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Day 118: Angelic Warfare

The ‘healthy’ cereal bars that contain more sugar than a can of cola and as much fat as cheese

Scientists aren’t quite ready to lump sugar addiction in with heroin addiction even though research has proved that sugar influences the same “feel-good” brain chemicals as that of the hardest drugs available to man. But, I mean, look at all the profit being made off of products laced with sugar. When we finally see the common sense for ourself – we’re going to ask ourselves why we’ve accepted a few to profit over OUR World when All Life can be supported as Heaven on Earth.

Make no mistake about it, alcohol is the only substance deadlier than sugar. The thing about sugar is, you have to apply and understand moderation, and, the accumulation effect of sugar in how sugar ‘gains control’.

In small amounts, sugar accumulates within our physical body over time. Add in all those pre-programmed holiday moments where we overindulge in the sweetest things. Look closely because there’s a secret to be individually understood. Our secret mind and sugar work well in supporting each other – both manifest decay unto our physical body.

I’ve been investigating the point for just over six months now – seeing the results for myself of stopping sugar. Obviously sugar is in everything – however, my total caloric intake daily, from processed sugar, hasn’t went above 8 grams, and, I allow myself at least 2 to 4 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables daily.

Three months after stopping sugar, I gave in and awarded ‘my mind’ a small piece of chocolate pie, and, just a week ago, after ‘feeling’ stressed out, I again allowed myself some chocolate pie. My partner is witness to the change in my behavior both times. The days following my acceptance was Mental Hell.

It wasn’t until I stopped eating sugar that I began to realize how severe the mental and physical withdrawal is from eating and/or stopping sugar and in how and what self manifests in doing so, such as: depression, fatigue, irritability/mood swings, dizziness and confusion. That’s just to name a few of the many obsessive compulsive behaviors one experiences when one eats sugar daily – as well as what one experiences for a short while when stopping sugar.

When we consume sugar daily, it fuels/fools our mind as consciousness in believing that we’re ‘doing ok’, as long as, we keep eating it. The first week of stopping sugar is very difficult. However, every day after that one begins to see subtle mental and physical changes that are accumulating daily. My skin is softer and clearing. I require less sleep and I’ve become more patient with myself and others.

Investigate for yourself by stopping sugar so you can see for yourself. And until then – Support Your Children – STOP purchasing products laced in sugar which support the rich to get richer while the poor cave into the cavities of a world/money system that has yet to support All Life.

The way in which we as humans consume is deadly because our starting point is self-interest and greed in our struggle to survive. Sugar is here as the sweet little white stuff that’s legal.

It gives us that sweet quick fix of comfort within an illusion of control which keeps us following the rules of and as the good slave.

Angelic Warfare – where sugar is the substance that makes the Devilish ‘Feel’ Angelic.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feed products with sugar in them to my children simply because I never considered to investigate my starting point in consuming and the effects sugar has on our physical body and our physical reality. Thus, I stop. I breathe. I commit myself to investigating for myself what is physically supportive for our bodies and our Physical reality.

I forgive myself for not realizing the rush in me when consuming sugar, wherein I experience and exist as a lust in separation from life within an energetic spin, where I loose sight of the decay I’m accepting and allowing unto me as my physical body. I Stop. I Breathe. I realize myself here as my physical body in/as blood, cells, flesh and bone which supports me within this physical reality – I commit myself to me as my physical body to care for myself within the starting point of equality – in realizing that within the starting point of consumption and greed is destruction of/as life. I Stop the Angelic Sugar consumption as Warfare upon our Physicality. I commit myself to supporting life with an Equal Money System which will be supportive in manifesting Heaven on Earth.

I forgive myself for not realizing my emotional attachments and addiction to certain foods wherein I have overindulged within the starting point of my mind as desire, thus, I commit myself to free myself from the desire of my mind, to direct myself to breathe and realize myself within the ability to eat food that will assist and support me as my physical body to function and exist at its optimum.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing a world/money system where products are laced with sugar, promoted, sold and willingly fed to children for the sake of profit.

I commit myself to me as my physical body in realizing that sugar fuels/fools every cell within me as it influences, controls and overloads me as my physical body the same as any street drug high affects an addict.

