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Day 185: Surviving Doomsday 2012

In September of 2007 my partner and I began to read and listen to David Icke which quickly stirred up quite a bit of fear especially with regards to his talk about reptilians. It was around the same time that we began to read some things written by the Galactic Federation of Light. Their message was that we would be having some visitation from ‘another world’ and how ‘the visitors’ would be lending us their assistance from the mess we’ve accumulated here on earth.

It was then that we also began to hear about the Mayans. The Mayans were apparently skilled mathematicians and thus according to ancient Mayan writings and 2012 calendar predictions, the end of the world will be December 21st, 2012 – or 17 days from this moment as I’m writing this.
Surviving Doomsday
It’s interesting now as I look back on myself and see the extensive amount of fear that I existed in and as. The reptilian info from David Icke, the things written by the Galactic Federation and then the doomsday predictions surrounding the Mayan calendar – that’s when me and my partner began purchasing items that we ‘believed’ would assist us to ‘survive’. We bought pamphlets with information about the basics of surviving in the wilderness.

We began to look at our finances to see how and when we could begin building our Doomsday Survival Kit beginning with the following:

Doomsday Survival Kit

Food for at least a year

Seeds of vegetables, grains, rice and seed-potatoes

A source of light, a source of fire, a dependable source of water

Essential equipment to start a mini-civilization


Extra warm clothing and boots etc.

If possible: supply of antibiotics

Over the counter medications as needed and Antiseptic

Assortment of survival books


Obviously we weren’t to sure about the idea of ascending, but we sure as hell wanted to make sure we were ready for what looked like was going to be the end of the world.

We could no longer deny how Capitalism and the Corporate giants have taken away any chance for the majority of us to live in any manner other than the daily grind of struggling to survive, so, the idea of a doomsday actually provided an energetic glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe this would be the thing to bring about some change within our world.

Of course, we were wrong. We were stuck in a cycle of wanting a hero to come save us because at the time, we never considered that we each one of us must take self-responsibility for what is here, for what we’ve accepted and allowed. To actually change self from within in a way that will have a direct effect on life for all living beings according to what’s best for all.

We didn’t consider anyone except ourselves. And then, in November of 2007, we happened across some videos on youtube by Desteni Universe. In their videos they spoke of the Reptilians, David Icke, the Galactic Federation, the Mayan Calendar Doomsday Prophecies and about Equality. Their message was common sense and it resonated with us both.

It was interesting because, the more I heard and read the Desteni message of Equality, the less and less afraid I was and the more stable I became. They spoke of self-honesty and self-forgiveness and taking self-responsibility for who and what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become. The Desteni Message made more sense than anything we’d ever heard before and the brutal honesty in their words rang true within us in a way we could not deny. We began to apply the tools of self-forgiveness and slowly began to realize ourself in self-honesty.

So now here we are – fast forward 5 years. December 21st 2012 is fast approaching and our doomsday list is long been thrown away. I’ll speak for myself, though my partner will agree, lol – the idea of doomsday holds absolutely no fear,  and for sure it holds absolutely no meaning or importance to us.  It’s just another day and another way of Capitalism/Consumerism.

Just this week-end as my partner and I were watching The Power Principle – Part 1 and The Power Principle – Part 2. We recalled when we first began reading the Desteni material – how the very facts presented in the documentary The Power Principle – were the very things suggested by Desteni to investigate within our world.

There has Never been a moment during our 5 year walk with/as Desteni that we’ve been told or asked to believe in something.  On the contrary – Desteni has always insisted that we each Investigate and Educate ourselves with regards to how and why Everything is as it is and exists within out World!

And, why wouldn’t we be willing to Investigate Everything here – including the goings on and the hidden agenda that has driven for example ourAmerican foreign policy over the last seven decades?

How come we’re so willing to accept what we’re told and lead to believe by the media when the facts and the nature of our corrupted and abusive world/money systems exist in every corner of our world to be seen.

It’s NO accident that most of us are willing to participate in a doomsday hoax and completely ignore the constant flow of consequences that exists within our daily lives – as we struggle to make sense of the horror we feel as the panic inside our gut when we realize: We’re Almost out of MONEY, What’ll we do now to Survive?

