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Day 150: Inter the Suicide Net

Suicide Nets

Suicide by Worker

Inside Apple’s Foxconn Factories everything remains the same, however, outside the building of the factory giant – which employs 1.2 million people and supplies many of the biggest names in consumer internet gadgets and iPhones – the ‘net’ is taking on more and more meaning.

Employee dormitories are now equipped with protective and/or suicide nets which can be seen in the picture below.

When I saw the picture – which has been making it’s rounds on face book – something about it just didn’t sit well with me.  One doesn’t have to be the smartest kid in class to know by now that people within our world don’t really give a shit about each other no matter how much we pretend to.

The proof of how little we care is everywhere. We don’t care about the thirty-thousand + number of children around the world who starve to death daily, or the thousands upon thousands of people who don’t have clean water to drink, or even a toilet to shit in.  We only care about me, me, me and what can I get, get, get so I can FEEL better.  Ever notice the FEE in feeling?

So what’s the purpose of providing nets to the 1.2 million employees in China who are slaves to 76-hour work weeks?  That’s working 11 days in a row earning as little as £150 a month so that the rest of us – who don’t really give a shit about their overworked and underpaid lifestyle – can get some internet gadgets and iphones.

The way I see it, the nets that have been placed outside the factory dormitories, they’re like ‘hush money’, and prove how we exist in absolute denial of the Real Problem that exists within our current world/money systems.

It’s like saying: ” you know what, we really don’t care whether or not you want to kill yourself on our time but by God at least the nets will make sure you aren’t able to do it where the world can see it because the world doesn’t want to witness your suffering because we fear seeing the truth of what we accept and allow, so if we don’t see your pain we’ll never have to face ourself in realizing how equality is all that will make us stop caring only about making money.

When is enough enough?

Sharing is Caring – Investigate: Equal Money

2012 – Behind the ‘Made-in-China’ goods we Consume is the ‘Last Train Home’


Largest Human Migration in the World

The documentary; "Last Train Home", is the story of Chinese migrant workers – of which there are at least 130 million.   It explores the strain of one particular Chinese family as they struggle to make ends meet and maintain a relationship with their children, all the while enslaved to the factory where they work.  We witness the largest annual Human Migration in the World – when every year during the Chinese New Year, at least 130 million workers return from their jobs in industrial cities for visits to their homes and families in the countryside.

There are around 7 to 10 million new migrants who leave their villages and/or rural areas for the cities every year.  The migrants arrive by bus and/or train in the cities with their possessions crammed into nylon sacks.  In the cities they live in shanty towns, dormitories or public spaces and/or sometimes their home consist of the sidewalks.  The largest concentration of migrants is said to be in the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province, where there is an estimated 10 million migrants, including a half million child laborers.

lasttrainhome1Migrants living area

The average migrant worker earns approximately $100 a month and at least a third of it, they send home to family.  Families with at least one migrant worker are said to almost automatically be lifted above the poverty level of $1 a day.  Some workers don’t know how much they get paid and go years without receiving any money. They work 12 hour days, seven days a week, and receive room and board in a cramped dormitory with daily rations of rice and noodles, with $12 a month in spending money and money docked from their pay when they are sick.

It’s insane to see what the migrant workers endure every Chinese New Year. Where for hours upon hours they stand in a packed train station where the likelihood of being trampled is a high possibility as they each one wait for a ticket and the ability to return home.  The train ride home is a 2 day trip, at least and, after a week at home – they then leave to return to the factory job until the Chinese New Year arrives again and they are once again able to take time off to go home.

lasttrainhome2Train ride


Can you imagine it – you leave for work on a Monday morning knowing full well that you’ll not be returning home for a year!?  What this means for the migrant workers is that their children are left with family members to care for them while parents leave for a year to work and earn enough money for them all to survive.   When parents return from their year of work they admit they don’t know how to communicate with their children except to remind them to study hard in school, in the hopes for them a better life than they themselves are living. 

An interesting point about this documentary is the way we are not given any direction in how to feel about what is being shown.  It’s very cool in that, it’s up to us to see for ourselves the systems that we’ve accepted and allowed to exist within our world – and the human attempt to survive them within a world where no one seems to notice, much less care about the struggles of their fellow human being.

As I watched the insanity unfold within the carefully orchestrated madness in order for these people to simply survive – I noticed how my mind searched for answers with questions like, ‘why don’t these millions of people just stop’?  ‘Why do they continue to exist in such a way’? 

Of course, this is a question for us all to ask ourselves. And, I’m aware of how ‘stopping’ is not so easy in our Current Money System, because we require food and water to survive.  So this way of life, this is the migrants only means of surviving, and yet in the act of surviving – who is living?  The Truth is, we are All only existing according to the rules of a pre-designed program.  We are the puppets, we are the slaves…

lasttrainhome3Last train home


According to the 2010 census, China’s "floating population" – as defined as the ‘people who live apart from their homes’, and as defined by China’s stringent ‘hukou’ or household registration system – was from 144 million in 2000 to 261 million in 2010. 