I commit myself to life in supporting a world/money system which supports children, animals, All living beings according to what’s best for All.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not fully comprehend the meaning of moderation, wherein I have become the one who consumes in the race to have more than my neighbor – instead of realizing that our earth provides more than enough to sustain everyone.

I commit myself to life in support of an Equal Money System whereas All living beings will be provided with food production that focuses on effective healthy living with the outcome of longevity in support of our physical body and our physical reality.

**Please investigate the truth about sugar in a video called: The Bitter Truth.

Day 46: The Devil and The Angel On My Shoulder

Today my partner and I had to spend most of our day in the city. At the last moment we decided to stop for a salad at a Deli we’ve not been to in 3 months, even though it’s always been a favorite place of ours to eat. The Deli sits atop about 30 concrete steps and as I reached the top and entered the Deli, I became aware of how I was having a negative energetic experience of myself.

Immediately I began to ask myself what thought was I in that I was allowing my mind to be, because I’ve proved to myself through lessons in Desteni I Process that participation in thought, equals the direction of ones energy.

So as I walked past the table where we sat the last time we were there, I realized how I saw myself as actually walking my past as my future in that moment. I then realized how within myself, I was pretending to not see and understand how I was confronting myself, all the while actually knowing exactly what was going on within me.

I made my way to the counter and lost breath inmyself so my partner assisted in ordering for me as I made an excuse to go to the restroom. When I entered the facility I noticed an experience of movement within my solar plexus as well as an odd anxiety and I was strangely aware of the fact that I was resisting to face that which I feared within what I already knew.

I also realized something interesting in that my fear was talking to me as my secret mind, giving me reasons through rapid thoughts for how and why I was experiencing myself, and at that point, I just stood there, still, and focused on my breathing.

In less than a minute I made my way out of the restroom and slowly fixed my salad when I remembered an interview by Anu that I hadn’t heard yet called, “Reptilians – My fear companion – Part 44”, and, I was grateful I had my MP3 player with me because I was ready to hear it during our drive home. As it turned out, the interview, was the perfect assistance.

My partner and I sat down and began to eat and as we began to talk, I noticed how what my partner was saying seemed to be going on and on, and within my solar plexus was a rising of what was an emotional desire to burst into tears. That was actually the very support I required to shake me up because I rarely experience myself anymore within such a reaction.
I saw how the point was laid out before me and I knew that what was happening was definitely a self-created pattern of/as an emotional reaction, and I knew that I had to stop it.

And that’s what I did, I breathed and directed myself to investigate, and I asked myself if the fear I was existing as was actually serving me in any way whatsoever? NO!

I realized then, how, the last time we had eaten at the Deli was 9 days before my brother died. It was also when I was physically sick as well, and I had experienced a similar anxiety during our visit to the Deli that day because of me existing within and as fear of loss/death. Exposing the fear, and sharing with my partner my realization and self-forgiveness, assisted my physical body to release from anxiety within.

Join us and prove for yourself who you are walking the Journey to Life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as a unconscious thought pattern within a mind construct/pattern of anxiety creating an energetic experience of myself where thought participation equals the direction of/as energetic polarities of good/bad, positive/negative and right/wrong.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to walk past myself as who I am as breath, as I pretended to not know who I am because of the fear of facing my knowing in the detail of what I exist of/as.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to avoid going into the details of my life and history and walking into my mind as a consciousness system because I fear what I’ve deliberately hid from myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create an unconscious emotional reaction/memory/pattern manifestation in my physical body as energy that is intertwined within the mind as well as the physical, where fear is the devil and the angel on one’s shoulder. (For further perspective download @ Eqafe: “Reptilians – My fear companion – Part 44“)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to continue borrowing tomorrow within a mind set living in fear of the future – instead of realizing that anything to do with the future exist within the point of manipulating and controlling the human.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how fear is so taxing that one doesn’t want to move themselves outside their current familiar fear based comfort zone.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear the emotional feeling energy in/as ‘fear of loss’ – instead of realizing that one is already experiencing ‘loss of self’ lived in fear of and as a mind consciousness system.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Not realize that to justify our behaviour patterns gives us the cause for our fears.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to breathe life into bullshit quotes such as: “We never understand how little we need in this world until we know the loss of it” – which actually projects us to live out our fate within a world in polarity where there are the ‘Haves’ and the ‘Have Nots’ – instead of standing together as a group in support of a system accepting of and as all living beings.