Investigate and Support: Equal Money

Watch all three of The Power Principle
The Power Principle – I: Empire
The Power Principle – II: Propaganda
The Power Principle – III Apocalypse

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2012 – Blogging: Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few


When I saw and read the above picture – at first, I kind of chuckled, and then I became aware of how I didn’t really see it as funny.  I was aware of a reaction inside myself and I knew I was existing in polarity – with  inner conflict and my physical body became tense as if my inside was reaching out to me,  saying: hello,  breathe!  And I did…

The picture and the words on it, didn’t seem like such a big deal so how come it was?! 

Blogging is an extremely effective tool and anyone who blogs is aware of how assisting it is.  I began ‘writing myself to freedom’ and applying the tools suggested through Desteni Universe about 4 years ago.  I began with applying self forgiveness and then found a blog site and began blogging. 

Before 4 years ago – I wasn’t someone who wrote very often, though when I was a teenager I wrote poems that were mostly about parents who don’t understand their children and/or poems of heartaches of young love.   So, blogging and/or ‘writing myself to freedom’ wasn’t something that came easy for me. 

I began to push myself and realized how cool it is to write out my day and see what my thoughts are and why and how I was ‘feeling’ the way I was according to my participation as them…  It assists me to find out how and where I create myself into and as possessive and possessed mind personalities so to stop my participation.

It’s like becoming involved with, exposing, and assisting the direction of me as my inner world -  – to express me in self-honesty within and as my outer world.

Through self-forgiveness I’ve been able to release fear and in self-trust I’ve  seen myself clear to stop addictions; such as to nicotine/cigarettes, prescription drugs, weed, and gambling.  And,  I write because when I write it assists me to see where I’m accepting self-interest, ego and greed and being able to recognize myself in self-honesty. 

With the tools of writing/blogging, self-forgiveness and self-honesty, I’ve become self-accountable and self-responsible and within that I’m accumulating myself within a point of self-trust and self-respect in standing up according to what’s best for all.  So – writing/blogging is a self-movement for self to investigate and share self – not about how many people may or may not read what’s been written.

What I see is that when I read the words on the picture,  I found them to be patronizing or offensive and I allowed myself to became defensive.  The little chuckle was my physical body assisting me to see how and what I was accepting and allowing. 

It’s like, when one assumes one is being judged and it’s taken personally as if one is being attacked, but really it’s actually ‘self-judgment’.  Because the one who’s reading has to see oneself as being judged in order to be seeing the words as such.  Whether or not they were judgmental – it’s still a point to bring back to self because self  has to have perceived themself as being judged in order to take it personally.  In my secret mind, I took the words personally and so in writing this out, I’ve already seen how what seemed like an insignificant point was in fact a point of self-judgment.

I see how I was judging myself according to my past thoughts and memories and my participation in and as them.  Specifically for when I first began writing and how I wanted someone to read what I had written. I sought approval and validation – and there are still moments I breathe through in corrective application and forgive myself when I become aware of thoughts like: ‘I wonder if anyone read my blog’.  

The difference in how I was then and in how I’ve changed is that I’ve proven for myself how blogging has assisted me to release dishonesties through self-forgiveness and self-corrective application.  Writing is about who self is within every single word we are living and breathing life as  – such as the words that we think and speak as well as write, and to see what we are standing equal to and one as. 

Everyone of us, as we walk through our day to day routines, we wear many masks as we seek to earn, please, compete and manipulate in order to arrive at some sense of surviving.  So writing assists us to see how and why we’re accepting and allowing ourselves to become that which we’ve been taught and believed and have accepted ourselves to be – and to stop it.  Thus we can begin to stop accepting and allowing greed and corruption and downright lies to exist within our world in the name of money.

It’s certainly true, that there are more people blogging and placing it on the internet than ever before and,  it provides everyone the opportunity to stop self-interest and stand up according to what’s best for all to bring about real change within our world.

Here are some interesting statistics with regards to internet usage: 


  • 2.1 billion – Internet users worldwide
    800+ million – Number of users on Facebook by the end of 2011
    100 billion – Estimated number of photos on Facebook by mid-2011
    1 trillion – The number of video playbacks on YouTube
    225 million – Number of Twitter accounts
    250 million – Number of tweets per day (October 2011)
    39 million – The number of Tumblr blogs by the end of 2011
    70 million – Total number of WordPress blogs by the end of 2011
    2.4 billion – Social networking accounts worldwide

There is also a website called:  ‘Worldometeres’,  where they show real time statistics and the number of daily blog posts are constant and the numbers are phenomenal. 

On Worldometers, one can also see how many people were born or died today as well as our current population and you can see how many people have died of hunger today which currently with half of the day over the number is currently: 17,800.

