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Day 135: Teach Me2

Today I reacted to my 2 year old granddaughter, who actually teaches me more life skills in a 8 hour day than I may ever be able to teach her. Thus the following self-forgiveness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become impatient with my 2 year old granddaughter when she continued to push buttons on my computer / printer and for feeling guilty for her crying as I physically moved her from them, and within that, I forgive myself for not seeing, realizing and understanding how she looks to experience herself in how she sees me experiencing myself, thus, I forgive myself for rushing myself to finish, because in my rush I was participating within my mind which led to feelings of impatience and guilt, which I then projected onto her, instead of being there for her to explore her world with my assistance, therefore, I forgive myself for projecting the feelings / reactions that I was having onto her according to what I was accepting and allowing myself to participate within and exist as, because, I see, realize and understand how my starting point was one of anxiety where I was avoiding facing a point of fear within myself, therefore, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize that it is Not possible for another to influence who I am unless I give permission, and any reaction/experience that I may or may not have is a direct reflection of my own inner relationship with myself according to what I am accepting and allowing myself to exist as through and as the direction of my mind, instead of me directing my mind as me according to what’s best for All . Thus, When and as I see myself becoming impatient with my granddaughter/others as myself, I stop. I commit myself to slow myself down and breathe, to look within myself at my starting point to assure that I no longer project onto another anything less than who I am in self-honesty as I continue walking my Journey to Life.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to not realize how when I was hurrying to finish what I was doing , how within that, I, for a split moment, saw how I was giving myself different perceptions of myself whereas I experienced a subtle conversation within my mind which I didn’t stop, thus is how I within that moment, created a problem within my situation where there otherwise wasn’t one, therefore, I commit myself to breathe and realize that within every moment of breath I am the one who decides who I am , thus, through self-corrective application I direct myself to establish effective communication with my granddaughter/others within my world in order to be able to teach life skills – free from anxiety and fear.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how when I am rushing, that I manifest pain in the center of my back, which I see is a point of suppression related to self-judgment and, in how I was existing in anxiety and fear of letting other’s down within the ‘feeling’ that ‘I’m not good enough’ and/or strong enough to direct myself within my world, and within that, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel disappointed in myself for not being the living example of how and what it is to be supportive and patient with all living beings, thus, I commit myself to be patient and gentle with myself and others as myself, because I see, realize and understand that my responsibility for and as life is determined within every moment of breath as a living example of placing myself in the shoes of another, to thus become stable support for a world according to what’s best for All.

Day 64: Childhood Leg-I-see as Desire: Head of the Class

Today I was reacquainted through the internet with someone from my past that I’ve known since I was seven when I first started elementary school. Triggered within me were memories/ legacies of me as my past that I’ve continued to hand down as walking actions of myself which I’ve maintained since the beginning of me as manifested patterns of self-abuse, within a mindset that I can see I still exist as, hence, the following self-forgiveness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to carry in/as my legs as I’ve walked the path of/as the illusion of family values, where I’ve carried the weight of my past through/as the DNA of my mother and father and the ideas they existed as and believed in as the beautiful lie they told themselves in order to make it through the daily struggle within the survival system of/as our current world/money system.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become a living example of desire crossed in loneliness, where I wanted to be noticed and stand out and I didn’t really care what I had to do in order to achieve the energetic high of existing as the desired experience of/as my mind as being ‘special’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within the belief that to be loved is to be accepted and to be accepted is to be loved and within that I’ve sought self-validation and self-acceptance outside myself from others through experiences I’ve manifested of/for myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to within my secret mind desire to grow up and be ‘better than’ my parents as a way of ‘getting back at them’ for that which I felt they were keeping from me, which within my mind, I believed it was the experience of ‘real love‘ that they were withholding.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to manifest myself within the starting point of desire where from when I first started school, all I wanted was to be ‘head of the class – the ‘special one’, the one that the teacher would see as the Best and ‘the ONE’ in which to follow in the footsteps of, thus, when I saw my teacher’s attention focus on someone else I became suppressed within myself in disappointment, disgust, anger and frustration because I depended upon the positive energetic charge I got when I received attention, because as all children I reLIEd upon and depended on the love and devotion received from immediate family, and, I directed mine towards authority figures within my life, because I sensed myself as void of that within my family, thus, I focused all my desires to/toward my teachers as the substitute fuel to somehow achieve that which I ‘felt’ denied of from my family.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Not realize how even now I exist the same toward people I’ve deemed as special, and even as I write this I feel constriction as an inward pressure/pain and tightness within my chest area representing the point of devotion to family, thus, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to neglect who and how I’ve existed as within a point of FAMe wherein I desired to be INFAMOUSly regarded as the person to favor whether through inside or outside my immediate FAME-I-Lie.

I forgive myself that in my beLIEved manner of self-notoriety, I secretly existed in shame within my secret mind, NOT seeing, realizing and understanding that what I do in my mind has a consequence to everything and everyone within this reality and as such I created an alternate reality inside myself that manifested on the outside within my physical world as a negative experience wherein I was bullied and made fun of by the kids in my class which further perpetuated my already self made mind possession and sent me into an extremely isolated existence of myself.