I commit myself to comprehend and stand in taking self-responsibility in self-honesty for who I am within what I’ve accepted and allowed as my actions and creations as self, where I will walk in and as an ability to respond to my environment and society, and hold them equal and one to and as an expression of/as self supporting a world according to what’s best for all.

I commit myself to supporting a system of Equality where the greatest freedom is the greatest choice of/in giving the quality of life to/for All Life, according to what’s best for all.

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Day 17: At the End of the Day it’s Always about Money Part 2

Forgiving me possessed in/as Money

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed within me a point of mind possession in and as a point of polarity with regards to having/saving/losing money.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Not know who/what I am without money.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Not remember a time in my life when money wasn’t important and where/when I began to accept/allow and define/value parts of myself throughout my whole life into and as money.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become angry to/towards myself when I spend to much money on things that I realize later are unnecessary and thus in my anger lash out to/towards my partner in spite and blame as if my experience of myself is my partners fault.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to become an automated system through which I create and manifest friction to generate an energetic experience in and as myself within my relationship wherein my starting point within the energetic experience/relationship is self-interest motivated.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed my relationship to manifest within a dependency of/as my own fear of survival in/as an energetic outflow of wants/needs/desires wherein I through friction would be able to get from the relationship what I required in order to continue to fuel an already accepted entity/possession of myself through utilizing positive/negative and neutral points as energy.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to refuse to see how money has controlled every decision I make within this world where fear of survival controls our every move without our even realizing it because we’ve locked ourselves so deep into and as the very core of inequality.

I forgive myself for the anger and blame I’ve held against myself for how I’ve accepted and allowed greed to manifest a world full of crime and atrocity.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to believe that to walk away from the facts of what’s really going on here will make me feel better when in fact I become more suppressed in and as guilt and denial of who I am within all that is here.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to believe that I’m not able to make a difference in this world so why not just give up when I know for sure that I’m not able to turn myself back into what I was before I began to see the truth of me in all that is here.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to feel sorry for those who are struggling and suffering and/or starving when I see and realize that feeling sorry for them will assist no one in stopping what is here and that in order to stop how this world exists – I must first stop and direct myself in self-honesty.

I commit myself to stop the personalities and fears within my mind so that I may correct and restore myself and this world to how it is suppose to be before we as the human arrived and screwed up everything.

I commit myself to stop manipulating myself within my worshipping of the money God and to assist myself in realizing that life here in Equality can and will come to be through self-corrective application of writing, self-forgiveness, and self-honesty.

I commit myself to standing up for a world that I don’t yet know of which is one where all living beings will no longer suffer and one where food is in abundance for everyone and earth’s resources are for the benefit of All.

I commit myself to realizing that the memory of where I’ve been and who I’ve been will play no part in who and how I am in standing up for and as all life here equal and one.

I commit myself to recreate money as the root of all evil as the root of life that we may realize that it is not about what we create, it is about what value we give what we create and thus we can give money the value of life equally and use it as the way to bring to each other what is best for all life. Bernard Poolman

I commit myself to the establishment of love on earth in the only form that it is in fact love, the form that is best for all life in every way. Bernard Poolman

For further perspectives with regards to relationships and/or money visit: Creation’s Journey to Life

Day 16: At the End of the Day it’s Always about Money Part 1

Rarely will my relatives and I agree on anything, but on this day we did. One relative shared how her and her brother are barely speaking to their mother, who’s 98, because of the decision she made in signing the rights of her land over to the son who neither get along with. And, how he has now made a lot of money off the land because he agreed to fracking on the land, and because of the amount of money he’s made, there is much anger and resentment. No one seems to notice or care what is happening to the earth and water in the areas where the fracking is being done. Another relative spoke how she had to let go and forgive herself for the anger she had been carrying towards her brother who refuses to pay back the money he owes her which has resulted in her having much added debt she really can’t afford.

Then there’s an acquaintance of mine who today became angry at her dead husbands sister who had just bought 2 burial plots next to where her dead brother is buried – forgetting that her sister-in-law intended to buy the plots for her two children so they can be buried next to their father and next to the plot where she plans on being buried. She lost out though, as now there are no remaining plots to be bought. Can we please see the insanity in how our mind directs us, and stop?

