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Forgiven Void

Void begged today for fulfillment, I said fuck off, and remained breathing in self-forgiveness directing self in self-honesty becoming one and equal within and as void as me Forgiven

Avoidance bywords indeed and action through self-acceptance, allows and grants permission for self to be and become that which self is avoiding facing of self. The act of avoiding-self creates a void inside self pretending to exist as life disguised within and as Mind Consciousness Systems currently living as their own creation of and as death.

Self-forgiveness application walking, breath by breath, in self-honesty, willing self-trust according to and as movement of self within and as self-physical – actions supportive by and as Self as All as One as Equal Standing – Stable in Support of an Equal Money System & World Equality

Support Equal Money for All – from birth ’til death

As All as One as Equal

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I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take for granted the meaning I’ve attached to, and walked as within the words void, avoid, avoiding, avoided, and avoidance wherein I accepted resistance against myself and abdicated myself from life allowing my mind further opportunity for compounding of and as all as one as Equal. I Stop. I Breathe. I Direct myself according to the Principle of Equality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to belief that I must seek energy from something and/or someone outside of myself in order to fulfill the feelings of void within me according to an idea/belief/perception in my mind to fuel and ignite me as a mind consciousness system.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to avoid facing myself because I fear hearing the words spoken of which I have already lived and existed as wherein through shame and guilt. I stop. I breathe. I Direct myself according to and as all as one as equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to pretend and distract myself so as to avoid seeing what I had become.

Genuinely Grateful – Yes, I am

I am reminded when reading and hearing about the suffering of others just how fortunate I am. It’s interesting that I spent most of my life perceiving myself to be depressed and sad or even the opposite polarity within the illusion of falling in love or being happy according to the energy I was participating within. Now is not the same as before because what I realize is that I am genuinely grateful for being here.

I become frustrated when realizing the suffering of others. Often it doesn’t seem as if I’m effective enough in assisting in spreading the word about the benefits that an Equal Money System will bring to each and every being that is here, but I continue to push myself.  I have stopped disliking my world and those who are here even though I become frustrated on occasion, it’s easier for me to understand their difficulty in realizing the common sense that Equal Money will bring.  As Mind Consciousness Systems that we have all accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become it’s going to be quite a long road.

Greed is a tough system to conquer no doubt I’ve realized as I continue to apply self forgiveness when I witness a bit of the greed demon pushing itself through for me to release.  I continue to stop myself when these moments come forth and I breathe in self honesty because common sense and self forgiveness is all that I trust of myself.  I honestly don’t know if I would be here in this world if it were not for this process of facing myself in self honesty. I know that I wouldn’t want to be here, because that’s how I existed before I began applying myself within self forgiveness.  It’s very cool actually as I have began to realize that I no longer care to be considered as special or unique as I’d much prefer to just be here aware of me breathing.

The fate of the whole world rests within each and every one of us and ultimately each of us will have to sort out the mess we’ve each individually together created.  So I’m here and I’m willing myself to stand equal as all as support until we all exist within the awareness that we are in-fact, all as One as Equal.

Support an Equal Money System and World Equality