Now, it is said to be impossible to discuss the issue of migrant workers without understanding what exactly a ‘hukou’ is.  The ‘hukou’ was introduced in the 1950s as a tool of central economic planning.   ‘Hukou’ is basically a resident permit given by the government of China.  Every family has a ‘Hukou’ booklet that records information about family members, including name, birth date, relationships with each other, marriage status, address and your employer.   It is said that the ‘hukou system’ registers every Chinese citizen according to their household origins as either town dwellers or country peasants.

Before 1980, people were required to stay at the small area they were born (where their Hukou is), and stay there until they die. They could not move around. They could travel, but there was no access to job, public services, education, or even food. 

Strangely enough – Migration to the cities has been described as “the most effective way for reducing the birthrate” and to improve life.  Improve life for who? The rich?…

And, the ‘World Bank’ has called migration “a powerful force for poverty reduction.”  That’s bullshit.  If even one single living being suffers in any way, and/or dies from starvation, then there’s one to many of us who have more than our share of the pie!

In 2005, 200 million migrants around the world sent home $167 billion. That is twice the size of the world’s development spending, and up from $31 billion in 1990.

Reports in late 2010 were that China will reform its household registration system and relax restrictions on permanent residence registration, or the ‘hukou’, in towns and small and medium-sized cities.   However, in my research,  I wasn’t able to see any difference made, as things are still existing as they’ve always existed.   Without a permanent residence registration, one is not able to receive public services, access to job benefits, such as a pension, nor are they able to receive adequate education for their children.  An update in statistics released by the Hubei branch of the All-China Women’s Federation, there are about 1.4 million children left behind by migrant parents seeking to earn a living.

The fact is, behind all of the ‘Made-in-China’ goods that each of us consume around the world, (In the United States there are $366 Billion in imports annually) are the migrant workers, of which the Chinese economy is so heavily dependent upon for export.  They are the backbone of the country, yet they are certainly not acknowledged as being so.  Without them, the economy and the wealthiest of those within the economy simply wouldn’t be. 

Again, the point here is to see how we humans are obviously pre-programmed to accept our current world mess and comply to the rules of enslavement.

It simply doesn’t make sense to continue to support any such a system that only provides a few (the rich) with everything while the many have very little and/or are starving to death.   Because, without those who labor day in and day out, working and struggling only barley to survive – without their support – there simply wouldn’t be anything here to be had by those who have it all.

When a system is broken what happens then?  When the brake system stops working in our automobiles what then?  We have to stop and replace them.   The common sense here is that the current systems within our world has reached way past broken to deadly. 

We have to begin first with a Solution to replace our Current Money System to one of an Equal Money System – in that single agreement we’ve already removed deadly to one where the value of life is according to what’s best for all life.  No one is forced to separate themselves from their children in order to provide their children with food to eat.   No one is left behind to suffer and/or die needlessly in the name of profit and greed.  With Equal Money – we stop ‘surviving’ – we begin ‘living’, as All as One as Equal.


Let’s get serious – Investigate and Support Equal Money



Workingman’s Death Ends with Equal Money

    Workingman’s Death, (subtitled “Five Portraits of Work in the 21st Century”), is a revolting example of the working conditions set amongst the numerous cultures/societies and belief systems in and as our world.

Seeing the workers and hearing them talk about their jobs — the Ukrainian coal miners, the Indonesian sulfur haulers/porters, Pakistani ship breakers, Chinese steel millers, and the brutal reality of the Nigerian slaughterhouse workers – one can’t help but see how, in their attempts to survive in this world, they have within themselves reached a point of submission and self-acceptance to a system that clearly uses and abuses life. Individually, what is there to do, because one person alone having no money is unable to change the Workingman’s Death? That’s a fact, and one to self-realize, because it’s going to require coming together as a group to support a solution that is best for all.

    The problems in Ukraine’s Coal Industry run deep and more than 4,000 coal miners have died in accidents in Ukraine since 1991.

The timber used to construct mine shafts is in short supply and is often reused until it rots which creates dangerous work conditions. Mine fatalities in Ukraine are also related to methane gas explosions and most of these accidents take place in mines that produce coking coal used in the steel industry which are the most profitable mines in the industry. The mines can be so narrow that the workers can only crawl on their stomachs. And yet, the average monthly wage of the Ukrainian coal miner in January 2005 was 1,400 hryvnyas ($255).