So blogging assist this world through our words as who we are through investigating and educating ourself to see what’s really going on within our world in self-honesty, and sharing it for anyone who may find it to be of assistance.  I’m grateful that I began blogging,  and I’m  grateful for the Desteni material and all those involved with Desteni – for the tools and suggestions and in how they’ve assisted me to push myself to see what I’m capable of. 

Which is how I came to be a blogger and how I’ve become more educated about myself and my world  with regards to how our current money system exists for example. 

With the number of people blogging and online,  it’s clear that the Internet is a critical component in almost everything we do. 

So – Let’s bring about real change within our world in 2012, beginning first with self in self-honesty and direct ourselves according to what’s best for all. 

Have a look at how we’ve created our world – the outer me reflecting the inner me which we deny through shame of what we ‘ve accepted and allowed to manifest in this world and thus the reason why we have not actually stood up and taken responsibility for ourselves.

Investigating and Educating oneself in self-honesty is an important act of self that one can do for self and every living being on this Earth.

Join us at Desteni As a Group we will bring forth a Solution to bring about real change where all living beings experience Life in Dignity.  The Solution is that of ‘Equal Money’ -  which will immediately stop the thousands who die daily from hunger as well as bring about an end to all of the atrocities that we’ve accepted and allowed according to a money system that values money over life

Self-forgiveness and Self-honesty is Key in assisting self to Walk this Life in Honor of/for and as All as one as Equal.  Let’s Stand Up as One Vote for Equal Money and Blog the hell out of this World. 


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am inferior and less than others because of my past thoughts and memories of who and how I existed as through self-judgment and self-interest. I stop, I breathe. I see and I understand how the patterns that I accumulated myself through the direction of my mind as consciousness requires self-corrective application and direction according to what’s best for all.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to fear my own truth where I then in self pity judge myself and within that wanting to be saved and/or validated by another instead of taking self-responsibility and realizing there’s no one able to judge and/or save or validate me except for myself in self-honesty.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe thoughts of something as not being important or relevant with regards to walking my process as I’ve proven to myself that everything is relevant where self must bring it back to self to face and forgive in self-honesty.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as the mind instead of me being here with me in and as breath.
I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to take things personally as a way of justifying and manipulating myself through distraction techniques as a way of avoiding facing myself and taking self-responsibility for how our world currently exists.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realize that others can only gain control over me if I believe/perceive myself to be less than/inferior to them, thus existing within and as separation with and as them. I stop, I breathe.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience myself as inferior towards others because I see they’re confident and I experience myself as unconfident – instead of realizing what I’ve already proved to myself which is that self-confidence is established through self-trust and self trust is established through self-honesty in every moment where I don’t accept and/or allow anything less that who I really am as life as all as one as equal.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realize who I am as joy as me here as who I am in every moment of breath in standing up for me as me and not accepting and allowing anything less than who I am according to a principle of equality.

Interesting,  just this moment finishing self-forgiveness and the tension in my physical body released.

2012 – How I’ve come to Value the ‘Message of Desteni’

From the moment I watched my first Desteni video, as well as reading the massive amounts of material on the Desteni Universe website – I was pretty much hooked. And, I had just 3 months prior to that spent two weeks in jail, from an unpaid traffic ticket of which I was supposed to do community service on – and I lacked a few hours of community service so I was arrested and put in jail for 26 days without bond. Now, as it turned out, I had a twisted my ankle and, I had crutches and so, the first 2 days of my time in jail was spent in solitary confinement. I did end up getting out 2 weeks later for good behavior.

But, those first 48 hours in solitary confinement had posed an interesting question to myself in that: I didn’t have the t.v. to look at, I didn’t have entertainment, I didn ‘t have,,, I wasn’t able to smoke, I was still smoking then. And, I wasn’t able to take drugs – I was on pain pills.

And I, all I had was myself. All I had was my thoughts and, for 48 hours I sit in the room – a little square cemented room and, avoided my thoughts, tried to sleep away my thoughts – just wanted to be out of there. I didn’t want to be locked away with the amount of thoughts that I begin to realize I had going on within my mind.

And so, that was a particularly amazing wake-up call for myself, actually. And so, when I heard the Desteni message, and I began to hear them speak about how to stop fear, and how to stop your thoughts – and to face yourself in self-honesty and to apply self-forgiveness – I remember literally realizing how valuable those tools would have been for me when I was in a 48 hour solitary confinement, as well as the rest of the two weeks that I was there.

