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The Act of Standing One and Equal is our Lifeline

As I have walked, for a little over three years, the process of self-forgiveness. I have realized that, one may go through moments where, your walking your process and applying self-forgiveness, becoming aware of yourself breathing. As well as becoming aware of your thoughts and emotional feeling patterns – then suddenly, you’re in an epic battle with yourself, wherein your mind begins to attempt to chain you within a series of, tactical MANeuvers of enslavement. Where you’ll experience yourself as overrun with feelings of self-doubt, lacking in self-trust and feelings of being unworthy of life itself. Because, when one begins to see for self, the effects created in and as this world – it can be quite shocking. How to handle self within these moments are important in order to remain steadfast in your walking self-forgiveness. Remaining within a point of self-forgiveness and self-honesty in every moment is specific self-support here. So it’s important to – Stop any and all participation. Stop. Breathe. Forgive Yourself. These moments are opportunity of self-realization. It’s not really that difficult if you’ll accept and allow yourself to be and become patient with yourself. The bonds of enslavement are falling like a free flowing river and so the perception of immenseness will disengage and release. Remember, what you are facing does not stand as equality, as it is energy, which has a beginning and an end. So – moving yourself towards release – within the Act of Standing absolutely One and Equal As It, Is our Lifeline.

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