Wages increased slightly, but not nearly enough compared to the amount of danger involved just so one can eat and care for themself. In 2005 most legally operated coal mines closed down following the break-up of the Soviet Union. Yet many families still dig for coal in illegal mines and children are expected to work in the dangerous conditions as well. About half of the electricity in the United States comes from burning coal. The next time you flip your light switch on, consider investigating a system that will stop slavery and atrocity – an Equal Money System.

    The Indonesian sulfur haulers/porters make up to 80,000 rupiah (US$8.70) a day for two trips into a fuming crater where liquid sulfur spews out of hot iron pipes set in fissures in an active volcano.

Once in the open air it cools, crystallizes and turns bright yellow. The sulfur is then broken off with metal rods and loaded into wicker baskets at either end of bamboo yokes, then carried back over the lip of the crater and down the side of the volcano, a treacherous journey of 4km, or 2 1/2 miles. Can you imagine that? And, the plumes of sulfur gas take an unspoken poisonous toll on the haulers/porters. Sulfur is used in the production of gun powder, explosives, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers and some medicines. For every shot fired and every single match we strike, as well as our continuous celebrating with fireworks for an ‘idea’ of our freedom, we are basically supporting slavery in a capitalistic money system.

This is how life really is – and one we each support, as we continue to support our current money system. It’s rather disgusting isn’t it? We are quite capable of having and enjoying whatever we require with Equal Money. And, not one, living being has to suffer.

    The Pakistani ship breakers disassemble ships and, have made the international shipping business possible and profitable.

Over the years disassembling ships has gravitated toward countries with low labor costs, weak regulations on occupational safety, and limited environmental enforcement. The global shift in the industry to countries with comparatively weaker regulatory systems is of particular concern. Ships contain many hazards that can have significant detrimental effects on everybody within the environment if not dealt with properly. Dangerous vapors and fumes from burning materials are inhaled and dusty asbestos laden areas are commonplace. The industry creates hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs for some of the poorest and most marginalized segments of our populated world. Ship-breaking is a minimum wage job; it barely pays Rs6000-7000 or, 70 to 80 US dollars per month.

You have to see for yourself the kind of physical labor involved to fully grasp the conditioning and religious brainwashing of the men who are featured. It’s odd that one will pray to a God, while slaving for the real God – Money. One man said how his God knows what’s best and went on to say,’this job is death itself’and,‘we are born to die’. What is he really saying? He’s saying he’s already in hell and he’s abdicated himself as life. What, when, is enough, enough?

    Daily, Chinese steel millers gather around fiery furnaces laboring in an environment that compares to hell.

And, just this past June (2011), it was reported that; ‘the structural steel for the $7.2 billion dollar San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, is being made by a Chinese firm that pays its workers $12 for a 16-hour workday’, claiming it will save at least $400 million (about 18 percent). So, yeah, when you drive across the Oakland Bay Bridge, or any bridge for that matter, consider the steel worker, working 16 hour days for $12. For a society to accept this, it’s accepting hell on earth, this is proof.

Look how we abuse our physical body and our physical world, where a few live a life of luxury while the majority work their asses off and yet, are barely able to feed and clothe themselves.

    The Nigerian slaughterhouse workers – what they do to survive in this world, is unimaginable simply because most of us have no real clue of what it takes to survive.

We ‘think’ we do, but, the majority who read this blog has not a clue because, if it’s not entertaining for our ‘mind’, we don’t like it. We don’t require ‘liking’ something – to see the common sense. The means for survival for the Nigerian slaughterhouse workers is raw brutality. Even worse, it breeds the nature of ourselves as unforgiving.

If most of us were forced to trade places with even one of the individuals in this documentary, it is doubtful we would survive. When one look at the facts surrounding these working/living conditions – it’s appalling how we’ve accepted and allowed money to shape and form the very nature of who, what and how we’ve come to live and be as a humanity.

How is it, that we as humans – who have access to water, sunlight, trees, plants, and the finest of technology – refuse to stop our competition, greed and ego. Everything is here for each of us to experience life in dignity. Let’s allow it for everyone.

    Some may say that they are grateful for their jobs after seeing this documentary – but the question to ask is; what specifically are we grateful for?

If being grateful means accepting our easy peasy jobs and the world as it is, then watch the documentary again and see the living examples of what we’ve become. See what we’re supporting, accepting and allowing as our current money system: Slavery, poverty, starvation, war and death – all supported because there is ‘profit’ to be had, in spite of the thousands of daily casualties.

Stop agreeing to a Capitalistic money system murdering machine.

Support an Equal Money System – stop slavery, war, suffering and starvation

Will we forgive ourselves and stand together, ‘Equal as a Group’ – supporting one another according to what’s best for all? Yes, We Will.

There is much to investigate and much to change to bring about a world where dignity is granted for every single life. The Solution is Here: EqualMoney.org

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