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Outcome Equality

My whole life I never considered as a possibility that I can simply say what a situation is without trying to control the outcome according to and as the direction of and as my mind -  because the direction of my mind had never considered –

that the only outcome applicable is that of all life here according to and as all as one as Equal.  No exceptions.  And that I have to ask the correct question in order to receive the answer required for and as self in the exact moment, which is always only here breathing in this moment.

I cannot accept an answer as who I am – until I’ve lived the answer through and as accumulated action of and as myself as who I am in self-honesty, self-trusting, self-directing, and willing self in giving up all of who I’ve been to redesign an outcome becoming to and as the Principle of Equality where all life is considered within and as any and all outcome. So in my questioning, I must always first ask myself, is the outcome within my answer what’s best for All and in all ways Equality – Simply lived as who I am as All as One as Equal.

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