I forgive myself that I hadn’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize and understand how when I didn’t perceive myself as ‘fitting’ into my immediate family system as becoming the slave of my parents – even though I actually was – and how I in-advertently used what I experienced as a ‘lack of’ attention from my parents and imposed it upon those within my world that I saw as having authority and thus would then seek from them the teaching/knowledge/guidance as a way of seeking self-approval and self-validation as well as seeking to support and please others.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself as a child to be caught within the polarity of good and bad and right and wrong to such a degree that I feared and suppressed any ability to actually express myself free from the opinions I was constantly forming within my mind with regards to who I would be and become according to how I felt I was obligated to act and behave as in ways which would be acceptable and approved according to the rules of my family, society and the world/money/survival system.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to trust my parents unconditionally while inside myself at the same time feeling and directing hate to/towards them – instead of seeing/realizing and understanding that is not my fault nor my parents fault for how I experienced myself because my parents experienced themselves exactly the same as I did because we’ve not yet as a family/society utilized the tools now available through Desteni I Process as being the practical supportive tools for family and life to actually stand up from within the abuse we’ve accepted and allowed from generation to generation as the sins of the fathers – to direct ourselves according to what’s best for All whereby life as we’ve known of/as ourselves will begin to change and we’ll welcome who we are as individual self-expressions.

I commit myself to forgive my way clear to no longer accept myself to separate myself through self-judgment where I create and manifest desires within myself thus manifesting and creating the same within my outer world as this physical reality, which I take self-responsibility for in supporting a world/money system according to what’s best for all.

Everyone’s Talking about it – Freedom Blogs

You have it in you to be the Answer to Your Life. Read how people just like you did it for themselves – to Motivate you to Realize yourself as Life. Freedom Blogs

Watch video here for details ——> Everyone’s Talking about it – Freedom Blogs

Life Got More Interesting with Self-Forgiveness

I’ve almost completed my first Self-forgiveness Blog Book: Here is a peek inside.

“I then wrote self-forgiveness and was surprised how applying such a simple application assisted me to become aware of repetitive thought patterns. Thoughts that would have before caused me great anxiety – I was able to stop and decide in the moment not to participate. It became interesting to see how my thoughts were an actual tool for me to see who I had become as I moved myself according to them. It’s very cool when one begins to realize that we do not have to fear, nor participate in our thoughts – instead through self-forgiveness we are able to release, self correct, realign and direct self according to what’s best for all. That’s when life here begins to get more interesting.”

“…Desteni and all who participate here are realizing, you can’t ‘save’ anyone. We can only continue to stand and walk in self honesty, breath by breath and to walk this with each other not accepting anything less than self honesty accumulating self according to what’s best for all.

“This might sound cliche’, but when I was younger I always wondered why people didn’t like each other. Why were we so mean to each other and always talking about each other behind their backs. I remember thinking something isn’t right, that there must be a way to, oh you know, ‘save the world’. I used to think if I knew what would do it, I would run tell my mom first, then everyone else! Never in a million years did I ever think that ‘no one would listen’.”

Application Self-Forgiveness – Life Got More Interesting with Self-Forgiveness: Blog Book 1
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Question Your Perception And Spiritual Survival Illusion

I have been reading many different types of peoples blogs lately. There is much discussion about how, ‘our perceptions are merely an illusion’.  Not disagreeing – that doesn’t change the fact that when you’re living in poverty and starving to death, your physical body here within this physical reality – is going to experience itself as anything but an illusion. 
We are living an illusion according to how and what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to participate in according to and as our mind. There are No spiritual survival ideas and/or excuses not to realize this for yourself. Since we are Consciousness, and we participate within and as our mind – common sense is, that we are then, ‘Mind Consciousness Systems’.  And every time we participate within and as all those thoughts we ‘think’ we are, as well as all those feeling and emotional energy charges we accept and allow ourselves to experience as who we are – which is an experience within an illusion according to our mind.  We then further fuel the mind, which creates more thought construct patterns, and so we continue cycles of death and destruction.

Seriously, have a look at the illusion we have all manifested for ourselves and others to experience. We have created ourselves one hell of a mess here on Earth.  We’re allowing wars and accepting the rape of children.  People are having to steal just to provide food for their family.  Since we are all designing our reality, the common sense here is, that it’s just a matter of ‘when’, that we will All experience the Wrath and the Equivalent of our own Designs. There will be no love, light, and/or spiritual survival skill to stop the inevitable. Stop. Breathe, and become self-responsible for what you’re designing! Stop participating in and as your mind! 

Begin in this moment to Support the Solution! Stop your greed, ego and spitefulness. Stop the suffering we’ve all accepted and allowed within and as this illusion!   Support an Equal Money System.  We’ll Stop our design of ‘Fear of Survival’ first – by providing for all living beings here.  Then together we’ll bring about the Design of ‘Heaven on Earth’ – for real here within this physical reality – freeing ourselves from the illusion of our mind.  We will become the Directive Principle of and as our mind, as All as One as Equal.  Support Equal Money, now…

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