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2012 – Love heals all wounds?

2012 – Love heals all wounds? I read this particular quote on a face book status. And, in looking at ‘Love’, as how it currently exists within this world – Love is Not able to heal all wounds. If we remove our thoughts as well as the emotions and feelings we’ve associated with love, what is love then really? Can love exist without hate? Can hate exist without love? Are we just walking around attempting to balance points of polarity that exist within us?

Love is a rather strange thing in how we are, because look how when we first experience ourselves as ‘falling in love’ – in the energy of it we’re not able to and/or won’t comprehend that the nature of ourselves as that point of ‘falling in love’ is only actually our mind directing us as an energetic experience of ourselves within the sexual energy and the friction, like emotions and feelings as we manifest ourselves into a physical experience between ourself and another.

The whole belief, the complete idea and experience we’ve had of ourselves ‘in love’ can and does change in a single moment to that of hate toward the same one we only a moment before said we loved.

I’ve ‘fallen in love’ many times and as long as the sexual energy remained, everything was pretty groovy, but, as the energy fades, and it always fades again and again, then, it’s not so groovy. So the question that one has to finally begin to ask oneself is, where the hell does love go? How is love able to stop in a single moment and become hate?

We all know it – that love, as it turns out doesn’t stick and we know this because we keep trying to get it to stick over and over again but, it appears that we’re just stickin it to ouselves. The energetic design we’ve participated in and as first in our mind which we’ve accepted as real and constructed as ourselves to walk as, as an expression and experience of who we are, certainly has not proven to be life supporting, nor to have healing powers that will remain or stand the test of time. We’ve barely noticed the feeling does not remain because the moment the energy dissipates and the system is played out, we want to ‘fall in love’ again.

Much atrocity has been done in the ‘name of love’, so investigate the point of love because it’s easy to understand the lure of the energetic highs and lows in the experience we’ve all referred to as ‘love’. However, it doesn’t make the experience one that is real.

If love for real existed within us, we would not allow child abuse, molestation, rape, deception, fraud, murder, war, homelessness, poverty and starvation to exist within this world. All of which are wounds that can and do result in death for many.

When one look closer within self one is able to see how we’ve really only had love affairs with an idea in our mind and through our participation we create an experience for ourselves according to what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become. Where we, without first questioning what is really going on within ourself – can and have created love from a first glance at a total stranger where we say it was, ‘love at first sight’???

What is it we truly require, first from ourself, so we’ll stop manifesting and creating abuse within our world through energetic patterns of ourselves that we’ve already experienced as not being able to maintain. Look closely at those who’ve been in a relationship for many years and one is able to see exhaustion expressed in and as their physical body.

Some will say the love a parent and/or grandparent has for their child is real love. But I don’t see it as love that is real or able to be forever into eternity either. The patterns we as humans exist in, in our relationships, are one of teaching, training, forming, preparing the child for working and controlling the child to be exactly like ourselves and the result is abuse and when they don’t comply we’ve been known to ‘disown the child’.

We already know that getting two or more of us as humans to agree on anything within a point of self-responsibility is practically impossible, and agreeing on the ‘proper’ way to raise a child is truly next to impossible, much less kind and/or ‘loving’. So, it’s time to practically assist ourselves to see what it is we’re actually accepting and allowing ourselves to exist as within ourselves and our relationships. That the idea that we need someone to complete and fulfill us is justification for self-abuse and for how we continue to ignore the abuse that’s going on within ourselves and our reality.

I’m not saying that one is not able to grow fond of or care for another, but within it all is ‘conditions’, ‘self-interest’ and a general ‘lack of self-responsibility’. If one will notice, the ‘conditions’ will always revolve around ‘money’. One can begin to see this, if one will in self-honesty begin to recognize the patterns of self that bind us to what is obviously a continual loop in self-interest and ego driven within the energy friction born in and kept alive in the mind of us all as we participate in and as it – instead of directing ourself to face our fears and forgive ourselves.

Begin a journey to self-love through self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness is an example of self-love because self is then able to give to all that which self requires and, it’s quite a gift for self as it’s the gift of Equality. Equality will allow us to stop our race to survive against each other according to a money system that is practically non-existent in providing assistance for a world existing in and as atrocity.

In beginning as a solution – Equal Money is the system that will allow All a Life according to What’s Best for All, and that’s when we’ll be existing in love for real.

Love will be each and everyone and everything in and as the expression of who we are as life in every moment within and as oneness and equality – or love will not be, nor has it ever been actually real within our world. The proof of this we are able to see is in how our world exists with child abuse, molestation, rape, deception, fraud, murder, war, homelessness, povery and starvation.

For 2012 – a true statement of self-healing which is the beginning in healing our world, is to stand as One Vote for an Equal Money System.

Let the healing begin with Equal Money and Equality will heal all and everything.

Real love is unconditional and recognizes everything and everyone as All as One as Equal in all ways.

Investigate Desteni I Process – where there is an upcoming ‘Relationship Course’ that will assist and support us through self-agreement, self-communication and self-responsibility within ourselves together with whomever we may be in a relationship/agreement with and/or will provide us with assistance in directing ourself for such a journey.

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