And so, the fact that I could see myself within the material that they were presenting, and I saw the common sense, and I began to hear and, make sense of within myself – it was as though the message resonated within me in a way that I didn’t really understand but, I knew that it, it rang true, and that this very well could be a way to stop the fears that I had been participating in.

You know my grandmother used to tell me, when things get too much for you, just tie a knot and hang on. But the fact is, I was at the end of the rope and there was no more rope to tie a knot to hang on. And, I was disgusted and, pissed off, at myself, for the decisions that I had made and for the lack of responsibility, and I didn’t even ever consider not hearing the message from the moment I began to hear it.

And, another point stood out to me was, how we can have one singular memory, and that particular memory – it controls us. And, we base our decisions and, who we are, and our actions, according to one singular memory. And that rang true with me because, from the time that I was five years old, I can remember a memory that, as I looked at it closer, I could tell how I had literally just compounded, and compounded that memory with another memory right on top of it, in my attempts to avoid the original point within me that I was not facing within that memory – within the fears, and the judgments, and the self-justifications, and the points of manipulation that I existed as – that I applied myself as in order to validate myself through other people. Simply avoidance of self and avoidance of self-responsibility.

And, the point was validated through my relationship with my step-father, through which I would have statements of information that I had thought of, or heard, or seen, or read about things, or people, or situations – and within that I formed emotional feeling connotations within my own mind. And then, within the emotional feeling connotations, I could relate that statement of information, based on my past experiences with my step-dad, I identified with that statement of information and I validated it based on self-identity and self-definition. It was what I was ‘believing’ it to be, and ‘thinking’ about it to be, and judging myself accordingly, and believing that my step dad hated me – and when really, it wasn’t that case at all. I got to a point where I actually believed the man was abusive to me and, he wasn’t – no more than any other parent struggling to make ends meet and, just working to provide for their children.

Just that alone – the money – plays such a factor in our survival that we tend to become short with our children and, we have expectations of them that we wouldn’t normally have if we weren’t already experiencing the pressures of providing for them. In our current money system, that is how our families exist. That is how all relationships exist.

As I began to apply self forgiveness, was very cool to realize that one particular memory I had was when I turned 12 years old on my birthday, and my,,, I was asleep in my bedroom that morning, and my dad just come bursting into my bedroom and started spanking me and, I was asleep I didn’t understand what the hell was going on. I remembered thinking, more than anything, that like, ‘what the fuck did I do’, and when I heard my mom say ‘happy birthday’ – that they said they were playing – and within that moment, I became just humiliated and embarrassed and pissed more than anything. And I had thoughts of ‘how dare him’, ‘who does he think he is doing this to me on my birthday, it’s not funny’. And for years I carried around that singular memory of what I thought of him that day.

The way that I would experience myself in my life around my dad, my step-dad and, around men in general, was completely related to that particular memory. So, as I was applying and finishing up a lesson in Desteni I Process, I began to walk that memory construct of that particular morning when he came in there, and an interesting thing that I became aware was: a point within myself on that morning when he was spanking me was that I, for a brief moment, I knew that he was playing, but I didn’t allow myself to be aware of it at that particular moment. Because, I was too busy enjoying being pissed off. I was too busy feeling sorry for myself.

But, what was interesting to me the most was: I had not remembered that moment. I had not remembered that I knew he was playing. Until I walked this point, this construct in my Desteni I Process Lesson and, that’s when I went: I knew this all along. But yet, for 40 years, I allowed myself to abuse myself, and as such, I literally abused the rest of my world.

It’s not always particularly easy when you realize that you that you’ve accepted and allowed – just through participation in self-judgment, in greed, and self-interest – within those participations with the thought processes that go on with the amount of dishonesty that self exists as within that, and the lack of equality against life – it literally begins to manifest and, that is how we have created this world as it is.

So, these singular memory points was a point of polarity in the good/bad, right/wrong and fluctuations of energy within that – as far as one moment I was up, one moment I was down, I was up and down and up and down. And, when I began to hear the Desteni Message, I was, I knew that I didn’t have anywhere else to go except to face myself within.

