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Life Got More Interesting with Self-Forgiveness

I’ve almost completed my first Self-forgiveness Blog Book: Here is a peek inside.

“I then wrote self-forgiveness and was surprised how applying such a simple application assisted me to become aware of repetitive thought patterns. Thoughts that would have before caused me great anxiety – I was able to stop and decide in the moment not to participate. It became interesting to see how my thoughts were an actual tool for me to see who I had become as I moved myself according to them. It’s very cool when one begins to realize that we do not have to fear, nor participate in our thoughts – instead through self-forgiveness we are able to release, self correct, realign and direct self according to what’s best for all. That’s when life here begins to get more interesting.”

“…Desteni and all who participate here are realizing, you can’t ‘save’ anyone. We can only continue to stand and walk in self honesty, breath by breath and to walk this with each other not accepting anything less than self honesty accumulating self according to what’s best for all.

“This might sound cliche’, but when I was younger I always wondered why people didn’t like each other. Why were we so mean to each other and always talking about each other behind their backs. I remember thinking something isn’t right, that there must be a way to, oh you know, ‘save the world’. I used to think if I knew what would do it, I would run tell my mom first, then everyone else! Never in a million years did I ever think that ‘no one would listen’.”

Application Self-Forgiveness – Life Got More Interesting with Self-Forgiveness: Blog Book 1
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