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Day 266: When a Child Dies

The quote below is from the following article: Boy, 4, dies falling into a bathtub under 37-year-old babysitter’s watch at Times Square luxury apartment building

“The child’s death came as a surprise for tenants in the 40-story luxury tower.” 

Reading about the death of a child is the hardest thing to hear about regardless of how they died.  When I read the above article, it was the above sentence that caught my eye and seemed to scream Wake-UP People!   Seriously, we have to ask ourselves how is it that those we live physically closest to, like our neighbors for instance, how it is that we don’t know a damn thing about them really with regards to how their actually experiencing themself day after day after day.   The question remains: ‘How is it we can live next door to an abused child and never even notice their being abused?

“…you did it because the group called humans allowed it to happen. The neighbors refused to take care of each other – you refused to be your brothers keeper. You refused to love your neighbor as yourself. All you were looking for is things to blame to hide your own part in playing evil in this world…” Bernard Poolman

avoidanceThis World is a dangerous place for children and animals, and I’m not sure how we’ve gotten this far considering that we as ‘the adults’ that exist in the child’s life for instance – whether it be that you’re the parent or the grandparent, the babysitter or close friend – how most of us, have minimal skills when it comes to knowing how to assist and support the child through any given situation.

My granddaughter Emmeline – who is 3 1/2 years old – she reminds me daily how important it is to be aware of what she’s doing at any given moment. And I’m seeing how she’s changing,  as her mind seems to be turning itself against her.

Yesterday she was hanging out in the living room area as I was finishing some cooking in the kitchen. Inside, our house was very quiet,  and then, for the first time ever, I hear her began to sing a song that I’ve heard her listen to with her mom, and this particular song is one that her and her mom both have said is their favorite.  It was interesting to watch her singing it because she sang with great confidence and her acting seemed spot on for how she must have witnessed another singing it considering that at 3 1/2 she has no real idea what the meaning is within the words she was repeating from the song: ‘Wrecking Ball‘ by Miley Cyrus.  

I can see how at 3 1/2 she is only now becoming acquainted with her imagination and is beginning to tell stories that make sense if only to her.    She is still somewhat unpredictable and so you never know what one her age might decide to do.  So young children require an adult checking in on them frequently and they need for us to get a clue to the fact that they’re going through a rough time as their mind begins to integrate into and as their physical body so it’s time we take that fact into consideration. 

A must Hear Interview Series that assists one to understand how to Assist the Child at Eqafe is: Parenting – Perfecting the Human Race Series.  A very interesting series with an overview of the 3 Phases of Child Development: Phase I: 0-1 Years, Phase II: 1-3 Years and Phase III: 3-7 Years.

Also to add, I’ve noticed that Emmeline has also become very emotional. One might even say she’s moody. A couple of days ago I saw her crawl under the kitchen table and then she started to kind of whimper for like 15 seconds, she then stopped, crawled out from under the table,  and took off running toward the couch where she landed with the greatest of ease.

If I give any attention to any one of her emotional outbursts then it’s like I’ve disrupted her entire process and she may or may not become agitated. There have been plenty times lately when I’ve kept Emmeline and I can see she’s having trouble expressing herself because she’s beginning to feel things she’s never felt before and the truth is,  sometimes I’m not sure if I should try and comfort her or let her be.   Sometimes she makes this sort of blank smiley face where her eyes look upward like she’s accessing her mind, kind of zombie like and I can’t help but ask: ‘who’s she acting like now’?  Mostly I’m realizing that it is only with her assistance,  that I’m able to be of any assistance for her at all.

For sure she has taught me that one on one communication with each other is vital for our physical health and our mental stability. So please.  remain aware of where and what the young child under your care is busy doing, because mostly they’re looking for something to occupy themselves with.  Thus, we have to stay awake, literally, remain aware and within hearing distance in case they require our assistance, or in case we require theirs.

Parenting – Perfecting the Human Race Series

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“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Parents are not Instructed how to Instruct Children and are thus Not Qualified to be Instructors and are thus Destructors that will even Defend their Right to Destroy their Children in spite of the Fact that if one’s not Trained in Effective Direct Instruction, one is in fact Not Qualified to have Children under one’s Supervision and would Never Employ someone Unqualified to do a Job – yet the most Important Job on Earth, which is to Instruct Newborn Children, is allowed to be Instructed by Unqualified, Inadequate Trainers – resulting in a World where No One is in fact Ever Qualified or Instructed to be part of a Society that is Best for All Present on Earth; and Although lip service is paid to Ideals like ‘Love thy Neighbor as Thyself’ it is Never Actualized as the Parent as New Life Unqualified Instruction Never Learned the Practical Implication where ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself’ actually Exists.