What Desteni proposes is, in-fact as real as I’ve ever known anything to be. And, it is been the most rewarding journey that I’ve ever personally experienced and, it’s not even honestly an experience, it’s a, a becoming aware of yourself, and the responsibility that you actually carry, as well as each and every living being here, in bringing about a world that supports according to what’s best for all. That actually cares what happens to another. That is actually interested, that considers that there are actually children starving to death daily – thousands of children. And, realizing yourself within it.

And it’s a process I am continuing to walk and, realizing what I’ve accepted as far as that point of acceptance within myself – that point of acceptance that goes beyond anything of worth to self, other than knowing that you’re reaching this core part of yourself where you can actually reverse who you have been – you can actually reverse the madness, and the bullshit, that you’ve participated in through personalities and identities.

And, you begin to look at and you go: Uh, I know how it wasn’t real. I see now that I could have breathed through that, that I can breathe through that and, I do not have to be affected by it. I do not have to have points of energy that create a point of polarity within myself – remain within the physicalness of it all so, we can bring about a world that we can begin with an Equal Money System. A World that we’ll actually exist where we’re not competing, and we’re not existing in greed, and we’re not trying to outdo and outlast, and out-earn, and outplay, and we’ll be able to enjoy each other. To actually enjoy each other’s expression – where we’re not anticipating ourselves to be competing, in one way or another just to survive.

So, that is how the Desteni Message caused me to listen and, because of that direction that I chose, I have given myself the ability to re-educate myself, and to build self-trust, through investigating my world. And, not assuming and accepting what it is that is before me, whether it’s starvation or judgment, or animosity, or guilt – and, being able to recognize those points of self, that self has existed as, is remarkable, and it is something that is worth investigating, just to see for yourself.

It’s an accumulation of walking a process daily: Breathing and remaining aware of yourself. And, sometimes I fall. But, I already know – I have an agreement with myself and that agreement is: I have the will to continue to assist and support in bringing about an Equal Money System, and Heaven on Earth. To bring about a world where all life can actually express, and be and live abundantly with each other. And, that is how Desteni has assisted me. They’ve assisted me to realize myself within everything that’s here.

And, the point of ‘Equality’ was, at first, difficult for me to comprehend, and that was just a point of acceptance within myself, because I had accepted the way the world is and the way the struggles continue. And, once you begin to actually investigate, you begin to see that it’s really was just a point of a ‘lack of education’. And now, I’m aware of how an Equal Money System is the Ultimate Solution.

One must become willing to realize that the change that is required in this world is first required within self, in self-honesty. And then, once that begins, you can begin to will yourself to investigate and educate yourself with regards to how we can create heaven on earth with an Equal Money System.

This post is the transcription from my vlog titled: 2012 – How I’ve come to Value the ‘Message of Desteni’

Investigate Equal Money

2012 – Destonian Journey as the Desteni of the Universe

Timeline of Self-change in Self-Forgiveness

—>Timeline of Self-change in Self-Forgiveness <— Within these videos is the timeline of my process of self-forgiveness beginning in 2007 when I began applying the tools provided by Desteni Universe and Desteni I Process through to 2011.

Join me in 2012, as I continue walking a process of facing and stopping self of mind constructs and patterns through self-forgiveness, as well as standing in support of an Equal Money System – to bring an end to all atrocity.

*Favorite Tools to Assist Self

2012 – Love heals all wounds?

2012 – Love heals all wounds? I read this particular quote on a face book status. And, in looking at ‘Love’, as how it currently exists within this world – Love is Not able to heal all wounds. If we remove our thoughts as well as the emotions and feelings we’ve associated with love, what is love then really? Can love exist without hate? Can hate exist without love? Are we just walking around attempting to balance points of polarity that exist within us?

Love is a rather strange thing in how we are, because look how when we first experience ourselves as ‘falling in love’ – in the energy of it we’re not able to and/or won’t comprehend that the nature of ourselves as that point of ‘falling in love’ is only actually our mind directing us as an energetic experience of ourselves within the sexual energy and the friction, like emotions and feelings as we manifest ourselves into a physical experience between ourself and another.

The whole belief, the complete idea and experience we’ve had of ourselves ‘in love’ can and does change in a single moment to that of hate toward the same one we only a moment before said we loved.

I’ve ‘fallen in love’ many times and as long as the sexual energy remained, everything was pretty groovy, but, as the energy fades, and it always fades again and again, then, it’s not so groovy. So the question that one has to finally begin to ask oneself is, where the hell does love go? How is love able to stop in a single moment and become hate?

