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Woman Kills Pregnant 21 Yr Old She Met On Facebook, Cuts Baby From Her Uterus

bloodApril 18, 2011, Oakland, Kentucky–A pregnant 21 year old was murdered and her baby cut from her uterus by a woman she met on Facebook. This shocking brutal crime unfolded when Jamie Stice was befriended by 33 year old Kathy Michelle Coy on the social network facebook.  According to news reports, Coy pretended to be pregnant too and told Stice that she could get her baby clothes–claiming she worked at an agency that helped pregnant women in need.

Coy also allegedly sent Stice ultra sound pictures she had stolen to make Stice believe her fabricated pregnancy story. The two women then struck up a budding friendship.  On Wednesday police arrested Coy when Bowling Green hospital personnel contacted them about their suspicions regarding her newborn.  Coy then revealed to police where she had buried the young woman and investigators found the body in the woods of Oakland. Stice was reportedly stabbed multiple times.  The baby, who wasn’t due until May 24th, is said to be doing well but is still in the hospital.  Details were also released that Coy had stolen ultra sound pictures since October of last year so she was planning this for a long time and found Stice while looking for a target.

There is an obvious point here in this case which is that Coy claimed she worked at an agency that helped pregnant women in need.  If our current monetary system supported ‘All Life Equally’ – people would not be so inclined to accept offers from people with obvious mind possessions.  Money is the root cause for the insanity within our world, make no mistake about it.  Yet, our focus looks elsewhere, and in our attempt to understand, we’re overlooking the facts and common sense which are that people are suffering and becoming desperate for money and assistance.

In our world, no one should be without means to support themselves.  However in our messed up Capitalist society, millions are suffering, starving to death, murdered, and the ‘culprit’, our ‘current money system’, is not even acknowledged as so.   Let’s Stop.

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