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Humans are Living Examples of ‘Insect Wars’

I just finished watching the Documentary, ‘Insect Wars’– it’s a perfect small scale depiction of the example of human nature. If one doubts the evil and egotistic nature of man, as a seeking serving slave runner for money and power – one have only to become aware of the movement and characteristics of the tiny living beings within our physical environment. They’re showing us who and what we humans are manifesting and existing as. It’s all here for us to see in living color, so who is seeing?

‘Matabele Ants’, move at the pace of a roman legion and have their own physical armor and sting with the most toxic of venom. But their heaviest weapon is their jaws with the ability to rip their opponents to shreds. Sound familiar? We as humans use our jaws to move our mouth to speak words we use as weapons of/as our thoughts. Thoughts we manifest through our emotional participation in and as Ego, greed and selfish intentions – through our competing to have the most money and power.

There are a variety of insects, and they have brutal battlefield tactics, defensive strategies and struggles for power between empires. Just like humans, in how we’ll strip away the will of life from another – while we strive to be the ‘imperial one’.

For every empire that seems invincible, there is an opponent able and ready to exploit an unexpected weakness (lack of money and/or debt), and the best defense is knowing your enemy. Our enemy is ourselves and our weapon used is greed and money.

We seek power and control in our quest to have the most money while others suffer and we will stop at nothing. We accept wars and destruction of other countries in our name because we’ve become the same greed for money as those we continue to support – even as we occupy walls and street corners and bitch about life not being fair. Still, we lack direction without a solution – we’ve yet to stop, and grasp the reality, that we’re individually and equally responsible for how innocent children are murdered, in our quest for money and power.

Money is the perfect weapon after all, as one will die without it. A fact that cannot be denied as the proof is here in the numbers of those who we allow to starve to death because, they have no money. We’re the insects in human form – the alpha and omega, the beginning in accepting and manifesting our own bullshit that exists within and as our world. And we are the end… How will we determine our end?

Will we continue to be our own worst enemy until we destroy ourselves? Or – Will we Stop and support The Solution to ‘end’ the suffering of others – the Solution of an Equal Money System.

Watch ‘Insect Wars’, see if you recognize Human Nature.

Life is Here to be supported Equally – The Key to Being who we really are as Life as all as One as Equal

Investigate the Solution: EqualMoney.org

Making the Ant Story Practical

Ant colonies are a good example of how the simple parts of organizations interact to create the behavior of the whole organization. So, it’s assisting to look at how all living beings coexist and how we can learn from them.

There are about 10,000 species of ants. They live in colonies and all ant colonies have in common that no ant directs the behavior of any other ant. All behavior is directed according to the Principle of Equality.

if you watch ants, they never seem to be doing anything exactly the way that you think that they ought to be doing it. However, Ants have been around for several hundred million years. They have covered the earth everywhere, except for in Antarctica. Something they’re doing is clearly successful and serves for us an example of how life support given to all living beings, will bring forth an expression of self as we’ve never known.

What’s the relationship between the ants and how is an Equal Money similar in that the Queen represents an Equal Money System and then there are workers and there are warriors. What’s the relationship between the ants doing the different tasks? Does it matter to the foragers what the nest maintenance workers are doing? Does it matter to the midden workers what the patrollers or the warriors are doing? Does it matter to any of them what the Queen ant is doing.

No – ants are dedicated to its task from birth which is that of supporting each other and in doing so every ant supports All ants. An Equal Money System is essential as a beginning solution for all of us as humanity. What’s best for one ant, is best for all ants. Listen to the video and hear the perspective of Bernard Poolman:

‘Making the Ant Story Practical’

A perspective with Bernard Poolman and brief commentary by Cathy Krafft – Take your position. Worker? Warrior? http://www.equalmoney.org . The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide, once we start participating in democratic elections. You’re invited to Join Us.

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