We all know it – that love, as it turns out doesn’t stick and we know this because we keep trying to get it to stick over and over again but, it appears that we’re just stickin it to ouselves. The energetic design we’ve participated in and as first in our mind which we’ve accepted as real and constructed as ourselves to walk as, as an expression and experience of who we are, certainly has not proven to be life supporting, nor to have healing powers that will remain or stand the test of time. We’ve barely noticed the feeling does not remain because the moment the energy dissipates and the system is played out, we want to ‘fall in love’ again.

Much atrocity has been done in the ‘name of love’, so investigate the point of love because it’s easy to understand the lure of the energetic highs and lows in the experience we’ve all referred to as ‘love’. However, it doesn’t make the experience one that is real.

If love for real existed within us, we would not allow child abuse, molestation, rape, deception, fraud, murder, war, homelessness, poverty and starvation to exist within this world. All of which are wounds that can and do result in death for many.

When one look closer within self one is able to see how we’ve really only had love affairs with an idea in our mind and through our participation we create an experience for ourselves according to what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become. Where we, without first questioning what is really going on within ourself – can and have created love from a first glance at a total stranger where we say it was, ‘love at first sight’???

What is it we truly require, first from ourself, so we’ll stop manifesting and creating abuse within our world through energetic patterns of ourselves that we’ve already experienced as not being able to maintain. Look closely at those who’ve been in a relationship for many years and one is able to see exhaustion expressed in and as their physical body.

Some will say the love a parent and/or grandparent has for their child is real love. But I don’t see it as love that is real or able to be forever into eternity either. The patterns we as humans exist in, in our relationships, are one of teaching, training, forming, preparing the child for working and controlling the child to be exactly like ourselves and the result is abuse and when they don’t comply we’ve been known to ‘disown the child’.

We already know that getting two or more of us as humans to agree on anything within a point of self-responsibility is practically impossible, and agreeing on the ‘proper’ way to raise a child is truly next to impossible, much less kind and/or ‘loving’. So, it’s time to practically assist ourselves to see what it is we’re actually accepting and allowing ourselves to exist as within ourselves and our relationships. That the idea that we need someone to complete and fulfill us is justification for self-abuse and for how we continue to ignore the abuse that’s going on within ourselves and our reality.

I’m not saying that one is not able to grow fond of or care for another, but within it all is ‘conditions’, ‘self-interest’ and a general ‘lack of self-responsibility’. If one will notice, the ‘conditions’ will always revolve around ‘money’. One can begin to see this, if one will in self-honesty begin to recognize the patterns of self that bind us to what is obviously a continual loop in self-interest and ego driven within the energy friction born in and kept alive in the mind of us all as we participate in and as it – instead of directing ourself to face our fears and forgive ourselves.

Begin a journey to self-love through self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness is an example of self-love because self is then able to give to all that which self requires and, it’s quite a gift for self as it’s the gift of Equality. Equality will allow us to stop our race to survive against each other according to a money system that is practically non-existent in providing assistance for a world existing in and as atrocity.

In beginning as a solution – Equal Money is the system that will allow All a Life according to What’s Best for All, and that’s when we’ll be existing in love for real.

Love will be each and everyone and everything in and as the expression of who we are as life in every moment within and as oneness and equality – or love will not be, nor has it ever been actually real within our world. The proof of this we are able to see is in how our world exists with child abuse, molestation, rape, deception, fraud, murder, war, homelessness, povery and starvation.

For 2012 – a true statement of self-healing which is the beginning in healing our world, is to stand as One Vote for an Equal Money System.

Let the healing begin with Equal Money and Equality will heal all and everything.

Real love is unconditional and recognizes everything and everyone as All as One as Equal in all ways.

Investigate Desteni I Process – where there is an upcoming ‘Relationship Course’ that will assist and support us through self-agreement, self-communication and self-responsibility within ourselves together with whomever we may be in a relationship/agreement with and/or will provide us with assistance in directing ourself for such a journey.

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Why would anyone want to ascend to a higher consciousness in 2012?

What is up with all the talk about 2012 and ascension? Why are we existing in hope and ideas of some glorious life in a higher dimension that doesn’t make sense or exist except in our mind? What is consciousness anyway? In the following video: Why would anyone want to ascend to a higher consciousness in 2012?, hear how to stop the absurd mind possession of ascension and see how Heaven on Earth is possible with an Equal Money System.

