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Day 249: The Beast of Desteni: Bernard Poolman

I first became acquainted with who Bernard Poolman was through his words in the early part of 2008. The first thing that struck me about Bernard was how through the words that he spoke and the words that he wrote he was constant and fearless.  And, in the beginning, I wasn’t sure how he had accomplished such a point of stability but within me, I longed to exist within and as the same.
the beast of Desteni
So for almost 6 years now, every single day, I’ve either heard or read the words of Bernard Poolman, and though I never actually physically met him, I am sure I know him as well as if I had.

So yesterday when I read the following in an email:

We are here to inform you that Bernard passed away in the early hours of Sunday the 11th of August.”

I immediately became aware of how I felt as if a part of myself died with him.

If there was one thing I’ve learned from the stability that knowing Bernard Poolman gave – it’s that everything that Bernard Poolman said and did, was specific and an action based upon what’s best for all, and I see this, the moment of his death as no different in that even in his death he gives life, that I am sure of.

Now there were those who were ‘put off’ or ‘pissed off’ by the words of Bernard Poolman and if one looks at the ‘reasons’ for their pissedoffness, we can always see the self-interest. Because I mean, how can anyone be pissed off and hate someone who remains stable in their support of All Living beings, for ALL Life???

Strangely enough our brainwashed preprogrammed mind as consciousness breeds plenty who are/were threatened by Bernard’s unwavering stand in bringing forth a world where No one suffers simply because they have no money or the means for proper food/nutrition, housing and an education.

So in March of 2011, it was then that I had my first one on one chat with Bernard and I asked him how, as he walked his process – obviously with no one else as a point of assistance , as we at Desteni have now – what was his most assistance to himself, other than breathing. And, interesting that, here it is more than 2 years later and the words he shared with me that day are assisting me with the loss I am experiencing today from his passing.

Here is his answer:

“I would say, the focus on having direction that is clear, whether it is Yes/No / Positive/Negative = I always pushed for clarity. But at the same time, always regarded the Physical-Reality as a sequential-‘time action-based system’, that sometimes change, just – if we wait long enough.

I also asked questions and listened, very carefully – to all the answers, as if it could possibly hold the key to the universe.

Then, I developed a way to communicate with reality through my physical-body; with pain as indicator of attention.

And, I realised, that if I lie to myself – things will just take longer, and inevitably I will just end up in the same position having to do it again.

Initially – I ended up in the same positions, because I had a disease called hope, and a mental disorder called Religion, that was imbedded in me to the core of my being; and that took me the longest to remove. It was as if faith attempted to prove faithfulness as the key to God, while the whole world screamed the opposite. Yet – I couldn’t feel it, and I didn’t want to see it. And so – there were some interdimensional beings, that reminded me from time to time.”

Alright so since hearing of Bernard’s passing I have cried many tears, and, I feel sadness and a sense of loss and I realize that I found much comfort in knowing that Bernard Poolman existed here on Earth and yes, he was quite a point of stability and one that, quite frankly, I would never have chosen to given up.

And that point is key because it’s in our ‘absence of giving’ that we’ve come to ‘give up‘ on ourselves and our physical world/reality/existence and we accept and allow abuse such as poverty to exist when it absolutely doesn’t have to.

So in a way, it’s self interest that makes me sad because I won’t get to meet Bernard in person, to shake his hand, look into his eyes and give him a hug. To Thank him for being a Living example of what a human being can be in/as Equality and Oneness.   Bernard was the living example of what it is to take self responsibility for what is here and to put forth the solutions to ensure that No one ever have to suffer again. He shared common sense and compassion daily for everyone from the tiniest to the largest of all living beings, and if you’re reading this and you’ve not studied the words of Bernard Poolman and Desteni, then do Yourself and the World a favor, begin studying them now.

We Who Are Destonians, We Will Not Stop till this is Done = Heaven on Earth

“Why Cry for Me and not the Millions of Children starving today?”  ~ Bernard Poolman


The following Quote is from a Discussion by Bernard about Compassion

“Ask-yourself: What is True-Compassion? Stand there, where the Animal is being Slaughtered: and Ask-yourself what is true-Compassion. Stand there, where the Child is being Raped: and Ask-yourself. Stand there, where War Wages – Stand there, where there is Abuse: and Ask-yourself what is true-Compassion. Stand there, where many `drink and party´, oblivious to what´s going-on: and Ask-yourself what is true-Compassion.” ` Bernard Poolman

Hear Complete Interview Here: Compassion of the Light 


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