I commit myself to SHOW that the foundation of Positive and Negative Results that are Used as Self Motivation in the Game of Survival are Based on Ignorance, and Ignoring that All Participants in Life on Earth are Inadequately Instructed as to How to Live in a Way that will be Best for Self and all other Life Forms – and this thus, Living much Positive/Negative Consideration, Does not in fact Produce a Better World, it only justifies an Inadequate Society in astounding Ignorance.

I commit myself to SHOW that No One can Walk the Path of Self Correction as What is Best for All Life without Instructions, as the Way to Life is Not In the Inner Structure of the Human, and thus the Desteni-I-Process is of Essential Importance if One is Ready to Face the Nature of a World of Ignorance.” ~ Bernard Poolman

Day 110 – Children are Not Born with Instructions

Day 3: Walking as the Pregnant Teen

I forgive myself that I didn’t consider how this world actually exists within the constant struggles of survival mode when I made the decision to Fuck, and, CONsequentially the decision to get pregnant, which was just so I could move out of my mothers house to party and have ‘fun’.

I forgive myself that I held no consideration for bringing a life into this world because in dishonesty I made the decision to get pregnant as I existed within a fantasy mindset of consciousness searching for experiences that resonated with the urges that I longed for – thus I didn’t consider what I was accepting and allowing and what I was responsible for and as which was me existing equal and one to all the abuse existing within this world and as such I abdicated myself from life itself.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to be angry at the kids in my senior class in high school for calling me a slut and a whore when in fact they were reflecting back to me how I was attacking and feeling towards myself.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to stop going to school because I felt it was too much to handle physically as well as emotionally painful because I believed I had changed inside and that the outside world was treating me differently when really I was seeing reflections of my own suppression’s.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to resent being pregnant because I felt that I looked fat and ugly which caused me to not want to go to school when really inside myself I was existing in separation from me as my physical body.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to become lonely and depressed because I missed my friends something awful until finally I gave up on my studies and as a result I lacked a credit and a half which kept me from graduating which I used as a justification for not facing a compounded point of self-doubt.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to barely remember who I was before I had my son at 17, and for resenting myself for feeling as if I’ve always lived my life as a mom and as such I always tried to take responsibility for others instead of me taking and living self-responsibility I would try to fix myself through others.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to give myself permission that it’s ok to birth a living being from my physical body and continue to participate within and as my mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions -instead of standing up and taking self-responsibility for my actions of self through a practical living application through self-forgiveness and live the example as life to bring about a world that’s best for all so that all living beings are provided for and live in dignity.

I forgive myself for the anger and blame I carried towards my parents because ultimately the decision I made was one in which forever changed me, my parents and most importantly the life of a child who was raised without the direction and/or living example in how to move self within our physical reality in order to exist within and as self-trust and self-responsibility and to direct self within self-honesty in support of all life – and thus, is struggling in dishonesty in his walk within the steps outlined by those before him.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to be angry at my son for him being angry at me for not being a better mom as well as for me believing that he was right to feel that way when the truth is there is no excuse for any one to Not take self-responsibility for Every Single Living being existing on this earth through standing up for a system that will assure that all life will be given equally the same as their neighbor – give unto another that which you wish to receive.

When and as I see myself pre-occupied with the life I’ve lived – I stop. I breathe – I realize that the path I walked is no longer who I am and I see and comprehend that there is something much more important here than patterns of self-interst and crying over the past.
What’s important is that life is Not being supported Equally amongst us within our world.

As such, life itself is in jeopardy because as we allow abuse in our destroying of each other, we’re allowing abuse and destroying our earth and the resources she provides us in order for us to be able to exist here.

The common sense is here to see – we step up our process and we support our mother Earth in supporting all life equally.

I commit myself in standing up for and as all life in bringing about an Equal Money System – the beginning in bringing about Heaven on Earth.

Join Us – Let’s Walk – Till it is done – Equality