The common ground so to speak, within each conversation was the same. It was Money, and the same sentence was spoken to me by each one of them before the conversation ended when they all said, “At the End of the Day it’s Always about Money.” Wow – I was just glad to finally hear them admit it, that every single emotion, feeling and/or reaction and anger can be traced back to money in one way or another. Imagine a world where we Stop Blaming and allow Equal Money for everyone and how the simple act of giving to another that which we would like to receive – will change everything.

Art Work By Maya Harel

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to believe the life I’ve lived as money never for a moment considering what it’s really like to be completely without.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to take for granted the role that money has played in my decisions and in who I’ve been and become within this world because I didn’t realize the influence that money had on me in stripping me of any sense of who I really am because I had propped myself up in and as an identity of myself according to how much money I had and/or didn’t have.

I forgive myself for the anger I engulfed myself in and as as I spited those who I believed done me wrong in the name of money when in fact the illusion I had of myself according to how much money I had was crumbling and I required someone to blame for what I saw as a failure within myself which I denied and instead focused my hate and rage outside myself onto others so I could avoid facing myself within the value I’d given and placed myself in and as according to money.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to take the suffering of others who have nothing for granted while I existed in and as the illusion of my mind that I somehow deserved more than others.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to in my secret mind keep secrets about how I spent money from my parents and/or partner where in my dependency upon their financial support I didn’t allow myself to see myself as worthy of being self-responsible and capable of earning money to support myself, thus I constantly gave away my power and limited myself from being who I was in self-honesty capable of living and being.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to live out certain patterns throughout my life where I compromised my experiences of me within my relationship to/towards others because of my love for money.

I forgive myself for the anger I accepted as the burden of proof for what I seen as the picture of me as a failure within a world where I felt compromised on behalf of my own self imposed limitations.

Art Work By Maya Harel

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to deny and suppress what I would have preferred to do and become in this world but didn’t because of a lack of education and a lack of understanding which I had to and towards money.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to alter and mold myself into and as ideas within a mindset in accordance to fears of failing to survive within our current money/world system and accordingly sought relationships in which provided me with ways to exist where I didn’t have to fear for my survival within the current money/world system.

I commit myself to stand as Life – which is me standing as equality and oneness with/as all as me, proving this equality and oneness in/as my actual physical living in this physical existence, and to through my physical living as equality and oneness as Life, create a physical existence equal-to and one-with me as Life, where Life as equality and oneness is honoured, respected and regarded by each and all as all stand as Life. And so we birth life as ourselves from within/as this physical existence through walking our processes of writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application, transforming the relationships of separation/energy, to living agreements of equality and oneness. As we walk our physical processes within, we walk our physical process without as we all have to come together and stand together and take responsibility for our creation as this physical existence, to transform it into a reality where all together in fact live in/as equality oneness. Therefore, the commitment to stand as Life, and walk the process to becoming Life – has to be walked by each individually, and as more come together and stand together as walking the process to stopping the I of Energy and becoming the living of Life, we step-into our creation as this physical existence and create/manifest it to be/become equal-to and one with who we are as Life. Sunette Spies

Read: Heaven’s Journey to Life For Further perspectives and self-forgiveness

Continued in part 2

2012 – Women – Kickin the belief in God

I had some interesting perspectives shared with me today at two different doctor’s offices where I had to return to for follow up visits. One of the nurses, who I’ve known for a few years, began to talk about how strange bacterias and illnesses have become and how difficult it’s been for many to get well after having had a virus and, how many have not recovered and/or have lost loved ones to death, suddenly and unexpectedly.

She said how strangely enough, this has caused her to question her beliefs. Specifically, her belief in God and religion. She said it seemed to her that the only reason people have needed religion/God in the first place, is because of their fear of death, and that really, all death does is, is a way promote fear and that fear seems to promote self interest.

Wow, that was cool to hear and I sat quietly and continued to listen as I’d never heard her speak that way. She went on to say that she wasn’t exactly sure how, but she was sure that religion and the whole idea of a God all began as a means of us wanting to control each other.