Investigate Equal Money

Network Marketing and the Law of Attraction

Video Link:”Network Marketing and the Law of Attraction, and Positive Thinking. If you do training, like ‘Dale Carnegie’ training courses and positive thinking. One of the facets of the training is based on network marketing. It uses the following premise: that for your business to be successful, that means to make money – you have to be part of a group and they normally propose the following groups: the church and sports clubs. Now both at churches and at sports clubs you are required to pay a form of a fee. At the church it’s a very clever one because it’s contributing to keep the group going by paying for the building and the pastor through donating money in a little bowl every time you’re there. And obviously the point that is emphasized is that it should be ten percent of your income. And through being at the church you’ll meet people and through meeting people because you are at the same church, you’ll be obliged to be neighborly and support each other by buying stuff from each other. And so the survival game continues.

At sports clubs you normally pay an annual fee and you will contribute to the club by drinking together, by having games together. All kinds of things but what is the real objective? The real objective is to network. The real objective is to meet people – you buy from them, they buy from you. The real ‘good’ neighborly thing. You know this is how Capitalism and Consumerism and Survivalism has made ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself’. Join the group, make sure you do to your neighbor what they do to you – that’s means you buy from them and they buy from you. But there is never an actual solution or a way that brings about a change in this world. All that happens is everybody is playing this networking game.

Now the Corporation has taking networking to another level. They network through the financial institutions and the pension funds – shopping malls all over the world with some major brands that control the distribution of goods. All the distribution is networked and centralized through a warehousing logistic system and it forces all competition out of play and you end up with apparently free choice because you can go to one shop and buy many brands – that’s how it looks like. But in-fact, you’re entering a networking system where you are virtually forced to buy only from certain points and to contribute. What they then do is give yu all kinds of reward systems. They also sell the products at a price that you can’t produce it yourself, so you are completely disempowered and the networking game continues.

Obviously when one realize how networking work they also try and control what networking is allowed because it’s so simple if one understand what’s going on – to create a networking game and what they call airplanes and so on and you can actually make allot of money. But again, you have No Solution to the problem in the world. It is all just a form of ‘survivalism’, where one use the, ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself’ thing in a greedy, manipulative, dishonest way. Where you buy from the neighbor so that they can buy from you and thus you both survive and you both understand that you need to do that to survive.

The suggestion is that one should look at ways rather where you can actually bring about a real change. You don’t only survive but you also participate and contribute to ways where you can actually bring about a ‘Permanent’ change where we don’t have to play these deceptive games. Obviously it’s not going to change overnight. You’re not just going to have a solution – we have to introduce it, understand it and understand all the dishonesties that we have based our existence on. That requires Self-honesty. We’re gonna have to take Responsibility for what we have done. That requires Self-forgiveness. Where you through your Self-honesty place yourself in an empowered position where you realize to what extent you’ve contributed to the great deception of this world through Money and the fake ‘love thy neighbor’ networking games that exist.

And you’ll notice that the ‘law of attraction’ and ‘positive thinking’ forms the basis of these networking games and has misdirected the ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself’ point completely as well as the ‘Give and so you’ll Receive’ point as the message of Jesus into a complete deceptive way. And then you end up trapped in this game because once you get the group that support you effectively, then you share a form of wealth which is a form of Communism through Capitalism. It’s fascinating that all these things are actually just dimensions of the same coin.

Investigate ‘Equal Money’ so that you can see that it is possible to bring an end to this. Imagine this week in Europe the European Central Bank has introduced new printed money into the money supply by supplying to over 500 banks, 487 Billion Euros‘, at one percent interest. They created this money out of thin air and then they put it into the system where you through your labor will make the money real and it’ll end up in the pockets of ‘Banks and Corporations’. And once you’ve got some property they will reduce the money supply and they’ll take your houses and property and the ‘elite’ will get ‘richer’ and your slavery would have meant something to them but nothing to you.

But Imagine! Just as they create illusionary money we can create the same illusionary money through an ‘Equal Money System’ and give it the value of life and give to everyone Equally. One Gigantic Network, the ‘Network of Life on Earth’. And through this network we can create our own markets that support each other Equally and this fake game can get to an end. And at least ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ will include all neighbors equally. Investigate Equal Money. You owe it to yourself. But not so much yourself because you may not experience all the benefits in this lifetime but you owe it to your children because they’re going to need a change or we will destroy the world through our deceptive ways of networking without the consideration for what is here and where things really come from. Join us. Equal Money.”

Bernard Poolman
24 Dec 2011