organization formed by each Continental Union Councils, e.g. European Union, North American Union, Central Asian Union…etc…
The Equal Money System (EMS) is funded through a “Global Security System” (GSS), which is an unprecedented concept of combining Social Security and equitable transfer management into a new system. The “Global Security System” is a Universal Equality System; it does not collide with current Capitalism, Communism or Socialism …etc, it’s a system transcends all economic model, but coincide and embedded with the current system whichever the Country is presently in.
Although, the old money system has to go, to make room for the new System, we have considered the urgency of current Global situation and the coming challenges of the world economy, we, thus, proposed a Gradual and Parallel approach to expedite the process for the System to take effect. After the system is in place and fully functioned, the current money system will automatically become obsolete.

V. Why EMS is the “Only” solution?

The main Principle of EMS is based on the awareness of Equality and Oneness which is the essence of this Universe – “Balance”, anything divert from this principle is a form of separation, and will not be considered as a permanent, feasible solution for mankind.
There are other theories out there for the similar effort, e.g. “Resource-based Economy”.
We do not oppose, but not endorsing “resource-based” approach, because it is based on the false assumptions that Earth resource is always abundant, always replenish her self and will never depleted. And it relies heavily on New Technologies to achieve global “resource redistribution”, which is no different than, and will eventually lead to, a large Corporate Enterprise monopolized domination. But we recognize its good intention.
We must recognize that Earth is not a Perpetual Machine which gushing out resource infinitely – “In order to take, one must give.” This is the Law that even Creator himself must obey.
EMS is designed for mankind to coexist with nature, including animals and plants, the practical application also include Global Equality awareness Education, reduce animal slaughter as food source and forest abuse, etc… sub-programs to stop man made Ecocide. And we firmly believed that EMS is the only ultimate solution for mankind.

VI. Where are we going from here?

“Equality and One” is the main principle that Desteni abide to. We do not have Religious believes, anything you heard from us is simply logical conclusions from an objective observation – Common Sense. We stand for Equality, because it’s a Fact, and Fact doesn’t require belief for validation.
We are dedicating our effort in promoting/presenting “Equal Money System” to the world stage. We have perfect ideas of how this new money system works and we intend to back it up with live data and practical details to show the world these unprecedented possibilities.
We’ve been told that this is a utopian idea, an impossible dream of “Heaven on Earth” or simply call us Crazy. For years, we took all forms of abuse and ridicules that one can imagine. When facing the current situation we’re in, inaction is not an option. You may say, we aim it too high to the Sun, but if we end up at the Moon, we got somewhere…
In Desteni, we believe any person is representing the totality of Creation; all it takes is just “One” person to make the difference.
So, please join us – “one man, one vote” for the Equality of Mankind.

We’re a self-organized small team dedicated only to Desteni “Equality Money” world campaign.
A feasible Model is under research presently, we will present its prototype to Desteni for evaluation.