She started to say something else, but was then paged to take a phone call and as she was leaving the room, she paused and thanked me, saying that she could tell that I was actually hearing her…

As I entered the office where my second doctor’s appointment was, there were two nurses who were having a similar conversation about religion and God. They were talking about how human limitation is linked to the examples we had as children and how mostly, those examples consisted of God/Religion and/or fear, and that, basically, it’s all the same. They said as far as they were concerned, God/Religion was nothing more than a way to control people and that they were seeing how God/Religion is slowly losing it’s hold on people.

They then began to talk about death and one of them looked at the other one and at me and asked: Can you remember how old you were and where you were when you first realized that life dies? It was at that moment, that I was summoned back to see the Doctor and man, I hated leaving the interesting conversation.

I do remember the day though – the day that I overheard my parents talking with the next door neighbors about death: I was 5 1/2 years old. I remember that it took me awhile to think about their meaning of death, being that when we die, we will no longer exist here on earth. At five years old, I was just beginning to notice myself, so death didn’t really make much sense to me because, within me, it was as if I was always going to be here. I just didn’t get how it is that life is something that can just go away.

With all of the culture of silence that surrounds death and dying, I learned very quickly not to ask many questions about death because my questions simply went unanswered. People were scared to death about dying and absolutely no one wanted to talk about it.

The first time I began to have an awareness of my fear of death was when I was 9. I was sitting in a church, and the pastor of the church began to speak of heaven and hell – how the only way to Not go to hell was to ask for God’s forgiveness for our sins. At nine years old I wasn’t clear what horrible sins I had committed and even though the whole story of death and God and heaven and hell didn’t make any sense to me – I became willing to believe in a God and a heaven, simply because of the fear in the idea of going to some fiery hell.

As I got into my teenage years, I began to find it odd that people I’d known my whole life – who had only ever prayed before holiday dinners – were now getting older and they feared death so, suddenly, God had become important to them. I began to wonder if it would change how accepting people were of war and violence if they were to become able to embrace the reality of their own fear of death.
All I really knew was that no one on earth is in control of their lives and no one questioned how come life dies…

Consider that all of the fears and doubts and judgments, and all the goddamn competitions and hate we secretly hold within ourself against each other, whether quietly or not so quietly, which only appears to remain unseen – that maybe, just maybe it’s all that shit within us – that’s what is manifesting within and as how our world currently exists. Such as in the money wars, where we don’t or won’t question how come we’re ok with people starving to death and living on the streets without a home.

Many people have never challenged the belief systems they were taught as children so when an answer comes, they attack it, instead of stopping and considering to – for a moment – give up all the knowledge we’ve given value to, and prove our-self as life.

Now, as I’ve been walking the Desteni process of self-forgiveness and facing myself in self-honesty, I’m slowly beginning to understand that maybe death is only as real as the abuse we allow to exist within us which has an accumulative affect upon our physical body and, ultimately, manifests within and as our physical reality.

Maybe people really are beginning to challenge and stop their belief systems – for sure we at Desteni are and, we’re realizing that the best way to do that is to stop the systems altogether and forgiving self for accepting them in the first place without even investigating who self is within them.

One thing I know for sure is that the women of this world have it within them to stand up and “Stop” the abuse that’s being accepted and allowed and to change themselves and thus assist in changing this world.

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Investigate how Equal Money will assist us in bringing about a world where all life may exist in dignity. EqualMoney.org

2012 – Love heals all wounds?

2012 – Love heals all wounds? I read this particular quote on a face book status. And, in looking at ‘Love’, as how it currently exists within this world – Love is Not able to heal all wounds. If we remove our thoughts as well as the emotions and feelings we’ve associated with love, what is love then really? Can love exist without hate? Can hate exist without love? Are we just walking around attempting to balance points of polarity that exist within us?

Love is a rather strange thing in how we are, because look how when we first experience ourselves as ‘falling in love’ – in the energy of it we’re not able to and/or won’t comprehend that the nature of ourselves as that point of ‘falling in love’ is only actually our mind directing us as an energetic experience of ourselves within the sexual energy and the friction, like emotions and feelings as we manifest ourselves into a physical experience between ourself and another.

The whole belief, the complete idea and experience we’ve had of ourselves ‘in love’ can and does change in a single moment to that of hate toward the same one we only a moment before said we loved.

