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Welcoming New Arrivals To ‘The Equality Equation’

We’re welcoming ten new arrivals, six hens and 4 roosters to The Equality Equation within our family here on Krafft 5 acres, so preparations are under way.  Equality is first and foremost, as all life breathing is worthy of a life lived in Dignity.  We’re building and preparing their home, assuring all their basic needs to be met according to and as the Principle of Equality’

Equality, defined simply according to our movement of self according to our physical actions where we bring forth and are providing for all here equally accumulating a Quality of Life which is allowed, accepted, and given utmost importance for/as and to all Living Beings.  Stepping forth and manifesting hearts living as breath Equal and One as All as individual beings self-expressing living examples within and as the Mathematical Equation for and as All Life Accumulating, 1+1=2.

To All New Arrivals Listen: 

The Quality of EqualityWe will Follow it Living a Principle as we all, as One, Gather together injecting life walking Equal to and as,  All and Everything Here.

Join Us

‘Til it is done and All are Standing as All as One as Equal

Link here to be: 1 Vote in support of an Equal Money System & World Equality…

Life Coaching Suggested Herein as the ‘The Desteni I Process’