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DeBunK the JunK

“Material substance does not exist, all reality is mind”
This is a perfect example as something a human Mind as Consciousness would say because the Mind of Consciousness, which we as humans exist as – have always taken our Physical Reality, our Earth, for granted. The Earth, that which we walk on, where we move our physical bodies.

Consider that anything that is Not of the substance of Earth – that’s what is illusionary, imaginary and fantasy, the Mind directing Us as Consciousness. Where we participate in thoughts as if we can touch them. The consequences of such is that, we project and manifest the thoughts through and as we participate – into and as our physical reality by way of us physically acting as them – feelings and emotional thought patterns Walking as Us, our ‘Physical Body’.

The shit we call ‘experiences’, like when we make out in the backseat with the cutest boy in class at a drive-in movie. We don’t care to notice that our experience began as a thought, that’s now passed from ourself to another person through energetic outflows of matching mind construct patterns – then, we ‘think’ our ‘experience’, is real. We’ve just given our mind the ability to control us further because we just created it through and as the direction of the Mind of Consciousness, via, a thought pattern constructed in our mind.

Which is NOT from the substance of our Earth. So to say: ‘Material substance does not exist, all reality is mind’, is to be existing as exactly that – the Mind as Consciousness. Which is in separation from and an abdication to and towards life itself. In other words, you’ve just relinquished your right to be here.

Our ‘Physical Reality’, Our ‘Earth’, is ‘Real’ and, is how we are All able to be Here. Simple Common Sense that anyone can test for themselves.

Stop participating = Support Yourself = Support Earth

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One Year old, Choking, Assists Herself to Breathe

Ms Beanie

Today Emmeline (1 year old granddaughter), became choked on less than a half of a piece of strawberry. I stood in amazement because before I could reach her to assist her, I watched as she used her three middle fingers to cause herself to gag the piece of strawberry back up, thus assisting herself to breathe. Sharing with Emmeline’s mom how I saw her assist herself, she told me how this past weekend, they were visiting friends who have children as well.

Emmeline was playing in the bedroom with the other children while the parents were in another room. Suddenly Emmeline came running out of the bedroom towards her mom and was choking and couldn’t breathe. Before Emmeline’s mom could get to her, Emmeline stopped and used her three middle fingers to gag herself, causing herself to throw up and in doing so she un-lodged a cap from a lotion bottle she had swallowed, which was choking her. As her momma stood there in amazement – Emmeline was back to playing. 

From the first time Emmeline began to eat solid foods and showed signs of choking, her mom and/or her dad would use their fingers in the same manner as Emmeline now does to assist herself – as long as there was no danger in pushing and/or lodging something further down her throat.  Unknowingly they were teaching Emmeline a life saving technique, because now, she is able to assist herself, if need be.  Children are incredible little beings.