I’ve ‘fallen in love’ many times and as long as the sexual energy remained, everything was pretty groovy, but, as the energy fades, and it always fades again and again, then, it’s not so groovy. So the question that one has to finally begin to ask oneself is, where the hell does love go? How is love able to stop in a single moment and become hate?

We all know it – that love, as it turns out doesn’t stick and we know this because we keep trying to get it to stick over and over again but, it appears that we’re just stickin it to ouselves. The energetic design we’ve participated in and as first in our mind which we’ve accepted as real and constructed as ourselves to walk as, as an expression and experience of who we are, certainly has not proven to be life supporting, nor to have healing powers that will remain or stand the test of time. We’ve barely noticed the feeling does not remain because the moment the energy dissipates and the system is played out, we want to ‘fall in love’ again.

Much atrocity has been done in the ‘name of love’, so investigate the point of love because it’s easy to understand the lure of the energetic highs and lows in the experience we’ve all referred to as ‘love’. However, it doesn’t make the experience one that is real.

If love for real existed within us, we would not allow child abuse, molestation, rape, deception, fraud, murder, war, homelessness, poverty and starvation to exist within this world. All of which are wounds that can and do result in death for many.

When one look closer within self one is able to see how we’ve really only had love affairs with an idea in our mind and through our participation we create an experience for ourselves according to what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become. Where we, without first questioning what is really going on within ourself – can and have created love from a first glance at a total stranger where we say it was, ‘love at first sight’???

What is it we truly require, first from ourself, so we’ll stop manifesting and creating abuse within our world through energetic patterns of ourselves that we’ve already experienced as not being able to maintain. Look closely at those who’ve been in a relationship for many years and one is able to see exhaustion expressed in and as their physical body.

Some will say the love a parent and/or grandparent has for their child is real love. But I don’t see it as love that is real or able to be forever into eternity either. The patterns we as humans exist in, in our relationships, are one of teaching, training, forming, preparing the child for working and controlling the child to be exactly like ourselves and the result is abuse and when they don’t comply we’ve been known to ‘disown the child’.

We already know that getting two or more of us as humans to agree on anything within a point of self-responsibility is practically impossible, and agreeing on the ‘proper’ way to raise a child is truly next to impossible, much less kind and/or ‘loving’. So, it’s time to practically assist ourselves to see what it is we’re actually accepting and allowing ourselves to exist as within ourselves and our relationships. That the idea that we need someone to complete and fulfill us is justification for self-abuse and for how we continue to ignore the abuse that’s going on within ourselves and our reality.

I’m not saying that one is not able to grow fond of or care for another, but within it all is ‘conditions’, ‘self-interest’ and a general ‘lack of self-responsibility’. If one will notice, the ‘conditions’ will always revolve around ‘money’. One can begin to see this, if one will in self-honesty begin to recognize the patterns of self that bind us to what is obviously a continual loop in self-interest and ego driven within the energy friction born in and kept alive in the mind of us all as we participate in and as it – instead of directing ourself to face our fears and forgive ourselves.

Begin a journey to self-love through self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness is an example of self-love because self is then able to give to all that which self requires and, it’s quite a gift for self as it’s the gift of Equality. Equality will allow us to stop our race to survive against each other according to a money system that is practically non-existent in providing assistance for a world existing in and as atrocity.

In beginning as a solution – Equal Money is the system that will allow All a Life according to What’s Best for All, and that’s when we’ll be existing in love for real.

Love will be each and everyone and everything in and as the expression of who we are as life in every moment within and as oneness and equality – or love will not be, nor has it ever been actually real within our world. The proof of this we are able to see is in how our world exists with child abuse, molestation, rape, deception, fraud, murder, war, homelessness, povery and starvation.

For 2012 – a true statement of self-healing which is the beginning in healing our world, is to stand as One Vote for an Equal Money System.

Let the healing begin with Equal Money and Equality will heal all and everything.

Real love is unconditional and recognizes everything and everyone as All as One as Equal in all ways.

Investigate Desteni I Process – where there is an upcoming ‘Relationship Course’ that will assist and support us through self-agreement, self-communication and self-responsibility within ourselves together with whomever we may be in a relationship/agreement with and/or will provide us with assistance in directing ourself for such a journey.

Support an Equal Money System Here